47 days

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47 Days

Author : Annette Oppenlander
ISBN : 0997780061
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The true story of two German teens who dared to defy and disobey Hitler's last command. Without knowing how long the war might continue, they spent 47 harrowing days as fugitives on the run.

47 Days

Author : Bob Krouchick
ISBN : 1439276633
Genre : Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009
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A fascinating perspective on how the 2008 presidential race unfolded, while the country was going through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Understand the uncertainty and angst about the future of America experienced by the middle-class voter. How does the middle-class feel and think about retirement savings evaporating, home values collapsing, job uncertainty, bank failures, government bailouts, and an election of a new leader during this time period? What will resonate with the middle-class in this election? Will there be a single issue that dominates? Will long established perceptions change? Get inside the mind of the middle-class voter as he navigates the chaos and turmoil of those 47 days. Share his perspective and observations as he tries to make sense of it all and figure out how to cast his vote in this once in a lifetime election that changed America.

Forty Seven Days

Author : Mitchell Yockelson
ISBN : 9780451466952
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The Battle of the Muese-Argonne was the deadliest clash in American history. More than a million untested American soldiers went up against a better-trained and more experienced German Army, costing over 26,000 deaths and nearly a hundred thousand wounded. In Forty-Seven Days, historian Mitchell Yockelson tells how General John J. Black Jack' Pershing's exemplary leadership led to the unlikeliest of victories.'


Author : A. A. Hoehling
ISBN : 9780811749374
Genre : History
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Civil War diaries and memoirs of inhabitants of besieged Vicksburg and soldiers reveal the heroism and sacrifice that marked the Confederate experience.

The Emptiness Of Our Hands

Author : Phyllis Cole-Dai
ISBN : 0692080856
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In 1999 Phyllis Cole-Dai and James Murray lived by choice on the streets of Columbus, Ohio, the fifteenth-largest city in the United States. They went to the streets with a single intention: to be as present as possible to everyone we met, offering them sustained and nonjudgmental attention. Such attention is the heart of compassion. This book chronicles their streets experiences. It will thrust you out the door of your comfortable life, straight into the unknown. It will force you to confront what might happen to you, and who you might become, if suddenly you had no home. The meditative narrative is accompanied by pinhole photographs shot by James using cameras he constructed from trash. This is the third edition of the book, lightly edited. Though recounting events that occurred in 1999, it remains as relevant today as ever. An "eye-opening" and "life-changing" read! Read this book on its own or in the company of Practicing Presence: Insights from the Streets, which Phyllis wrote on the tenth anniversary of her time on the streets. Take your reading slow, perhaps one chapter per day, so you can absorb and reflect. If you happen to be Christian, you might consider using this book and Practicing Presence as companion resources during Lent and Holy Week, which served as a backdrop for Phyllis and James's experience. But you don't need to be a Christian to take this stumbling journey into practicing mindfulness on the streets. Just allow these forty-seven days to be for you what they were for Phyllis and James: a deep embrace of core values that human beings around the world have held in common for millennia. These values might best be articulated as questions: How do we treat others as we would have them treat us? How do we love our neighbors, including those who seem "alien" and "other?" How do we extend hospitality to strangers, allowing them an honored place among us? These age-old questions have no simple answers. We must seek to answer them daily with our lives. Get your free sampler of Phyllis's work when you join her mailing list at http: //subscribe.phylliscoledai.com/. It includes music, poetry, spiritual nonfiction and historical fiction. You can also join her mailing list at http: //www.phylliscoledai.com. CATEGORIES FOR THIS BOOK: --spirituality --memoir --mindfulness --homelessness --Lent & Holy Week --social conscience --engaged Buddhism

Elizabethan Naval Administration

Author : C.S. Knighton
ISBN : 9781317145028
Genre : History
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This is the first general selection from the substantial body of surviving documents about Elizabeth’s navy. It is a companion to The Navy of Edward VI and Mary I (Vol.157 in the NRS Series), where the apparatus serving both volumes was printed, and it complements the other NRS volumes that deal specifically with the Spanish Armada. This collection concentrates (though not exclusively so) on the early years of Elizabeth’s reign when there was no formal war. From 1558-1585 the navy was involved in a number of small-scale campaigns, pursuit of pirates and occasional shows of force. The documents selected emphasize the financial and administrative processes that supported these operations, such as mustering, victualing, demobilisation, and ship maintenance and repair. The fleet varied in size from about 30 to 45 ships during the period and a vast amount of maintenance and repair was required. The main component of the volume is the massively detailed Navy Treasurer's account for 1562-3 which is followed by and collated with the corresponding Exchequer Account. The documents illustrate just how efficiently the dockyards functioned. They were one of the great early Elizabethan achievements.

East Aisa And Western Pacific Meteorology And Climate Proceedings Of The 2nd International Conference

Author : Chan Y K
ISBN : 9789814553070
Genre :
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The Journal Of Medical Research

Author :
Genre : Medical sciences
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Journal Of The House Of Representatives Of The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania

Author : Pennsylvania. General Assembly. House
ISBN : UOM:39015021126688
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Instrumentation In Applied Nuclear Chemistry

Author : Jan Krugers
ISBN : 9781468419535
Genre : Science
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This book attempts to build a bridge between two sciences: chemistry and electronics. The inside of the black boxes the nuclear chemist uses daily is explained in simple electronic terms. Knowledge of the inside not only satisfies curiosity but helps one "get the most out of the available equipment." Likewise, this book tries to give sufficient understanding for not "over buying," that is to say, for buying the equipment which just serves the purpose, instead of buying the best so at least it will serve the purpose. The first three chapters give a concise understanding of what the area of applied nuclear chemistry is concerned with and what kind of equipment is generally used. Chapter 1 gives a theoretical background, while Chapter 3 deals with the practical implementations. Thus, these chapters provide the background to determine what one can expect from the experiments. The remainder of the book is devoted to the practical instrumentation of the experiments. Each chapter deals with specific types of instruments and devices, discusses briefly the electronics involved, considers the limitations, and investigates how and to what extent they can be circumvented. The advantage of having different contributors, each with his own practical experience, shows clearly in this latter aspect. Detailed practical knowledge and experience can be explained best by the person who has long been con cerned with the subject theoretically and practically.

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