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Amartya Sen

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Amartya Sen

Author : Christopher W. Morris
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A volume of essays on aspects of Amartya Sen's hugely influential and multi-disciplinary work.

Against Injustice

Author : Reiko Gotoh
ISBN : 9780521899598
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Traditional theories of justice as formulated by political philosophers, jurists, and economists have all tended to see injustice as simply a breach of justice, a breakdown of the normal order. Amartya Sen's work acts as a corrective to this tradition by arguing that we can recognise patent injustices, and come to a reasoned agreement about the need to remedy them, without reference to an explicit theory of justice. Against Injustice brings together distinguished academics from a variety of different fields - including economics, law, philosophy, and anthropology - to explore the ideas underlying Sen's critique of traditional approaches to injustice. The centerpiece of the book is the first chapter by Sen in which he outlines his conception of the relationship between economics, ethics, and law. The rest of the book addresses a variety of theoretical and empirical issues that relate to this conception, concluding with a response from Sen to his critics.

The Idea Of Justice

Author : Amartya Sen
ISBN : 9780674060470
Genre : Philosophy
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Presents an analysis of what justice is, the transcendental theory of justice and its drawbacks, and a persuasive argument for a comparative perspective on justice that can guide us in the choice between alternatives.

University Access And Success

Author : Merridy Wilson-Strydom
ISBN : 9781317701828
Genre : Education
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The challenge of widening access and participation in higher education in a manner that ensures students are successful in their studies is a major issue globally and a significant research-focus within higher education studies and higher education policy. Similarly, the challenge of under-preparedness of students entering higher education has become increasingly pertinent as universities in both developed and developing countries struggle to improve their throughput rates in a context in which schooling no longer seems to provide sufficient preparation for entering university. In this book Merridy Wilson-Strydom applies the capabilities approach to better understand university access and participation and draws on a rich case study from South Africa to critically and innovatively explore the complex and contradictory terrain of access with success. The book integrates quantitative and qualitative research with theory and practical application to provide a new framework for considering and improving the transition from school to university. University Access and Success will appeal to academics and researchers in the field of higher education internationally. The book also contributes to the growing body of international and comparative scholarship on the capabilities approach in higher education and will therefore be of value to higher education practitioners, such as those working in the promotion of teaching and learning, higher education quality assurance, institutional research and student affairs.

On Ethics And Economics

Author : Amartya Sen
ISBN : 0631164014
Genre : Business & Economics
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In this elegant critique, Amartya Sen argues that welfare economics can be enriched by paying more explicit attention to ethics, and that modern ethical studies can also benefit from a closer contact with economies. He argues further that even predictive and descriptive economics can be helped by making more room for welfare-economic considerations in the explanation of behaviour.

The Foreign Policy Of John Rawls And Amartya Sen

Author : Neal Leavitt
ISBN : 9780739181775
Genre : Political Science
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The foreign policy writings of John Rawls and Amartya Sen provide insight and clarity into some of the most difficult problems confronting humanity. What is the most effective strategy of national defense? Does an effective strategy of national defense involve the possession of nuclear weapons? Why must the right to vote—and the right to health care and the right to an education and the right to employment—center the foreign policy of a democracy? These are questions Rawls and Sen raise and answer in their writings. This book describes the foreign policy of Rawls and Sen while building up towards a policy recommendation. Human rights protect civilians from heads of state and their armies—and the foreign policy of a democracy must promote human rights. But the nature of this recommendation is very specific. By redirecting some military spending to development goals, the core needs of more civilians can be better met while simultaneously advancing human security.

The Argumentative Indian

Author : Amartya Sen
ISBN : 9781466854291
Genre : Social Science
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A Nobel Laureate offers a dazzling new book about his native country India is a country with many distinct traditions, widely divergent customs, vastly different convictions, and a veritable feast of viewpoints. In The Argumentative Indian, Amartya Sen draws on a lifetime study of his country's history and culture to suggest the ways we must understand India today in the light of its rich, long argumentative tradition. The millenia-old texts and interpretations of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Muslim, agnostic, and atheistic Indian thought demonstrate, Sen reminds us, ancient and well-respected rules for conducting debates and disputations, and for appreciating not only the richness of India's diversity but its need for toleration. Though Westerners have often perceived India as a place of endless spirituality and unreasoning mysticism, he underlines its long tradition of skepticism and reasoning, not to mention its secular contributions to mathematics, astronomy, linguistics, medicine, and political economy. Sen discusses many aspects of India's rich intellectual and political heritage, including philosophies of governance from Kautilya's and Ashoka's in the fourth and third centuries BCE to Akbar's in the 1590s; the history and continuing relevance of India's relations with China more than a millennium ago; its old and well-organized calendars; the films of Satyajit Ray and the debates between Gandhi and the visionary poet Tagore about India's past, present, and future. The success of India's democracy and defense of its secular politics depend, Sen argues, on understanding and using this rich argumentative tradition. It is also essential to removing the inequalities (whether of caste, gender, class, or community) that mar Indian life, to stabilizing the now precarious conditions of a nuclear-armed subcontinent, and to correcting what Sen calls the politics of deprivation. His invaluable book concludes with his meditations on pluralism, on dialogue and dialectics in the pursuit of social justice, and on the nature of the Indian identity.

Development As Freedom

Author : Amartya Sen
ISBN : 9780307874290
Genre : Business & Economics
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By the winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Economics, an essential and paradigm-altering framework for understanding economic development--for both rich and poor--in the twenty-first century. Freedom, Sen argues, is both the end and most efficient means of sustaining economic life and the key to securing the general welfare of the world's entire population. Releasing the idea of individual freedom from association with any particular historical, intellectual, political, or religious tradition, Sen clearly demonstrates its current applicability and possibilities. In the new global economy, where, despite unprecedented increases in overall opulence, the contemporary world denies elementary freedoms to vast numbers--perhaps even the majority of people--he concludes, it is still possible to practically and optimistically restain a sense of social accountability. Development as Freedom is essential reading.

Negotiating Capability And Diaspora

Author : Ashmita Khasnabish
ISBN : 9780739171035
Genre : Philosophy
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Negotiating Capability and Diaspora: A Philosophical Politics scrutinizes Indian economist cum philosopher Amartya Sen’s theory of capability, which rose as a critique of the modern American philosopher John Rawls’s theory of primary goods. Ashmita Khasnabish develops Sen’s theory of capability as a leitmotif throughout the book. She focuses on the following themes: 1) how Amartya Sen’s theory of capability offers strength to immigrants and underdogs; 2) the significance of John Rawls’s theory for Sen’s theory of capability; 3) two aspects of Sen’s theory: on the one hand it exposes the asymmetry between people of power and the powerless due to the discrepancy of resources, and on the other hand it shows how the powerless or the underdogs or the minorities could exert their will-power through the paradigm of choices to overcome; 4) finally, Sri Aurobindo’s theory of democracy, which intersects with John Rawls’s theory of comprehensive doctrines and political justice. Khasnabish also discusses authors Amitav Ghosh, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Toni Morrison, whose novels illustrate different facets of the theory of capability. Negotiating Capability and Diaspora develops themes that will be of great interest to students and scholars of political philosophy, feminist philosophy, postcolonial studies, literary studies, Diaspora studies, and world literature.

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