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End Time Signs

Author : Kurt B. Bakley
ISBN : 9781477237021
Genre : Religion
File Size : 54. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Will Israel and the U.S. be destroyed or partially destroyed in 2012-2019 or 2026-2030 and beyond and Muslims, Catholics and communism take over most of the world? Were there strange things going around the sun, the moon changing degrees and phases, stars that aren't where there suppose to be and the magnetic poles changing mostly reported secretly in 2001-2011? Did NASA or scientists and astronomers brush the pictures of them away so not to scare people? Did the Bible Code predict strange behavior of the moon in 2011? Will a great tidal wave hit the U.S. East Coast in 2012-2019 and Yellowstone Park super volcano erupt or a comet or asteroid hits the earth or Ocean in 2026-2030 and utterly destroy the entire United States if it still around after the war of 2012-2019? Will the Muslims, communism and Catholics persecute Christians, Americans and Jews all over the world bringing them before Kings and have them sent to prisons and torture and killed if they don't deny Christ and convert to Islam? Will Muslims and people all over the world begin to mock and scoff at Christians and the Bible because Israel and the U.S. are destroyed and no Rapture or end or Second Coming of Christ happened? Several of the Bible prophecies predict God will not make a full end of the U.S., Israel and the world at this time and pockets of people and nations may or may not survive. God may save the U.S., Israel and the world if the people repent and turn from their sins and begin to humble themselves and heed the harbingers. But if they don't then these events may start to happen. This book was written by June 12, 2012.

Predictions For 2015

Author : Kurt B. Bakley
ISBN : 9781496961372
Genre : Religion
File Size : 58. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Predictions for 2015 Revised Edition Will two great tidal waves, earthquakes, storms, volcano eruptions, terrorist attacks and wars hit the U.S. Eastern Coast Line or Western Coast Line or Mid-West on September 27, 2015? Will Billy Graham and Pat Robertson die on this same date or near it? Will on this same date the earth stop rotating causing three days of darkness then it starts again only to have Venus (=life) to rotate counterclockwise opposite what it rotates now making long life for everyone and the curse of the ground and animals will be gone. Will there be an evil rapture at this time taking every evil person off the earth and their bodies lay on the ground for eagles and vultures to eat? Will massive amounts of gold and oil be found in the U.S. and prospers everyone in the world? Demons and satan will be bound up in hell and/or the U.S. or Iraq for a 1000 years and good angels possess people souls bringing good health of mind, body and soul for a 1000 years. Half of this book was written by November 11, 2011 (11-11-11) and the last three chapters were written by February 14, 2015.

Liturgical And Daily Mass Reading Reference 2014

Author :
ISBN : 1616710837
Genre :
File Size : 52. 23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This booklet is a simple resource that anyone who follows or prays with the daily Mass readings can use from December 1, 2013, the First Sunday of Advent, to December 31, 2014. It includes Lectionary numbers; biblical citations; titles of solemnities, feasts, and memorials; and liturgical colors.

The Choice Wine

Author : Steve Bollman
ISBN : 9781626342507
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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God doesn’t want your marriage to simply survive. He wants it to be superabundant. Indeed, Christ’s first public miracle was to bring joy to a young couple when he turned approximately 150 gallons of ordinary water into the choicest of wines. The Choice Wine: 7 Steps to a Superabundant Marriage moves well beyond divorce-proofing your marriage to place a happier, healthier, and wealthier future within your grasp. Follow Steve Bollman on an amazing journey as he integrates the latest findings from modern science with the wisdom of the ages and a little common sense to expand your vision of marriage, including • the neurological research revealing the reality that husband and wife truly “become one,” • the medical science indicating that the human person transcends the limits of the visible world, and • the neurological reality that spouses are driven to be profoundly merciful to each other. Along the way, you’ll hear amazing stories destined to touch your heart: • the Nobel Laureate in Medicine who witnessed two instantaneous miracles, • the mother whose prayers transformed the heart of a mafia enforcer, and • a very special couple who reveals the power of love to transcend the limits of this world to have a foretaste of Paradise. The Choice Wine will help you experience the superabundant joy intended for marriage from the beginning.

