biogeochemistry of wetlands science and applications

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Biogeochemistry Of Wetlands

Author : K. Ramesh Reddy
ISBN : 0203491459
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 58. 91 MB
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Wetland ecosystems maintain a fragile balance of soil, water, plant, and atmospheric components in order to regulate water flow, flooding, and water quality. Marginally covered in traditional texts on biogeochemistry or on wetland soils, Biogeochemistry of Wetlands is the first to focus entirely on the biological, geological, physical, and chemical processes that affect these critical habitats. This book offers an in-depth look at the chemical and biological cycling of nutrients, trace elements, and toxic organic compounds in wetland soil and water column as related to water quality, carbon sequestration, and greenhouse gases. It details the electrochemistry, biochemical processes, and transformation mechanisms for the elemental cycling of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur. Additional chapters examine the fate and chemistry of heavy metals and toxic organic compounds in wetland environments. The authors emphasize the role of redox-pH conditions, organic matter, microbial-mediated processes that drive transformation in wetlands, plant responses and adaptation to wetland soil conditions. They also analyze how excess water, sediment water, and atmospheric change relate to elemental biogeochemical cycling. Delivering an in-depth scientific examination of the natural processes that occur in wetland ecosystems, Biogeochemistry of Wetlands comprises a key perspective on the environmental impact of pollutants and the role freshwater and coastal wetlands play in global climate change.

Methods In Biogeochemistry Of Wetlands

Author : R. D. DeLaune
ISBN : 0891189602
Genre : Science
File Size : 26. 16 MB
Format : PDF
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Todd M. Kana / Patrick W. Inglett / Soonmo An -- Equipment And Instrumentation / Amy J. Burgin / Mark J. McCarthy / Wayne S. Gardner / Stephen K. Hamilton -- Materials And Reagents / Amy J. Burgin / Mark J. McCarthy / Wayne S. Gardner / Stephen K. Hamilton -- Procedures / Amy J. Burgin / Mark J. McCarthy / Wayne S. Gardner / Stephen K. Hamilton -- Sample Preparation / Amy J. Burgin / Mark J. McCarthy / Wayne S. Gardner / Stephen K. Hamilton -- Calculations / Amy J. Burgin / Mark J. McCarthy / Wayne S. Gardner / Stephen K. Hamilton -- General Theory / Patrick W. Inglett / Andrew Laursen -- Experimental Principles / Patrick W. Inglett / Andrew Laursen -- Calculations / Patrick W. Inglett / Andrew Laursen -- Discussion And Limitations / Patrick W. Inglett / Andrew Laursen -- Summary / Patrick W. Inglett / Andrew Laursen.


Author : William H. Schlesinger
ISBN : 9780123858740
Genre : Nature
File Size : 76. 21 MB
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"Biogeochemistry considers how the basic chemical conditions of the Earth-from atmosphere to soil to seawater-have been and are being affected by the existence of life. Human activities in particular, from the rapid consumption of resources to the destruction of the rainforests and the expansion of smog-covered cities, are leading to rapid changes in the basic chemistry of the Earth. This expansive text pulls together the numerous fields of study encompassed by biogeochemistry to analyze the increasing demands of the growing human population on limited resources and the resulting changes in the planet's chemical makeup. The book helps students extrapolate small-scale examples to the global level, and also discusses the instrumentation being used by NASA and its role in studies of global change. With extensive cross-referencing of chapters, figures and tables, and an interdisciplinary coverage of the topic at hand, this updated edition provides an excellent framework for courses examining global change and environmental chemistry, and is also a useful self-study guide."--Publisher's website.

Multifunctional Wetlands

Author : Nidhi Nagabhatla
ISBN : 9783319674162
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 84. 90 MB
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This book describes how natural or constructed wetlands can be used to reduce pollution of freshwater and coastal ecosystems, while still preserving their biodiversity and ecological functions. Through a series of case histories described in 10 chapters in the monograph, the readers will gain an understanding of the opportunities, as well as the challenges associated with reducing point and non-point source pollution using natural, restored or constructed wetlands. The target audience will be water practitioners involved in projects utilizing integrated watershed management approaches to pollution abatement, as well as researchers who are designing projects focused on this topic.

