a sociology of spirituality

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A Sociology Of Spirituality

Author : Peter C. Jupp
ISBN : 9781317186632
Genre : Philosophy
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The emergence of spirituality in contemporary culture in holistic forms suggests that organised religions have failed. This thesis is explored and disputed in this book in ways that mark important critical divisions. This is the first collection of essays to assess the significance of spirituality in the sociology of religion. The authors explore the relationship of spirituality to the visual, individualism, gender, identity politics, education and cultural capital. The relationship between secularisation and spirituality is examined and consideration is given to the significance of Simmel in relation to a sociology of spirituality. Problems of defining spirituality are debated with reference to its expression in the UK, the USA, France and Holland. This timely, original and well structured volume provides undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers with a scholarly appraisal of a phenomenon that can only increase in sociological significance.

Social Spirituality

Author : Werner Lange
ISBN : 1599265451
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Spirituality is commonly neglected in contemporary sociology, and social reality is typically ignored in traditional theology. This book does just the opposite. It unites sociology and theology to lay the foundations for a sociotheology, an antidote to the failed paradigm of sociobiology so popular among modern social darwinists. It also exposes the limitations and flaws inherent in positivism and materialism, two philosophies which have dominated sociology for the past two centuries and, consequently, rendered social science largely inconsequential. Our conflicted times call for a new paradigm, one which restores the spiritual to its proper place in analysis of human behavior and social institutions. This book answers that call. Social Spirituality: A Sociology of The Spirit is only a beginning, a modest one, in exploring spirituality as a social force and restoring the inherent unity between sociology and theology. Though composed in a relatively short time span during the summer of 2005, this pioneering text represents the distillation of critical thought on society and religion gathered over many years of teaching sociology, preaching Christianity, and reaching for the truth in doing both. There is likely something in it to disturb, even offend, just about any political persuasion masquerading as religious conviction, for among its primary targets are hypocrisy and dogma. What the book aspires to reveal is truth about the human condition. And the truth, unlike academic departments and religious denominations seeking its revelation and transmission, is not compartmentalized and segmented into operational boxes convenient to bureaucracy. Nor is the truth monopolized by religion orscience. Yet a combination of the two, one which transcends traditional conceptual limitations imposed upon both by their conventional custodians, opens up new and exciting avenues of inquiry and insight. Such is the spiritual journey of intellectual exploration offered by this pioneering text. That fact alone separates this analysis of society from standard ones which clutter countless bookshelves in academe and bookstores in malls. It starts from the simple and sublime premise that humans are triune - body, mind and soul; and that to try to understand human behavior and ignore the spiritual is to embark upon the impossible. Accordingly, each chapter devotes itself to an analysis of the conflict between The Spirit and antispirit in society and its institutions. The socialization process, which is analyzed in the chapter on 'The Divine Child," is envisioned as a lifelong unfolding of spirituality identified as 'the seven days of spiritualization (majesty, security, creativity, productivity, intimacy, magnanimity, and mystery). The chapter on 'The Spiritual Self" goes beyond symbolic interactionism to understand not only the emergence of the mind from a brain but also the awakening of the soul in an individual. The chapter focusing on the family offers the concept of 'the essential family" as an illuminating alternative to nuclear family or traditional family. A host of social problems endemic to modern society which range from political corruption to vulture culture are thoroughly analyzed as a spiritual crisis in the chapter entitled 'The Spirit in Struggle." Particular attention is given to the current crisis in Christianity in American society. A chapter is devoted to a detailed andhighly critical analysis of 'Christianity in Reverse" with its contemporary heresies of Christian Nationalism, Christian Zionism, Christian Narcissism, and Christian Fascism. A subsequent chapter focuses on 'The Social Gospel" and its foundational principles of liberation, solidarity, compassion, social conversion, social justice, world peace, universal truth and agape love. The text concludes with a call for child supremacy as the hallmark of the coming supreme society and as a much-needed antidote to the violent supremacy of race, sex or

Religion And Knowledge

Author : Mathew Guest
ISBN : 9781317068044
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 38. 29 MB
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Religions have always been associated with particular forms of knowledge, often knowledge accorded special significance and sometimes knowledge at odds with prevailing understandings of truth and authority in wider society. New religious movements emerge on the basis of reformulated, often controversial, understandings of how the world works and where ultimate meaning can be found. Governments have risen and fallen on the basis of such differences and global conflict has raged around competing claims about the origins and content of religious truth. Such concerns give rise to recurrent questions, faced by academics, governments and the general public. How do we treat statements made by religious groups and on what basis are they made? What authorities lie behind religious claims to truth? How can competing claims about knowledge be resolved? Are there instances when it is appropriate to police religious knowledge claims or restrict their public expression? This book addresses the relationship between religion and knowledge from a sociological perspective, taking both religion and knowledge as phenomena located within ever changing social contexts. It builds on historical foundations, but offers a distinctive focus on the changing status of religious phenomena at the turn of the twenty-first century. Including critical engagement with live debates about intelligent design and the ’new atheism’, this collection of essays brings recent research on religious movements into conversation with debates about socialisation, reflexivity and the changing capacity of social institutions to shape human identities. Contributors examine religion as an institutional context for the production of knowledge, as a form of knowledge to be transmitted or conveyed and as a social field in which controversies about knowledge emerge.

