biotechnology prospects and applications

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Biotechnology Prospects And Applications

Author : R.K. Salar
ISBN : 9788132216834
Genre : Science
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Format : PDF
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Biotechnology: Prospects and Applications covers the review of recent developments in biotechnology and international authorship presents global issues that help in our understanding of the role of biotechnology in solving important scientific and societal problems for the benefit of mankind and environment. A balanced coverage of basic molecular biology and practical applications, relevant examples, colored illustrations, and contemporary applications of biotechnology provide students and researchers with the tools and basic knowledge of biotechnology. In our effort to introduce students and researchers to cutting edge techniques and applications of biotechnology, we dedicated specific chapters to such emerging areas of biotechnology as Emerging Dynamics of Brassinosteroids Research, Third generation green energy, Bioremediation, Metal Organic Frameworks: New smart materials for biological application, Bioherbicides, Biosensors, Fetal Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Animal forensics. Biotechnology: Prospects and Applications will be highly useful for students, teachers and researchers in all disciplines of life sciences, agricultural sciences, medicine, and biotechnology in universities, research stations and biotechnology companies. The book features broader aspects of the role of biotechnology in human endeavor. It also presents an overview of prospects and applications while emphasizing modern, cutting-edge, and emerging areas of biotechnology. Further, it provides the readers with a comprehensive knowledge of topics in food and agricultural biotechnology, microbial biotechnology, environmental biotechnology and animal biotechnology. The chapters have been written with special reference to the latest developments in above broader areas of biotechnology that impact the biotechnology industry. A list of references at the end of each chapter is provided for the readers to learn more about a particular topic. Typically, these references include basic research, research papers, review articles and articles from the popular literature.

Biotechnology Annual Review

Author : M.R. El-Gewely
ISBN : 0080877346
Genre : Science
File Size : 27. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This new series aims at covering the development in the field of biotechnology in the form of comprehensive, illustrated and well-referenced reviews. With the expansion in the field of biotechnology both in industry as well as in education, coupled with the increase in the number of new journals reporting new results in the field, the need for a publication that is continuously providing reviews is urgent. The goal of Biotechnology Annual Review is to fill this gap. Reviewed topics will include biotechnology applications in medicine, agriculture, marine biology, industry, bioremediation and the environment. Fundamental problems dealing with enhancing the technical knowledge encountering biotechnology utilization, regardless of the field of application, will be emphasized. Other issues, dealing with policy and regulation of biotechnology as well as the problems of development in developing countries, as related to biotechnology, will be included in the various issues. The "Editorial Board" of Biotechnology Annual Review encourages suggestions and contributions of articles from industry or from academic institutions that would constitute a comprehensive covering of a relevant topic in biotechnology. Proposals for contributions and/or suggestions for topics for future volumes in this series should be sent to the Editor: Professor M. Raafat El-Gewely Department of Biotechnology Institute of Medical Biology University of Tromsø 9037 Tromsø Norway Tel: (+47) 77 644654 Fax: (+47) 77 645350

Recent Advances In Plant Biotechnology And Its Applications

Author : Karl-Hermann Neumann
ISBN : 9788189866099
Genre : Plant biotechnology
File Size : 84. 90 MB
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The present book is divided into five sections. The first section deals with the methodology and bioresource generation, techniques related to genetic engineering, and gene transfer to the nuclear genome and chloroplast genome. The new techniques of genome profiling and gene silencing are also presented. The second section of the book deals with the classical aspect of plant biotechnology viz. tissue culture and micropropagation. Use of genetic engineering via Agrobacterium and direct transfer of DNA via particle bombardment to develop transformed plants in Artemesia, castor and orchids, and production of recombinant proteins in plant cells have been dealt with in the third section. The fourth section deals with the abiotic and biotic stress tolerance in plants. The basic biology of some of the stress responses, and designing plants for stress tolerance is discussed in this section. The fifth section deals with medicinal plants and alkaloid production.

Prospects And Applications For Plant Associated Microbes A Laboratory Manual

Author : Anna Maria Pirttilä
ISBN : 9789529930265
Genre : Science
File Size : 90. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Plant-associated microbes are ubiquitous organisms living in a range of interactions with their host. Involving two organisms, research and applications of plant microbes are challenging and often require specific skills. This book guides the reader in the word of plant-associated fungi, giving both theoretical and practical insight on the potential of this interaction in biotechnology. Detailed instructions and step-by-step protocols are described for isolation, identification, localization and community analysis of fungi, studies on their bioactivity, molecular plant-fungal interactions, and development of fungi as tools for biotechnology.

Biotechnology For Livestock Production

Author :
ISBN : 0306432064
Genre : Science
File Size : 64. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Agricultural Biotechnology

Author : G. J. Persley
ISBN : 0851997066
Genre : Science
File Size : 90. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Following on from earlier titles in this series, this volume presents further material generated by the World Bank/ISNAR/Australian government biotechnology study.It covers the present status and future prospects for the application of biotechnology to solve agricultural and environmental problems in a number of developing countries. Particular focus is given on to developments that have taken place over the last decade.

