a changed life a fem dom tale for adults only

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Virgin Call Girl An Erotic Tale A Wife Turns Her Husband Into A Call Girl

Author : Barbara Deloto
ISBN : 1477430334
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File Size : 83. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The erotic tale of a software engineer husband that is forced to become a call girl by his powerful and successful psychiatrist wife. It all starts when she gets some friendly advice about what to do with her husband and their sex life. Soon their world is dramatically changed. He is forced to do as she says and watch her entertain or be slowly tortured through depravation in the process. Through her psychiatric abilities she transforms him into a beautiful, constantly sexually aroused, woman (except for one part) who quickly learns the art and thrill of sexually pleasing multitudes of men while she does the same. A vivid, adults only x-rated story built out of 51,000 words that will allow you to experience what this man went through. Not for the prudish.


Author : Thomas Newgen
ISBN : 1450500676
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The latest book by Thomas Newgen and Barbara Deloto, "Changes" has five different stories about forced feminization. The authors of, the ever popular, "Virgin Bride - An Erotic Tale - A Husband becomes a Bride." and, "Shapeshifter" have now created five exciting stories of men being turned into women (almost) by their female transformers. "Neighborly Advice" is about a wife that talks with her psychiatrist neighbor about sexuality and through her advice brings excitement into their lives by teaching the wife to transform the husband into a woman and become like a girlfriend instead of a husband as they enjoy themselves immensely while he's dressed as a woman. "I Once Was a Man, Until My Wife Got Done with Me" is about a wife who wants her husband to understand how a woman wants to be treated by a man by turning him into a woman through her training of him. "Natasha's Weekend" is about a woman's special, monthly party, where she becomes a dom for a day and turns her husband into her sissy slave to serve at the party. "What Happened to Me!?" is about a husband that regularly came home after too many drinks one too many times until she takes control and literally puts her shoe on his foot along with other limiting, and life changing restraints and changes. "A New Job: Great Pay, But at What Price?" is about a man that is hired at an outrageously high salary by a beautiful, powerful, woman boss that makes him wear women's clothing on his first day of work and ultimately changes his life completely. All the stories are about men learning about the pleasures of dressing like a woman, femininity, sexuality, sensuality, and pleasing from the feminized side of life. All of them are highly erotic and incredibly titillating! Adults only! Don't miss this one.

Transforming Him Into My Sissy Maid

Author : Jessica Whip
ISBN : 1544143982
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File Size : 88. 63 MB
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This book is a Femdom Erotica book for adults only, if you are not interested in Femdom Erotica or not an adult, then please do not purchase this book. This is a story of humiliation, seduction, and torture, which reveals how what I turned a man I owned into my sissy maid. There are some elements of truth in this story, but I don't want people getting in trouble copying what I have done, so let's just call it fiction. I've done some really cruel things to the man I own, some would consider it terrible, but it was all consensual. I hope you enjoy reading about it!

The Cage

Author : Stanley Utkin
ISBN : 1521374961
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File Size : 82. 40 MB
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A desperate traveler is looking for an apartment in a new country. She agrees to have him as her roommate with one condition: he must become her submissive. He must serve, do anything she says, and wear a male chastity device at all times. It seems like a dream come true for this loveless young man. Will he find happiness?

Femdom Wife Tales Of Domestic Discipline Pegged Facesitting Ballbusting

Author : Scarlett Steele
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 89. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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3 SCORCHING HOT TALES OF FEMDOM DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE!!! This scorching hot bundle features three stories of femdom wives and domestic discipline! Included in the bundle - Facesitting him into Submission Tawney drools as she watches the scene unfold in front of her eyes. An escort overpowering a police officer in a facesitting tussle. She teases her husband, Blake, suggesting they reenact the scene. It’s not long before the busty wife begins to get carried away and is smothering her willing husband. Ballbusting Wrestling Charlotte and Keith are arguing over who is the stronger gender. Keith insists he could tackle his wife with his eyes closed despite her teasing that she could easily overpower him. The married couple decide to wrestle it out in an effort to determine who is stronger. The petite busty wife or the muscular husband. An Anniversary Strap on Hillary is furious that her husband has not only forgotten their wedding anniversary, but has also been caught lying… all after she gave him access to her untouched rear end on his birthday. She decides it’s time for Patrick to make it up to to her, in the same fashion. By bending over and submitting to her strap on! Click BUY NOW and enjoy all three stories!! This sizzling hot collection of short stories contains over 6,000 words of first time femdom, domestic discipline, ballbusting, facesitting, rear end domination dominant woman dominating submissive men and should be read by adults only.

