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Arguing About War

Author : Michael Walzer
ISBN : 9780300127713
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 52. 63 MB
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Michael Walzer is one of the world’s most eminent philosophers on the subject of war and ethics. Now, for the first time since his classic Just and Unjust Wars was published almost three decades ago, this volume brings together his most provocative arguments about contemporary military conflicts and the ethical issues they raise.The essays in the book are divided into three sections. The first deals with issues such as humanitarian intervention, emergency ethics, and terrorism. The second consists of Walzer’s responses to particular wars, including the first Gulf War, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. And the third presents an essay in which Walzer imagines a future in which war might play a less significant part in our lives. In his introduction, Walzer reveals how his thinking has changed over time.Written during a period of intense debate over the proper use of armed force, this book gets to the heart of difficult problems and argues persuasively for a moral perspective on war.

Empowering Our Military Conscience

Author : Dr Roger Wertheimer
ISBN : 9781409499558
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 41. 58 MB
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Responding to increasing global anxiety over the ethics education of military personnel, this volume illustrates the depth, rigour and critical acuity of Professional Military Ethics Education (PMEE) with contributions by distinguished ethical theorists. It refreshes our thinking about the axioms of just war orthodoxy, the intellectual and political history of just war theorizing, and the justice of recent military doctrines and ventures. The volume also explores a neglected moral dimension of warfare, jus ante bellum (the ethics of pre-war practices) – particularly jus in disciplina bellica (the ethics of educating for warfare). Using metaphor to exemplify the professionalization of the military, the book exposes ambivalences within military professionals' concepts of their professional responsibilities, analyzes issues of self-respect posed by service in an unjust cause, and surveys the deep conflicts inherent in PMEE. While primarily focused on US military academies, the volume will resonate with those responsible for education in military academies across the globe.

From Just War To Modern Peace Ethics

Author : Heinz-Gerhard Justenhoven
ISBN : 9783110291926
Genre : Religion
File Size : 80. 1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book rewrites the history of Christian peace ethics. Christian reflection on reducing violence or overcoming war has roots extending back to ancient Roman philosophy, and it eventually decisively influenced the formation of modern international law. This study traces the development of the tradition from Cicero, Augustine and Thomas Aquinas to early modern thinkers including Vitoria, Suarez, Martin Luther, Hugo Grotius and Immanuel Kant. These sources influenced modern peace ethics’ cosmopolitanism and international law-based approach, as can be found in the late Pope John Paul II’s peace teaching.

The Reactionary Mind

Author : Corey Robin
ISBN : 9780199911882
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 72. 86 MB
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Late in life, William F. Buckley made a confession to Corey Robin. Capitalism is "boring," said the founding father of the American right. "Devoting your life to it," as conservatives do, "is horrifying if only because it's so repetitious. It's like sex." With this unlikely conversation began Robin's decade-long foray into the conservative mind. What is conservatism, and what's truly at stake for its proponents? If capitalism bores them, what excites them? Tracing conservatism back to its roots in the reaction against the French Revolution, Robin argues that the right is fundamentally inspired by a hostility to emancipating the lower orders. Some conservatives endorse the free market, others oppose it. Some criticize the state, others celebrate it. Underlying these differences is the impulse to defend power and privilege against movements demanding freedom and equality. Despite their opposition to these movements, conservatives favor a dynamic conception of politics and society--one that involves self-transformation, violence, and war. They are also highly adaptive to new challenges and circumstances. This partiality to violence and capacity for reinvention has been critical to their success. Written by a keen, highly regarded observer of the contemporary political scene, The Reactionary Mind ranges widely, from Edmund Burke to Antonin Scalia, from John C. Calhoun to Ayn Rand. It advances the notion that all rightwing ideologies, from the eighteenth century through today, are historical improvisations on a theme: the felt experience of having power, seeing it threatened, and trying to win it back.

