adolf hitler the bigot of the jews

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Adolf Hitler

Author : Andrew Klein
ISBN : 1523933666
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Adolf Hitler: The bigot of the Jews Often depicted in modern literature as the savage lunatic who plunged the world into the last World War, Adolf Hitler's name has been on the tongues of historians, psychologists, economists and laymen for ages. Many have painted a picture of this man using lies, conjectures and other forms of manipulation to give most of the western world the impression that Hitler was the epitome of Lucifer himself. A few others have hailed him as a godsend and a man who was worthy of praise. Very few authors have attempted to portray a wholesome picture of Adolf Hitler, so that readers can come to conclusions by themselves. In this book, we will look at Hitler's story from all possible angles. We will step into the world of a man who was very passionate about his beliefs; a man who rose to great power during his time and a man whose actions started one of the worst wars this world has ever seen. In this book, we will analyze the captivating life of Adolf Hitler himself and I will leave you with the final call to pass judgment or praise. Join me in this journey to unravel the hidden truths about Adolf Hitler's life. Grab your copy now and secure your seat in the journey to the past!

Hitler In Los Angeles

Author : Steven J. Ross
ISBN : 9781620405642
Genre : History
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A 2018 FINALIST FOR THE PULITZER PRIZE The chilling, little-known story of the rise of Nazism in Los Angeles, and the Jewish leaders and spies they recruited who stopped it. No American city was more important to the Nazis than Los Angeles, home to Hollywood, the greatest propaganda machine in the world. The Nazis plotted to kill the city's Jews and to sabotage the nation's military installations: plans existed for hanging twenty prominent Hollywood figures such as Al Jolson, Charlie Chaplin, and Samuel Goldwyn; for driving through Boyle Heights and machine-gunning as many Jews as possible; and for blowing up defense installations and seizing munitions from National Guard armories along the Pacific Coast. U.S. law enforcement agencies were not paying close attention--preferring to monitor Reds rather than Nazis--and only Leon Lewis and his daring ring of spies stood in the way. From 1933 until the end of World War II, attorney Leon Lewis, the man Nazis would come to call "the most dangerous Jew in Los Angeles," ran a spy operation comprised of military veterans and their wives who infiltrated every Nazi and fascist group in Los Angeles. Often rising to leadership positions, this daring ring of spies uncovered and foiled the Nazi's disturbing plans for death and destruction. Featuring a large cast of Nazis, undercover agents, and colorful supporting players, Hitler in Los Angeles, by acclaimed historian Steven J. Ross, tells the story of Lewis's daring spy network in a time when hate groups had moved from the margins to the mainstream.

On The Jews Their Lies

Author : Martin Luther
Genre : Antisemitism
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On the Jews & Their Lies is one of the most controversial works by Protestant reformer, Martin Luther. In one of the most notorious chapters in the book, Luther urges the German people to “raze and destroy [the Jews’] houses," and it is for such statements that the book is best known. But the book also presents some theological arguments against the Judaism (i.e. the Jew’s belief in the circumcision, their classification of themselves as the “Chosen People,” and the Jews’ denial of Christ as the Messiah). This annotated edition of Martin Luther’s On the Jews & Their Lies provides readers with a more thorough understanding of one of the most controversial works of the Father of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther.

Hitler S Ideology

Author : Richard A. Koenigsberg
ISBN : 9781607528784
Genre : Education
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(Originally published as: Hitler's Ideology: A Study in Psychoanalytic Sociology) Why did Hitler initiate the Final Solution and take Germany to war? Based on analysis of Hitler’s rhetoric—the words, images and metaphors contained within his writing and speeches—Koenigsberg’s study reveals the “hidden narratives” that were the source of Hitler’s ideology and the Holocaust. Koenigsberg’s book was the first to study political rhetoric from the perspective of embodied metaphor. Conceiving of the Jew as a “force of disintegration,” parasite, and as a bacteria within the German body politic, the Final Solution represented a struggle to destroy the source of Germany’s disease—and thereby to save the nation. Hitler often is thought of as an anomaly. Koenigsberg’s classic study demonstrates that Hitler acted based on the conventional ideology of nationalism: devotion to one’s nation and a desire to destroy its enemies; willingness to die and kill—to sacrifice lives—in the name of a sacred object. Hitler’s actions—the history he created—followed as a logical consequence of the ideology that he promoted. Hitler imagined that by destroying the Jewish disease—source of death—Germany might live forever. The Final Solution grew out of a fantasy about an immortal body (politic). Richard Koenigsberg received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research. He has been writing and lecturing on Hitler, Nazism and the Holocaust for nearly forty years. Formerly a Professor of Behavioral Science, he presently is Director of the Center for the Study of War, Genocide and Terrorism. His online writings have generated excitement throughout the world.

