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Alex Hope

Author : A. J. Estelliam
ISBN : 1522001069
Genre :
File Size : 55. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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'All I could really see were her eyes...and they were exquisite. They were a bright, crystal clear green-yet one had a fleck of brown in it. Her eyes were extraordinary and they were smiling at me warmly.'When Alex Hope wakes from a car accident, she is a changed woman. Suddenly able to hear the thoughts of everyone around her, she struggles to cope. With part of her thinking she is going crazy and the other part overwhelmed, she decides to go away on holiday. With noise and thoughts consuming her, she travels to the remotest part of Scotland she can find. The trouble is, she doesn't find what she is looking for.While settling into a cabin in wooded seclusion, Alex hears a distress call. She can hear a woman nearby...and she is in desperate need of help. Alex calls the police for assistance, and despite their disbelief, she leads them to the woods where they find a missing woman buried in a chamber under the ground. As a second woman is discovered deeper down, Alex is whisked away for safety.Stuck with JJ (Jess) Love, a female police detective who works locally, she is taken to a safe house. Alex is thrown by Jess, as she has been dreaming about a woman with green eyes-with unique flecks of brown in. Jess is the woman who has been haunting her thoughts.As the women bond in their close quarters, Alex begins to feel like she was destined to meet Jess. As thoughts and memories of Jess' past begin to fill her head, Alex is determined to help her. With an attraction building and a murder investigation ensuing, the women are unable to stay away from each other. Alex can't walk away. Jess has captured her thoughts...and her heart. Will Alex be able to save Jess? Find out in...Alex Hope.

Hope For Garbage

Author : Alex Tully
ISBN : 0692024832
Genre : Cleveland (Ohio)
File Size : 58. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Welcome to the cruel world of Trevor McNulty. No matter how hard he tries, this seventeen year-old just can't get a break. And with all of the chaos swirling around in his head, girls are the last thing he cares about. But that changes when he meets Bea Stewart, a rebellious rich girl with problems of her own. As he tries to navigate through his first real relationship, Bea takes center stage, and the chaos starts to fade. Then, just when Trevor thinks his luck is finally changing, Evelyn Stewart enters the picture. And Bea's beautiful, yet seriously miserable mother, quickly turns his not-so-dreamy life into a complete nightmare. While he is desperate to save his relationship with Bea, Trevor learns that nothing in his world can be saved--unless he first saves himself."--back cover.

The Parliaments Of England

Author : Henry Stooks Smith
Genre :
File Size : 63. 47 MB
Format : PDF
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Hope To Die

Author : James Patterson
ISBN : 9780316210942
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Detective Alex Cross is being stalked by a psychotic genius, forced to play the deadliest game of his career. Cross's family--his loving wife Bree, the wise and lively Nana Mama, and his precious children--have been ripped away. Terrified and desperate, Cross must give this mad man what he wants if he has any chance of saving the most important people in his life. The stakes have never been higher: What will Cross sacrifice to save the ones he loves? Widely praised by the greatest crime and thriller writers of our time, Cross My Heart set a jaw-dropping story in motion. Hope to Die propels Alex Cross's greatest challenge to its astonishing finish, proving why Jeffery Deaver says "nobody does it better" than James Patterson.


Author : Alex Cuadros
ISBN : 9780812996760
File Size : 88. 27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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When Bloomberg News invited the young American journalist Alex Cuadros to report on Brazil's emerging class of billionaires at the height of the historic Brazilian boom, he was poised to cover two of the biggest business stories of our time: how the giants of the developing world were taking their place at the center of global capitalism, and how wealth inequality was changing societies everywhere. The billionaires of Brazil and their massive fortunes resided at the very top of their country's economic pyramid, and whether they quietly accumulated exceptional power or extravagantly displayed their decadence, they formed a potent microcosm of the world's richest .001 percent. They held sway over the economy, government, media, and stewardship of the environment; they determined the spiritual fates and populated the imaginations of their countrymen. In 2012, Eike Batista ranked as the eighth-richest person in the world, was famous for his marriage to a beauty queen, and was a fixture in the Brazilian press. But by 2015, Batista was bankrupt, his son Thor had been indicted for manslaughter, and Brazil--its president facing impeachment, its provinces combating an epidemic, and its business and political class torn apart by scandal--had become a cautionary tale of a country run aground by its elites. Over four years, Cuadros reported on media moguls and televangelists, energy barons and shadowy figures from the years of military dictatorship, soy barons who lived on the outskirts of the Amazon, and new-economy billionaires spinning money from speculation. His zealous reporting takes us from penthouses to courtrooms, from favelas to art fairs, from scenes of unimaginable wealth to desperate, massive street protests. Within a business narrative that deftly dramatizes the volatility of the global economy, Cuadros offers us literary journalism with a grand sweep.--Adapted from dust jacket.


