always gonna be my baby a hood love story

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Author : Pebbles Starr
ISBN : 1517361184
Genre : Criminals
File Size : 63. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Kirby Caldwell never anticipated on falling in the hands of the sexy, rich and authoratitive Castle Black. Nineteen years her senior, the powerful drug lord stakes his claim the moment he lays eyes on her. Nothing will stop him from courting Kirby--not even his wife or nephew, Grip who ironically shares a past and burning desire for his new love interest. When skeletons begin tumbling out of the closet and buried secrets are revealed, who will triumph and who will end up broken-hearted in the end?

It Is What It Is

Author : Ivory B.
ISBN : 0991259300
Genre :
File Size : 38. 92 MB
Format : PDF
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Every Love Story Is Beautiful But Ours Is Hood

Author : Jessica N. Watkins
ISBN : 1543278892
Genre : African Americans
File Size : 66. 14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From birth, the Savage brothers were taught by their father, Deuce, that life is like a sandwich; any way you flip it, the bread comes first. They were taught to get money, not fall in love, so they left a wreckage of broken hearts on their road to getting money. Yet, now, as mature men, they realize that you're not rich until you have something that money can't buy. And money certainly cannot buy the women that have stolen these brothers' hard and stubborn hearts.Taye "City" Savage and Akira White's love story started in the projects. Ten years ago, they met when Akira was only a young girl and City was a grown man getting his hustle started. City and Akira's bond was strong, and their fate was inevitable, so they thought. However, before their bound could be sealed, life happened. They were torn apart by unimaginable circumstances, and they never saw one another again until a decade later. Yet, by that time, both City and Akira were involved, but they weren't so loyal to Nova and Davion that they could ignore the passion in their hearts that they still harbored for one another.The only thing that ever mattered to Keandre "Money" Savage was the hustle. He had never fallen in love, not even with his girlfriend of five years, Zoe Moore. Money and Zoe had the typical hood love that involved lots of fussing, fighting, and other women. Yet, Zoe was the only one in the relationship that was in love. Money only kept her by his side because she was the last woman standing. Along the way, he had ruined Zoe with every woman that he cheated on her with, and every lie he told. Now, Money is finally ready to shed his immature ways and settle down. Yet, Zoe finds herself in a desperate state of mind when she realizes that she is not the woman that Money has chosen to settle down with.Shamar Savages' only love has been his love for art. When his brothers financed his baby, Savage Ink, his only focus was his tattoo shop. Yet, he soon realizes that despite not even wanting it, he was falling for his friend and frequent dip, Taraji Green. However, Taraji had the same mindset as Shamar. Her only focus was becoming the baddest hair stylist in Chicago; not love. The last thing she wanted was a committed relationship with anyone, not even one of the infamous Savage brothers.Sometimes, the last thing a person wants to do is fall in love, but love sucks them in any way. That is exactly what happens with these Savage brothers and the women that adore them. As life always has it, love ain't that easy to obtain, especially when loving a man that was raised by the streets and whose first love is the hustle. In yet another urban tale by Jessica N. Watkins, death, sex, and chaos leads to unforeseen tragedy and unexpected love.

My Last Love Story

Author : Falguni Kothari
ISBN : 9781488027864
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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“Promise me you will laugh every day. Fight every day. Do you know how beautiful you look when you’re angry? Promise me you’ll learn to cuss, learn to love again. Live again. Promise me you won’t give up on each other.” Simi Desai is thirty years old and her husband is dying of cancer. He has two last wishes in his final months: first, that she’ll have his baby so that a piece of him lives on, and second, that she’ll reconcile with her old flame, who just happens to be their mutual best friend. And so over the course of their last summer together, Simi’s husband plans a series of big and small adventures for this unlikely trio, designed to help them say goodbye to each other and prove to Simi that it’s okay to move on without him—and even find love again. Beautiful and poignant, Falguni Kothari’s My Last Love Story will pull your heartstrings as only unforgettable love stories can.

Hood Love 2

Author : Leondra Lerae
ISBN : 1481896628
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 49. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Jonnae and Capo are back and ready to take on the ride of their life; Love, friendship, betrayal, and unforgivable moments. Will Jonnae finally open up and tell Capo what she been hiding all this time? Will Capo finally be able to put his past relationship problems to the side and stop putting them on Jonnae? Or will they both let their pride and ego get the best of them and lose what they both been waiting on for so long; somebody to really love them for them and take the bad with the good. Buckle up and join them on the ride that will determine whether they end up together or fall further apart and go their separate ways.

