an evil mind a suspense novel

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An Evil Mind

Author : Chris Carter
ISBN : 9781476765709
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 41. 9 MB
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A prolific and ingenious serial killer is unmasked by a Los Angeles detective with a dark past of his own in this “roller coaster ride that will leave you breathless” by Top 10 Sunday Times (UK) bestselling author Chris Carter. A freak accident in rural Wyoming leads the sheriff’s department to arrest a man for a possible double homicide, but further investigations suggest a much more horrifying discovery: a serial killer who has been kidnapping, torturing, and mutilating victims all over the United States for at least twenty-five years. The suspect claims he is a pawn in a huge labyrinth of lies and deception—but can he be believed? The case is immediately handed over to the FBI, but this time they’re forced to ask for help from ex-criminal behavior psychologist and lead detective with the Ultra Violent Crime Unit of the LAPD, Robert Hunter. As he begins interviewing the apprehended suspect, terrifying secrets are revealed, including the real identity of a killer so elusive that no one, not even the FBI, had any idea he existed…until now. This dramatic and suspense-laden thriller, perfect for fans of Thomas Harris’s classic The Silence of the Lambs, has “twists and turns and cliff-hangers abound” (Booklist) and will keep you guessing until the very last page.

I Am Death

Author : Chris Carter
ISBN : 9781476765716
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 69. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In Top 10 Sunday Times (UK) bestselling author Chris Carter’s electrifying follow-up to his “chilling” (Daily Mail) thriller An Evil Mind, the LAPD’s Ultra Violent Crimes Unit lead detective, Robert Hunter, races to stop a serial killer whose past secrets rival those of Hunter’s himself. Seven days after being abducted, the body of a twenty-year-old woman is found on a grassy area by the Los Angeles International Airport. She has been left with her limbs stretched out and spread apart, placing her in a five-point human star. The autopsy reveals that she has been tortured and murdered in a bizarre way but the surprises don’t end there. The killer likes to play, and he left something behind for the cops to find. Detective Robert Hunter is assigned to the case but almost immediately a second body turns up. Detective Hunter quickly realizes that he is chasing a monster—a predator whose past hides a terrible secret, whose desire to hurt people and thirst for murder can never be quenched—for he is DEATH. Fast-paced, action-packed, and filled with suspense, I Am Death is perfect for fans of Jeffery Deaver, Thomas Harris, and Chelsea Cain.


Author : Frank Redman
ISBN : 0997934301
Genre :
File Size : 30. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Elijah Raven, 22, possesses an extraordinary gift-or to him-a curse. He's simply trying to overcome his past and get by in life. Well, and dream of a girl who's out of his league. He's not a thrill-seeking daredevil. Instead, he works as an IT tech at Buy City. His passion is for computers, a relatively safe endeavor. Not adventure. He's already had enough adventure to last a lifetime. But, animals won't grant his desire for peace. They communicate with him. He doesn't know how it works, but somehow animals sense that he can understand them. That sounds like it would be cool, except the problem is the animals don't tell him to throw the ball or give a treat. They tell him about the evil things they see. Abuse. Rape. Murder. He wants to mind his own business and reject diving headfirst into unknown dangers against his will. Instead, he's compelled to get involved. He cannot deny the call to action. And the call screams when he stumbles upon the high crime abduction of children forced into prostitution by untouchable Corporate Executives, who believe anything that makes money is permissible in the world of High Finance. Praise for ELIJAH "If your destiny ever requires a walk through hell, make sure to take Elijah Raven with you. Both lighthearted and horrifying, Redman's debut novel stares down evil through the eyes of the best kind of hero: one who has survived it and won't leave anyone to suffer the same. ELIJAH is a thrilling page-turner that won't let you down." - Erin Healy, author of THE BAKER'S WIFE and STRANGER THINGS "Captivating, funny, suspenseful, heart-wrenching, believable, simply wow! Redman straps you into a front row seat of the protag's mind and sends you on a non-stop ride guaranteed to entertain." - Claude Bouchard, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Vigilante Series "I'm in awe of Frank's voice. It's captivating." - Lynn Rush, New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of the Violet Night Trilogy "Frank Redman is an author of startling insight and wonderful expression who brings to life his characters in such a way as to make you forget you are reading. They are living and breathing alongside you, a startling achievement for a new novelist. I highly anticipate reading more of Redman's work in the future. His is a voice that will shine on for many years to come." -- Luke Romyn, USA Today and Amazon #1 bestselling author "A strong first outing from Frank Redman who introduces us to Elijah Raven, a winsome Every-man who just happens to communicate with animals and has an uncanny knack for getting into trouble. Humor, romance, and supernatural intrigue follow in this fun, fast-paced novel. Looking forward to more from Frank Redman!" - Mike Duran, author of THE GHOST BOX and SAINT DEATH "A tech-savvy hero with the ability to hear animals, a dog obsessed with Cheetos, and a cat with a British accent... what's not to love? Filled with action, sardonic wit and a lovable cast of furry characters, you'll cheer for ELIJAH--a story of redemption in the midst of darkness, of saving those who can't save themselves." -NYT bestselling author Tosca Lee

