aftershock bounce back how to find courage emotional resilience and enhance your life after trauma stress

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Live To Tell

Author : Ben Schwipps
ISBN : 069268901X
Genre :
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Did you ever wonder why someone would commit suicide? Have you been touched by a suicide in some manner? Did you ever wonder how everyone missed all the warning signs? Only a person that has lived though this harrowing event can explain why they did it. Suicide is not logical and difficult to understand. It is a hush, hush topic that no one feels comfortable talking about. Very few people live through a serious suicide attempt and can actually talk about it or want to share the darkest moment of their life. Ben is different. He had the courage to write and share his story to the world within three months of his attempt to take his life. Within the pages, you will find out why Ben took deliberate action to end his life by pulling the trigger in his living room after making a phone call. This book breaks all the rules and the social stigma around depression and suicide and will give you an inside personal view on what it is like to battle depression and anxiety. We will talk about it candidly in a way that is easy to understand. We will have to warn you that some parts of the book are disturbing. It reads like a fiction novel, but the story is 100% true, raw, and very personal. Ben was the happy-go-lucky, normal guy to the outside world, but inside he was a broken man teetering on the edge of the precipice.He pulled the trigger. He regretted it. He died. He was revived. He died again. He was revived the second time. After the attempt, when he awoke in the hospital, he recalled a burning desire to make things right again. This book is Ben's attempt to make things right. He wants to help people who are struggling, who are at the breaking point. This amazing story will give you a new perspective or may even change your life. - You will have a greater insight into depression and you will be better able to help someone who is struggling with this disease. - You will gain more compassion and understanding for people who are struggling, not just with depression, but with other life struggles. - You will be more confident to intervene and take action if you know someone who is threatening suicide or is heading down the rabbit hole. - You will develop a greater awareness of the evil twins, "depression sand anxiety." If you are a depressed individual, you may see yourself in the story and you will know that you are not alone in your fight. Ben's story will help you to see what others do not understand. Consider Ben to be your friend and supporter. He will share all of his thoughts and insights. For anyone battling depression and even negative thoughts, healing and recovery is not an overnight process. We are not alone in this world for a reason, although for someone who is battling depression, it can feel like you are alone in your fight. When someone gets so low, it is hard for them to get up by themselves, so you will need to be there, if possible, and extend that helping hand. This book will also provide some valuable tips on how to talk to someone who may be suicidal. Take action today by downloading this book. There is no doubt that you will benefit by reading a personal account of Ben's story. Enjoy this read and then take action to reach out and help someone who may be struggling. You never know who is hurting inside and who is at the end of their rope... literally.

What Happened To My World

Author : James T. Greenman
ISBN : 0977435202
Genre : Grief in children
File Size : 85. 67 MB
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Not Just Friends

Author : Shirley Glass
ISBN : 9781416586401
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 64. 11 MB
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One of the world’s leading experts on infidelity provides a step-by-step guide through the process of infidelity—from suspicion and revelation to healing, and provides profound, practical guidance to prevent infidelity and, if it happens, recover and heal from it. You’re right to be cautious when you hear these words: “I’m telling you, we’re just friends.” Good people in good marriages are having affairs. The workplace and the Internet have become fertile breeding grounds for “friendships” that can slowly and insidiously turn into love affairs. Yet you can protect your relationship from emotional or sexual betrayal by recognizing the red flags that mark the stages of slipping into an improper, dangerous intimacy that can threaten your marriage.

The Lucifer Effect

Author : Philip Zimbardo
ISBN : 9781446459188
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 90. 74 MB
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In The Lucifer Effect, the award-winning and internationally respected psychologist, Philip Zimbardo, examines how the human mind has the capacity to be infinitely caring or selfish, kind or cruel, creative or destructive. He challenges our conceptions of who we think we are, what we believe we will never do - and how and why almost any of us could be initiated into the ranks of evil doers. At the same time he describes the safeguards we can put in place to prevent ourselves from corrupting - or being corrupted by - others, and what sets some people apart as heroes and heroines, able to resist powerful pressures to go along with the group, and to refuse to be team players when personal integrity is at stake. Using the first in-depth analysis of his classic Stanford Prison Experiment, and his personal experiences as an expert witness for one of the Abu Ghraib prison guards, Zimbardo's stimulating and provocative book raises fundamental questions about the nature of good and evil, and how each one of us needs to be vigilant to prevent becoming trapped in the 'Lucifer Effect', no matter what kind of character or morality we believe ourselves to have. The Lucifer Effect won the William James Book Award in 2008.