Society Spirituality And The Sacred

Author : Donald Swenson
ISBN : 9780802096807
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75. 12 MB
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"This work makes a much-needed contribution to teaching and learning about the various forms of religious belief and action in our world." - Kevin J. Christiano, University of Notre Dame

Annual Review Of The Sociology Of Religion

Author : Luigi Berzano
ISBN : 9789004176034
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 66. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Dealing with a single theme in each volume, the ARSR intends to tackle the relationship between the practices and the dynamics of everyday life and the different religions and spiritualities, within the framework of the post-secular society.

New Spirituality Self And Belonging

Author : Jon P. Bloch
ISBN : 0275959570
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64. 90 MB
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Through in-depth interviews with 22 New Agers and Neo-Pagans, this study proposes a new model of religious identity from a sociological standpoint. The analysis demonstrates that in spite of their great diversity of beliefs and lack of strong organizational ties, a discernible community of alternative spiritualists does exist. This volume will appeal not only to scholars of the sociology of religion, but also to sociologists interested in community building, social movements, and self-identity.

Religion Spirituality And Everyday Practice

Author : Giuseppe Giordan
ISBN : 9400718195
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 54. 47 MB
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The current generation of young adults, at least in the Western world, has shown a marked tendency toward a preference for describing themselves as “spiritual” as contrasted to “religious.” This book seeks to examine the possible meanings and consequences associated with this contrast in terms of the similarities and differences that affect those who use these terms with respect to the everyday practices that they themselves employ or believe should follow from being self-defined as “religious” or “spiritual” – or not. The several chapters in this volume take up the religious-spiritual contrast specifically through investigations into practice: In what ways do people who claim to be “religious” or “spiritual” define these self-images as manifest in their own lives? How on a daily basis does a person who considers himself or herself “religious” or “spiritual” live out that self-image in specific ways that she or he can describe to others, even if not share with others? Are there ways that being “spiritual” can involve religion or ways that being “religious” can involve spirituality, and if so, how do these differ from concepts in prior eras (e.g., Ignatian spirituality, Orthodox spirituality, Anglican spirituality, etc.)? We also explore if there are institutions of spiritual practice to which those who term themselves “spiritual” turn, or if the difference implied by these terms may instead be between institutionalized and de-institutionalized expressions of practice, including but not limited to self-spiritualities.

Spirituality Across Disciplines Research And Practice

Author : Marian de Souza
ISBN : 9783319313801
Genre : Religion
File Size : 48. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book collects multiple disciplinary voices which explore current research and perspectives to discuss how spirituality is understood, interpreted and applied in a range of contexts. It addresses spirituality in combination with such topics as Christian mysticism, childhood and adolescent education, midwifery, and sustainability. It links spirituality to a variety of disciplines, including cognitive neuroscience, sociology, and psychology. Finally, it discusses the application of spirituality within the context of social work, teaching, health care, and occupational therapy. A final chapter provides an analytical discussion of the different voices that appear in the book and offers a holistic description of spirituality which has the potential to bring some unity to the meaning, expression and practice of spirituality across a variety of disciplines as well as across cultural, religious and secular worldviews. "A strength of the book is that each chapter is characterized by a fearless confronting of oppositional perspectives and use of the latest research in addressing them. The book takes the difficult topic of spirituality into almost every nook and cranny of personal and professional life. There is a persistent grasping of the contentiousness of the topic, together with addressing counter positions and utilizing updated research across a range of fields in doing this. The opening and closing chapters serve as book ends that keep the whole volume together."Terence Lovat, The University of Newcastle, Australia "The interdisciplinary nature of the work is by far the strongest aspect of this volume. It has the potential to contribute to a dialogue between different professions and disciplines. This prospective publication promises to promote a more holistic approach to the study of spirituality. This volume takes into consideration a wide variety of issues. The way the editors have structured the sequence of chapters contributes to facilitate any possible dialogue between the different areas."Adrian-Mario Gellel, University of Malta, Malta

Mapping Religion And Spirituality In A Postsecular World

Author : Giuseppe Giordan
ISBN : 9789004230224
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 55. 41 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume offers 11 case studies of contemporary movements from around the world where religious, secular and spiritual dynamics interplay in the postmodern condition of the 21st century, as traditional and contemporary sources are combined in new and dynamic ways.

The New Blackwell Companion To The Sociology Of Religion

Author : Bryan S. Turner
ISBN : 9781119250661
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 42. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Reflecting the very latest developments in the field, the New Companion provides a comprehensive introduction to the sociology of religion with a clear emphasis on comparative and historical approaches. Covers major debates in secularization theory, rational choice theory, feminism and the body Takes a multidisciplinary approach, covering history, sociology, anthropology, and religious studies International in its scope, covering American exceptionalism, Native American spirituality, and China, Europe, and Southeast Asia Offers discussions on the latest developments, including "megachurches", spirituality, post-secular society and globalization

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