a struggle for holy ground

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A Struggle For Holy Ground

Author : C. Michael Weldon
ISBN : 0814621554
Genre : Religion
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The consolidation and closure of parishes across the United States has become a fact of contemporary Catholic life. Responding to such an event is often traumatic. How do lay leaders allow their parish to heal when an approved ritual format does not exist? Through the voice of experience and local diocesan offices, Michal Weldon, OFM, has created a guide to the reconciliation process and the rites of parish closures in A Struggle for Holy Ground. Composed of thirty-five interviews conducted from participants in the 1990 consolidation of ten parishes in Chicago's Englewood and participants in the 1995 San Francisco consolidation after the 1989 earthquake, A Struggle for Holy Ground offers a study for any parish leader to use as a reference when facing such a conflicted issue. This work explores the roles of ritual and pastoral care and proposes a series of new rites: group reconciliation, atonement, lament, leave-taking, memorial, and inauguration, based on the personal experience of those involved in parish restructurings. Chapters include: The Best We Could Do with Church? Demographics, Finances, and Culture, Traditions of Reconciliation: Conflict, Communion, and Sacred Remembering, The Negotiation of Crisis: Forgiveness, Trauma, and Sacred Space, Remembering in a Different Kind of Way: Grief, Lament, and Healing, Towards New Rituals of Reconciliation at the Closure of Sacred Space. Michal Weldon, O.F.M., D.Min., of Francis and Clare's Friary, Franklin, Wisconsin, is also an instructor at Sacred Heart School of Theology, Hales Corners, Wisconsin.

Honour The Holy Ground

Author : James McKeon
ISBN : 9781622876280
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32. 91 MB
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Honour the Holy Ground is the story of Steven Kennedy's struggle to survive the poverty of post-war Ireland. He is one of seven children yet he is determined to reach for the stars and succeed against all the odds. He is sent to live with his Aunt Agnes who has a hotel in Dublin. Agnes is a butch woman living with her partner, Peg. She has an adopted daughter, Molly. Steven falls in love with the mysterious Molly. Steven returns to Cork for his father's funeral and discovers that Molly is really his sister. On discovering this she commits suicide. His life changes when a US couple invite him to LA because he looks like a twin of their dead son. He loses his sexual innocence in a sauna and is seduced by an older woman. He marries the boss' daughter, Mary, and becomes a huge corporate success in the family advertising business. Mary is a film writer and Steven appears in one of her films. His young sister, a model, is kidnapped and raped in New York. While handing over the ransom he shoots both kidnappers dead with a gun borrowed from an IRA pub. He frequents the notorious West Manhattan and South Boston areas and gets involved with the Mafia and IRA gun-running. Steven gets caught up in two murders and a shoot-out in an IRA pub and begins to wonder what lies ahead.

Holy Ground

Author : Christopher A. Castaldo
ISBN : 9780310562504
Genre : Religion
File Size : 20. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Drawing on his Roman Catholic background, personal interviews with Catholics and Evangelicals, and years of research, Chris Castaldo takes readers on a fascinating and practical exploration of the challenges and opportunities encountered by Catholics who become Evangelicals. He examines the five major reasons why Christ’s followers often leave the Catholic Church, and shows how to emulate Jesus in practical ways when engaging Catholic friends and family. And, with humor and authenticity, he shares his own faith journey in order to help readers understand and work through their own. For those who are tired of scratching their head in confusion or frustration about how their Catholic background may influence their walk with Jesus, and why on earth their Catholic family believes they’ve gone off the deep end, Holy Ground offers vast insight and practical help. More than providing historical perspective, theological reflection, and practical lessons, it shows readers how to emulate the grace and truth of Jesus Christ in relating to the Catholic people whom they love.

I Stand On Holy Ground

Author : Joel S. Goldsmith
ISBN : 9781939542137
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 85. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Throughout his entire teaching ministry, Joel Goldsmith taught the spiritual principle that God is expressed as individual consciousness, “as your consciousness and mine.” Often he used the scriptural quote: “The place where thou standest is holy ground” to emphasize this principle. As Goldsmith says in I Stand on Holy Ground, “There is but one God, and that God is within you. He is with you if you mount up to heaven; He is with you if you make your bed in hell; He is with you if you walk through the valley of the shadow of death. God will function in your experience in the moment of your recognition of Him.” In I Stand on Holy Ground, Goldsmith brings the reader to a profound understanding of how to live a spiritual, contemplative life, consciously aware of the presence of God within and constantly recognizing the key mystical truth: “I and the Father are one.” He shows the practicality of abiding in this truth, as when he says: “Where the threat of danger lurks, you will find your security by carrying with you the realization that the place where you stand is holy ground and that no danger of any kind can come near your dwelling place, which is your consciousness.” Yet Goldsmith is careful to point out that it is not because God is omnipresent that you are safe, but ‘because of your conscious realization, recognition, and acknowledgment of God’s presence.” I Stand on Holy Ground presents the Infinite Way principles through the lens of recognizing the truth of our identity. It is a supremely valuable collection of lessons in vintage Goldsmith style.

