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Bedtime Math The Truth Comes Out

Author : Laura Overdeck
ISBN : 9781466892873
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 51. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"We want kids to feel about math the way they feel about dessert after dinner." —Laura Overdeck, Time magazine Our mission: to make math a fun part of kids' everyday lives. When is the last time you gave your child a math problem just for fun? Yesterday? Last year? Maybe never? We all know it's wonderful to read bedtime stories to kids, but the question remains—what about doing math? Math has a negative association in our culture and many Americans are uncomfortable and even fearful of math and numbers. But Bedtime Math is here to change all that. In Bedtime Math 3, math and fun facts combine for one wacky and wild adventure! Now kids can discover the truth behind all their favorite things: marshmallows, Coca-Cola, astronaut ice cream, and more! These fun, mischief-making math problems aren't just kid-friendly, but actually, kid-appealing. With over 100 math problems on a variety of topics, kids will find math isn't just fun—it can be found everywhere! And with three different levels of challenge (Wee ones, Little kids, and Big kids), plus a Bonus question, there's something for everyone. We can make numbers fun—and change the world—one Bedtime Math problem at a time.

Bedtime Math A Fun Excuse To Stay Up Late

Author : Laura Overdeck
ISBN : 9781466848368
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 82. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Our mission: to make math a fun part of kids' everyday lives. We all know it's wonderful to read bedtime stories to kids, but what about doing math? Many generations of Americans are uncomfortable with math and numbers, and too often we hear the phrase, "I'm just not good at math!" For decades, this attitude has trickled down from parents to their kids, and we now have a culture that finds math dry, intimidating, and just not cool. Bedtime Math wants to change all that. Inside this book, families will find fun, mischief-making math problems to tackle—math that isn't just kid-friendly, but actually kid-appealing. With over 100 math riddles on topics from jalapeños and submarines to roller coasters and flamingos, this book bursts with math that looks nothing like school. And with three different levels of challenge (wee ones, little kids, and big kids), there's something for everyone. We can make numbers fun, and change the world, one Bedtime Math puzzle at a time.

How Many Guinea Pigs Can Fit On A Plane

Author : Laura Overdeck
ISBN : 9781250173683
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 31. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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How many bees does it take to make one jar of honey? How many soccer balls would fit inside a hollow Earth? How many pieces of gum would it take to stick you to a wall—and keep you there? Believe it or not, you can find out the answers to these questions yourself—using math! Combining questions from real readers like you with surprising answers, Laura Overdeck's How Many Guinea Pigs Can Fit on a Plane? proves that numbers can be fun—and that math is power.

Does Nonfiction Equate Truth

Author : Vivian Yenika-Agbaw
ISBN : 9781475842319
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 27. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Educators who teach children’s literature at the college level as part of the pre-service experience seldom allocate enough space in the curriculum for nonfiction literature. This book recognizes the viability of nonfiction as a literary genre that demands critical analysis, celebrates storytelling in its varied forms, and invites teacher educators and pre-service teachers, our primary audience, to nurture a spirit of inquiry and skepticism in the classroom. It is an excellent resource for teacher educators looking for a variety of nonfiction texts to include in their literacy curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It also offers critical approaches through which students are encouraged to read these texts, and ideas for critical inquiry with young learners.

The Honey Combe Of Free Justification By Christ Alone

Author : John Eaton
ISBN : 9781365118548
Genre : Religion
File Size : 90. 39 MB
Format : PDF
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The Honey-Combe of Free Justification by Christ Alone. Printed in 1642. Collected out of the mere Authorities of Scripture, and common and unanimous consent of the faithful interpreters and dispensers of God's Mysteries upon the same, especially as they express the excellency of Free Justification. Preached and delivered by JOHN EATON, Master of Arts, sometime Student in Trinity College in Oxford; and fifteen years Minister and Preacher at Wickham-Market in SUFFOLK. Paul reproving Peter in the face of the Congregation, hath here no trifling matter in hand, but the chiefest Article of all Christian Doctrine; the Majesty and Utility whereof, who so rightly esteemeth, to him all other things shall seem but vile, and nothing worth; for what is Peter? What is Paul? What is an Angel from heaven? What are all creatures to the Article of Free Justification? Which if we know, then are we in the clear light; but if we be ignorant thereof, then are we in most miserable darkness. Martin Luther

