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Black Livingstone

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ISBN : 9780988225268
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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A largely untold story of an extraordinary historical figure, this biography sheds light on the life of William Sheppard, a 19th-century African American who, for more than 20 years, defied segregation and operated a missionary run by black Americans in the Belgian Congo. This work shows how Sheppard returned to United States periodically, and traveled the country telling tales of his adventures to packed auditoriums. An anthropologist, photographer, big-game hunter, and art collector, the man billed as the “Black Livingstone” helped expose the atrocities that occurred under the reign of King Leopold, and this stirring work tells how he eventually helped to break Belgium’s hold on the Congo.

From Jerusalem To Irian Jaya

Author : Ruth A. Tucker
ISBN : 9780310830627
Genre : Religion
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This is history at its best. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya is readable, informative, gripping, and above all honest. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya helps readers understand the life and role of a missionary through real life examples of missionaries throughout history. We see these men and women as fallible and human in their failures as well as their successes. These great leaders of missions are presented as real people, and not super-saints. This second edition covers all 2,000 years of mission history with a special emphasis on the modern era, including chapters focused on the Muslim world, Third World missions, and a comparison of missions in Korea and Japan. It also contains both a general and an “illustration” index where readers can easily locate particular missionaries, stories, or incidents. New design graphics, photographs, and maps help make this a compelling book. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya is as informative and intriguing as it is inspiring—an invaluable resource for missionaries, mission agencies, students, and all who are concerned about the spreading of the gospel throughout the world.

Black Terror White Soldiers

Author : David Livingstone
ISBN : 9781481226509
Genre : History
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Far too ignorant of the histories of the rest of the world, being aware of only the accomplishments of Greece, Rome and Europe, Westerners have been made to believe that their societies represent the most superior examples of civilization. However, the Western value system stems from a misconception that, as in nature, human society too is evolving. The idea derives from the hidden influence of secret societies, who followed the belief in spiritual evolution of the Kabbalah, which taught that history would attain its fulfillment when man would become God, and make his own laws. Therefore, the infamous Illuminati gave its name to the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century, which claimed that human progress must abandon "superstition," meaning Christianity, in favor of "reason." Thus the Illuminati succeeded in bringing about the French and American revolutions, which instituted the separation of Church and State, and from that point forward, the Western values of Humanism, seen to include secularism, human rights, democracy and capitalism, have been celebrated as the culmination of centuries of human intellectual evolution. This is the basis of the propaganda which has been used to foster a Clash of Civilizations, where the Islamic world is presented as stubbornly adhering to the anachronistic idea of "theocracy." Where once the spread of Christianity and civilizing the world were used as pretexts for colonization, today a new White Man's Burden makes use of human rights and democracy to justify imperial aggression. However, because, after centuries of decline, the Islamic world is incapable of mobilizing a defense, the Western powers, as part of their age-old strategy of Divide and Conquer, have fostered the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, to both serve as agent-provocateurs and to malign the image of Islam. These sects, known to scholars as Revivalists, opposed the traditions of classical Islamic scholarship in order to create the opportunity to rewrite the laws of the religion to better serve their sponsors. Thus were created the Wahhabi and Salafi sects of Islam, from which were derived the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been in the service of the West ever since. But, the story of the development of these Islamic sects involves the bizarre doctrines and hidden networks of occult secret societies, being based on a Rosicrucian myth of Egyptian Freemasonry, which see the Muslim radicals as inheritors of an ancient mystery tradition of the Middle East which was passed on to the Knights Templar during the Crusades, thus forming the foundation of the legends of the Holy Grail. These beliefs would not only form the cause for the association of Western intelligence agencies with Islamic fundamentalists, but would fundamentally shape much of twentieth century history.

The Problem South

Author : Natalie J. Ring
ISBN : 9780820329031
Genre : History
File Size : 84. 27 MB
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For most historians, the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries saw the hostilities of the Civil War and the dashed hopes of Reconstruction give way to the nationalizing forces of cultural reunion, a process that is said to have downplayed sectional grievances and celebrated racial and industrial harmony. In truth, says Natalie J. Ring, this buoyant mythology competed with an equally powerful and far-reaching set of representations of the backward Problem South—one that shaped and reflected attempts by northern philanthropists, southern liberals, and federal experts to rehabilitate and reform the country's benighted region. Ring rewrites the history of sectional reconciliation and demonstrates how this group used the persuasive language of social science and regionalism to reconcile the paradox of poverty and progress by suggesting that the region was moving through an evolutionary period of “readjustment” toward a more perfect state of civilization. In addition, The Problem South contends that the transformation of the region into a mission field and laboratory for social change took place in a transnational moment of reform. Ambitious efforts to improve the economic welfare of the southern farmer, eradicate such diseases as malaria and hookworm, educate the southern populace, “uplift” poor whites, and solve the brewing “race problem” mirrored the colonial problems vexing the architects of empire around the globe. It was no coincidence, Ring argues, that the regulatory state's efforts to solve the “southern problem” and reformers' increasing reliance on social scientific methodology occurred during the height of U.S. imperial expansion.

