alternatives to exclusion from school

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Alternatives To Exclusion From School

Author : Pamela Munn
ISBN : 1853964573
Genre : Education
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Exclusion from school is a major concern for teachers, parents and children, and features in government initiatives to tackle social exclusion. This book takes a broad look at exclusion, mapping the extent of exclusions and showing what factors can lead to children being excluded, whether permanently or informally, from school. The authors focus on various kinds of in-school alternatives to exclusion. They show how schools and teachers can make a difference to young people’s emotional and social development, as well as to their cognitive-intellectual development. For many children with difficulties in their families or communities, school can be a safe and supportive refuge. School is also much more than just the subjects

Strategic Alternatives To Exclusion From School

Author : Carl Parsons
ISBN : 1858565928
Genre : Education
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This is the revised and updated edition of an original study which showed that local authorities, working collaboratively with their schools and clusters, can dramatically reduce exclusions and make permanent exclusions unnecessary. Through research in three low excluding local authorities and five high excluding local authorities, it shows how this is done. The new chapters are written in response to current directives. The challenges and barriers are recognised but the way forward remains clear. The book fills the ground between school and national government, pointing to the responsibilities and powers that a supportive, challenging and conciliatory local authority has in respect of the education of all children, under whatever government administration. Carl Parsons sets out an agenda for action which is about enlisting full support from local authority counsellors and officers, building a shared commitment with schools, broadening what schools are able to offer, developing managed moves as a conciliatory and non punitive response, generating more alternative provision and developing multiagency working, with greater involvement of the voluntary sector. This is a book for everyone involved in managing the education of behaviourally challenging children and young people. It is of particular relevance to those working at the level of strategy and operation in local authority Children's Services departments and to managers in schools. Other services which receive school rejects will find the debates about appropriate provision helpful to their work.

Positive Alternatives To Exclusion

Author : Paul Cooper
ISBN : 9781134737833
Genre : Education
File Size : 84. 23 MB
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Positive Alternatives to School Exclusion looks at what schools can do to build more harmonious communities and engage students - particularly those at risk of exclusion - more productively in all areas of school life. It describes the Positive Alternatives to School Exclusion Project, a multi-phase, collaborative initiative based at the School of Education, University of Cambridge. Drawing on the perspectives of staff and pupils, the authors provide detailed case studies of the approaches and strategies being adopted in a variety of settings (primary, secondary and FE) to foster inclusion and reduce and prevent exclusion. It also identifies a number of different frameworks, drawn from the case studies, which can be used by practitioners working in other settings to support their own reflection and development work. Particular importance is placed, throughout the book, on valuing the domain of personal experience in the life of the school community. The authors explore this theme in detail, suggesting ways in which it might become a priority focus of further development work in schools.

Back On Track

Author : Great Britain. Department for Children, Schools and Families
ISBN : 0101741022
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 47. 63 MB
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This white paper outlines proposals to improve the quality of alternative This white paper outlines proposals to improve the quality of alternative provision for young people who are permanently excluded from school or who are otherwise without a school place. Around 135,000 pupils a year, mostly of secondary age, spend some time in alternative provision. About one third are placed in pupil referral units, the rest in a range of places including in further education and the private and voluntary sectors. About half the children are excluded for bad or disruptive behaviour; the rest are in alternative provision for a variety of reasons. 75 per cent of pupils in pupil referral units have special educational needs, 91 per cent are aged 11-15, and 69 per cent are boys. Performance outcomes in GCSEs from alternative provision are very poor, though the data is limited. The strategy is based on core principles: starting with what works best for each person, taking account of needs and in consultation with parents and carers; securing a core educational entitlement for young people; better planning and commissioning of alternative provision; local authorities should be held accountable for outcomes; better professional support, accommodation and facilities; partnership working between alternative provision, other parts of the education sector and other agencies; learning from best practice and supporting innovation. A central aim is for schools to be able to get pupils back on track, and make more use of high quality alternative provisions as an early intervention for their pupils who are at risk of permanent exclusion. The term "Pupil Referral Unit" is considered outdated and unhelpful, and will be changed in the legislation.

Social Work In Education And Children S Services

Author : Steve Krawczyk
ISBN : 9780857252418
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 53. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In light of the profound changes confronting the Child Welfare landscape, social work practitioners are expected to understand both the current and anticipated inter-relationships between social work and education. A clear introduction to social work in an educational setting, this book supports students on the social work degree course and builds on the success of the Transforming Social Work Practice series, which is based on common learning principles.

Toward Zero Exclusion

Author : Jodie Reed
ISBN : 1860302874
Genre : Education
File Size : 42. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Girls And Exclusion

Author : Audrey Osler
ISBN : 9781134412839
Genre : Education
File Size : 46. 54 MB
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The widespread view that girls are succeeding in education and are therefore 'not a problem' is a myth. By drawing directly on girls' own accounts and experiences of school life and those of professionals working with disaffected youth, this book offers startling new perspectives on the issue of exclusion and underachievement amongst girls. This book demonstrates how the social and educational needs of girls and young women have slipped down the policy agenda in the UK and internationally. Osler and Vincent argue for a re-definition of school exclusion which covers the types of exclusion commonly experienced by girls, such as truancy, self-exclusion or school dropout as a result of pregnancy. Drawing on girls' own ideas, the authors make recommendations as to how schools might develop as more inclusive communities where the needs of both boys and girls are addressed equally. The book is essential reading for postgraduate students, teachers, policy-makers and LEA staff dedicated to genuine social and educational inclusion.

Social Class Gender And Exclusion From School

Author : Jean Kane
ISBN : 9781136924217
Genre : Education
File Size : 62. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Providing fascinating reading for teachers, social workers, researchers and policy makers, this book considers how educational disadvantage might be addressed through recognition of the gender and class identities of pupils.

Black Educational Choice

Author : Diana T. Slaughter-Defoe
ISBN : 9780313393839
Genre : Education
File Size : 37. 84 MB
Format : PDF
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Closing the K–12 achievement gap is critical to the future welfare of African American individuals, families, and communities—and to the future of our nation as a whole. The Black-white academic achievement gap—the significant statistical difference in academic performance between African American students and their white peers—is the single greatest impediment to achieving racial equality and social justice in America. Black Educational Choice provides parents, citizens, educators, and policymakers the critical knowledge they need to leverage the national trend toward increasing and diversifying K–12 school choice beyond traditional neighborhood public schools. Parents can use this information to optimize the success of their own African American children, while policymakers and educators can apply these insights to help close the Black-white academic achievement gap throughout America. The book collects the interdisciplinary, multi-racial, and multi-ethnic perspectives of education experts to address the questions of millions of anxious African American families: "Would sending our children to a private school or a charter school significantly better their chances of closing the achievement gap and becoming successful individuals? And if so, what kinds of challenges would they likely experience in these alternative educational settings?"

The Causes Of Exclusion

Author : Cedric Cullingford
ISBN : 9781135792916
Genre : Education
File Size : 48. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This report synthesizes two approaches to a topical problem: the concern with social deviancy and crime which focuses on failure; and research on educational development which focuses on success. The book explores how environmental experiences (including parenting and bullying) play a role.

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