Domme Experience

Author : Simone Freier
ISBN : 1942054211
Genre :
File Size : 55. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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EXPERIENCES: AN INTELLIGENT EROTIC ROMANCE SAGA - An epic love story of erotic relationships and sexual desires. The exploration of kinks, fetishes, and sensual pleasures in an open and trusting environment. The blossoming of love. And a strong woman's journey of discovery, growth, and eventual dominance. DOMME EXPERIENCE: Kelly takes the upper hand, exhibiting her dominant side, and impressing her parents and Sam, as roles are reversed. Her formal training as a dominatrix leads to new and unexpected experiences for Sam. Kelly and Sam explore new cultures, and enjoy further adventures with friends, as their world travels continue. Kelly demonstrates her technical and business prowess, and the company that she and Sam founded takes off, changing their lives forever. There are a billion reasons why they should be happy. But they are unaware that a storm is brewing on the horizon. EXPERIENCES is a story of female empowerment and a social commentary on roles and relationships in modern society. The prequel introduces Sam, and the story follows the evolution of his intimate relationship with Kelly as the series progresses. Fantasies and real-world adventures mold a unique bond between unlikely lovers. Spanning 8 books and 3100 pages, the EXPERIENCES saga opens readers' eyes to new possibilities. Perspectives on love, sex, and nudity are challenged, as the main characters explore a mind-boggling range of fantasies, fetishes, sexual orientations, and lifestyles. EXPERIENCES combines thoughtful discussion by the characters with graphic descriptions of their erotic adventures. It represents a new literary genre, Intelligent Erotic Romance. Acclaim from reviews: "The story is awesome" "The book is wonderfully written, and the character development is exceptional" "The books are sensual, and very intimate" "The story flows very well" "The transformation of the lead character from the first book to the last is something to be marveled at" "The author is obviously an accomplished story teller" "An intimate journey into the characters' minds and motivations" "The story is detailed and entertaining, and the characters are very realistic" "BDSM is a broad palette, and Freier paints with a lot of it here" "Challenges readers to think about such topics and open eyes to experiences" "This book breaks boundaries about sex" "The dominatrix class was absolutely fascinating, eye-opening, and occasionally eye-watering!" "The author has taken the time to ensure a very polished final product" "Fans of erotica and erotic romance should try this series" WARNING! This work contains mature content, including graphic sexual descriptions and scenes, and is provided for adults only. The Experiences series contains scenes of psychological and physical submission, discipline, and medical procedures. ALL CHARACTERS IN THE BOOK ARE 21 YEARS OLD OR OLDER, and all activities are consensual.


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EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.

