365 things to love about being jewish 2017 day to day calendar

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365 Things To Love About Being Jewish

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Documents That Changed The Way We Live

Author : Joseph Janes
ISBN : 9781538100349
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Documents are milestones and markers of human activity, part of who and what we are. Our story can be told through the objects, profound and trivial, famous and forgotten, by which we remember and are remembered. Documents That Changed the Way We Live examines dozens of compelling stories that describe these documents; their creation, motivation, influence, importance, historical and social context, provenance; and their connections to contemporary information objects, technologies, and trends. These documents include the following: “Exaltation of Innana,” a Sumerian hymn composed c. 2300 BCE by the high priestess Enheduanna, likely the first known author…of anything The “We Can Do It!” poster everybody knows is Rosie the Riveter calling women to work in the factories in World War II. Except it’s not, and she isn’t Joseph McCarthy’s “list” of Communists that ruined lives and careers, because it was believed - even though it never existed The “He has waged cruel war…” passage on slavery, deleted from the Declaration of Independence The poorly designed Palm Beach County “butterfly ballot,” on which the 2000 U.S. presidential election may have hinged And the lesser-known stories behind the Zapruder Film, the Watergate tapes, the Obama birth certificate, airplane black boxes, Thanksgiving, IQ tests, the Star-Spangled Banner, why Americans spell the way they do, Nobel Prizes, Wikipedia, and how you’re cooking dinner tonight

From Adapa To Enoch

Author : Seth L. Sanders
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"This book asks what drove the religious visions of ancient scribes. During the first millennium BCE both Babylonian and Judean scribes wrote about and emulated their heroes Adapa and Enoch, who went to heaven to meet their god."--Preface, p. [v].

A Brief History Of Sunday

Author : Justo L. González
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In this accessible historical overview of Sunday, noted scholar Justo González tells the story of how and why Christians have worshiped on Sunday from the earliest days of the church to the present. After discussing the views and practices relating to Sunday in the ancient church, González turns to Constantine and how his policies affected Sunday observances. He then recounts the long process, beginning in the Middle Ages and culminating with Puritanism, whereby Christians came to think of and strictly observe Sunday as the Sabbath. Finally, González looks at the current state of things, exploring especially how the explosive growth of the church in the Majority World has affected the observance of Sunday worldwide. Readers of this book will rediscover the joy and excitement of Sunday as early Christians celebrated it and will find fresh, inspiring perspectives on Sunday amid our current culture of indifference and even hostility to Christianity.

Chronologie Orientalischer V Lker

Author : Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad Bīrūnī
Genre : Chronology
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Author : A. C. Barnes
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This book will challenge you and awaken you to understand how the events of the past, shaped our present day. You will learn a concise history with factual events of the descendants of Noah's three sons, Ham, Sham, and Japheth. You will gain a deeper understanding and connection to your history, and its link to world history. Through this knowledge, you will acquire wisdom that can help you understand and gain tolerance towards other diverse cultures. Through gaining tolerance we can bring a willingness to work together. When we understand our past, and are willing to work together, we can change our future.

Celebrating The Saints

Author : Robert Atwell
ISBN : 9781848258822
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For every major feast, saint’s day and commemoration in the calendars of the Anglican churches of the UK, this liturgical resource and spiritual companion offers a feast of readings that reflects the richness, depth and variety of the Christian tradition from the earliest years of the church to the present day. Writings from across the centuries represent the Eastern, Western, Roman and Celtic traditions and constitute a vibrant history of Christianity manifested in the lives of hundreds of holy men and women as diverse as first century martyrs, or twentieth century social reformers. A complementary volume to Exciting Holiness which provides scripture readings and prayers for the calendar, this is now updated to include the additional commemorations in the Church of England’s calendar of saints.

Author : عبد السلام زيان
ISBN : 9796500123158
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كان ذلك منذ سنوات بعيدة عندما صادفتني كلمة "أوبانيشاد" لأول مرة بينما كنت في جولة دِرَاسية في بلاد أرمينيا بالقرب من جبل العرارات (يقال إنَّ سفينة نوح مدفونة داخله). كنت وقتها شابًّا يدرس الأديان والفلسفة. بمرور السنوات، وبتعمقي في البحث، اكتشفت مدى تأثير هذه النصوص التي كتبها حكماء الهندوسية منذ آلاف السنين بذلك الأسلوب البسيط، عن كبار فلاسفة الإغريق كأرسطو وأفلاطون... إلى أبي مدرسة الإسكندرية إفلوطين المصري. كما أدركت تأثيرها المباشر على بعض فلاسفة العصر الحديث مثل شوبنهاور الذي قال: "إن ترجمةَ الأوبانيشاد إلى اللاتينية سنة 1818 هو أكبر إنجاز لهذا القرن مقارنة بكل القرون الماضية

Author : أبي المنذر هشام بن محمد بن السائب الكلبي
ISBN : 9789771800156
Genre : Religion
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لقد ظهر الإسلام في بلاد العرب فكان همه الأول تطهير ربوعها من الشرك بالله ومحو كل أثر لعبادة الأصنام والأوثان حتي إذا فاز القائم بالدعوة إلي التوحيد بكل ما يريد وجمع كلمة العرب علي الدين الجديد وإنتقل عليه الصلاة والسلام إلي الرفيق الأعلي إرتد كثير من الأعراب إلي الطواغيت وعباداتهم الأولي حينئذ تجرد لهم خليفته أبو بكر الصديق فأعادهم إلي حظيرة الإيمان

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ISBN : 9789772937554
Genre : Philosophy
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أجل إننا لسنا نوافق أفلاطون في كل نظرياته, وقد نشرناها على مسؤوليته، ولكننا معجبون وأكثر من معجبين, بنظام تفكيره, ورحابة صدره, وضبطه في الإحكام, وفيض بلاغته وبيانه. ونشاركه في غرض التأليف العام وهو((السعادة)) وفي الوسيلة الخاصة المؤدية إلى ذلك الغرض وهي ((الفضيلة)) ونافقه في أن الفضيلة تراد لذاتها ونتائجها. وفي أن الفرد دولة مصغرة والدولة جسـم كبير, وأن ما يسعد الدولة يسـعد الفرد، وأن الرجل الكـامل – المثـل الأعلى – هو الذي تحكم عقله في شهواته, وانقادت حماسته إلى حكمته, وعاش ومات في خدمة المجموع. body,div,table,thead,tbody,tfoot,tr,th,td,p { font-family:"Calibri"; font-size:x-small } a.comment-indicator:hover + comment { background:#ffd; position:absolute; display:block; border:1px solid black; padding:0.5em; } a.comment-indicator { background:red; display:inline-block; border:1px solid black; width:0.5em; height:0.5em; } comment { display:none; }

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