Ideological Bigotry

Author : eric aka the Tygrrrr Express
ISBN : 9781440133916
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 62. 87 MB
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eric (yes, lowercase e) is politically conservative, morally liberal, and – by his own admission – completely off kilter. These quirks have allowed him to pursue his goal of being the world’s preeminent Republican Jewish blogger ( eric has dedicated his life to fighting ideological bigotry – what he defines as a pervasive disdain for conservatives merely because they exist. With this book, eric presents his best columns as a cohesive discussion, ranging from serious to senseless, of why questioning issues such as the legality of gay marriage does not make one a homophobe; wanting to privatize social security does not mean one wishes to see seniors bleeding to death on the streets; and examining whether affirmative action succeeds does not make one a racist. With engaging and often amusing insight, eric illustrates how people can disagree without impugning their humanity. With Ideological Bigotry and his ongoing blog, eric’s ultimate goal is to make the world a better place. Within these pages, he illuminates that until liberals see conservatives as a noble opposition, they will continue to live in the intellectual, ethical, and political wilderness reserved for those who prefer rage, hatred, and anger to rolling up their sleeves and creating solutions.

Big Bang Hole

Author : Jason Hurlburt
ISBN : 9781524583156
Genre : Science
File Size : 42. 70 MB
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This book is about the big bang hole. The big bang hole is a hole that was full of sequential big bangs. This was discovered by Jason Hurlburt. The implications of the big bang hole are written about in the book, which is entitled Big Bang Hole. This book was written for a popular audience in general science.

Bigotry And Intolerance

Author : Kathlyn Gay
ISBN : 9780810883611
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 22. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In Bigotry and Intolerance: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Kathlyn Gay looks at the various reasons why people of all age levels and backgrounds feel the need to disparage others. This book also offers help to teens who are the object of fear and hatred by showing them how to combat such behavior. Aimed at young adults who are interested in fighting bigotry and intolerance, this book will help teens who suffer from the small-mindedness of others. It might also help those who are less tolerant find some common ground with those who are different from them—and lead to a better understanding of how diversity makes for a richer, more interesting world.

Jewish History And Divine Providence

Author : Richard Kulick
ISBN : 9780595208395
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69. 72 MB
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Jewish history and the Holocaust present all who examine with a cloudy dark crystal that appears impenetrable. However, Judaism has a very sophisticated mystical system, called Kabbalah, or "tradition" which provides all the answers needed to make light illuminate the darkness noted above. The Kabbalah brings home the point that Jewish history, indeed all human history, begins and ends with human beings as the hands and eyes of God.

Everything Was Better In America

Author : David Welky
ISBN : 9780252032998
Genre : History
File Size : 41. 4 MB
Format : PDF
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American mass culture's conservative response to the Great Depression and the coming of World War II

Roald Dahl Collected Stories

Author : Roald Dahl
ISBN : 1841593001
Genre : Children's stories, English
File Size : 74. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Many of these stores are now so famous from film and television adaptations that they need no introduction. Roald Dahl is well known as a master of the macabre and the unexpected in the tradition of Saki, and this volume does not disappoint. He began his literary career by writing about his own experiences in the RAF during World War II but soon developed this talent in a series of short-story collections. He is perhaps even more celebrated as an author of children's books, but the best of his short stories represent a claim for him to be numbered among the most remarkable story writers of the 20th century. The present volume includes for the first time all the stories in chronological order as established by Dahl's biographer, Jeremy Treglown, in consultation with the Dahl estate.

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