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A Theory Of Branched Minimal Surfaces

Author : Anthony Tromba
ISBN : 9783642256202
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 69. 84 MB
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One of the most elementary questions in mathematics is whether an area minimizing surface spanning a contour in three space is immersed or not; i.e. does its derivative have maximal rank everywhere. The purpose of this monograph is to present an elementary proof of this very fundamental and beautiful mathematical result. The exposition follows the original line of attack initiated by Jesse Douglas in his Fields medal work in 1931, namely use Dirichlet's energy as opposed to area. Remarkably, the author shows how to calculate arbitrarily high orders of derivatives of Dirichlet's energy defined on the infinite dimensional manifold of all surfaces spanning a contour, breaking new ground in the Calculus of Variations, where normally only the second derivative or variation is calculated. The monograph begins with easy examples leading to a proof in a large number of cases that can be presented in a graduate course in either manifolds or complex analysis. Thus this monograph requires only the most basic knowledge of analysis, complex analysis and topology and can therefore be read by almost anyone with a basic graduate education.

Global Analysis Of Minimal Surfaces

Author : Ulrich Dierkes
ISBN : 9783642117060
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 32. 85 MB
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Many properties of minimal surfaces are of a global nature, and this is already true for the results treated in the first two volumes of the treatise. Part I of the present book can be viewed as an extension of these results. For instance, the first two chapters deal with existence, regularity and uniqueness theorems for minimal surfaces with partially free boundaries. Here one of the main features is the possibility of "edge-crawling" along free parts of the boundary. The third chapter deals with a priori estimates for minimal surfaces in higher dimensions and for minimizers of singular integrals related to the area functional. In particular, far reaching Bernstein theorems are derived. The second part of the book contains what one might justly call a "global theory of minimal surfaces" as envisioned by Smale. First, the Douglas problem is treated anew by using Teichmüller theory. Secondly, various index theorems for minimal theorems are derived, and their consequences for the space of solutions to Plateau ́s problem are discussed. Finally, a topological approach to minimal surfaces via Fredholm vector fields in the spirit of Smale is presented.

Variational Methods

Author : Michael Struwe
ISBN : 9783662026243
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 64 MB
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It would be hopeless to attempt to give a complete account of the history of the calculus of variations. The interest of Greek philosophers in isoperimetric problems underscores the importance of "optimal form" in ancient cultures, see Hildebrandt-Tromba [1] for a beautiful treatise of this subject. While variatio nal problems thus are part of our classical cultural heritage, the first modern treatment of a variational problem is attributed to Fermat (see Goldstine [1; p.l]). Postulating that light follows a path of least possible time, in 1662 Fer mat was able to derive the laws of refraction, thereby using methods which may already be termed analytic. With the development of the Calculus by Newton and Leibniz, the basis was laid for a more systematic development of the calculus of variations. The brothers Johann and Jakob Bernoulli and Johann's student Leonhard Euler, all from the city of Basel in Switzerland, were to become the "founding fathers" (Hildebrandt-Tromba [1; p.21]) of this new discipline. In 1743 Euler [1] sub mitted "A method for finding curves enjoying certain maximum or minimum properties", published 1744, the first textbook on the calculus of variations.

Hypergeometric Orthogonal Polynomials And Their Q Analogues

Author : Roelof Koekoek
ISBN : 364205014X
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 64. 76 MB
Format : PDF
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The present book is about the Askey scheme and the q-Askey scheme, which are graphically displayed right before chapter 9 and chapter 14, respectively. The fa- lies of orthogonal polynomials in these two schemes generalize the classical orth- onal polynomials (Jacobi, Laguerre and Hermite polynomials) and they have pr- erties similar to them. In fact, they have properties so similar that I am inclined (f- lowing Andrews & Askey [34]) to call all families in the (q-)Askey scheme classical orthogonal polynomials, and to call the Jacobi, Laguerre and Hermite polynomials very classical orthogonal polynomials. These very classical orthogonal polynomials are good friends of mine since - most the beginning of my mathematical career. When I was a fresh PhD student at the Mathematical Centre (now CWI) in Amsterdam, Dick Askey spent a sabbatical there during the academic year 1969–1970. He lectured to us in a very stimulating wayabouthypergeometricfunctionsandclassicalorthogonalpolynomials. Evenb- ter, he gave us problems to solve which might be worth a PhD. He also pointed out to us that there was more than just Jacobi, Laguerre and Hermite polynomials, for instance Hahn polynomials, and that it was one of the merits of the Higher Transc- dental Functions (Bateman project) that it included some newer stuff like the Hahn polynomials (see [198, §10. 23]).

Calculus Of Variations And Geometric Evolution Problems

Author : F. Bethuel
ISBN : 9783540488132
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 34. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The international summer school on Calculus of Variations and Geometric Evolution Problems was held at Cetraro, Italy, 1996. The contributions to this volume reflect quite closely the lectures given at Cetraro which have provided an image of a fairly broad field in analysis where in recent years we have seen many important contributions. Among the topics treated in the courses were variational methods for Ginzburg-Landau equations, variational models for microstructure and phase transitions, a variational treatment of the Plateau problem for surfaces of prescribed mean curvature in Riemannian manifolds - both from the classical point of view and in the setting of geometric measure theory.

