alien space pirates saved a scifi alien romance book 3

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Rescued By The Space Pirate

Author : Nina Croft
ISBN : 9781633759190
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 67. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A few days ago, in a galaxy right here... The earth faces total annihilation and one young woman signs up for a mission to rescue humanity. Only she ends up getting rescued herself, by a gorgeous space pirate. And the sex is out of this world! Hopeless romantic, Ruby Robbins spends her days as an accounts clerk, and her nights with her head in the stars, dreaming of space adventures in the arms of an alien...or two. Then one day, she's approached to help her country by going space! She jumps at the chance and before she knows it, she finds herself in the cargo hold of an alien slaver ship. Space pirate, Killian Sharpe owes a lot of money to some very bad people. So when an anonymous employer offers him a tidy sum to extract one Ruby Robbins from a slaver ship, it sounds like easy money. But once he sets eyes on Ruby, he knows he's in over his head. Not only is she breathtakingly beautiful—she refuses to be saved. Luckily Killian hasn't met a woman yet who could hold out against him for long.... The Ruby Robbins' Sexy Space Odyssey 3-Part Serial is best enjoyed in order. Reading Order: Part 1 - Rescued by the Space Pirate Part 2 - Stolen by the Space Pirate Part 3 - Saving the Space Pirate

Enticed By The Corsair

Author : Ruby Dixon
ISBN : 1980885028
Genre : Human-alien encounters
File Size : 45. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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No one likes a rebellious captive. I learned that the hard way. I've been abducted from earth and cruelly tormented for my fighting spirit until I learned that the only thing that would keep me safe is to be sweet and calm and agreeable. It's what keeps me alive. When I'm rescued by space pirates, they tell me I'm safe. I'm told I can be myself again. I don't believe them, of course. I certainly don't believe Alyvos, the muscle of the pirate ship. Everyone says that he like nothing more than a good fight, but to me, he's kind and protective. How can I fear someone who holds me tenderly through the night and has fuzzy skin?

Kratos A Sci Fi Alien Warrior Paranormal Romance

Author : Ashley West
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 64. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A Sci-Fi Alien Warrior Paranormal Romance The Alva have been a scourge on the galaxy for long years, but with them gone, many others have crawled out of the dark parts of space to try and fill that void. A group of alien pirates known only as The Grey have stepped in to continue where the Alva left off, destroying homes and families on other planets on their way to Earth. The Kilan are a group of mercenaries, not sworn to protect anyone, but willing to go and fight where the money is. When they hear of The Grey moving in on Earth, they follow, sure that someone will want to hire them to protect the humans, and if not, they’ll be on their way. But things rarely go to plan when The Grey and beautiful women are involved, and Kratos, one of the members of The Kilan finds himself smack dab in the middle of both. Money isn’t the only motivating factor anymore when he can’t say no to a pair of big green eyes and the woman who knows how to wield them to get him to help save the place she calls home.

Captive Of Pleasure The Space Pirate S Woman

Author : CJ Cade
ISBN : 9780988946934
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 87. 74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Can a woman with no memory inspire a man who is running from his? As Il Zhazid, ‘The Storm’, he rules the unsettled prairies of Frontiera, striking ruthlessly at other pirates who dare to enter his territory. Only a few know him as Joran Stark, a man who desires only to live wild and free with his loyal band. Women love him, other pirates fear him and the InterGalactic Space Forces can’t control him. Zaë is young, lovely and terrified—a slave paraded before the scum of the galaxy to be sold to the highest bidder. Storm interrupts a lucrative raid to save her, only to discover he can’t send her home, because she has no memory of who she is or where she came from. Now he must battle ever-bolder pirates who want his territory and the IGSF officials who want to use him, all with her close by his side. The last thing he ever wanted to be was a hero, but can this damaged woman inspire him to be the man she believes him to be? And within the shelter of his powerful arms, can she finally believe in herself? Contains alpha hero, reluctant hero, brothers, space pirates, pirate hero, science fiction romance, best erotic romance, space opera, new planets, alien encounters, space-ships, new planets, planetary exploration, amnesia, memory loss, assumed identity, kidnapped heroine, enslaved heroine, romance, sci fi romance, sex in space, sci fi erotic romance, alpha hero, laser weapons, action adventure, sci fi action, sci fi adventure, space ships, Frontiera, LodeStar Book 3, S. E. Smith, Susan Grant, Michelle Howard, Evelyn Lederman, Mina Carter, Anna Hackett, M.K. Eidem, Veronica Scott, Carol Van Natta, Cara Bristol, Grace Goodwin, Susan Hayes, Donna McDonald, Ruby Lionsdrake, Celia Kyle, Sabine Priestley


Author : Kate Rudolph
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Unmated Detyens die at thirty, so why is Kayleb NaMoren still alive? He came to Earth to find his mate, but on the eve of Kayleb's birthday, he knows that time is up. Heartfelt goodbyes and one final night with his brother are all he has left... until he wakes up the next morning, alive and unmated. Or so he thinks. An injury on his journey to Earth has left him with gaps in his memory, but he couldn't ever forget his denya. Could he? She's escaped from pirates and is running out of time... Tessa Greely didn't leave her position as a medic on a space ship willingly. Sure, she wanted a change of scenery after a disastrous relationship, but captured by pirates to be sold into slavery was not her idea of a fun vacation. There's only one person she wants to see less than the pirates who are hunting her down: Kayleb NaMoren. Only problem? He might be the only guy who can keep her alive. A second chance at a first impression... He doesn't remember her, but he'll do anything to save her. She wants him gone, but she can't run forever. Together, they just might find that they're all each other need. Kayleb is the sixth book in the Mated to the Alien series. Detyens are doomed to die at the age of thirty if they don't find their fated mates in time. The series can be read in any order and there are no cliffhangers! Enjoy fated mates, steamy alphas, and plenty of space adventures.

