2001 una odisea espacial odisea espacial 1 spanish edition

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2001 Una Odisea Espacial

Author : Arthur Charles Clarke
ISBN : 8401421225
Genre :
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Author : Arthur C. Clarke
ISBN : 0451134699
Genre : Science fiction
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It has been more than forty years since the publication of this classic science fiction novel that changed the way we look at the stars and ourselves. From the savannas of Africa at the dawn of mankind to the rings of Saturn as man adventures to the outer rim of our solar system, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a journey unlike any other. This allegory about humanity's exploration of the universe, and the universe's reaction to humanity, was the basis for director Stanley Kubrick's immortal film, and lives on as a hallmark achievement in storytelling.


Author : Arthur C. Clarke
ISBN : 9780143111573
File Size : 70. 97 MB
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On the moon, an enigma is uncovered. So great are the implications that, for the first time, men are sent deep into our solar system. But before they can reach their destination, things begin to go very wrong.

The Sentinel

Author : Arthur Charles Clarke
ISBN : 0743479750
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 64. 48 MB
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A collection of short stories by the author of Childhood's End and 2001: A Space Odyssey showcases the author's storytelling skills in such works as "The Sentinel," "Guardian Angel," "The Songs of Distant Earth," and "Breaking Strain." Reprint.


Author : Michel Ciment
ISBN : 8446014068
Genre : Performing Arts
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Stanley Kubrick, más que ningún otro realizador contemporáneo, ha sabido proyectar en la pantalla el imaginario de nuestro tiempo: de Lolita a Eyes Wide Shut, de Atraco perfecto a El resplandor, de ¿Teléfono rojo? Volamos hacia Moscú a La naranja mecánica, de 2001, una odisea en el espacio a Barry Lyndon, de Senderos de gloria a La chaqueta metálica, sus películas han atraído a multitudes, dividido a la crítica, estimulado a sus colegas y a otros artistas. Su cine se revela único en su diversidad, no se reduce a ninguna fórmula. Kubrick mismo, a pesar de la gloria alcanzada, ha seguido siendo hasta su muerte un creador secreto y misterioso. En este libro, el primero aparecido en Francia y traducido a varios idiomas, el lector encontrará un retrato del realizador, un relato de su vida, un estudio sobre su relación con lo fantástico, reflexiones sobre su creación, testimonios de catorce colaboradores y un capítulo importante sobre su última obra, Eyes Wide Shut. Habiendo gozado de la confianza de Kubrick durante treinta años, Michel Clement ha podido reunir en este libro cuatro entrevistas, tanto más preciosas, por la reticencia del realizador a comentar sus películas. Esta edición definitiva, con filmografía y bibliografía actualizadas, contiene más de 400 ilustraciones, algunas inéditas. Un extraordinario homenaje a uno de los más grandes visionarios de nuestro tiempo.

The Making Of Stanley Kubrick S 2oo1 A Space Odyssey

Author : Piers Bizony
ISBN : 3836559544
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 84. 59 MB
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Hello, HAL On the set of 2OO1: A Space Odyssey Get closer than ever to the movie that changed the movies. This behind-the-scenes spectacular of 2OO1: Space Odyssey sheds light on the lead actors, senior production designers, special-effects experts and masterminds of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, who together revolutionized science fiction and the art of cinema. Previously available as part of the multi-volume and instant sell-out Collector's Edition, this comprehensive visual record includes on and off set photographs, pre-production paintings, and conceptual designs from the Kubrick archives. With numerous fold-outs, these dazzling images offer insight both into Kubrick's meticulous directorial methods, and into the mysteries and magnetism of a film at once vast in scope and intricate in its exploration of our relationship to technology. Written and researched over several years by the outer space, special effects, and technology journalist Piers Bizony, this compendium is both an exhaustive labour of love and a monument to a masterpiece of 20th century culture.

