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Bach God

Author : Michael Marissen
ISBN : 9780190606954
Genre : Church music
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Bach & God explores the religious character of Bach's vocal and instrumental music in seven interrelated essays. Noted musicologist Michael Marissen offers wide-ranging interpretive insights from careful biblical and theological scrutiny of the librettos. Yet he also shows how Bach's pitches, rhythms, and tone colors can make contributions to a work's plausible meanings that go beyond setting texts in an aesthetically satisfying manner. In some of Bach's vocal repertory, the music puts a "spin" on the words in a way that turns out to be explainable as orthodox Lutheran in its orientation. In a few of Bach's vocal works, his otherwise puzzlingly fierce musical settings serve to underscore now unrecognized or unacknowledged verbal polemics, most unsettlingly so in the case of his church cantatas that express contempt for Jews and Judaism. Finally, even Bach's secular instrumental music, particularly the late collections of "abstract" learned counterpoint, can powerfully project certain elements of traditional Lutheran theology. Bach's music is inexhaustible, and Bach & God suggests that through close contextual study there is always more to discover and learn.

Bach And The Dance Of God

Author : Wilfrid Mellers
ISBN : 1904331874
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Wilfrid Mellers is a composer, musician and author. Honorary Fellow of Downing College, Cambridge. This is his classic book on Bach.

Cantata No 79 Gott Der Herr Ist Sonn Und Schild God The Lord Is Sun And Shield

Author : Johann Sebastian Bach
ISBN : 1457480638
Genre : Music
File Size : 22. 62 MB
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A choral worship cantata for SATB with SAB Soli composed by Johann Sebastian Bach.

101 Chorales Harmonized By J S Bach

Author : Johann Sebastian Bach
ISBN : 9781457466595
Genre : Music
File Size : 63. 82 MB
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A choral worship collection for SATB voicing, composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, compiled and edited by Walter E. Buszin.

Bach To God

Author : Emily Nolan
ISBN : OCLC:952534219
Genre : Brain
File Size : 51. 80 MB
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"This eBook is about Robert Baker's life, our story together, and my family's search for answers about CJD. In 2001, my father passed away of a mysterious disease called Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (CJD). He was a cancer researcher and an environmental scientist who was trying to help the world and save countless lives. After he died there was no investigation into his death, by either the police or the media, not even a coronial or OH&S inquiry. I often felt very alone and alienated by the world. This was when I decided to start writing my father's biography, and I found that delving into his life and holding onto his memory was a comfort to me. This book is about my father's life and achievements, how we dealt with his untimely death, and how a father and daughter's relationship changed in it's final days. This book is also for other people & families who have been affected by CJD. My book aims to help inform about the basics of CJD, but more importantly about dealing with the effects from a personal viewpoint."--Back cover.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Author : Rick Marschall
ISBN : 9781595553911
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 35. 82 MB
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Two-and-a-half centuries after his death, the complex life of composer Johann Sebastian Bach continues to fascinate. Bach's colorful life was anchored in his belief that "music has been ordered by God's Spirit"?so much so that he began each composition by scrawling Jesu, juva (Jesus, help me) at the top of a blank page and concluded each with S.D.G. (short for Soli Deo Gloria, to God alone be the glory). Through the eyes of noted music and culture writer Rick Marschall, the intensely personal yet boldly public faith that earned Bach the nickname "The Fifth Evangelist" takes on fresh meaning. From a survey of Bach's family and its deep Christian roots to a behind-the-scenes look at how he crafted his masterpieces, this book paints a picture of an astonishing figure and his relationship with his God. Marschall brings Bach's enduring music and influence to the postmodern world and to all who would draw inspiration from his relentless pursuit of divinely ordained creativity.

Music Modernity And God

Author : Jeremy Begbie
ISBN : 9780199292448
Genre : Music
File Size : 37. 83 MB
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The emergence of the modern age has been profoundly linked to massive changes in the way Western culture has struggled to come to terms with the Christian God. Many books have told that story. But none have paid attention to the way music has been intimately intertwined with these changes and struggles. Begbie shows that music bears its own kind of witness to some of the deepest convictions of modernity concerning mortality, freedom, faith, and hope.