Air Pollution And Plant Biotechnology

Author : Kenji Omasa
ISBN : 9784431683889
Genre : Science
File Size : 84. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Air pollution is ubiquitous in industrialized societies, causing a host of environmental problems. It is thus essential to monitor and reduce pollution levels. A number of plant species already are being exploited as detectors (for phytomonitoring) and as scavengers (for phytoremediation) of air pollutants. With advances in biotechnology, it is now feasible to modify plants for a wider range of phytomonitoring and phytoremediation applications. Air Pollution and Plant Biotechnology presents recent results in this field, including plant responses during phytomonitoring, pollution-resistant plant species, imaging diagnosis of plant responses, and the use of novel transgenic plants, along with reviews of basic plant physiology and biochemistry where appropriate. Researchers and students working in plant biotechnology and the environmental sciences or considering new areas of investigation will find this volume a valuable reference.

Fermentation Microbiology And Biotechnology Third Edition

Author : E. M. T. El-Mansi
ISBN : 9781439855812
Genre : Medical
File Size : 55. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Fermentation Microbiology and Biotechnology, Third Edition explores and illustrates the diverse array of metabolic pathways employed for the production of primary and secondary metabolites as well as biopharmaceuticals. This updated and expanded edition addresses the whole spectrum of fermentation biotechnology, from fermentation kinetics and dynamics to protein and co-factor engineering. The third edition builds upon the fine pedigree of its earlier predecessors and extends the spectrum of the book to reflect the multidisciplinary and buoyant nature of this subject area. To that end, the book contains four new chapters: Functional Genomics Solid-State Fermentations Applications of Metabolomics to Microbial Cell Factories Current Trends in Culturing Complex Plant Tissues for the Production of Metabolites and Elite Genotypes Organized and written in a concise manner, the book’s accessibility is enhanced by the inclusion of definition boxes in the margins explaining any new concept or specific term. The text also contains a significant number of case studies that illustrate current trends and their applications in the field. With contributions from a global group of eminent academics and industry experts, this book is certain to pave the way for new innovations in the exploitation of microorganisms for the benefit of mankind.

Biotechnology Bridging Research And Applications

Author : A.M. Chakrabarty
ISBN : 0792311442
Genre : Science
File Size : 56. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Biotechnology is advancing at a rapid pace with numerous applications in medicine, industry, agriculture and environmental remediation. Recognizing this, government, industrial and academic research and development invest ment in biotechnology has expanded rapidly. The past decade has seen the emergence of applications of this technology with a dual-use potential. Mili tary applications focus on four major areas: biomedical technology, such as vaccine development and medical diagnostics; detection of toxins, chemicals and pathogens; material biotechnology; and biological decontamination, in cluding biodegradation and bioremediation. This conference emphasizes the non-medical applications of biotechnol ogy. The first two sessions focus on the synthesis and properties of molecules that may be used in detectors. The traditional approach to detection of chemical and biological agents relied on the development of specific assays or analyses for known agents. Advances in molecular biology have made possible the production of large quantities of toxins which were previously available in minute quantities, and the molecular engineering of toxins and pathogens with specific pharmacologic and physical-chemical properties. In addition to the traditional approaches to detection of specific known compounds, biotechnology now offers generic approaches to detection. Physiological targets, known as receptors, are primary targets for many drugs and toxins. Similarly, pathogens rely on receptors to gain access to cells. These receptors function as sensitive detectors, generating signals which are transduced and amplified.

Lignocellulose Biotechnology

Author : Ramesh Chander Kuhad
ISBN : 9788188237586
Genre : Cellulase
File Size : 82. 78 MB
Format : PDF
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The agricultural and forestry processing wastes (lignocellulosics) are an important material resource and energy source. However, if untreated they can pose a danger to the environment and potentially valuable resources. Microorganisms contribute significantly to the problem of biomass degradation, its recycling and conservation. In the recent years, an increasing interest shown by the textile, food, feed & pulp and paper industries in the microbial and enzymatic processes has triggered in-depth studies of lignocellulolytic microorganisms and their enzymes. Moreover, the advent of recombinant DNA technology in the late 1970s further paved the way for developing technologies based on lignocellulolytic microbes and enzymes. Lignocellulose Biotechnology presents a comprehensive review of the research directed towards potential and environment friendly agricultural and forest byproducts. The book comprises 22 chapters, divided in four sections. It deals with a wide range of topics including biodiversity of lignocellulose degrading microorganisms and their enzymes, molecular biology of biodegradation of lignin, characterization of lignocellulolytic enzymes, bioconversion of plant biomass to produce enzymes, animal feed, bioethanol and industrial applications of lignocellulolytic enzymes. The chapters dealing with industrial applications also address current biotechnological approaches in lignocellulose bioconversion to value added products. This book is essential reading for students, researchers, scientists and engineers working in the areas of environmental microbiology, environmental biotechnology, life sciences, waste management and biomaterials.

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