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Theaters Of War

Author : V. Casaregola
ISBN : 9780230100879
Genre : History
File Size : 27. 77 MB
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Historian Vincent Casaregola examines the portrayal of WWII in popular culture and how that protrayal has changed over time. By examining WWII films, literature, theatre and art from the Cold War era, the Vietnam War, the Reagan years, and present day, he seeks to understnad the part played by current politics, events and conflicts.

The War Prerogative

Author : Rosara Joseph
ISBN : 9780191641275
Genre : Law
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This book studies the evolution of the war prerogative in England from 1600-2012. It traces the historical theory and practice of the war prerogative and proposes reform of the constitutional arrangements for its exercise. It addresses three key questions. First, what have writers on political and constitutional theory said about the constitutional arrangements for the war prerogative, and, in particular, what justifications have been advanced for those arrangements? Secondly, in practice, has the executive in fact possessed sole and exclusive powers over war and the deployment of force, or have Parliament and the courts had a role to play in their exercise and scrutiny? Thirdly, are there better ways to organise our constitutional arrangements for the war prerogative, to enable a more substantive role for Parliament (particularly the House of Commons) in its exercise and scrutiny? On the first question, it is shown that orthodox theoretical and political discourses have continuously asserted the executive's exclusive power over war, but the justifications advanced for that arrangement have changed over time. Those changes reflect the varying influence of different political theories at different times. On the second question, it is found that, contrary to orthodox theoretical and political discourses, Parliament has played an active and substantive role in the exercise and scrutiny of the war prerogative. The courts have refused to intervene in the exercise of the war prerogative, but have been more ready to intervene in cases involving the exercise of powers incidental to the war prerogative. On the third question, it is argued that reform of the constitutional arrangements for the war prerogative is necessary and desirable. The use of 'institutional mechanisms' is recommended, which are small-scale rules and institutional arrangements, within existing institutions, which aim to promote certain normative goals. In particular, the enactment of a statute is proposed, which would impose conditions on the executive's exercise of its war prerogative. It is argued that these proposals show that, through careful institutional design, democratic values, national security, and operational efficiency can each be reconciled and promoted.

Collective Security Beyond The Cold War

Author : George W. Downs
ISBN : 0472104578
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 36. 54 MB
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The fall of the Soviet empire, like the redistributions of power that followed the fall of Napoleon and the end of the two world wars, has focused attention on schemes that advertise an ability to prevent the return of conflict and promote cooperation. Chief among these is the controversial idea of a new collective security system or a redesigned United Nations. Advocates view such an institution as an inevitable step in human evolution and the basic prerequisite for long-term stability and peace. Critics consider the idea a pipe dream that has been historically and theoretically discredited. This volume reexamines the idea of collective security, weighing the arguments for and against it and assessing its potential for coping with the regional and global security problems of a post-Cold War world. Six of the essays contained herein examine collective security from a theoretical and historical perspective; three evaluate its potential to manage problems in the former Soviet empire, the Middle East, and Europe. The recurring theme of Collective Security beyond the Cold War is the importance of reviewing the potential advantages of ambitious but imperfect collective security systems and the virtues of systems less ambitious than the League of Nations. The factors limiting the potential of collective security systems are no different from those that limit the potential of other forms of state collective action, such as alliances. How great a problem these factors pose for collective security arrangements depends on the design of the system and the setting.

America S Other War

Author : Doug Stokes
ISBN : 1842775472
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 70. 1 MB
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'Colombia is the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the hemisphere. The sources are deeply rooted in Colombia's own history, and in policies of the hegemonic power that are no less deeply rooted in its own history and institutions. This study provides a uniquely perceptive analysis of the tragic interaction, and its far-reaching implications for understanding the past and the evolving global order' - Noam Chomsky 'US administrations keep finding new excuses for intervening in Latin American affairs. Colombia is the most blatant example, as Doug Stokes' trenchant account of the US's shifting agenda - from Cold War, to guerrillas, then the drug trade, and now the 'war on terror' - so forcefully shows. Whether called imperialism or technical assistance, the consistent result is state terror and human suffering on a vast scale' - James Petras: Professor of Sociology (retired), Binghamton University, New York 'The two great turning-points of the last few years have, or so we've been told, have been the end of the Cold War and 9/11. Not so, argues Doug Stokes in this most challenging of volumes. For those looking for reassurance this is not the book for them: for those however seeking to peel back the layers of officialese and get to the heart of things this is a must read' - Professor Michael Cox, London School of Economics and Editor of International Politics 'This is a well-researched and impeccably documented expose of U.S. duplicity and intervention in Colombia. This book fills a critical gap in the literature on Colombia and on post-Cold War inter-American relations. It also has wider implications for International Relations theory and for our understanding of transnational conflict in this era of globalization' - William I. Robinson, professor of Sociology, Global and International studies, and Latin American and Iberian Studies, University of California-Santa Barbara 'America's Other War paints a very disturbing picture. With very thorough research and a highly readable narrative, Terrorizing Colombia goes beyond the liberal-conservative debate over Plan Colombia, the 'war on drugs' and the 'war on terror', reminding us of the central role played by the often brutal pursuit of economic interests' - Adam Isacson, Director of Programs, Center for International Policy, Washington