Space Odyssey

Author : Michael Benson
ISBN : 9781501163951
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 90. 20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the film’s release, this is the definitive story of the making of 2001: A Space Odyssey, acclaimed today as one of the greatest films ever made, including the inside account of how director Stanley Kubrick and writer Arthur C. Clarke created this cinematic masterpiece. Regarded as a masterpiece today, 2001: A Space Odyssey received mixed reviews on its 1968 release. Despite the success of Dr. Strangelove, director Stanley Kubrick wasn’t yet recognized as a great filmmaker, and 2001 was radically innovative, with little dialogue and no strong central character. Although some leading critics slammed the film as incomprehensible and self-indulgent, the public lined up to see it. 2001’s resounding commercial success launched the genre of big-budget science fiction spectaculars. Such directors as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, and James Cameron have acknowledged its profound influence. Author Michael Benson explains how 2001 was made, telling the story primarily through the two people most responsible for the film, Kubrick and science fiction legend Arthur C. Clarke. Benson interviewed Clarke many times, and has also spoken at length with Kubrick’s widow, Christiane; with visual effects supervisor Doug Trumbull; with Dan Richter, who played 2001’s leading man-ape; and many others. A colorful nonfiction narrative packed with memorable characters and remarkable incidents, Space Odyssey provides a 360-degree view of this extraordinary work, tracking the film from Kubrick and Clarke’s first meeting in New York in 1964 through its UK production from 1965-1968, during which some of the most complex sets ever made were merged with visual effects so innovative that they scarcely seem dated today. A concluding chapter examines the film’s legacy as it grew into it current justifiably exalted status.

Recorded And Braille Materials In Foreign Languages

Author :
ISBN : PURD:32754067823272
Genre : Blind
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Stanley Kubrick S Napoleon

Author : Alison Castle
ISBN : 3836568896
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 45. 98 MB
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The Greatest Movie Never Made Ten books in one tell the fascinating tale of Kubrick's unfilmed masterpiece For 40 years, Kubrick fans and film buffs have wondered about the director's mysterious unmade film on Napoleon Bonaparte. Slated for production immediately following the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick's "Napoleon" was to be at once a character study and a sweeping epic, replete with grandiose battle scenes featuring thousands of extras. To write his original screenplay, Kubrick embarked on two years of intensive research; with the help of dozens of assistants and an Oxford Napoleon specialist, he amassed an unparalleled trove of research and preproduction material, including approximately 15,000 location scouting photographs and 17,000 slides of Napoleonic imagery. No stone was left unturned in Kubrick's nearly-obsessive quest to uncover every piece of information history had to offer about Napoleon. But alas, Kubrick's movie was not destined to be: the film studios, first M.G.M. and then United Artists, decided such an undertaking was too risky at a time when historical epics were out of fashion. TASCHEN's tribute to this unmade masterpiece makes Kubrick's valiant work on "Napoleon" available to fans for the first time. Based on the original 2009 limited edition which featured ten books hidden inside of a carved out reproduction of a Napoleon history book, this publication brings all the original elements together in one volume. Herein, all of the books from the original edition are reproduced in facsimile: correspondence, costume studies, location scouting photographs, research material, script drafts, and more. Kubrick's final draft is reproduced in its entirety. The text book features the complete original treatment, essays examining the screenplay in historical and dramatic contexts, an essay by Jean Tulard on Napoleon in cinema, and a transcript of interviews Kubrick conducted with Oxford professor Felix Markham. The culmination of years of research and preparation, this unique publication offers readers a chance to experience the creative process of one of cinema's greatest talents as well as a fascinating exploration of the enigmatic figure that was Napoleon Bonaparte.

Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Vocabulary Third Edition

Author : Dorothy Richmond
ISBN : 9781260026238
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 42. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Build your Spanish vocabulary and learn to communicate like a native speaker! To communicate comfortably in Spanish, you need access to a variety of words that go beyond the basics, as well as a solid foundation in grammar. Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Vocabulary, 3rd Edition provides the tools you need to expand your lexicon and hone both your speaking and writing skills. This updated edition includes new review exercises to help you test your mastery of essential topics covered. Each chapter focuses on a theme, such as family or travel, so you can build your language skills in a systematic manner. As you lay the foundation for a burgeoning vocabulary, you will perfect your new words with plenty of exercises and gain the confidence you need to communicate well in Spanish. Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Vocabulary, 3rd Edition features: • New: A review chapter with exercises to test your mastery of essential topics • More than 250 exercises • More than 10,000 vocabulary terms • Concise grammatical explanations • The latest terms used in technology, communications, and media • An answer key to gauge your comprehension • More than 3,300 flashcards online, grouped by level of difficulty LEARN HOW TO SPEAK OR WRITE IN SPANISH ABOUT: Different occupations and jobs • Spanish holidays and traditions • Food and drink • Politics and current events • Your social life • Your family and friends • Business and money • Your favorite entertainment venues • Your family's background . . . and much more

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