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500 Reasons Why You Re My Best Friend

Author : Lorraine Bodger
ISBN : 9780740787645
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 86. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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DIV They hold us together through good times and bad. They keep us sane. They keep us talking. They keep us in touch with our feelings. From the time we're in our strollers to the time we're using walkers, best friends are a crucial part of female culture. Guys may supply the electricity in our lives, but girls supply the grounding." --500 Reasons Why You're My Best Friend She's fun to be with. She tells the truth. She's your most dependable ally. These are just some of the characteristics of every woman's best girlfriend. And artist-illustrator Lorraine Bodger deftly describes plenty of others in her list book, 500 Reasons Why You're My Best Friend. Consider these observations: * I can tell you anything, and you won't be shocked. * You redid my makeup for me when it was starting to look old-fashioned. * We helped each other torture our siblings. How much fun was that? *You're patient with me when I'm stuck on a guy and can't stop talking about him. * When I'm sick in bed, you call to check on me at least five times a day. * You helped me sew 106 name tapes into my daughter's clothes before she went to sleep-away camp for the first time. Then you let me cry on your shoulder when she left on the bus. * You think I'm smart, capable, clever, and pretty. You're my one-woman cheering section. In text that's sassy and sweet, witty and serious, wry and loving, Bodger sums up the qualities of real friendships. All women will recognize themselves and their best friends in this delightful gift book. Universal in its appeal, 500 Reasons Why You're My Best Friend joins the ranks of Lorraine Bodger's other best-selling list books. /div

Dog S Best Friend

Author : Mark Derr
ISBN : 0226142809
Genre : Nature
File Size : 27. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In 'Dog's Best Friend' Mark Derr provides an account of the close relationship between dogs & humans. His focus is on the cultural aspects of this relationship, in particular on the overbreeding of dogs to satisfy the human ego, which he claims often undermines the mental & physical health of the dogs.

The Best Friend

Author : Maria Marchan
ISBN : 9781490870267
Genre : Religion
File Size : 72. 58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The following are some remarks, both positive and negative, that young people have made regarding friendships: • I have two friends, and they are real. • My friend and I are confidential. I cherish that. • I have been disappointed by people in the past. I don’t know whom to trust. It is best to stay by myself. • People are not what they seem to be. They are pretenders. • They call themselves my friends, but they say bad things about me behind my back. • People are not nice. They start off good, and then they hurt you. • A friend should support you when you are facing any difficulty, but I have never seen it. • My friend is the best! • We have been friends since we were toddlers, and now that we are teenagers, we are inseparable. There are many more comments about the experiences of young people when it comes to friendship. Most of them are bad. This book, along with the Bible, will help young people to make the right choices in association.

The Best Friend

Author : R.L. Stine
ISBN : 9781416913764
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 70. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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At first Becka is merely intrigued when her new neighbor, Honey Perkins, claims that she and Becka were once best friends, but Becka soon becomes horrified as Honey begins to take over her life.

My Last Best Friend

Author : Julie Bowe
ISBN : 0547542658
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 36. 22 MB
Format : PDF
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As Ida May begins fourth grade, she is determined never to make another best friend--because her last best friend moved away. This is a doable plan at first. Thanks to bratty, bossy Jenna Drews, who hates Ida, no one in class has ever really noticed her before. It's when the sparkly Stacey Merriweather comes to her school that Ida's plan goes awry. Ida reaches out despite her fear but doesn't say hello--instead she writes Stacey anonymous notes. Soon their friendship develops without Ida ever having to reveal her real identity . . . until she has no choice. And that's when the true friendship begins.

Your Best Friend Is You

Author : Medicine Woman
ISBN : 9781456812690
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 74. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Did you know your intuition is part of your higher self, the part unpolluted by human interaction - the one thing you can trust 100%. By understanding the ways in which you are receiving messages, and this will be individual to you, you can tap into a personal dialogue which will guide you towards self actualisation with complete honesty. The perhaps dull or unfulfilling life you lead at this moment is the culmination of your thoughts, beliefs and past responses. All the answers you seek are within you; you just have to ask the right questions of your higher self to get the clarification you require. This book will show you how: • to see the bigger picture • to abandon negativity • increase your self confidence • protect your personal energy • develop your inner communication • obtain the life you always wanted. Other people can only ever support you; this book will provide you with all the tools you need to take personal responsibility for direction in life, from within yourself.

My Best Friend

Author : John D. Cook
ISBN : 9781606473993
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans" was on a church's sign, I recently saw. Typically, we go through our lives with dreams and goals for our family, which we are working to achieve. Then one unforeseen event can dramatically change all of these plans. Four children lose their mother, and a husband loses his loving wife. In My Best Friend, is a personal account of a remarkable woman, military wife and a commitment to marriage, as seen through the memories of family and friends. This book also contains a section for couples to examine their own marriage from questions based on a broad range of experiences. JOHN D. COOK, a veteran of over 22 years of naval service and more than 17 years as a government contractor, a devoted husband and father of four wonderful children. John resides on beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington.

Best Friends

Author : A. Family That Plans Together
ISBN : 172266570X
Genre :
File Size : 44. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Friendships are important. Use this journal to write down your thoughts and memories about your friends. Also, look inside for five tips on how to be a great friend!

My New Best Friend

Author : Julie Bowe
ISBN : 9780547416342
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 22. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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There's a new girl in town! After Ida May’s last best friend moved away, she swore she’d never have another. But then she met fun, sparkly Stacey Merriweather, and now she and Ida are like two peas in a pod. When the friends discover a magical mermaid night-light that seems to grant wishes, they start a secret club—just the two of them. Ida uses the mermaid to make something bad happen to Jenna, the mean girl in class. Then Stacey uses the mermaid to undo a scheduled math test. The more they put the mermaid's powers to use, the more they need to help it along by manipulating the truth with their "highly creative stories." Ida goes along with all the lies at first. But before long, Ida suspects that Stacey is using the mermaid to tell some big lies . . . and to cause some big trouble at home. And soon Ida feels caught between telling the truth and hurting friendship with Stacey. How will Ida set the record straight while still keeping her new best friend?

Sonny S Best Friend

Author : Mindy Menschell
ISBN : 0395740592
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 81. 16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sonny believes only a boy can be his best friend. But when his friend Manda takes a trip with her family, he realizes she's really was best friend.

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