The Generic Chaining

Author : Michel Talagrand
ISBN : 9783540274995
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 72. 68 MB
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The fundamental question of characterizing continuity and boundedness of Gaussian processes goes back to Kolmogorov. After contributions by R. Dudley and X. Fernique, it was solved by the author. This book provides an overview of "generic chaining", a completely natural variation on the ideas of Kolmogorov. It takes the reader from the first principles to the edge of current knowledge and to the open problems that remain in this domain.

Direct Methods In The Theory Of Elliptic Equations

Author : Jindrich Necas
ISBN : 9783642104558
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 83. 23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Nečas’ book Direct Methods in the Theory of Elliptic Equations, published 1967 in French, has become a standard reference for the mathematical theory of linear elliptic equations and systems. This English edition, translated by G. Tronel and A. Kufner, presents Nečas’ work essentially in the form it was published in 1967. It gives a timeless and in some sense definitive treatment of a number issues in variational methods for elliptic systems and higher order equations. The text is recommended to graduate students of partial differential equations, postdoctoral associates in Analysis, and scientists working with linear elliptic systems. In fact, any researcher using the theory of elliptic systems will benefit from having the book in his library. The volume gives a self-contained presentation of the elliptic theory based on the "direct method", also known as the variational method. Due to its universality and close connections to numerical approximations, the variational method has become one of the most important approaches to the elliptic theory. The method does not rely on the maximum principle or other special properties of the scalar second order elliptic equations, and it is ideally suited for handling systems of equations of arbitrary order. The prototypical examples of equations covered by the theory are, in addition to the standard Laplace equation, Lame’s system of linear elasticity and the biharmonic equation (both with variable coefficients, of course). General ellipticity conditions are discussed and most of the natural boundary condition is covered. The necessary foundations of the function space theory are explained along the way, in an arguably optimal manner. The standard boundary regularity requirement on the domains is the Lipschitz continuity of the boundary, which "when going beyond the scalar equations of second order" turns out to be a very natural class. These choices reflect the author's opinion that the Lame system and the biharmonic equations are just as important as the Laplace equation, and that the class of the domains with the Lipschitz continuous boundary (as opposed to smooth domains) is the most natural class of domains to consider in connection with these equations and their applications.

Extremal Polynomials And Riemann Surfaces

Author : Andrei Bogatyrev
ISBN : 9783642256349
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 88. 65 MB
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The problems of conditional optimization of the uniform (or C-) norm for polynomials and rational functions arise in various branches of science and technology. Their numerical solution is notoriously difficult in case of high degree functions. The book develops the classical Chebyshev's approach which gives analytical representation for the solution in terms of Riemann surfaces. The techniques born in the remote (at the first glance) branches of mathematics such as complex analysis, Riemann surfaces and Teichmüller theory, foliations, braids, topology are applied to approximation problems. The key feature of this book is the usage of beautiful ideas of contemporary mathematics for the solution of applied problems and their effective numerical realization. This is one of the few books where the computational aspects of the higher genus Riemann surfaces are illuminated. Effective work with the moduli spaces of algebraic curves provides wide opportunities for numerical experiments in mathematics and theoretical physics.​

Statistical Thermodynamics And Differential Geometry Of Microstructured Materials

Author : H.Ted Davis
ISBN : 9781461383246
Genre : Science
File Size : 32. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Substances possessing heterogeneous microstructure on the nanometer and micron scales are scientifically fascinating and technologically useful. Examples of such substances include liquid crystals, microemulsions, biological matter, polymer mixtures and composites, vycor glasses, and zeolites. In this volume, an interdisciplinary group of researchers report their developments in this field. Topics include statistical mechanical free energy theories which predict the appearance of various microstructures, the topological and geometrical methods needed for a mathematical description of the subparts and dividing surfaces of heterogeneous materials, and modern computer-aided mathematical models and graphics for effective exposition of the salient features of microstructured materials.

Introduction To The Perturbation Theory Of Hamiltonian Systems

Author : Dmitry Treschev
ISBN : 9783642030284
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 84. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is an extended version of lectures given by the ?rst author in 1995–1996 at the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. We believe that a major part of the book can be regarded as an additional material to the standard course of Hamiltonian mechanics. In comparison with the original Russian 1 version we have included new material, simpli?ed some proofs and corrected m- prints. Hamiltonian equations ?rst appeared in connection with problems of geometric optics and celestial mechanics. Later it became clear that these equations describe a large classof systemsin classical mechanics,physics,chemistry,and otherdomains. Hamiltonian systems and their discrete analogs play a basic role in such problems as rigid body dynamics, geodesics on Riemann surfaces, quasi-classic approximation in quantum mechanics, cosmological models, dynamics of particles in an accel- ator, billiards and other systems with elastic re?ections, many in?nite-dimensional models in mathematical physics, etc. In this book we study Hamiltonian systems assuming that they depend on some parameter (usually?), where for?= 0 the dynamics is in a sense simple (as a rule, integrable). Frequently such a parameter appears naturally. For example, in celestial mechanics it is accepted to take? equal to the ratio: the mass of Jupiter over the mass of the Sun. In other cases it is possible to introduce the small parameter ar- ?cially.

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