american democracy in time of crisis

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American Democracy In Time Of Crisis

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Genre : Democracy
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American Democracy In Peril

Author : William E. Hudson
ISBN : 9781483368597
Genre : Political Science
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In this Eighth Edition of American Democracy in Peril, author William E. Hudson provides a perceptive analysis of the challenges our democracy faces in the current era: economic crisis, partisan gridlock, rising economic inequality, and continued military conflict in the Middle East and elsewhere. By introducing the history of democratic theory in terms of four “models” of democracy, he provides readers with a set of criteria against which to evaluate the challenges discussed later. This provocative book offers a structured, yet critical examination of the American political system, designed to stimulate students to consider how the facts they learn about American politics relate to democratic ideals.

Political Women And American Democracy

Author : Christina Wolbrecht
ISBN : 9781139471008
Genre : Political Science
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What do we know about women, politics, and democracy in the United States? The last thirty years have witnessed a remarkable increase in women's participation in American politics and an explosion of research on female political actors, and the transformations effected by them, during the same period. Political Women and American Democracy provides a critical synthesis of scholarly research by leading experts in the field. The collected essays examine women as citizens, voters, participants, movement activists, partisans, candidates, and legislators. The authors provide frameworks for understanding and organizing existing scholarship; focus on theoretical, methodological, and empirical debates; and map out productive directions for future research. Political Women and American Democracy is an invaluable resource for scholars and students studying and conducting women and politics research.

The Crisis Of American Democracy

Author : David North
ISBN : 9781875639366
Genre : Political Science
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Four lectures delivered at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, analyzing the significance of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections in the United States. Includes appendix on the assassination of John Kennedy and a retrospective of Ronald Reagan by Socialist Equality Party 2004 presidential election candidate Bill Van Auken. The Crisis of American Democracy explains the trends in American society that have made possible the coming to power of an administration as reactionary as that of George W. Bush and shows how American society is now faced with the greatest choice in its history: to proceed down the current ominous path to further militarization and economic inequality or to begin the urgent preparation of a progressive resolution of the crisis.

Democracy As Discussion

Author : William M. Keith
ISBN : 0739115073
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Using primary sources from archives around the country, Democracy as Discussion traces the early history of the Speech field, the development of discussion as an alternative to debate, and the Deweyan, Progressive philosophy of discussion that swept the United States in the early twentieth century.

Four Crises Of American Democracy

Author : Alasdair Roberts
ISBN : 9780190459918
Genre : Political Science
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In the last decade, observers of Western governments have become increasingly concerned about an apparent crisis of democracy. They argue that endemic corruption, inadequate services, and increasing voter disaffection have produced a dire result: a global resurgence of authoritarianism. The political climate surrounding the 2016 presidential election in the United States has only reinforced the perception of democratic crisis. In Four Crises of American Democracy, Alasdair Roberts locates the U.S.'s recent bout of democratic malaise in a larger context, arguing that it is the latest in a series of very different crises that have plagued America throughout the entire post-Civil War era. He focuses on four crises, describing the features of each and outlining solutions the government adopted in response. The first crisis-the "crisis of representation"-occurred in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and was dominated by fears of plutocracy and debates about the rights of African Americans, women, and immigrants. The "crisis of mastery" spanned the years 1917-1948, and focused on building administrative capabilities so that government could better manage both an increasingly complex economy and volatile international system. The "crisis of discipline," beginning in the 1970s, was triggered by the perception that voters and special interests were overloading governments with unreasonable demands, and the response was to limit government's reach. The current crisis, what Roberts calls the "crisis of anticipation," is ongoing. Roberts pronounces it a future-oriented crisis, preoccupied with the capacity of democratic systems to deal with long-term problems such the rise of China and climate change. Roberts suggests that democratic solutions to this present crisis will win out over more authoritarian ones, as occurred in previous crises. Features like societal openness and pragmatism give the democratic model a distinct advantage. A powerful account of how successive crises have shaped American democracy, this is essential reading for anyone interested in the forces driving the current democratic malaise both in the U.S. and around the world.

The Future Of American Democracy

Author : Glen Browder
ISBN : 0761823077
Genre : History
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Can the United States a nation of growing cultural diversity, with increasingly divergent ideals, values, and principles of governance continue its collective pursuit of freedom, equality, and justice within the traditional framework of limited, representative government? Veteran public official and political scientist Glen Browder addresses this question in The Future of American Democracy. This book will speak to attentive citizens in the U.S. and abroad who are involved in analyzing, studying, and teaching American democracy and people who are involved as participants in the workings of American government and politics."

On Ordinary Heroes And American Democracy

Author : Gerald M. Pomper
ISBN : 9781317255116
Genre : Political Science
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True American heroes need not have superhuman abilities nor do they need to act alone. Heroism in a democracy is different from the heroism of myths and legends, writes Gerald Pomper in this original contribution to the literature of U.S. politics. Through the remarkable stories of eight diverse Americans who acted as heroes by "just doing their jobs" during national crises, he offers a provocative definition of heroism and fresh reasons to respect U.S. institutions and the people who work within them. This new paperback edition includes photographs, an introductory chapter on American heroism after 9/11, a survey of the meanings of heroism in U.S. popular culture, and an original concluding theory of "ordinary" heroism.

The Crisis Of Capitalist Democracy

Author : Richard A. Posner
ISBN : 0674055748
Genre : Business & Economics
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Judge Posner continues to react to the current economic crisis and reflect upon the impact on our views and reliance on capitalism. Posner helps non-technical readers understand business-cycle and financial economics, and financial and governmental institutions, practices, and transactions, while maintaining a neutrality impossible for persons professionally committed to one theory or another.

Eminent Victorians On American Democracy

Author : Frank Prochaska
ISBN : 9780199640614
Genre : History
File Size : 80. 42 MB
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Surveys a wide range of nineteenth-century British opinion on the United States, significant to them not only because it was the world's most advanced democracy, but also because it was a political experiment that was seen to anticipate the future of Britain.

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