Sustaining The Peace After Civil War

Author : T. David Mason
ISBN : 9781304065469
Genre :
File Size : 90. 35 MB
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World War Ii

Author : Cyrus Leo Sulzberger
ISBN : 0828103313
Genre : History
File Size : 83. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From Hitler's rise to power to the Japanese surrender on the deck of the Missouri in 1945, World War II is brought into sharp focus in this dramatic book. Over a third of World War II consists of eyewitness accounts, as Sulzberger emphasizes the people involved in this historic event--the leaders, the victims, and the fighters.

War Brides And Rosies

Author : Barbara Ann Lambert
ISBN : 9781466951877
Genre : History
File Size : 75. 16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Nestled on the British Columbia coast, the community of Powell River sent several Canadian men and women overseas to fight in the World War II. When all was said and done, more than forty war bride families made their home in Powell River and the nearby town of Stillwater. War Brides and Rosies compiles these families' amazing stories and artfully captures the history of Powell River and Stillwater, British Columbia, during World War II. Barbara Ann Lambert recounts how the Powell River Company became a major player in war production as local girls became Rosies of the north, assembling planes for Boeing of Canada as well as running the largest pulp and paper mill in western Canada. Through their monthly newsletter, the company also became a social network. It included correspondence from Powell River's service men and women stationed around the world and news on overseas marriages. Using this resource, as well as accounts from war brides and their families, Lambert shows how these women influenced the communities and helped change the perspective of women's roles in Canadian society. Full of vivid detail, War Brides and Rosies is an important contribution to the local history of these Canadian communities.

The United Nations Security Council And War

Author : Vaughan Lowe
ISBN : 9780191614934
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 71. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This is the first major exploration of the United Nations Security Council's part in addressing the problem of war, both civil and international, since 1945. Both during and after the Cold War the Council has acted in a limited and selective manner, and its work has sometimes resulted in failure. It has not been - and was never equipped to be - the centre of a comprehensive system of collective security. However, it remains the body charged with primary responsibility for international peace and security. It offers unique opportunities for international consultation and military collaboration, and for developing legal and normative frameworks. It has played a part in the reduction in the incidence of international war in the period since 1945. This study examines the extent to which the work of the UN Security Council, as it has evolved, has or has not replaced older systems of power politics and practices regarding the use of force. Its starting point is the failure to implement the UN Charter scheme of having combat forces under direct UN command. Instead, the Council has advanced the use of international peacekeeping forces; it has authorized coalitions of states to take military action; and it has developed some unanticipated roles such as the establishment of post-conflict transitional administrations, international criminal tribunals, and anti-terrorism committees. The book, bringing together distinguished scholars and practitioners, draws on the methods of the lawyer, the historian, the student of international relations, and the practitioner. It begins with an introductory overview of the Council's evolving roles and responsibilities. It then discusses specific thematic issues, and through a wide range of case studies examines the scope and limitations of the Council's involvement in war. It offers frank accounts of how belligerents viewed the UN, and how the Council acted and sometimes failed to act. The appendices provide comprehensive information - much of it not previously brought together in this form - of the extraordinary range of the Council's activities. This book is a project of the Oxford Leverhulme Programme on the Changing Character of War.

Patents Trademarks And Related Rights

Author : Stephen Pericles Ladas
ISBN : 0674657756
Genre : Law
File Size : 89. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Lawyers and corporations have a vital interest in the regulation and protection of industrial propertyâe"patents, designs, trademarks, trade names, and repression of unfair competitionâe"and in the problems raised by agreements between enterprises, nationally and internationally. Since World War II, there has been increasing ferment for changes in the whole system of industrial property. Pressures have been building up from administrations concerned with the functioning of the patent and trademark system; from private enterprises affected by delays, costs, and insecurities of the system; from developing countries anxious to receive and adapt foreign technology at reasonable cost and without excessive restriction; and from the increasing tendency of antitrust law to curb even legal monopolies in order to ensure free competition. This major work describes the national and international regime of patents, trademarks, technological know-how, and related rights of industrial property; the conflicting interests and demands for recognition and satisfaction in this field; the international efforts and arrangements achieved for harmonization of law and procedure; the problems involved in the transfer of technology for the technical and economic development of countries pressing for assistance; and the controls established by statutory and decisional law against restriction of competition by the exercise of industrial property rights. Stephen P. Ladas, an international lawyer, is the foremost expert in this field, with over forty years of worldwide legal and practical experience in establishing industrial property rights.

A New And Enlarged Military Dictionary

Author : Charles James
ISBN : NYPL:33433008512901
Genre : English language
File Size : 88. 48 MB
Format : PDF
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