When The Day Of Evil Comes Day Of Evil Series 1

Author : Melanie Wells
ISBN : 9780307563361
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 66. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Bizarre Encounter Initiates Extreme Spiritual Battle Dylan Foster’s carefully constructed, orderly world begins to fray, thread by thread, the day the eyes of hell turn upon her. After a chance encounter with a creepy, sickly looking stranger, her days become punctuated with disturbing, inexplicable events. Desperate for answers, Dylan seeks not only to extricate herself from the nightmare, but to separate the spiritual from the earthly, friend from foe, angel from devil, good from evil. She’s smack in the eye of the battle with only God-issued spiritual armor and her own wits to protect her. I saw the first fly alight on the edge of my plate during supper. This was no ordinary fly. It was huge. The size of a small Volkswagen. I could have painted daisies on it and sold rides to small children. Hotter than the eyes of hell... School is back in session, but for psychology professor Dylan Foster, the promise of a new semester is dying in the heat of the late Texas summer. First, there is the bizarre encounter with a ghastly pale stranger. Then her mother’s engagement ring turns up—the same ring that was buried with her mother two years before. Soon, Dylan’s carefully ordered world is unraveling, one thread at a time. A former patient accuses her of impropriety, putting her career in jeopardy. A suicide plunges her deeper into shadow. Relationships with colleagues start to crumble. And then there are those flies in her house... Dylan Foster is about to get a crash course in spiritual warfare—and a glimpse of her own small but significant role in a vast eternal conflict. But when the dust settles, will anything be left of her life as she knows it? Story Behind the Book The reality of spiritual warfare has long fascinated Melanie Wells. A practicing private counselor, she is energized by pondering the significance of seemingly mundane events, the importance of individual faithfulness, and the connection between the spiritual realm and the empirical world. She emphasizes these themes in her book, where the first scene came to her in a dream. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Brains Brawn

Author : Annie Gottlieb
ISBN : 9780595298723
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 73. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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BEYOND 'ECSTASY' "MDMA temporarily lowers interpersonal boundaries," said the Harvard doctor. "Hex dissolves them." "The potential for abuse, for mind control, is terrifying," said the Berkeley psychopharmacology professor. Outside, packs of painfully thin kids in hex-sign T-shirts-the "hexies"-quiver and murmur and make their telepathic suicide pacts. Someone is trying to destroy a generation. Sarah "Sunny" Randall wants to know who. The investigative reporter on the story for New York's Metro Magazine, 5'3", Radcliffe-educated Sunny is clueless in the deadly world of dealers and underground labs. But Sunny has a secret weapon: Sasha. Her "boyfriend"-a streetwise, 6'3", 250-pound Soviet prison camp survivor and ex-boxer who is friendly with the Greenwich Village Don. Sasha can help Sunny root out the evil mind at the source of hex. But when her ambition and her passion to save the kids get her in too deep, can he save her life?