The Truth About Managing Effectively Collection

Author : Cathy Fyock
ISBN : 9780133443066
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A brand new collection of state-of-the-art management skills and techniques Master today’s most valuable management skills! Get hundreds of bite-size, easy techniques for hiring, collaboration, motivation, negotiation, and much more! Moving into management? Moving up in management? To compete and succeed, you need today’s best skills for managing, motivating, and collaborating with others. That’s exactly what you’ll find in this extraordinary 4 book package. Build a great team with Cathy Fyock’s The Truth About Hiring the Best : discover how to identify the best, reach them, recruit them, and choose among them! Cathy Fyock presents 53 bite-size, easy-to-use hiring techniques for finding hidden sources of talent… making great people want to work for you… asking the right questions… listening for the right answers… hiring like your organization’s future depends on it, because it does! Next, get the best from the people you have, with the latest version of Martha Finney’s classic, The Truth About Getting the Best from People . Finney’s expanded and improved Second Edition offers 60+ proven principles for achieving employee engagement practically 100% of the time. She’s added more than 15 brand-new truths for managing virtual teams, becoming more persuasive, overcoming unconscious biases, identifying and cultivating individual high performers, and more. Then, optimize your management effectiveness with Stephen P. Robbins’s The Truth About Managing People, Third Edition: 61 real solutions for the make-or-break problems faced by every manager. Learn how to overcome the real obstacles to teamwork… why too much communication can be as dangerous as too little… how to improve hiring and employee evaluations… how to heal “layoff survivor sickness”… how to manage a diverse culture, and lead effectively in a digital world. This edition is packed with new truths, including: how to nurture friendlier employees, manage a diverse age group, and lead ethically in tough times. Finally, in The Truth About Negotiations, Leigh L. Thompson teaches 46 proven negotiation principles: quick, easy ways to become a world-class negotiator. You’ll learn how to prepare for a negotiation within one hour… negotiate with people you hate (or love)… clearly identify your “best alternative” if a deal isn’t possible… use reason, respect, and reciprocity to extract a deal’s maximum potential value… create win-win solutions… establish enduring relationships. From hiring to motivation, negotiation to collaboration, this collection gives you hundreds of new best practices and skills for world-class management and leadership! From world-renowned management and HR experts Cathy Fyock, Martha I. Finney, Stephen P. Robbins, and Leigh Thompson

The Truth About Personal Performance Collection

Author : James O'Rourke
ISBN : 0132595257
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 28. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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150+ secrets of exceptional personal performance: how to present confidently, negotiate successfully, and make smarter decisions--anywhere, anytime! Three full books of proven solutions for supercharging personal performance! Prepare for any audience, negotiation, or decision…compel attention and motivate action…manage anxiety or anger…use nonverbal communication…negotiate with people you love (or hate)…build (or repair) trust…make decisions with imperfect data…and much more! From world-renowned leaders and experts, including James O'Rourke, Leigh L. Thompson, and Robert E. Gunther.

