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American History Through Earth Science

Author : Craig A. Munsart
ISBN : 1563081822
Genre : Education
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The profound effects of the earth, its oceans, and its atmospheres on the entire course of American history provide the focus of this exciting resource. Classroom-ready activities guide middle and high school students in applying the principles of earth science to events that dictated America's past and present, from 30,000 years ago to today. Students apply critical thinking and experiential learning to such historic events as early migrations to and from North America, and the building of the Panama Canal.

Earth Science

Author : Michael Allaby
ISBN : 9781438126944
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 20. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Explains the steps that we have taken to better understand how the earth functions and examines the development of Earth science.

Thinking About The Earth

Author : David Roger Oldroyd
ISBN : 0674883829
Genre : Science
File Size : 20. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Not quite a history of geology, Thinking about the Earth is a history of the geological tradition of Western science. Beginning with a discussion of "organic" views of the earth in ancient cultures, David Oldroyd traverses such topics as "mechanical" and "historicist" views of the earth, map-work, chemical analyses of rocks and minerals, geomorphology, experimental petrology, seismology, theories of mountain building, and geochemistry. He brings us back to the idea that the earth may, in a sense, be regarded as a living entity, or at least that life is an essential feature of its behavior. Oldroyd offers a broad-brush contribution to the history of ideas and theories about the earth, providing a general synthesis of what science-historians have written about the history of the earth sciences. He shows us that ideas about the earth have been changing constantly since the beginnings of geological science in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and indeed that ideas changed much more rapidly after the establishment of this science than in preceding centuries. Thinking about the Earth does not assume previous knowledge of earth science. What it does require is an openness to the notion that an understanding of what geologists have to tell us today about the earth can be achieved by examining the evolving history of ideas in geology. This book will be of considerable interest to historians of science, historians of ideas, geologists, students of earth science, and general readers as well.

Theories Of The Earth And Universe

Author : Samuel Warren Carey
ISBN : 0804713642
Genre : Science
File Size : 71. 29 MB
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Earth Science And Human History 101

Author : John J.W. Rogers
ISBN : 9780313355592
Genre : Science
File Size : 85. 16 MB
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How much has human history been influenced by the earth and its processes? This volume in the Science 101 series describes how both slow changes and rapid, violent, ones have impacted the development of civilizations throughout history. Slow changes include variations in climate, progressive development of types of tools and sources of energy, and changes in the types of food that people consume. Violent changes include volcanic eruptions such as the one at Toba 75,000 years ago, which may have caused diversification of people into different races, and the eruption of Santorini in 1640 BC, which may have destroyed Minoan civilization. Other disasters are Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004.

History Of The Earth

Author : Bernhard Kummel
ISBN : UCSD:31822013379623
Genre : Earth
File Size : 66. 31 MB
Format : PDF
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The fossil record; The record of the sedimentary rocks; Precambrian eras; Paleozoic era; North America; World outside North America; Paleozoic life; The mesozoic era; Mesozoic life; Gondwana formations; The cenozoic era; Cenozoic life; Pleistocene epoch; Introduction to animals and plants.

At The Ends Of The Earth

Author : Kieran Mulvaney
ISBN : 1559639083
Genre : Nature
File Size : 79. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Explores the history of the Arctic and Antarctic, examining their landscapes, resources, native peoples, and the legacy of human exploration and exploitation of these lands.


Author : Richard Fortey
ISBN : 9780307761187
Genre : Science
File Size : 59. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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By one of Britain's most gifted scientists: a magnificently daring and compulsively readable account of life on Earth (from the "big bang" to the advent of man), based entirely on the most original of all sources--the evidence of fossils. With excitement and driving intelligence, Richard Fortey guides us from the barren globe spinning in space, through the very earliest signs of life in the sulphurous hot springs and volcanic vents of the young planet, the appearance of cells, the slow creation of an atmosphere and the evolution of myriad forms of plants and animals that could then be sustained, including the magnificent era of the dinosaurs, and on to the last moment before the debut of Homo sapiens. Ranging across multiple scientific disciplines, explicating in wonderfully clear and refreshing prose their findings and arguments--about the origins of life, the causes of species extinctions and the first appearance of man--Fortey weaves this history out of the most delicate traceries left in rock, stone and earth. He also explains how, on each aspect of nature and life, scientists have reached the understanding we have today, who made the key discoveries, who their opponents were and why certain ideas won. Brimful of wit, fascinating personal experience and high scholarship, this book may well be our best introduction yet to the complex history of life on Earth. A Book-of-the-Month Club Main Selection With 32 pages of photographs From the Hardcover edition.

Four Revolutions In The Earth Sciences

Author : James Lawrence Powell
ISBN : 9780231538459
Genre : Science
File Size : 39. 94 MB
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Over the course of the twentieth century, scientists came to accept four counterintuitive yet fundamental facts about the Earth: deep time, continental drift, meteorite impact, and global warming. When first suggested, each proposition violated scientific orthodoxy and was quickly denounced as scientific—and sometimes religious—heresy. Nevertheless, after decades of rejection, scientists came to accept each theory. The stories behind these four discoveries reflect more than the fascinating push and pull of scientific work. They reveal the provocative nature of science and how it raises profound and sometimes uncomfortable truths as it advances. For example, counter to common sense, the Earth and the solar system are older than all of human existence; the interactions among the moving plates and the continents they carry account for nearly all of the Earth's surface features; and nearly every important feature of our solar system results from the chance collision of objects in space. Most surprising of all, we humans have altered the climate of an entire planet and now threaten the future of civilization. This absorbing scientific history is the only book to describe the evolution of these four ideas from heresy to truth, showing how science works in practice and how it inevitably corrects the mistakes of its practitioners. Scientists can be wrong, but they do not stay wrong. In the process, astonishing ideas are born, tested, and over time take root.

Earth S Deep History

Author : Martin J. S. Rudwick
ISBN : 9780226204093
Genre : Science
File Size : 42. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Earth has been witness to mammoths and dinosaurs, global ice ages, continents colliding or splitting apart, and comets and asteroids crashing catastrophically to the surface, as well as the birth of humans who are curious to understand it. But how was all this discovered? How was the evidence for it collected and interpreted? And what kinds of people have sought to reconstruct this past that no human witnessed or recorded? In this sweeping and accessible book, Martin J. S. Rudwick, the premier historian of the Earth sciences, tells the gripping human story of the gradual realization that the Earth’s history has not only been unimaginably long but also astonishingly eventful. Rudwick begins in the seventeenth century with Archbishop James Ussher, who famously dated the creation of the cosmos to 4004 BC. His narrative later turns to the crucial period of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, when inquisitive intellectuals, who came to call themselves “geologists,” began to interpret rocks and fossils, mountains and volcanoes, as natural archives of Earth’s history. He then shows how this geological evidence was used—and is still being used—to reconstruct a history of the Earth that is as varied and unpredictable as human history itself. Along the way, Rudwick rejects the popular view of this story as a conflict between science and religion and shows how the modern scientific account of the Earth’s deep history retains strong roots in Judaeo-Christian ideas. Extensively illustrated, Earth’s Deep History is an engaging and impressive capstone to Rudwick’s distinguished career. Though the story of the Earth is inconceivable in length, Rudwick moves with grace from the earliest imaginings of our planet’s deep past to today’s scientific discoveries, proving that this is a tale at once timeless and timely.

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