Guilty As Sin

Author : Tami Hoag
ISBN : 0553898450
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45. 18 MB
Format : PDF
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A cold-blooded kidnapper has been playing a twisted game with a terrified Minnesota town. Now a respected member of the community stands accused of a horrific act of evil. But when a second boy disappears, a frightened public demands to know: Have the police caught the wrong man? Is the nightmare continuing—or just beginning? Prosecutor Ellen North believes she’s building a case against a guilty man—and that he has an accomplice in the shadows. As she prepares for the trial of her career, Ellen suddenly finds herself swept into a cruel contest of twisted wits, a dark dance of life and death . . . with an evil mind as guilty as sin. Praise for Tami Hoag and Guilty as Sin “Without a doubt . . . one of the most intense suspense writers around.”—Chicago Tribune “A chilling study of evil that holds the reader until the shocking surprise ending.”—New York Times bestselling author Phillip Margolin “The tangled relationships that lie just beneath the surface of Deer Lake are tantalizingly revealed.”—The New York Times Book Review “Accomplished and scary.”—Cosmopolitan From the Paperback edition.

Sense Of Evil

Author : Kay Hooper
ISBN : 9780553583472
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 64. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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After a series of murders in which the victims are all blondes who did not resist their attacker, police chief Rafe Sullivan calls in the FBI for assistance and is concerned by the atypical methods of the responding agent, Isabel Adams.


Author : Elizabeth Heiter
ISBN : 9781460323755
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32. 50 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Terror stalks a small Virginia town FBI rising star and criminal profiler Evelyn Baine knows how to think like a serial killer. But she's never chased anyone like the Bakersville Burier, who hunts young women and displays them, half-buried, deep in the woods. As the body count climbs, Evelyn's relentless pursuit of the killer puts her career—and her life—at risk. And the evil lurking in the Burier's mind may be more than even she can unravel. Terror is closer than she thinks… The Bakersville Burier knows he's got an FBI profiler on his trail. He knows who she is and where to find her. And he's biding his time, because he's planned a special punishment for Evelyn. She may have tracked other killers, but he vows to make this her last chase. This time it's her turn to be hunted!

Night Sins Guilty As Sin

Author : Tami Hoag
ISBN : 9780307497062
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30. 75 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“ONE OF THE MOST INTENSE SUSPENSE WRITERS AROUND.” —CHICAGO TRIBUNE #1 New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag delivers a double shot of suspense in these two adrenaline-charged classic thrillers offered together in one powerful volume. NIGHT SINS A peaceful Minnesota town is about to face its worst nightmare. A young boy disappears and the only clue is a note—taunting and casually cruel. Has a cold-blooded kidnapper struck? Or is this the reawakening of a long-quiet serial killer? For a tough-minded investigator, it’s her first make-or-break case. For a local cop, it’s the fear that big-city evil has come to stalk his small-town home. Together they’ll hunt a madman who knows no bounds and for whom no sin is forbidden. “Nerve-shattering, explosive entertainment, and should not be missed by anyone who reads for the thrill of it.” —Michael Palmer GUILTY AS SIN A psychopath has been playing a twisted game with a terrified Minnesota town. Now a respected member of the community stands accused of a chilling act of evil. But when a second boy vanishes, a frightened public demands to know if the police have caught the wrong man. Is the nightmare continuing…or just beginning? Prosecutor Ellen North believes she has the right man—but that he has an accomplice in the shadows. Ellen suddenly finds herself swept into a cruel contest of wits, a dark game of life and death… with an evil mind as guilty as sin. “A chilling study of evil that holds the reader until the shocking surprise ending.” —Phillip Margolin From the Trade Paperback edition.

William March

Author : Roy S. Simmonds
ISBN : 9780817358525
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 54. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"William March: ""An ""Annotated Checklist" is the definitive resource for readers and scholars of southern writer William March, author of the best-selling "Company K," "The Bad Seed," and the Pearl County series.

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