The Bird Shaman

Author : Judith Moffett
ISBN : 9781473208827
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83. 88 MB
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Occupation of Earth is now in its 27th year, and relations between humanity and the dictatorial Hefn have never seemed shakier. The aliens mission is to save the planet from its human abusers; and the Baby Ban imposed by mass hypnosis has made Earth a cleaner, wilder, less crowded place. But the Ban has now lasted so long, and provoked such hatred, that when a spark is struck the situation explodes into worldwide riots on one side and retaliatory mindwipings on the other. Years of effort by the eco-spiritual Gaians, who mediate between humans and Hefn, have been destroyed. While the Gaians regroup and brainstorm frantically in an atmosphere of doubt and danger, one obsessed Hefn and one young woman begin a radical experiment. Pam Pruitt has discovered a growing ability to acquire information by non-rational means. Childhood suffering has empowered her, in a way once understood by hunting and gathering peoples - an understanding lost with that lost lifeway - to communicate with mysterious forces through strong dreaming: to function as a shaman on behalf of her community, the human race.

Holy Ground

Author : Gordon W. Lathrop
ISBN : 9781451408911
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35. 33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Holy Ground illumines how the central symbols and interactions of Christian liturgy yield a new understanding and experience of the world and contribute to a refreshed sense of ecological ethics-a Christian sense of the holiness of the earth itself.

Holy Ground

Author : Neil Paynter
ISBN : 9781849521161
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Liturgies and worship resources on a range of subjects and concerns - globalisation, food, water, HIV/AIDS, the environment, interfaith dialogue, the arms trade, prisoners of conscience, 20th-century martyrs, homelessness, racism, gender, living in commun

Dance Stand Run

Author : Jess Connolly
ISBN : 9780310345657
Genre : Religion
File Size : 77. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Grace is always good news. But it's not cheap—true grace compels us to change. That’s where holiness comes in. Beloved writer, speaker, and bestselling coauthor of Wild and Free Jess Connolly will be the first to admit that not long ago, like many women, she grasped grace but she had forgotten holiness. Dance, Stand, Run charts her discovery that holiness was never meant to be a shaming reminder of what we “should” be doing, but rather a profound privilege of becoming more like Christ. That’s when we start to change the world, rather than being changed by it. Dance, Stand, Run is an invitation to the daughters of God to step into the movements of abundant life: dancing in grace, standing firm in holiness, and running on mission. Through story and study, Jess casts a fresh vision for how to live into your identity as a holy daughter of God, how to break free of cheap grace and empty rule-keeping, and finally, how to live out your holy influence with confidence before a watching world. Spoiler alert: it’s a beautiful thing. For anyone longing to take their place in what God is doing in the world, Dance, Stand, Run will rally your strength, refresh your purpose, and energize your faith in a God who calls us to be like Him.

The Holy Ground Of Grace

Author : Timothy Bowers
ISBN : 9781598580228
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 40. 37 MB
Format : PDF
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"This is the fact of the matter-ivory-tower Christianity is a myth for most of us. For all of us. Yet we try to function, we have to function, in faith, despite our own shortcomings and the shortcomings of those around us. We try to live our lives in a lessthan- perfect world as less-than-perfect people who fall down, flat on our faces, time after time after time. Yet by grace through faith we get up, all the while clinging desperately to our hope in the Son. The Son of the promise." Tim Bowers is a product of grace--God's Grace. And that very grace is the subject of this book. He believes that life is a dance, a thing of beauty. And he further believes that it is an adventure in grace. Grace to behold, to embrace, to enjoy. He believes that it is God's grace which underscores our very lives and permeates both our every relationship and our every adventure. Tim is the father of two children and the third of four born to his parents, both retired educators. He is firmly and forever a product of the South, having grown up in Georgia and in the Southern Baptist Church; however, it was while living in Nashville, Tennessee, as a young businessman, that he discovered the doctrine and meaning of grace by faith alone. Since earning his Masters of Divinity in 1998, Tim has worked as a pastor, an outreach director, and as a church planter. He believes that the Church should reflect the Savior upon Whose cross it is founded-that it should be raw and real and reflect both the passion and the compassion of Jesus Christ Himself. That it should be anything but boring and that it should proclaim grace by faith alone in a nonjudgmental manner that truly changes lives.

Standing On Holy Ground

Author : Sandra E. Johnson
ISBN : 1570036136
Genre : History
File Size : 32. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Probing the dark corners of the South, this book follows the courageous people who risked their lives to rebuild the black churches in order to heal the Southern community.

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