Femdom Underground Stories

Author : Jennifer Mischief
ISBN : 1520271468
Genre :
File Size : 68. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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FEMDOM UNDERGROUND STORIES: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION.For the first time, all ten stories in one anthology, representing a huge discount of over 50%!All ten stories, all femdom. From professional and lifestyle Dom Jennifer Mischief, ten short stories of Female Domination. With a rogue's gallery of pathetic puny men and a cavalcade of strong cruel women, enter worlds of domination, humiliation, SPH, ballbusting, OTK and much more. Erotic, degrading, and 100% Female Domination, these are stories where men receive the punishments they deserve, from women more than happy to administer them... Jennifer Mischief is a long-time friend of D G Jones The Flayed Prince, and is pleased to announce her stories are available on his account and website: www.theflayedprince.co.uk ADULTS ONLY. Contains:Rex. Mrs Bradbury is a large mature matron who takes a no nonsense approach and Rex is sent to stay with her for a week of training in domestic service. She has no problem in highlighting his short comings and even less trouble in handing out some good old fashioned discipline to keep her new charge in line.Magnus. The best way to describe Magnus is a sleaze ball. Owner of his firm, he enjoys having complete power over his employees, that is until the new temp and her friend decide to take action on behalf of the women he has been lording over...Jerome. Jerome is not interesting in working, but when he has to take a job at the health farm, he discovers there are a few perks having so many women around. Things go badly wrong however when he makes the mistake of spying on three strapping amazon women in the changing rooms, and they are less than pleased at having a peeping Tom in their midst.James. Three years of front line service in the war is nothing to the horrors James is about to face. Caught and suspected to be a spy, he is sent to the dreaded Station Seven, an interrogation camp with a Valkyrie like staff, under the supervision of the evil Commandant Q. She and her staff are determined to discover the truth, using all means possible.Richard. Richard has a very small problem that has led to a life of humiliation and misery, so he checks himself into Doctor Kline's clinic with the hope she will be able to help. He puts himself in her hands, which turns out to be a big mistake, and the treatment he getsmight be worse than his original complaint.Alan. Alan is a small time thief and burglar who imagines himself to be a monster haunting the darkness. But his delusions are about to be brutally shattered when he encounters three college girls who are only too keen to mete out their own kind of justice after he tries to break in their home. Edward. Edward has been cheating on his wife for over a year now, meeting escorts in his plush hotel room for his secret liaisons. His latest assignation Elizabeth is something a little special, tall and raven haired, she is about to open a whole new world of pleasure to him. And suffering.Daniel. Out in the back woods, Daniel has been sent to deliver an eviction notice on the Tillman place, and the three sisters who live there. He soon discovers that they have their own little commune going on, one where women are most defiantly in control and the men are just the objects of their vicious amusement.Martin. Miss Sharp is the object of Martin's desires as she teaches on his evening class, and he finds himself spending more time fantasying about her than concentrating on his essays. The small young blonde is just what he has been aching for, and he can't believe his luck when she invites him home. Then he soon discovers he has seriously underestimated her, and she has desires of her own.Simon.Simon has been living with his Aunty Karen and Aunty Bea, two large mature ladies who have never had much time for him. When he is caught up to no good by Bea, things take a strange turn where he is snared between the two of them, both with very diffe

Feminized And Pretty 1

Author : Lady Alexa
ISBN : 1973463326
Genre :
File Size : 28. 37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A struggling young musician called Patrick meets Elizabeth Remington a much older wealthy business woman. After a whirlwind relationship they marry. Both had different reasons for the marriage and neither reason was love. Elizabeth chose him as the perfect malleable needy man to control, subjugate and feminise. Unfortunately for Patrick she hears him telling his best friend he only married Elizabeth as a get-rich-quick scheme and will take her for millions after a future divorce. Elizabeth believes this gives her full license to do whatever she wants to Patrick. No longer held back by any moral reasons, she begins Patrick's transformation in earnest with no limits to what she feels she can do to him.This story contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature including male to female gender transformation, female domination, CFNM and reluctant feminisation. All characters in this story are aged 18 and over. For adults aged 18 and over only

The Scarlett Letters

Author : Jenny Nordbak
ISBN : 9781250091154
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 75. 16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Jenny Nordbak takes us to a place that few have seen, but millions have fantasized about, revealing how she transformed herself from a USC grad lacking in confidence into an elite professional dominatrix who finds her own voice, power and compassion for others. On an unorthodox quest to understand her hidden fantasies, Jenny led a double life for two years. By day she was a construction manager, but at night she became Mistress Scarlett. Working at LA’s longest-running dungeon, she catered to the secret fetishes of clients ranging from accountants to movie stars. She simultaneously developed a career in the complex and male-dominated world of healthcare construction, while spending her nights as a sex worker, dominating men. Far from the standard-issue powerful men who pay to be helpless, Mistress Scarlett’s clientele included men whose fantasies revealed more complex needs, from “Tickle Ed” to “Doggie Dan,” from the “Treasure Trolls” to “Ta-Da Ted.” The Scarlett Letters explores the spectacularly diverse array of human sexuality and the fascinating cast of characters that the author encountered along the way.

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