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Island Biogeography

Author : Robert J. Whittaker
ISBN : 0198566115
Genre : Nature
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Isolation, extinction, conservation, biodiversity, hotspots.


Author : C. Barry Cox
ISBN : 9780470637944
Genre : Science
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Biologists searching for a resource that explores all of the exciting changes that have occurred recently in the field will turn to this eighth edition. It offers insight into the multidisciplinary nature of the field, presenting a sound historical base, up-to-date coverage, and a look at the latest controversies. The authors evaluate conflicting theories and provide a reasoned judgment as to which is preferable. In a new chapter the authors examine marine biogeography, so that biologists can compare and analyze the data, patterns and problems arising from continental, marine and island biogeography.

Fundamentals Of Biogeography

Author : Richard J. Huggett
ISBN : 0415323479
Genre : Science
File Size : 25. 37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Fundamentals of Biogeography presents an appealing introduction for students and all those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of key topics and debates within the fields of biogeography, ecology, and the environment. Revealing how life has been and is adapting to its biological and physical surroundings, Huggett stresses the role of ecological, historical, and human factors in fashioning animal and plant distributions, and explores how biogeography can inform conservation practice."--Jacket.

The Ecology And Biogeography Of Nothofagus Forests

Author : Thomas T. Veblen
ISBN : 0300064233
Genre : Nature
File Size : 39. 94 MB
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Ecologists and biogeographers have long been intrigued by the striking similarity of the vegetation and flora of Southern Temperate Zone regions separated by oceans. These scientists have been particularly interested in the occurrence in these regions of Nothofagus - southern beeches. This book, which focuses on the distribution, history, and ecology of the genus Nothofagus, provides a key to understanding the historical plant geography and modern vegetation patterns of the southern hemisphere. The book begins with a discussion of the long-term and broad-scale patterns of origin and differentiation in the genus. Next each major Nothofagus biome is discussed, first in a chapter that considers contemporary ecological patterns and then in a chapter that focuses on the history and paleoecology of the region. Authorities in the field deal with the temperate zone of the southwest Pacific region (New Zealand and Australia); the adjacent tropical zone of the southwest Pacific (New Guinea and New Caledonia); and South America, ranging from the Mediterranean-type climate region of central Chile to the subantarctic latitudes of Tierra del Fuego.


Author : Carol C. Baskin
ISBN : 9780124166837
Genre : Science
File Size : 71. 94 MB
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The new edition of Seeds contains new information on many topics discussed in the first edition, such as fruit/seed heteromorphism, breaking of physical dormancy and effects of inbreeding depression on germination. New topics have been added to each chapter, including dichotomous keys to types of seeds and kinds of dormancy; a hierarchical dormancy classification system; role of seed banks in restoration of plant communities; and seed germination in relation to parental effects, pollen competition, local adaption, climate change and karrikinolide in smoke from burning plants. The database for the world biogeography of seed dormancy has been expanded from 3,580 to about 13,600 species. New insights are presented on seed dormancy and germination ecology of species with specialized life cycles or habitat requirements such as orchids, parasitic, aquatics and halophytes. Information from various fields of science has been combined with seed dormancy data to increase our understanding of the evolutionary/phylogenetic origins and relationships of the various kinds of seed dormancy (and nondormancy) and the conditions under which each may have evolved. This comprehensive synthesis of information on the ecology, biogeography and evolution of seeds provides a thorough overview of whole-seed biology that will facilitate and help focus research efforts. Most wide-ranging and thorough account of whole-seed dormancy available Contains information on dormancy and germination of more than 14,000 species from all the continents – even the two angiosperm species native to the Antarctica continent Includes a taxonomic index so researchers can quickly find information on their study organism(s) and Provides a dichotomous key for the kinds of seed dormancy Topics range from fossil evidence of seed dormancy to molecular biology of seed dormancy Much attention is given to the evolution of kinds of seed dormancy Includes chapters on the basics of how to do seed dormancy studies; on special groups of plants, for example orchids, parasites, aquatics, halophytes; and one chapter devoted to soil seed banks Contains a revised, up-dated classification scheme of seed dormancy, including a formula for each kind of dormancy Detailed attention is given to physiological dormancy, the most common kind of dormancy on earth


Author : Klaus Lüning
ISBN : 0471624349
Genre : Nature
File Size : 54. 3 MB
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Part I of this book presents the geographical distribution of seaweed and seagrasses around the world, environmental factors, floral history, and relavent paleo-oceanographic considerations. Part II covers seaweed ecophysiology, including relationships of light, temperature, salinity and other abiotic factors such as competition, herbivory, predation, and parasitism. Author's abstract.

Australian Palms

Author : John L. Dowe
ISBN : 9780643096158
Genre : Nature
File Size : 82. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An updated and thorough systematic and taxonomic treatment of the Australian palm flora, covering 60 species in 21 genera. Author from James Cook University, Australia.

Physical Geography Biogeography

Author : K. Bharatdwaj
ISBN : 8183561349
Genre : Biogeography
File Size : 87. 44 MB
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It may well be said that there can be no geography which concerns itself with the actual shape and form of the land surface, solid rode, the configuration and extent of the seas and oceans, the enveloping atmosphere without which life as we know it cannot exist, the physical process which take place in that atmosphere. This book has been designed to cover the syllabus of physical geography required for the B.A. students of the Indian Universities. The subject matter has been arranged so as to provide clear and integrated approach to the subject with all essential tools of applicable geography for B.A. curriculum. Contents: Biogeography, Ecosystem, Biosphere, Biome, Food Chain.

Corals In Space And Time

Author : John Edward Norwood Veron
ISBN : 0801482631
Genre : Nature
File Size : 76. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As concerns about the change in global climate and the loss of biodiversity have mounted, attention has focused on the depletion of the ozone layer and the destruction of tropical rainforests. But recently scientists have identified another seriously endangered ecosystem: coral reefs. In Corals in Space and Time, J.E.N. Veron provides a richly detailed study of corals that will inform investigations of these fragile ecosystems. Drawing on twenty-five years of research, Veron brings together extensive field observations about the taxonomy, biogeography, paleontology, and biology of corals. After introducing coral taxonomy and biogeography, as well as relevant aspects of coral biology for the non-specialist, he provides an interpretation of the fossil record and paleoclimates, an analysis of modern coral distribution, and a discussion of the evolutionary nature and origins of coral species. Revealing a sharp conflict between empirical observations about the geographical variation within species, Veron introduces a non-Darwinian theory of coral evolution. He proposes that the evolution of coral species is driven not primarily by natural selection, but by constantly shifting patterns of ocean circulation, which produce changing variations of genetic connectivity. This mechanism of speciation and hybridization has far-reaching consequences for the study of all types of corals and potentially many other groups of organisms as well.

Volume 1 Evolution Systematics And Biogeography

Author : Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa
ISBN : 9783110804744
Genre : Science
File Size : 90. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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