abstract homotopy and simple homotomy theory

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Applications Resume

Author : Elyse Barbell Rudolph
ISBN : 1576852555
Genre : Business & Economics
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Once you find the job you want, you still have to get it. "Applications, Resumes & Cover Letters, will teach you what you need to know to present yourself to a potential employer. You will learn about what skills you have, and how to present them on paper. Written for low-level learners, this classroom workbook includes plenty of real-world examples.

Fuzzy Systems Engineering

Author : Witold Pedrycz
ISBN : 0470168951
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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A self-contained treatment of fuzzy systems engineering, offering conceptual fundamentals, design methodologies, development guidelines, and carefully selected illustrative material Forty years have passed since the birth of fuzzy sets, in which time a wealth of theoretical developments, conceptual pursuits, algorithmic environments, and other applications have emerged. Now, this reader-friendly book presents an up-to-date approach to fuzzy systems engineering, covering concepts, design methodologies, and algorithms coupled with interpretation, analysis, and underlying engineering knowledge. The result is a holistic view of fuzzy sets as a fundamental component of computational intelligence and human-centric systems. Throughout the book, the authors emphasize the direct applicability and limitations of the concepts being discussed, and historical and bibliographical notes are included in each chapter to help readers view the developments of fuzzy sets from a broader perspective. A radical departure from current books on the subject, Fuzzy Systems Engineering presents fuzzy sets as an enabling technology whose impact, contributions, and methodology stretch far beyond any specific discipline, making it applicable to researchers and practitioners in engineering, computer science, business, medicine, bioinformatics, and computational biology. Additionally, three appendices and classroom-ready electronic resources make it an ideal textbook for advanced undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in engineering and science.

Applied Combinatorics 6th Edition

Author : Alan Tucker
ISBN : 9781118210116
Genre : Mathematics
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The new 6th edition of Applied Combinatorics builds on the previous editions with more in depth analysis of computer systems in order to help develop proficiency in basic discrete math problem solving. As one of the most widely used books in combinatorial problems, this edition explains how to reason and model combinatorically while stressing the systematic analysis of different possibilities, exploration of the logical structure of a problem, and ingenuity. Although important uses of combinatorics in computer science, operations research, and finite probability are mentioned, these applications are often used solely for motivation. Numerical examples involving the same concepts use more interesting settings such as poker probabilities or logical games.

Concepts From Tensor Analysis And Differential Geometry

Author : Tracy Y. Thomas
ISBN : 9781483263717
Genre : Mathematics
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Concepts from Tensor Analysis and Differential Geometry discusses coordinate manifolds, scalars, vectors, and tensors. The book explains some interesting formal properties of a skew-symmetric tensor and the curl of a vector in a coordinate manifold of three dimensions. It also explains Riemann spaces, affinely connected spaces, normal coordinates, and the general theory of extension. The book explores differential invariants, transformation groups, Euclidean metric space, and the Frenet formulae. The text describes curves in space, surfaces in space, mixed surfaces, space tensors, including the formulae of Gaus and Weingarten. It presents the equations of two scalars K and Q which can be defined over a regular surface S in a three dimensional Riemannian space R. In the equation, the scalar K, which is an intrinsic differential invariant of the surface S, is known as the total or Gaussian curvature and the scalar U is the mean curvature of the surface. The book also tackles families of parallel surfaces, developable surfaces, asymptotic lines, and orthogonal ennuples. The text is intended for a one-semester course for graduate students of pure mathematics, of applied mathematics covering subjects such as the theory of relativity, fluid mechanics, elasticity, and plasticity theory.

Problems Solutions In Group Theory For Physicists

Author : Zhong-Qi Ma
ISBN : 9812388338
Genre : Science
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This book is aimed at graduate students and young researchers in physics who are studying group theory and its application to physics. It contains a short explanation of the fundamental knowledge and method, and the fundamental exercises for the method, as well as some important conclusions in group theory. This book is also suitable for some graduate students in theoretical chemistry.

