archaeology of the land of the bible volume ii the assyrian babylonian and persian periods 732 332 b c e anchor bible reference library

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Archaeology Of The Land Of The Bible

Author : Amihay Mazar
ISBN : STANFORD:36105110342826
Genre : Religion
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Describes the archaeaological excavations in Jerusalem, explaining how the research reveals connections between history and Bible stories, and how the artifacts unearthed relate to the various historical periods in the Bible.

Israelite Religions

Author : Richard S. Hess
ISBN : 9780801027178
Genre : Religion
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Helps readers consider the importance of contemporary archaeological discoveries and juxtapose them with the biblical narrative to understand ancient Israelite religions.

Oracular Law And Priestly Historiography In The Torah

Author : Simeon Chavel
ISBN : 3161533410
Genre : Religion
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Simeon Chavel identifies a distinct story-type in the Torah, the "oracular novella," its contours and poetics, historical background, and use. A very short story of human quandary resolved by divine law, the oracular novella depicts an incident or set of circumstances in Israel, oracular inquiry by Moses, and instruction by Yahweh. The Torah has four such stories, all in the Priestly source, about cursing Yahweh (Lev 24:10-23), Pesa? deferral (Num 9:1-14), woodgathering on the Sabbath (Num 15:32-36), and inheritance by daughters (Num 27:1-11). All four dramatize themes in the divine speeches and divinely directed activities preceding them. But each utilizes the legal climax distinctly, has a separate compositional history, and affected other biblical texts differently. Ancient sources show the oracular novellas to adapt a form of priestly activity for historiography. Together they illuminate the Priestly History deeply troping divine will as law, and highlight Judean priests cherishing oracular inquiry as the nexus of divine and human society.

Judah And The Judeans In The Fourth Century B C E

Author : Oded Lipschitz
ISBN : 9781575061306
Genre : Religion
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During the past decade, the period from the 7th century B.C.E. and later has been a major focus because it is thought to be the era when much of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament was formed. As a result, there has also been much interest in the historical developments of that time and specifically in the status of Judah and its peoples. Three conferences dealing roughly with a century each were organized, and the first conference was held in Tel Aviv in 2001; the proceedings of that conference were published as Judah and the Judeans in the Neo-Babylonian Period. The second volume was published in early 2006 and reports on the conference held in Heidelberg in July, 2003: Judah and the Judeans in the Persian Period.Judah and the Judeans in the Fourth Century B.C.E. is the publication of the proceedings of the third of these conferences, which was held in Muenster, Germany, in August 2005; the essays in it focus on the century during which the Persian Empire fell to Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic kingdoms came to the fore.

The Samaritans

Author : Reinhard Pummer
ISBN : 9780802867681
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 87. 32 MB
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Authoritative introduction to the Samaritan tradition from antiquity to the present Most people associate the term "Samaritan" exclusively with the New Testament stories about the Good Samaritan and the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well. Very few are aware that a small community of about 750 Samaritans still lives today in Palestine and Israel; they view themselves as the true Israelites, having resided in their birthplace for thousands of years and preserving unchanged the revelation given to Moses in the Torah. Reinhard Pummer, one of the world's foremost experts on Samaritanism, offers in this book a comprehensive introduction to the people identified as Samaritans in both biblical and nonbiblical sources. Besides analyzing the literary, epigraphic, and archaeological sources, he examines the Samaritans' history, their geographical distribution, their version of the Pentateuch, their rituals and customs, and their situation today. There is no better book available on the subject.

Judah And The Judeans In The Neo Babylonian Period

Author : Oded Lipschitz
ISBN : 9781575060736
Genre : History
File Size : 87. 72 MB
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This volume is the outcome of an international conference held at Tel Aviv University, May 29-31, 2001. The idea for the conference germinated at the fifth Transeuphratene colloquy in Paris in March 2000. The Tel Aviv conference was organized in order to encourage investigation into the obscure five or six decades preceding the Persian conquests in the latter part of the 6th century. The essays here are organized in 5 parts: (1) The Myth of the Empty Land Revisited; (2) Cult, Priesthood, and Temple; (3) Military and Governmental Aspects; (4) Archaeological Perspectives on the 6th Century B.C.E.; and (5) Exiles and Foreigners in Egypt and Babylonia. Contributors: H. M. Barstad, B. Oded, L. S. Fried, S. Japhet, J. Blenkinsopp, G. N. Knoppers, Y. Amit, D. Edelman, Y. Hoffman, R. H. Sack, D. Vanderhooft, J. W. Betlyon, A. Lemaire, C. E. Carter, O. Lipschits, A. Zertal, J. R. Zorn, B. Porten, and R. Zadok.

Biblical Bethsaida

Author : Carl E. Savage
ISBN : 9780739137833
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40. 64 MB
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Biblical Bethsaida: A Study of the First Century CE in the Galilee enters the process of constructing a portrait of the First Century CE in the Galilee by drawing primarily upon the archaeological data from et-Tell (Bethsaida) itself and suggesting its relevance for the reconstruction of the first century CE cultural context. It views the material practices of the ancient inhabitants of the site as significant indicators of their sense of 'place' both ideologically and geographically.

Figurines In Achaemenid Period Yehud

Author : Izaak J. de Hulster
ISBN : 3161555503
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Were there figurines in Yehud during the Achaemenid period, and in particular in Jerusalem? A positive answer to this question disproves the general consensus about the absence of figurines in Yehud, which is built on the assumption that the figurines excavated in Judah/Yehud are chronologically indicative for Iron Age II in this area (aside from a few typological exceptions). Ephraim Stern and others have taken this alleged absence of figurines as indicative of Jewish monotheism's rise. Izaak J. de Hulster refutes this `no figurines -> monotheism' paradigm by detailed study of the figurines from Yigal Shiloh's excavation in the 'City of David' (especially their contexts in Stratum 9), providing ample evidence for the presence of figurines in post-587/586 Jerusalem. The author further reflects on the paradigm's premises in archaeology, history, the history of religion, theology, and biblical studies, and particularly in coroplastics (figurine studies).

Monotheism And Institutions In The Book Of Chronicles

Author : Matthew Lynch
ISBN : 3161521110
Genre : Religion
File Size : 83. 66 MB
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Matthew Lynch examines ways that the one God became known and experienced through institutions according to the book of Chronicles. Chronicles recasts Israel's earlier histories from the vantage point of vigorous commitments to the temple and its supporting institutions (the priesthood and royal house), and draws out the numerous ways that those institutions mediate divine power and inspire national unity. By understanding and participating in the reestablishment of these institutions, Chronicles suggests that post-exilic Judeans could reconnect to the powerful God of the past despite the appallingly impoverished state of post-exilic life. However, Chronicles contends that God was not beholden by those participating in the temple system. As such, it constitutes a via media between two regnant perspectives on the relationship between biblical monotheism and particularism.

A History Of The Jews And Judaism In The Second Temple Period Vol 1

Author : Lester L. Grabbe
ISBN : 9780567216175
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In the first of four volumes on A History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period, Lester Grabbe presents a comprehensive history of Yehud - the Aramaic name for Judah - during the Persian Period. Among the many crucial questions he addresses are: What are the sources for this period and how do we evaluate them? And how do we make them 'speak' to us through the fog of centuries? This first volume, Yehud: A History of the Persian Province of Judah offers the most up to date and comprehensive examination of the political and administrative structures; the society and economy; the religion, temple and cult; the developments in thought and literature; and the major political events of Judah at the time.

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