Little Red Riding Hood

Author : Brothers Grimm
ISBN : 9788898784127
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 79. 13 MB
Format : PDF
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Little Red Riding Hood by the Brothers Grimm a classic tale that never sets, a tale illustrated in a modern way by emerging Neapolitan artists. Unpublished drawings, rich in detail describe a particular Little Red Riding Hood that is not far from the today girls. Colorful striped socks, long and braided hair, red ballet flats make the protagonist near to contemporary teenagers. The richness of details, the choice of colors make the illustrations unique in their kind.

Destiny And Trent

Author : Candy M.
ISBN : 1987594282
Genre :
File Size : 76. 37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Destiny Charles isn't your average pre-school teacher. She's classy with the right amount of hood and is as real as can get. When she meets Trent Bishop she quickly learns that there is more to him than meets the eye but she's not so sure that is a good thing. Although Trent is easy on the eyes, his attitude is anything but easy to get along with. His obnoxious demeanor irks Destiny to the bone but his determination is something that she can't seem to resist. But being with Trent is not easy because he comes with a lot of baggage far greater than just his arrogance and cocky attitude. When Destiny finds out the real way that he earns his cash, will she stick by his side? Or will she decide that he brings too much drama and isn't worth the effort?

She Just Wanna Love A Thug

Author : Charmaine Saquea
ISBN : 1542737532
Genre :
File Size : 70. 94 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Kauai Carter was willing to do anything she could to restore her marriage with her husband, Jalen, of five years. Getting married fresh out of high school wasn't ideal, but they'd made it work...or so she thought. When Kauai crosses paths with the sexy, brash, and most of all, irresistible Marvelous James, he will opened her eyes to everything she had been missing in her dead marriage. Will Kauai stray from the only relationship she has ever been in for the love of a thug? Or will the opposites in personalities cause her to clash with Marvelous and have her running in the other direction? Bunny was a reformed bad girl. Her whole life she had lived on the wild side until she met Syren, who was able to tame her and make her realize there was more to life than partying. Bunny was living the life she had only read about in books until her ex-boyfriend, Dice, is released from prison, reminding her of just how dark her past really is. Will Bunny be able to continue to live the lie she had been living for so long? Or will her skeletons come out of the closet to haunt her, resulting in her losing the best thing that has ever happened to her. Loving a thug is never easy and these ladies will find out just how hard it is.

A Hood Love Like No Other

Author : Nikki Brown
ISBN : 9781387911783
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 999
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Laurence Marks was determined to be more than the life that was forced on her after her father was gunned down in front of her on her fourteenth birthday. With a mother that sought solace in a liquor bottle, Lala had to not only take care of herself but her mother to. When things get tough and the walls begin to close around her there is one person that she knows that she can turn to, her best friend Heart.Heart Quamere Strong live his life by his rules, being thrown away at birth killed something inside of him that caused him to look at life differently. He never had anyone to show him love so he vowed to never give it, until Lala comes in and occupies the space that he had condemned. The bond between Lala and Heart grows the more life throws at them and when things heat up so much that neither one of them can ignore their feelings, things become complicated. Will they follow their heart, or will life get in the way of whatÕs meant to be?

These Streets Don T Love You Like I Do

Author : Charmanie Saquea
ISBN : 1505833728
Genre :
File Size : 42. 68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How far would you go to protect the one you love? Fabion is trying to make a name for himself in the drug game instead of having a come up based off of who his father is. Ahnesty feels that when Fabion starts making more money their relationship will start to change and not in a good way. Their relationship may not be perfect but their love for each other runs deep. When Ahnesty overhears a plot about someone trying to take everything Fabion worked so hard for and possibly his life, she comes up with a plan of her own. She is willing to do whatever she has to do to protect her man by any means necessary. Will Ahnesty end up losing her own life when her plan starts to back fire on her? Faizon and Chaisty have a relationship that people envy. To the world they seem like the perfect happy couple but Faizon is hiding a secret that could lead to Chasity leaving him. When his secrets come to the light, will Chaisty be that down chick Faizon knows and loves her for? Or will she throw in the towel and end their relationship?

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