The Truth About Better Decision Making Collection

Author : Robert E. Gunther
ISBN : 9780133445756
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 83. 89 MB
Format : PDF
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A brand new collection of state-of-the-art tools for making better business decisions… 4 authoritative books bring together hundreds of bite-size, easy-to-use techniques for optimizing every business decision, choice, interaction, and negotiation! Your decisions drive your business performance and determine your career success. Whether you’re collaborating, leading, negotiating, or persuading, those decisions must be consistently sharp – and this 4 book collection will help you sharpen every decision you make. Start with Robert Gunther’s The Truth About Making Smart Decisions: 50 powerful bite-size “truths” about making better real-world decisions when it matters most. Gunther shows how to systematically prepare to make better decisions... get the right information, without getting buried in useless data... minimize risks and then act decisively... handle emotions... make better group decisions... profit from mistakes... and much more. Next, William S. Kane focuses on the decision to change – and to lead change. In The Truth About Thriving in Change, Kane shares 49 powerful decision-making “truths” about change leadership: which skills you need most, and how to develop them... how to lead change without eroding commitment or productivity... why you must start fast, and “run before you walk”... when to persuade, when to educate, and when to “use force”... how to create the right cultural framework for successful change, and more. Next, Leigh Thompson’s The Truth About Negotiations helps you optimize every decision associated with successful negotiations. Thompson provides realistic game plans that work in any scenario, showing how to create win-win deals by leveraging carefully collected information. Learn how to prepare quickly and efficiently… handle imperfect negotiating situations… establish trust with someone you don’t yet trust… recognize when to walk away. Thompson guides through planning strategy, identifying your “best alternative to a negotiated agreement,” making the right first offer to control the process, resolving difficult disputes, and achieving the goals that matter most. Finally, in The Truth About Getting the Best From People, Second Edition, Martha Finney turns to day-to-day management decision-making, offering 60+ powerful techniques -- including new ways to persuade, manage virtual teams, overcome unconscious decision-making biases, and identify/cultivate high performers. These four books offer definitive, evidence-based principles for optimizing your decision-making throughout your entire management career! From world-renowned decision-making experts Robert E. Gunther, William S. Kane, Leigh Thompson, and Martha I. Finney

Mathematical Models Of The Circadian Sleep Wake Cycle

Author : Martin C. Moore-Ede
ISBN : UCSD:31822000473827
Genre : Medical
File Size : 64. 27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This contract funded a Satellite Symposium on the Mathematical Modeling of Circadian Systems which was held on June 21, 1981 in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Association for the Psychophysiological Study of Sleep (APSS) from June 17-21, 1981, at Dunfey's Hyannis Hotel on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Satellite Symposium brought together the leading investigators concerned with modeling the circadian system to ensure that the various proposed models were critically reviewed and their strengths and weaknesses in predicting periodic biological phenomena were fully understood. The papers of each participant and an edited transcription of the discussion were published as a book entitled 'Mathematical Models of the Circadian Sleep-Wake Cycle' by Raven Press in 1984. The published volume serves as an important source of all those who are concerned about the temporal organization of human and animal behavior and physiology. (Author).

Learn Successful Sales And Negotiation Tips Collection

Author : Reed K. Holden
ISBN : 9780133742435
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 60. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book is a strategy guide for salespeople to help them level the procurement playing field by showing readers how to assess the game procurement plays, describing proven ways to resist discounting and protect margins, demonstrating ways to keep value at the forefront of negotiations, offering targeted tactics to protect hard-earned profits from mindless discounting, and detailing eight strategies effective in any type of pricing negotiation. Negotiating with Backbone brings together key insights, actionable practices, and state-of-the-art tools for: Resisting discounting, and keeping value at the forefront of negotiations Implementing targeted tactics to protect hard-earned profits Negotiating with price buyers, relationship buyers, value buyers, and "poker players" The Truth About Negotiations, Second Edition shares even more proven principles for handling virtually every negotiation situation. Building on her widely praised First Edition, Leigh Thompson delivers more than 50 real solutions for the make-or-break scenarios faced by every negotiator. In this edition, Thompson adds powerful new “truths” and techniques for negotiating across generations and cultures, negotiating in virtual/online environments, and more. Thompson:¿ Provides realistic game plans that work in any negotiation situation Focuses on the two key tasks of any negotiation: how to create win-win deals by leveraging information carefully collected from the other party; and how to effectively lay claim to part of the win-win goldmine Demonstrates how to handle less-than-perfect situations, such as getting called on a bluff, establishing trust with someone you don’t trust, recognizing when to walk away, negotiating with people you don’t like — and conversely, negotiating with people you love, and who love you¿

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