Treatment Wetlands Second Edition

Author : Robert H. Kadlec
ISBN : 1420012517
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 48. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Completely revised and updated, Treatment Wetlands, Second Edition is still the most comprehensive resource available for the planning, design, and operation of wetland treatment systems. The book addresses the design, construction, and operation of wetlands for water pollution control. It presents the best current procedures for sizing these systems, and describing the intrinsic processes that combine to quantify performance. The Second Edition covers: New methods based on the latest research Wastewater characterization and regulatory framework analyses leading to detailed design and economics State-of-the-art procedures for analyzing hydraulics, hydrology, substrates and wetlands biogeochemistry Definition of performance expectations for traditional pollutants such as solids, oxygen demand, nutrients and pathogens, as well as for metals and a wide variety of individual organic and inorganic chemicals Discussion of methods of configuration, construction, and vegetation establishment and startup considerations Ancillary benefits of human use and wildlife habitat Specific examples of numerous applications Extensive reference base of current information The book provides a complete reference that includes: detailed information on wetland ecology, design for consistent performance, construction guidance and operational control through effective monitoring. Case histories of operational wetland treatment systems illustrate the variety of design approaches presented allowing you to tailor them to the needs of your wetlands treatment projects. The sheer amount of information found in Treatment Wetlands, Second Edition makes it the resource you will turn to again and again.

Invertebrates In Freshwater Wetlands Of North America

Author : Darold P. Batzer
ISBN : 0471292583
Genre : Science
File Size : 64. 77 MB
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Wetlands are crucial ecosystems that help filter a great number of toxicants out of the earth's waters. They must be managed and occasionally even built from scratch, including all of the flora and fauna that grows there. Invertebrates play a key role in the wetland food chain. This comprehensive resource is the first dedicated solely to the ecology and management of invertebrates.

Ecology Of Freshwater And Estuarine Wetlands

Author : Darold P. Batzer
ISBN : 9780520247772
Genre : Nature
File Size : 62. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A survey in ecology of freshwater and estuarine wetlands, this volume addresses the physical environment, geomorphology, biogeochemistry, soils, and hydrology of both freshwater and estuarine wetlands. Focusing on the ecology of key organisms, it reviews how hydrology and chemistry constrain wetlands plants and animals.

Biogeochemical Investigations Of Terrestrial Freshwater And Wetland Ecosystems Across The Globe

Author : R. Kelman Wieder
ISBN : 9789400709522
Genre : Science
File Size : 59. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Here is a collection of papers from BIOGEOMON, The Fourth International Symposium on Ecosystem Behavior. The contributions address a wider-than-ever range of concerns: aspects of catchment monitoring and modeling; nitrogen transformations and processes; stable and radiogenic isotopes; biogeochemistry of restored ecosystems; and the dynamics of such chemicals as mercury and phosphorous, among many other topics.

Climate Changeimpact On Coastal Habitation

Author : Doeke Eisma
ISBN : 087371301X
Genre : Science
File Size : 41. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Temperature and precipitation increase and decrease because of natural causes. However, anthropogenic changes, such as an enhanced greenhouse effect, may result in alterations in the regional climate and in relative sea level. Serious changes in climate and sea level-with adverse effects particularly along low-lying coasts-would affect millions of people. Climate Change takes an in-depth, worldwide look at coastal habitation with respect to these natural and anthropogenic changes. No universally applicable coastal model can be used to describe climatic changes. This unique book provides individual discussions of beaches and barrier islands, cliffs, deltas, tidal flats and wetlands, reefs, and atolls. The impact of climatic change on coastal ecology and agriculture is investigated, and human responses to the effects of climatic change along the world's coasts are included.

Phosphorus Biogeochemistry Of Sub Tropical Ecosystems

Author : K. Ramesh Reddy
ISBN : 156670331X
Genre : Science
File Size : 83. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Phosphorus is one of the major nutrients limiting the productivity of terrestrial, wetland and aquatic ecosystems. Over the last decade several research projects were conducted on Florida's ecosystems from state and federal agencies and private industry to address water quality issues, and to develop management practices to control nutrient loads. Phosphorus Biogeochemistry in Sub-Tropical Ecosystems is the first thorough study of the role of phosphorus in ecological health and water quality ever published. Because of its vast and extensively studied ecosystems, Florida has often served as a national laboratory on current and future trends in ecosystem management. The reader will find studies at all levels of biological organization, from the cellular to entire ecological communities. The book is a definitive study of the role and behavior of phosphorus deposition in the upland/wetland/aquatic environment. The papers presented in this book are organized in specific groups: ecological analysis and global issues, biogeochemical transformations, biogeochemical responses, transport processes, phosphorus management, and synthesis. Although Florida's ecosystems are used as a case study, the results presented have global applications.

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