Quantum Topology And Global Anomalies

Author : R A Baadhio
ISBN : 9789814498777
Genre : Science
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Anomalies are ubiquitous features in quantum field theories. They can ruin the consistency of such theories and put significant restrictions on their viability, especially in dimensions higher than four. Global gauge and gravitational anomalies are to date, one of the scant powerful and probing tools available to physicists in the pursuit of uniqueness. This monograph is one of the very few that specializes in the study of global anomalies in quantum field theories. A discussion of various issues associated to three dimensional physics — the Chern–Simons–Witten theories — widen the scope of this book. Topics discussed here comprises: the ongoing quest for three-manifolds invariant, the role of the mapping class groups in (a) the detection and cancellation of global anomalies, (b) formulating three-manifolds invariant; the geometric quantization of Chern-Simons-Witten theories; deformation quantization; study of chiral and gravitational anomalies; anomalies and the Atiyah-Patodi-Singer Index theorem; exotic spheres; global gravitational anomalies in some six and ten dimensional supergravity and superstring theories, with an additional case study of Witten SU(2) Global Gauge Anomalies. In addition, five chapters lay out the mathematical basis for a thorough use of the topics above. One chapter focuses on the relationship between Teichmüller spaces, moduli spaces and mapping class groups. Another chapter is devoted to mapping class groups and arithmetic groups. Gauge theories on Riemann surfaces are studies in well over two chapters, the first one centered on the theory of bundles and the second on connections. Many readers will find this a useful book, especially theoretical physicists and mathematicians. The material presented here will be of interest to both the experts who will find complete, detailed and precise descriptions of important topics of current interest in mathematical physics, and to students and newcomers to the field, who will appreciate the vast amount of information provided here, especially on global anomalies. Contents:The Ongoing Quest for Three-Manifold InvariantsMapping Class Groups and 3-Manifold InvariantsTeichmüller Spaces and Mapping Class GroupsMapping Class Groups and Arithmetic GroupsWeil-Petersson Geometry of Teichmüller SpacesGauge Theories on Riemann Surfaces I: BundlesGauge Theories on Riemann Surfaces II: ConnectionsGeometric Quantization of Chern–Simons–Witten TheoriesDeformation QuantizationChiral and Gravitational AnomaliesAnomalies and the Index TheoremGlobal AnomaliesMapping Class Groups and Global AnomaliesExotic Spheres Readership: Mathematicians and physicists. keywords:

Confessions Of An American Media Man

Author : Tom Plate
ISBN : 9812613153
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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For better or for worse, the news media in the United States has huge worldwide influence. And yet little is actually known about its real inner workings, inherent logic and deeply embedded customs. In this revealing and sometimes brutally honest media autobiography, veteran American journalist Tom Plate tells you what it is really like to work inside these corridors of power. The author-a syndicated newspaper columnist as well as a professor at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)-takes you behind the scenes at iconic media institutions such as Time magazine, the Los Angeles Times and New York magazine. There you meet such factors of media life as the reality of the deadline, the speed of the news cycle, the inevitability of office politics, the debilitating impact of political correctness and the occasional great joys of journalism. For young adults who are considering a career in the news media, this compelling book is necessary reading; and for older professionals who in their work have to deal directly with the news media or who are deeply curious about its inner workings, this book will come as a true revelation.

Theories Of Integration

Author : Douglas S Kurtz
ISBN : 9789813108264
Genre : Mathematics
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The book uses classical problems to motivate a historical development of the integration theories of Riemann, Lebesgue, Henstock–Kurzweil and McShane, showing how new theories of integration were developed to solve problems that earlier integration theories could not handle. It develops the basic properties of each integral in detail and provides comparisons of the different integrals. The chapters covering each integral are essentially independent and could be used separately in teaching a portion of an introductory real analysis course. There is a sufficient supply of exercises to make this book useful as a textbook.

Geometrical Quickies Trickies

Author : Yan Kow Cheong
ISBN : 9789810973896
Genre : Mathematics
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Are you bored or unchallenged by drill-and-kill geometry questions in your textbooks and workbooks? Are you half-prepared for your coming math contests and competitions? Some benefits of Geometrical Quickies & Trickies are: * Over 200 non-routine geometry questions to separate the nerd of mathletes from the herd of drill-and-kill specialists; * Trick and tricky questions to meet the mathematical needs and wants of students- and teachers-problem solvers; * Twenty enrichment geometry units to promote an appreciation for recreational mathematics; * Hints and solutions, and a reference list for more practice on quickies and tricks. Geometrical Quickies & Trickies is suitable for grades 6-9 problem solvers and mathletes, and for teachers and tutors who desire to challenge (or torture) their students mathematically. Contents 1. What is a Circle? 2. Three Famous (or Notorious) Geometrical Problems 3. Non-Euclidean Geometry for Goondus 4. How Many Regions? 5. That Holy Little Geometry Book 6. Fun with Areas and Perimeters 7. Always a Parallelogram! 8. The Malfatti's Problem 9. The Beauty of Pi 10. The Zero Option 11. The Golden Ratio by Paper Folding 12. The Ubiquity of Phi 13. Matchstick Mathematics 14. The Rolling Circle Question 15. Two Useful Circle Properties 16. Proving the Obvious 17. Sanguku—Japanese Temple Geometry 18. Applications of Pythagorean Theorem 19. Visualizing Infinity 20. Geometrical Idiosyncrasies Answers/Hints/Solutions Bibliography & References

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