Gef Hrliche Begegnungen Buch 1 Der Krinar Chroniken

Author : Anna Zaires
ISBN : 9780988391369
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 892
Read : 1054

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Ein überraschender, spannender und erotischer Roman, der die Liebhaber ungewöhnlicher Affären in seinen Bann ziehen wird. Anna Zaires entführt ihre Leser in der deutschen Übersetzung ihres internationalen Bestsellers Close Liaisons in die nahe Zukunft der Erde. Die schönen aber gefährlichen Krinar haben sich auf der Erde niedergelassen und den Menschen ihre Alleinherrschaft entzogen. Die offizielle friedliche Koexistenz der beiden Rassen wird allerdings durch verschiedene Interessengruppen auf beiden Seiten untergraben, was zu unvorhersehbaren Verwicklungen führt. Von diesem Strudel der Ereignisse wird auch die schüchterne und introvertierte Studentin Mia Stalis erfasst, als sie eines Tages im Central Park dem geheimnisvollen aber höchst faszinierenden Krinar Korum begegnet. Für Korum ist es Begierde auf den ersten Blick und nichts und niemand kann ihn von seinem Vorhaben abbringen, Mia ganz für sich allein zu haben. Als Mia sich dagegen wehrt, setzt Korum all seine Verführungskünste ein, um der unerfahrenen Mia einen Einblick in die für sie völlig neue Welt der erotischen Leidenschaft zu geben. Allerdings hat diese unkonventionelle Beziehung der Beiden weit größere Auswirkungen auf die Zukunft ihrer Rassen, als sie denken... Wird Korum über Leidenschaft sein Ziel erreichen und Mia für sich gewinnen können? Wird Mia in Korum mehr als nur den Feind sehen können? Werden beide ihre persönlichen Interessen über die ihrer Rassen stellen, oder verfolgen sie ein höheres Ziel?

Gefahrliche Erinnerung

Author : Anna Zaires
ISBN : 1631420089
Genre :
File Size : 40. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 758
Read : 337

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***Dies ist das 3. Buch der Krinar Chroniken Trilogie.*** In GefAhrliche Erinnerung, dem dritten und vorerst letzten Teil der Krinar Chroniken, gelingt es Mia und Korum endlich, ihrem Feind auf die Spur zu kommen. Das allerdings hat seinen Preis, den zu zahlen, die beiden allerdings nicht gewillt sind. Sie setzen alles daran, unbeschadet aus der ganzen Angelegenheit herauszukommen, auch wenn das bedeutet, eine Reise nach Krina, Korums Heimatplaneten, zu unternehmen.

Accidental Abduction

Author : Eve Langlais
ISBN : 9780986915420
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 87. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 513
Read : 343

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Big, bad and purple. It was supposed to be a simple job. Grab some specimens from Earth and sell them on the interstellar black markets. In and out, with no one the wiser, except Tren accidentally abducts a human. A barbaric female, who doesn't know how to be quiet and obey. That will affect her selling price especially since she only possesses two breasts, and a single mouth. Yet, in spite of her shortcomings there is something about her spitfire nature that intrigues him. Maybe he should keep her. He's definitely not keen on getting rid of her after he seduces her. A space pirate doesn't usually fall in love, but when an enemy decides to take Megan, Tren realizes he will do anything to get her back Alien Abduction series: Accidental Abduction, Intentional Abduction, Dual Abduction, Mercenary Abduction, Heroic Abduction, Holiday Abduction, Reader Abduction, Reverse Abduction Genre: science fiction romance, space opera, comedy, humor, space adventure, space exploration, sci-fi romance, fantasy romance, paranormal romance, futuristic romance, alpha male

Alien In Den Schatten

Author : Tim Lebbon
ISBN : 9783641144418
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 935
Read : 1184

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Das Grauen erwacht Als Kind wurde Chris Hooper in seinen Träumen von Monstern verfolgt. In seiner Vorstellung lebten sie im Weltall. Doch das All ist dunkel und leer, wie er viel später herausfindet, als er als Chefmechaniker auf der MARION schuftet. Bis sich eines Tages ein Unfall ereignet – und etwas zum Leben erwacht, das tief in den Minen geschlummert hat. Die Hölle bricht los, und Chris Hoopers schlimmste Albträume holen ihn ein. Rettung naht durch Ellen Ripley, die letzte Überlebende des Raumschiffs Nostromo.

Aliens In Armani

Author : Gini Koch
ISBN : 9783492980012
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 34. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 628
Read : 1212

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Das Leben von Marketingmanagerin Kitty war bisher eher langweilig, doch das ändert sich, als sie Zeugin eines Amoklaufs wird. Zusammen mit dem attraktiven Jeff Martini, einem Armani tragenden Alien der edlen Sorte, kämpft sie plötzlich gegen einen außerirdischen Superparasiten, der die Menschheit auslöschen will. Ob Kitty es schafft, in der Welt der »Men in Black« zu bestehen?

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