The Moral Fool

Author : Hans-Georg Moeller
ISBN : 9780231519243
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 72. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Justice, equality, and righteousness& mdash;these are some of our greatest moral convictions. Yet in times of social conflict, morals can become rigid, making religious war, ethnic cleansing, and political purges possible. Morality, therefore, can be viewed as pathology-a rhetorical, psychological, and social tool that is used and abused as a weapon. An expert on Eastern philosophies and social systems theory, Hans-Georg Moeller questions the perceived goodness of morality and those who claim morality is inherently positive. Critiquing the ethical "fanaticism" of Western moralists, such as Immanuel Kant, Lawrence Kohlberg, John Rawls, and the utilitarians, Moeller points to the absurd fundamentalisms and impracticable prescriptions arising from definitions of good. Instead he advances a theory of "moral foolishness," or moral asceticism, extracted from the "amoral" philosophers of East Asia and such thinkers as Ludwig Wittgenstein and Niklas Luhmann. The moral fool doesn't understand why ethics are necessarily good, and he isn't convinced that the moral perspective is always positive. In this way he is like most people, and Moeller defends this foolishness against ethical pathologies that support the death penalty, just wars, and even Jerry Springer's crude moral theater. Comparing and contrasting the religious philosophies of Christianity, Daoism, and Zen Buddhism, Moeller presents a persuasive argument in favor of amorality.

Inequality And Violence

Author : Dr Anna Cornelia Beyer
ISBN : 9781472423528
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 48. 15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book reflects on the arguments presented in Man, the State and War from a contemporary perspective. Do Waltz's ideas still hold firm ground in the discipline? The book alerts to the perceived necessity of combining conceptions of governance and authority with considerations on the reduction of inequality at the individual, state and international level. The book also addresses Waltz's rejection of supranationalism as the remedy for war - a view that has been challenged since he wrote the book.

God S Politics

Author : Jim Wallis
ISBN : 0745952240
Genre : Christian ethics
File Size : 69. 44 MB
Format : PDF
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Wallis' book is a scathing indictment of the hijacking of the US political agenda by conservative evangelicals. And, while the Right argues that God's way is their way, the Left pursues an unrealistic separation of religious values from morally grounded political leadership.

The Politics Of International Law And International Justice

Author : Edwin Egede
ISBN : 9780748684526
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 59. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An introduction to international law for politics and IR studentsThis textbook introduction to international law and justice is specially written for students studying law in other departments, such as politics and IR. Written by a lawyer and a political theorist, it shows how international politics has influenced international law.Edwin Egede and Peter Sutch show that neglected questions of justice and ethics are essential to any understanding of the institutions of international society. They walk students through the most crucial questions and critical debates in international law today: sovereignty and global governance, sovereign and diplomatic immunity, human rights, the use of force, sanctions and the domestic impact of international law.

Kann T Ten Erlaubt Sein

Author : Marc Lindemann
ISBN : 9783843704182
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 73. 84 MB
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"Ich freue mich darüber, dass es gelungen ist, bin Laden zu töten." Dieser Satz von Angela Merkel zum Tod Osama bin Ladens provozierte einen Aufschrei in Deutschland. Die gezielte Tötung eines Menschen mit staatlicher Legitimation löst Unbehagen aus. Doch was ist, wenn man dadurch ein Menschenleben retten kann? Der ehemalige Nachrichtenoffizier Marc Lindemann geht der Frage nach, unter welchen Umständen die Tötung eines Menschen von Staats wegen gerechtfertigt sein kann. In anderen Ländern, etwa den USA, werden Drohnen eingesetzt, um Menschen zu töten, ohne die eigenen Streitkräfte in Gefahr zu bringen. Diese Automatisierung des Krieges sorgt dafür, dass die Einsätze für Soldaten abstrakt werden: Ein Pilot sitzt in den USA am Bildschirm und steuert eine Drohne in Afghanistan. Marc Lindemann versucht eine genaue Abwägung der moralischen und ethischen Dimension dieser komplexen Thematik. Ein kluges Buch über eine schwierige Frage.

Vom Kriege

Author : Carl von Clausewitz
ISBN : UCD:31175013753069
Genre : Military art and science
File Size : 77. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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