End Of Days 2014 To 2018 New World Order By 2045

Author : Steve Canada
ISBN : 9781491840153
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 76. 1 MB
Format : PDF
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Crop Circles hold the key to the notification system communicated to us by our genetic creators, the Anunnaki of Nibiru, 10th planet of the solar system (see 2 NASA press releases of 1987) ... telling of their return (armed with at least 2 ancient weapons of theirs depicted in crop circles and known in the ancient world) and identifying all 12 of their names, members of the ancient Ruling Council known by the Sumerians, the first human civilization. End of Days and New World Order – Anunnaki of Nibiru are scheduled to descend in worldwide mass landings on the date discovered by the author encoded in the Torah, after which their extermination program begins, replacing humans with ‘grey’-human hybrids (terms encoded in the Torah), to stop humans from ruining the Earth’s capacity to support life, to prevent the destruction of the Anunnaki’s Eridu, their ‘Home in the Faraway.’ Revealed here are secrets hidden in sacred text for over 3400 years, secrets uncovered by the author and published here for the first time.

Exposing The Fallacies Of The Pre Tribulation Rapture

Author : Billy Broadwater
ISBN : 9781490835242
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Pretribulation Rapture theory has had a foothold on many Christians in America for over a hundred years. This teaching is not allowed to be challenged in many Christian circles. Exposing the Fallacies of the Pretribulation Rapture takes the building blocks of this theory and dismantles them one by one in a serious, thought-provoking analogy of this doctrine. • Is the seven year tribulation really a biblical term? • Is the church literally raptured in Revelation chapter 4? • Are there signs that precede the return of Christ? • Is the rapture really an invisible event? • Are Christians exempt from tribulation? • Where did the true roots of the pretribulation rapture come from? • What does the day of the Lord have to do with the rapture? These questions and many more are answered in Exposing the Fallacies of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Not only is there a thorough examination of the rapture, but also a detailed account is given of the numerous discrepancies among leading pretribulation teachers over Bible passages on the second coming. Billy Broadwater’s in-depth Bible based research for over twenty-years brings home the truth about the rapture.

Day Unto Day

Author : Martha Collins
ISBN : 9781571318480
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 30. 23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 828
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Martha Collins offers haunting reflections on time and other subjects in Day unto Day, a spare and subtle seventh collection. The book consists of six sequences: during one month each year, for six years, Collins wrote a short poem each day. With perfectly distilled lines, she captures the aching, liminal beauty of one day becoming another — the slow burn of time passing, the ambiguity of an “old / new leaf” turning over, even as she collages a wide range of material that includes often disturbing news of the world. Writing in the tradition of poetic meditation, Collins shows us the full degree of her mastery — a mature voice, poems with tremendous scope, and lines exceptionally controlled. Here is the work of a seasoned poet at the height of her career.

The One Year Bible Illustrated Nlt

Author :
ISBN : 9781414389974
Genre : Bibles
File Size : 27. 20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The bestselling daily reading Bible now combines Scripture and full-color imagery to enhance each day’s experience. The One Year Bible Illustrated contains the entire text of the New Living Translation divided into 365 daily readings. Each day’s reading includes portions from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs—and a fresh image to guide readers through the entire Bible in one unforgettable journey. The New Living Translation breathes life into even the most difficult-to-understand Bible passages—but even more powerful are stories of how people’s lives are changing as the words speak directly to their hearts.

Guideposts Daily Planner 2014

Author : Guideposts
ISBN : 0824934180
Genre :
File Size : 32. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Guideposts Daily Planner is celebrating its eleventh anniversary! A daily planner with devotional material to inspire readers as they keep track of their daily life and their prayer life! This beautifully designed desk calendar, with a hidden spiral binding, will help readers keep their lives -- spiritually and practically -- organized and imbued with a greater sense of direction and peace. Each month is illustrated with a lovely seasonal photograph and opens with a Scripture verse, a prayer and a devotion with a pinpoint takeaway. Each week offers a prayer for the week, and each day includes a Bible verse to buoy you. With space to record prayer requests, Guideposts Daily Planner 2014 is so much more than an appointment book! It is a yearly keepsake and an opportunity to record God's presence in everyday life.

1600 Furlongs Represent 1600 Days

Author : Chris McCann
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31. 94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 760
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Spiritual Judgment began on the world on May 21, 2011 and will likely conclude 1600 days later on October 7, 2015. With the destruction of this heavens and earth, and creation of the new heavens and earth. This Bible study booklet is based on Revelation chapter 14 verse 20.

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