When God Sang German

Author : William Fischer
ISBN : 1973123711
Genre :
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Music is a universal language, but the German that Bach uses in his sacred music is not. "When God Sang German" explains the etymologies and precise meanings of words like Gott (God), Mutterleib (''womb''), Schuld (debt, guilt), Glauben (faith, believe), and Gnade (mercy, grace). The Introduction traces the history of German, with particular regard to language in music and to Luther''s importance to Bach. The thirty main chapters are each built on a theme, such as "Heaven and Earth" or "Pregnant, Inn, Manger". Special chapters describe Bach''s alphabet (handwriting and fonts), vocabulary patterns (such as words for vocal tract sounds), grammar (differences between his German and modern German), and phonology.The author is a scholar of literature, language teacher, and experienced singer of Bach and opera. He has taught practical German to young opera singers, crawled through the rafters of the Thomaskirche in Leipzig, and been chained behind an elephant as an Ethiopian POW in A�da.EXCERPTSChapter 1: At Christmastide we sing about the God who becomes a Child. An odd grammatical similarity between the two German words, Gott and Kind, shines a linguistic light onto the beliefs of Bach''s pre-Christian ancestors. Both words form their plural with -er: Kinder, G�tter. So do other biblical and barnyard words, especially the terms for the young of animals: Lamm, lamb (plural L�mmer); Kalb, calf (K�lber). These nouns, including Kind, are neuter in gender - except Gott. Modern German is der Gott, masculine. The linguistic ancestors of Gott and God, however, were indeed neuter in gender, both grammatically and in the physiological gender that the "heathens" ascribed to some of their gods. The meaning of the word that descended from the Proto-Germanic root word *gu�a- was transferred to the Christian Deity. Initially the word remained neuter. The shift to masculine gender occurred as the new religion gained adherents and territory in northern Europe. But by Bach''s time no one would have given any thought to what the plural of Gott says about its earlier gender and meaning.Chapter 7: The Nativity story, as recorded in Luke and cited by Bach, tells how the angel gave Jesus that name "ehe denn er im Mutterleibe empfangen ward", "before he was conceived in the womb". Where English womb is not closely related to any other word, Mutterleib is built from two transparent parts: Mutter, mother, and Leib, body. Any German-speaking kindergartner can sense what the word means, at least at the level of "mommy''s tummy", which at that age is quite sufficient. Mutterleib is prominent in Bach, not only in the "Christmas Oratorio", but also in his often-performed settings of "Nun danket alle Gott", "Now Thank We All Our God", one of the best-known of German hymns (BWV 79, 120a, 192, 252, 386). The first verse sings of a God who has done great things for us "Von Mutterleib und Kindesbeinen an", "from when we were still in..." - well, what, in a concert-program translation? "Uterus", obviously, will not ring true. Ordinarily, "womb" would work, as it does in the Luke verse. But the worshipers in the hymn are singing in the plural. One version sidesteps with "our mothers'' arms"; another goes boldly with "our mothers'' wombs". The idiom paired with Mutterleib, "[von] Kindesbeinen an", is literally "from our child-legs on". Its common English equivalent is "from when we were knee-high to a grasshopper".Afterword: Could Bach have learned anything from "When God Sang German"? Yes. The first systematic work in Indo-European and Germanic philology was undertaken only well after his time. He would have stood amazed at the notion that the Sanskrit word samulyam, ''(bridal) garment'', provides a key link among German Hemd, ''shirt'', French chemise, also ''shirt'', and Leichnam, ''corpse''. The common source is the Proto-Indo-European root *kem-, ''cover, conceal, which also produced German Scham and Himmel and their English cousins shame and heaven.

The Cambridge Companion To Bach

Author : John Butt
ISBN : 0521587808
Genre : Music
File Size : 24. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Benefiting from the research of eminent Bach scholars, this 1997 Companion examines Bach's work in the context of his age.

God S Realm Of Faith

Author : Randy Bach
ISBN : 9781604774313
Genre : Religion
File Size : 23. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Bach tackles the topic of what is faith and what is not. He explains that faith is not something one possesses, grows, or earns. (Christian)

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