Author : Rima Jbara
ISBN : 9781524681289
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Hope is about a woman who lives in a drowned world and is going through a silent ruin, and finds comfort in believing that her own self exists as another being, and confides her inner most secrets to her. It all started with a dream, advancing to a nightmare that then became a reality. Hope plays a lonely game in silence until her dreams turn to dust. She lives her life through an illusion that ends with capturing her own light, making that moment an unforgettable day. This novel reveals in detail how a woman suffers from depression, and how it rules and guides her life through her journey in finding solace. Official website

Beloved Hope Heart Of The Frontier Book 2

Author : Tracie Peterson
ISBN : 9781441265432
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82. 94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A Compelling Novel of Forgiveness and Hope from Leading Author Tracie Peterson Hope Flanagan survived the massacre at the Whitman Mission, but at terrible personal cost. Safe now in Oregon City, she lives with her sisters, Grace and Mercy, and Grace's new husband, Alex. As she spends her days tending their flock of sheep, Hope's mind and soul are slowly healing. Yet, though she was once surrounded by suitors, she has no interest in giving her heart again after the man she loved died in her arms. Hope's precarious new peace is shattered when those responsible for the massacre are captured and put on trial. She is asked to testify against them, but she's not sure she can bear to relive the events of those horrific days. As Hope struggles to free herself from the pain of her past, Lance Kenner, an Army lieutenant, brings an unexpected ray of light into her life. But what will Lance think of her if he learns the truth behind her anguish? And what secrets lie in his past?

Selling Hope And College

Author : Alex Posecznick
ISBN : 9781501708398
Genre : Education
File Size : 64. 45 MB
Format : PDF
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It has long been assumed that college admission should be a simple matter of sorting students according to merit, with the best heading off to the Ivy League and highly ranked liberal arts colleges and the rest falling naturally into their rightful places. Admission to selective institutions, where extremely fine distinctions are made, is characterized by heated public debates about whether standardized exams, high school transcripts, essays, recommendation letters, or interviews best indicate which prospective students are "worthy." And then there is college for everyone else. But what goes into less-selective college admissions in an era when everyone feels compelled to go, regardless of preparation or life goals? “Ravenwood College,” where Alex Posecznick spent a year doing ethnographic research, was a small, private, nonprofit institution dedicated to social justice and serving traditionally underprepared students from underrepresented minority groups. To survive in the higher education marketplace, the college had to operate like a business and negotiate complex categories of merit while painting a hopeful picture of the future for its applicants. Selling Hope and College is a snapshot of a particular type of institution as it goes about the business of producing itself and justifying its place in the market. Admissions staff members were burdened by low enrollments and worked tirelessly to fill empty seats, even as they held on to the institution's special spirit. Posecznick documents what it takes to keep a “mediocre” institution open and running, and the struggles, tensions, and battles that members of the community tangle with daily as they carefully walk the line between empowering marginalized students and exploiting them.

The American Shorthorn Herd Book

Author : Lewis Falley Allen
ISBN : CORNELL:31924066239819
Genre : Shorthorn cattle
File Size : 58. 76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Credo S Hope

Author : Alison Naomi Holt
ISBN : 1467951269
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 48. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Introducing Detective ALEXANDRA WOLFE, a fresh, funny, tough cop who skates on the edge of the law in her quest for justice. A Mafia boss, a hunky bi-sexual nurse, Alex's rescued mutt, Tessa, and her exuberant best friend, Megan, help Alex turn her everyday life as a detective upside down. Six years ago, Brian McClelland was murdered, and his brother was convicted of killing him. When Megan bullies Alex into reviewing the case, Alex discovers that her Captain was the chief investigator who overlooked evidence that might have proved the brother's innocence. Against the Captain's orders and Alex's better judgment, she unofficially re-opens the case and finds herself following a twisted investigative trail left by the murder victim himself. The problem is, she has no idea what he was investigating or whether his investigation ultimately led to his death. As she digs into clues from the past, she finds herself at the doorstep of the beautiful and daunting Gianina Angelino, who just happens to be the head of the Angelino Crime Family. Things really heat up for Alex when she starts to receive unsolicited help from the mafia, and the police department, once again, orders her to stay away from the murder investigation and from any connections with organized crime. This in itself proves difficult since Gianina doesn't answer to Alex's chain of command and continues to help wherever and whenever she sees fit. Alex's unorthodox methods blur her personal and professional lives and when her two worlds collide, keeping her day job becomes the least of her worries as Alex struggles to keep from following the dead man's trail straight to her own demise.

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