adversarial legalism the american way of law

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Adversarial Legalism

Author : Robert A. KAGAN
ISBN : 0674039270
Genre : Law
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American methods of policy implementation and dispute resolution are more adversarial and legalistic when compared with the systems of other economically advanced countries. Americans more often rely on legal threats and lawsuits. American laws are generally more complicated and prescriptive, adjudication more costly, and penalties more severe. In a thoughtful and cogently argued book, Robert Kagan examines the origins and consequences of this system of "adversarial legalism." Kagan describes the roots of adversarial legalism and the deep connections it has with American political institutions and values. He investigates its social costs as well as the extent to which lawyers perpetuate it. Ranging widely across many legal fields, including criminal law, environmental regulations, tort law, and social insurance programs, he provides comparisons with the legal and regulatory systems of western Europe, Canada, and Japan that point to possible alternatives to the American methods. Kagan notes that while adversarial legalism has many virtues, its costs and unpredictability often alienate citizens from the law and frustrate the quest for justice. This insightful study deepens our understanding of law and its relationship to politics in America and raises valuable questions about the future of the American legal system.

Kagans Adversarial Legalism

Author : Howard S Erlanger
ISBN : OCLC:80218062
Genre :
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Institutions Public Law

Author : Tom Ginsburg
ISBN : 0820474770
Genre : Law
File Size : 76. 83 MB
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"Institutions & Public Law: Comparative Approaches" is a set of essays on the politics of law and courts by leading public law scholars in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. The essays share the view that understanding courts requires attention to the political dynamics that shape judicial design and authority, as well as the position of courts within the broader political system. This volume is essential reading for undergraduate and graduate courses in judicial politics.

European Ways Of Law

Author : Volkmar Gessner
ISBN : 9781847313843
Genre : Law
File Size : 87. 16 MB
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Can there be such a thing as a European sociology of law? The uncertainties which arise when attempting to answer that straightforward question are the subject of this book, which also overlaps into comparative law, legal history, and legal philosophy. The richness of approaches reflected in the essays (including comparisons with the US) makes this volume a courageous attempt to show the present state of socio- legal studies in Europe and map directions for its future development. Certainly we already know something about the existence of differences in the use and meaning of law within and between the nation states and groups that make up the European Union. They concern the role of judges and lawyers, the use of courts, patterns of delay, contrasts in penal 'sensibilities', or the meanings of underlying legal and social concepts. Still, similarities in 'legal culture' are at least as remarkable in societies at roughly similar levels of political and economic development. The volume should serve as a needed stimulus to a research agenda aimed at uncovering commonalities and divergences in European ways of approaching the law.

Lobby Work

Author : Rudolf Speth
ISBN : 9783658094331
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 75. 80 MB
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„Lobby Work“ ist Interessenvertretung unter veränderten Bedingungen einer medien- und marktaffinen Gesellschaft. Der Band fängt das breite Spektrum neuer Formen und Akteure ein, die Interessenvertretung auch als Geschäftsmodell betreiben. In den Blick genommen werden u.a. medienwirksame Kampagnen mittels Public Affairs-Agenturen, gezielte Mobilisierung von AktivistInnen im Netz durch NGOs sowie strategisch geplante Einflussnahme durch Stiftungen. Mit der „guten alten Zeit“ neo-korporatistischer Interessenvermittlung hat Lobby-Work nicht mehr viel zu tun.


Author : Jeb Barnes
ISBN : 0804767203
Genre : Law
File Size : 64. 66 MB
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Since the mid-1970s, Congress has passed hundreds of overrides—laws that explicitly seek to reverse or modify judicial interpretations of statutes. Whether front-page news or not, overrides serve potentially vital functions in American policy-making. Federal statutes—and court cases interpreting them—often require revision. Some are ambiguous, some conflict, and others are obsolete. Under these circumstances, overrides promise Congress a means to repair flawed statutes, reconcile discordant court decisions, and reverse errant judicial interpretations. Overrides also allow dissatisfied litigants to revisit issues and raise concerns in Congress that courts have overlooked. Of course, promising is one thing and delivering is quite another. Accordingly, this book asks: Do overrides, in fact, effectively clarify the law, reverse objectionable judicial statutory interpretations, and broaden deliberation on contested issues? The answers provide new insights into the complex role of overrides in U.S. policy-making and in the politics of contemporary court-Congress relations.

Lawyering Europe

Author : Antoine Vauchez
ISBN : 9781782250937
Genre : Law
File Size : 42. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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While scholarly writing has dealt with the role of law in the process of European integration, so far it has shed little light on the lawyers and communities of lawyers involved in that process. Law has been one of the most thoroughly investigated aspects of the European integration process, and EU law has become a well-established academic discipline, with the emergence more recently of an impressive body of legal and political science literature on 'European law in context'. Yet this field has been dominated by an essentially judicial narrative, focused on the role of the European courts, underestimating in the process the multifaceted roles lawyers and law play in the EU polity, notably the roles they play beyond the litigation arena. This volume seeks to promote a deeper understanding of European law as a social and political phenomenon, presenting a more complete view of the European legal field by looking beyond the courts, and at the same time broadening the scholarly horizon by exploring the ways in which European law is actually made. To do this it describes the roles of the great variety of actors who stand behind legal norms and decisions, bringing together perspectives from various disciplines (law, political science, political sociology and history), to offer a global multi-disciplinary reassessment of the role of 'law' and 'lawyers' in the European integration process.

Us Kongre Und Deutscher Bundestag

Author : Uwe Thaysen
ISBN : 9783322835543
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 44. 6 MB
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Author : R. Daniel Kelemen
ISBN : 9780674046948
Genre : Law
File Size : 59. 66 MB
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Despite western Europe’s traditional disdain for the United States’ “adversarial legalism,” the European Union is shifting toward a similar approach to the law, according to Daniel Kelemen. Coining the term “eurolegalism” to describe the hybrid, he shows how the political and organizational realities of the EU make this shift inevitable.


Author : Fernanda Pirie
ISBN : 9780191025938
Genre : Law
File Size : 45. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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'Community' and 'justice' recur in anthropological, historical, and legal scholarship, yet as concepts they are notoriously slippery. Historians and lawyers look to anthropologists as 'community specialists', but anthropologists often avoid the concept through circumlocution: although much used (and abused) by historians, legal thinkers, and political philosophers, the term remains strikingly indeterminate and often morally overdetermined. 'Justice', meanwhile, is elusive, alternately invoked as the goal of contemporary political theorizing, and wrapped in obscure philosophical controversy. A conceptual knot emerges in much legal and political thought between law, justice, and community, but theories abound, without any agreement over concepts. The contributors to this volume use empirical case studies to unpick threads of this knot. Local codes from Anglo-Saxon England, north Africa, and medieval Armenia indicate disjunctions between community boundaries and the subjects of local rules and categories; processes of justice from early modern Europe to eastern Tibet suggest new ways of conceptualizing the relationship between law and justice; and practices of exile that recur throughout the world illustrate contingent formulations of community. In the first book in the series, Legalism: Anthropology and History, law was addressed through a focus on local legal categories as conceptual tools. Here this approach is extended to the ideas and ideals of justice and community. Rigorous cross-cultural comparison allows the contributors to avoid normative assumptions, while opening new avenues of inquiry for lawyers, anthropologists, and historians alike.

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