Future Shock

Author : Alvin Toffler
ISBN : 9780553277371
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 64. 68 MB
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Predicts the pace of environmental change during the next thirty years and the ways in which the individual must face and learn to cope with personal and social change

Humans Are Underrated

Author : Geoff Colvin
ISBN : 9780698153653
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36. 53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As technology races ahead, what will people do better than computers? What hope will there be for us when computers can drive cars better than humans, predict Supreme Court decisions better than legal experts, identify faces, scurry helpfully around offices and factories, even perform some surgeries, all faster, more reliably, and less expensively than people? It’s easy to imagine a nightmare scenario in which computers simply take over most of the tasks that people now get paid to do. While we’ll still need high-level decision makers and computer developers, those tasks won’t keep most working-age people employed or allow their living standard to rise. The unavoidable question—will millions of people lose out, unable to best the machine?—is increasingly dominating business, education, economics, and policy. The bestselling author of Talent Is Overrated explains how the skills the economy values are changing in historic ways. The abilities that will prove most essential to our success are no longer the technical, classroom-taught left-brain skills that economic advances have demanded from workers in the past. Instead, our greatest advantage lies in what we humans are most powerfully driven to do for and with one another, arising from our deepest, most essentially human abilities—empathy, creativity, social sensitivity, storytelling, humor, building relationships, and expressing ourselves with greater power than logic can ever achieve. This is how we create durable value that is not easily replicated by technology—because we’re hardwired to want it from humans. These high-value skills create tremendous competitive advantage—more devoted customers, stronger cultures, breakthrough ideas, and more effective teams. And while many of us regard these abilities as innate traits—“he’s a real people person,” “she’s naturally creative”—it turns out they can all be developed. They’re already being developed in a range of far-sighted organizations, such as: • the Cleveland Clinic, which emphasizes empathy training of doctors and all employees to improve patient outcomes and lower medical costs; • the U.S. Army, which has revolutionized its training to focus on human interaction, leading to stronger teams and greater success in real-world missions; • Stanford Business School, which has overhauled its curriculum to teach interpersonal skills through human-to-human experiences. As technology advances, we shouldn’t focus on beating computers at what they do—we’ll lose that contest. Instead, we must develop our most essential human abilities and teach our kids to value not just technology but also the richness of interpersonal experience. They will be the most valuable people in our world because of it. Colvin proves that to a far greater degree than most of us ever imagined, we already have what it takes to be great. From the Hardcover edition.

Children Of Crisis

Author : Robert Coles
ISBN : 9780316090490
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 42. 86 MB
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In the 1950s Robert Coles began studying, living among, and, above all, listening to American children. The results of his efforts--revealed in five volumes published between 1967 and 1977--constitute one of the most searching and vigorous social studies ever undertaken by one person in the United States. Here, heard often in their own voices, are America's "children of crisis": African American children caught in the throes of the South's racial integration; The children of impoverished migrant workers in Appalachia; Children whose families were transformed by the migration from South to North, from rural to urban communities; Latino, Native American, and Eskimo children in the poorest communities of the American West; The children of America's wealthiest families confronting the burden of their own privilege. This volume restores to print a masterwork of psychological and sociological inquiry--a book that, in its focus on how children learn and develop in the face of rapid change and social upheaval, speaks directly and pointedly to our own times. Robert Coles is a professor of psychiatry and medical humanities at the Harvard Medical School, a research psychiatrist for the Harvard University Health Services, and the James Agee Professor of Social Ethics at Harvard College. ________________________________________ In the 1950s Robert Coles began studying, living among, and, above all, listening to American children & their parents.

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