Christianity Encountering World Religions Encountering Mission

Author : Terry C. Muck
ISBN : 9781441205261
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45. 35 MB
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The current religious climate poses unique challenges to those engaged in mission. Thus the authors of this book propose a new, yet very biblical, model for interacting with people of other faiths. They term this model giftive mission, as it is based on the metaphor of free gift. We bear the greatest gift possible--the gospel message. Adopting this perspective not only has the potential for greater missionary success but also enables us to more closely imitate God's gracious activity in the world. The core of the book explores eleven practices that characterize giftive mission. Each practice is illustrated through the story of a figure from mission history who embodied that practice. Further discussion shows how to incorporate these practices in specific mission settings.

David Livingstone

Author : Andrew C. Ross
ISBN : 9780826445148
Genre : History
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David Livingstone was one of the supreme representatives of the British Empire; yet his career suffered many set-backs during his own lifetime and since his death his reputation has swung between extremes of adulation and dismissal. Were his epic journeys through Africa purely to save souls and counter the slave trade? Or were they the first steps towards bringing the peoples of Central Africa under the control of Europeans who would destroy their values and exploit them economically? Beyond these questions, there lies the puzzle of Livingstone's own character and its contradictions. Livingstone's career was certainly an extraordinary one. Born in poverty in Blantyre, Scotland, he educated himself by heroic endeavour, later proving himself to be a remarkable linguist and scientist. His missionary journeys brought him into contact with a wide range of African peoples, for whom he showed remarkable sympathy. This book is an account of Livingstone's life and his achievements.

Die Welt Der G Tterbilder

Author : Brigitte Groneberg
ISBN : 9783110204155
Genre : Religion
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Götterbilder schaffen eine eigene Welt theologischer Reflexion und religiöser Praxis. Texte vermitteln Gottesbilder von hoher Komplexität. Bildliche Darstellungen müssen indessen Gottesbilder auf das Wesentliche reduzieren. Diesen Reduktionsprozess lediglich als Simplifizierung zu begreifen, wäre unangemessen. Vielmehr handelt es sich um einen Konzentrationsprozess, der durch die bewusst evozierte Vieldeutigkeit der Wahrnehmung eine neue Komplexität erzeugt. Nicht von ungefähr besteht zwischen der durch Bilder einerseits und durch Texte andererseits vermittelte Profilierung von Gottesvorstellungen eine erhebliche Diskrepanz. Die Ursachen dafür liegen natürlich primär in den unterschiedlichen Möglichkeiten der Darstellungsmedien. Doch Medien sind nicht nur Mittel zum Zweck, sondern überlegt gewählte Filter, die Wahrnehmung gezielt leiten sollen. Der vorliegende Band untersucht dieses Phänomen in Beiträgen grundsätzlicher Art und in materialen Präsentationen aus dem Bereich des Alten Orients, Griechenlands und der Welt des Hellenismus. Bewusst sind auch Beiträge aus dem Kontakt zwischen Christentum und Islam zum Thema Bildverehrung integriert worden. Dadurch wird deutlich, welche Kompensationsstrategien entwickelt werden, wo bildliche Repräsentationen dem theologischen Verdikt unterliegen. Der Band enthält achtzehn Beiträge von international bekannten Forschern in deutscher und englischer Sprache.

Racial And Ethnic Differences In Disease

Author : Anthony P. Polednak
ISBN : 0195059700
Genre : Medical
File Size : 70. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book presents a comprehensive account of differences in the frequencies of various diseases among a wide range of racial and ethnic groups throughout the world today. It provides epidemiologists, physicians, sociologists, and anthropologists with a methodological framework for understanding the concepts of race and ethnic group, the use of these concepts in epidemiology, and the interpretation of epidemiologic studies of disease. The volume includes information on the physical anthropology of major racial/ethnic groups, as well as chapters on genetic diseases, infectious and parasitic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and many other chronic disorders. Each chapter provides descriptive information on the relative frequencies of diseases and the methods used in studies, as well as a systematic discussion of the interpretation of the racial and ethnic differences described, which may arise from such factors as errors in measurement or socioeconomic differences between groups. Genetic and biological factors are also considered, and many individual studies are summarized and critically appraised. The text is ideal for graduates and undergraduates alike, while the authors non-technical approach is easily accessible to general readers with an interest in the subject.

Brain Tumors E Book

Author : Andrew H. Kaye
ISBN : 9780702048180
Genre : Medical
File Size : 60. 97 MB
Format : PDF
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Meet the increasing need for effective brain tumor management with the highly anticipated revision of Brain Tumors by Drs. Andrew H. Kaye and Edward R. Laws. Over the past decade, enormous advances have been made in both the diagnosis and the surgical and radiotherapeutic management of brain tumors. This new edition guides you through the latest developments in the field, including hot topics like malignant gliomas, functional brain mapping, neurogenetics and the molecular biology of brain tumors, and biologic and gene therapy. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of Drs. Andrew H. Kaye and Edward R. Laws, globally recognized experts in the field of neurosurgery, as well as many other world authorities.

Breaking The Line

Author : Samuel G. Freedman
ISBN : 9781439189771
Genre : History
File Size : 68. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Looks at the 1967 football season leading up to that year's black college championship between Grambling College and Florida A&M, and how it fit into the civil rights struggles of the time.

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