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Advanced Calculus

Author : Louis Brand
ISBN : 9780486157993
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 55. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A course in analysis that focuses on the functions of a real variable, this text introduces the basic concepts in their simplest setting and illustrates its teachings with numerous examples, theorems, and proofs. 1955 edition.

Advanced Calculus

Author : S Zaidman
ISBN : 9789814498838
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 61. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is an introduction to mathematical analysis (i.e real analysis) at a fairly elementary level. A great (unusual) emphasis is given to the construction of rational and then of real numbers, using the method of equivalence classes and of Cauchy sequences. The text includes the usual presentation of: sequences of real numbers, infinite numerical series, continuous functions, derivatives and Riemann-Darboux integration. There are also two “special” sections: on convex functions and on metric spaces, as well as an elementary appendix on Logic, Set Theory and Functions. We insist on a rigorous presentation throughout in the framework of the classical, standard, analysis. Contents: NumbersSequences of Real NumbersInfinite Numerical SeriesContinuous FunctionsDerivativesConvex FunctionsMetric SpacesIntegrationIndexIndex of NotationsAppendix (Logic, Set Theory and Functions)Bibliography Readership: Undergraduate students of calculus and real analysis. keywords:Numbers;Sequences;Series;Continuous Functions;Derivatives;Convex Functions;Metric Spaces;Integration

Advanced Calculus

Author : David Vernon Widder
ISBN : 0486661032
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 25. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Classic text offers exceptionally precise coverage of partial differentiation, vectors, differential geometry, Stieltjes integral, infinite series, gamma function, Fourier series, Laplace transform, much more. Includes exercises and selected answers.

Fourier Analysis On Groups

Author : Walter Rudin
ISBN : 9780486821016
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 43. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Written by a master mathematical expositor, this classic text reflects the results of the intense period of research and development in the area of Fourier analysis in the decade preceding its first publication in 1962. The enduringly relevant treatment is geared toward advanced undergraduate and graduate students and has served as a fundamental resource for more than five decades. The self-contained text opens with an overview of the basic theorems of Fourier analysis and the structure of locally compact Abelian groups. Subsequent chapters explore idempotent measures, homomorphisms of group algebras, measures and Fourier transforms on thin sets, functions of Fourier transforms, closed ideals in L1(G), Fourier analysis on ordered groups, and closed subalgebras of L1(G). Helpful Appendixes contain background information on topology and topological groups, Banach spaces and algebras, and measure theory.

Lectures On The Mathematical Method In Analytical Economics

Author : Jacob T. Schwartz
ISBN : 9780486828039
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 76. 16 MB
Format : PDF
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An early but still useful and frequently cited contribution to the science of mathematical economics, this volume is geared toward graduate students in the field. Prerequisites include familiarity with the basic theory of matrices and linear transformations and with elementary calculus. Author Jacob T. Schwartz begins his treatment with an exploration of the Leontief input-output model, which forms a general framework for subsequent material. An introductory treatment of price theory in the Leontief model is followed by an examination of the business-cycle theory, following ideas pioneered by Lloyd Metzler and John Maynard Keynes. In the final section, Schwartz applies the teachings of previous chapters to a critique of the general equilibrium approach devised by Léon Walras as the theory of supply and demand, and he synthesizes the notions of Walras and Keynes. 1961 edition.

Physics Of Fully Ionized Gases

Author : Lyman Spitzer
ISBN : 9780486151588
Genre : Science
File Size : 86. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An introductory course in theoretical physics is the sole prerequisite for this general but simple introduction to the fields of plasma and fusion research. 1962 edition.

Introduction To Analysis

Author : Maxwell Rosenlicht
ISBN : 0486650383
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 50. 76 MB
Format : PDF
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Written for junior and senior undergraduates, this remarkably clear and accessible treatment covers set theory, the real number system, metric spaces, continuous functions, Riemann integration, multiple integrals, and more. Rigorous and carefully presented, the text assumes a year of calculus and features problems at the end of each chapter. 1968 edition.

Vector Analysis

Author : Kenneth Miller
ISBN : 1986491463
Genre :
File Size : 41. 92 MB
Format : PDF
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This brief and inexpensive text is intended to provide a modern introduction to vector analysis analysis in R2 and R3 to complement the very rigorous and wonderfully written presentation of classical analysis in my soon-to-be-published book, Old School Advanced Calculus by W'illiam Benjamin Fite. While this book is otherwise very comprehensive, the presentation of functions of several variables in it is purely analytic and rather archaic in nature. Fite is intended as a model of what the standard year-long advanced calculus course-which has largely been abandoned at most universities since the l980's-would look like. Such courses were intended not onlv for mathematics majors, but serious physical science majors, for whom of course vector analysis is a necessary part of their mathematical training. Therefore, the absence of the differential and integral calculus of vector valued functions in low dimensional Euclidean spaces is a highly problematic lacuna in the book. The concurrent republication of this book by Miller is intended the rectify this. While the language of the book is classical in many regards, Miller is careful when possible to connect the material to modern formulations so he doesn't alienate mathematics majors reading the book. The best examples are in the first chapter, where he carefully lays out century vector algebra using "arrows" while detailing their algebraic structure as a vector space over the real or complex numbers. This keeps the book's intended audience very general, inviting not only mathematics majors, but physics, engineering and professionals in other fields that need to either review or learn this material. Also, most of the current standard books on vector analysis are rather expensive and lengthy. While Dover Books has made available a number of classical books on vector analysis at a very affordable price, many of these are quite old fashioned and may be difficult for students to read -either by itself or used in conjunction with another text or the instructor's notes-will give students a very affordable option that's still presented in a full modern context. The hope is that although the book is intended to supplement Fite, it can and should be used as a vector analysis text in its' own right Indeed, the hope is that because of the book's brevity and low cost, it will become an indispensable study aid for students who need to either learn or review this material quickly and accurately.

Atomic Physics 8th Edition

Author : Max Born
ISBN : 9780486318585
Genre : Science
File Size : 26. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Nobel Laureate's lucid treatment of kinetic theory of gases, elementary particles, nuclear atom, wave-corpuscles, atomic structure and spectral lines, much more. Over 40 appendices, bibliography.

An Introduction To Differential Geometry

Author : T. J. Willmore
ISBN : 9780486282107
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 76. 15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This text employs vector methods to explore the classical theory of curves and surfaces. Topics include basic theory of tensor algebra, tensor calculus, calculus of differential forms, and elements of Riemannian geometry. 1959 edition.

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