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Author : Bruce T. Blythe
ISBN : 9781931332699
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 29. 4 MB
Format : PDF
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Uniquely two-books-in-one, this 2nd Edition of Blindsided covers both Crisis Response and Crisis Preparedness and interweaves the principles of Crisis Leadership through every phase. Intensely experiential, the book lands you in the middle of a fast-breaking crisis and uses riveting case studies/examples to demonstrate what a top-notch leader would say and do at every turn. Then, based on this eye-opening simulation, the author uses his 30 years of global crisis experience to show you how to write and implement a real-world crisis management plan. Blythe has divided Blindsided into two operational sections: Crisis Response and Crisis Preparedness. His emphasis throughout is on the often-neglected human side of crisis management, going beyond protecting tangible assets and instilling principled concern for human well-being into every decision. Part 1. Crisis Response: Using the technique of focused imagery, Blythe places you in a dramatic and realistic scenario. You're now an unprepared manager blindsided by the reality of an active shooter loose in your building. Some workers may already be injured or dead. What's your next move? How do you make sure everybody is safe? How do you set up teams, command centers, crisis containment, and effective communication? How do you protect your corporate reputation? Can you rebuild the spirit, cohesion, and productivity of employees in the post-crisis "new normal"? At the start of the book, before you faced the sudden crisis in this simulation, a crisis response plan may have been a project for 'someday', now it's a priority. Part 2. Crisis Preparedness: Now you embark on building a crisis response plan – or enhancing the one you have. Blythe guides you and your teams to analyze foreseeable risks, evaluate existing controls, add new ones, test and re-evaluate the plan. Analyzing the behavior of national and world leaders, you distinguish clearly the two kinds of leaders who emerge in a crisis: the "crisis whisperer" who becomes a calm center in the storm, and the one in the "crisis red zone," worsening the situation with every word and every decision. You learn to employ the Be-Know-Do leadership model (adapted from military) that has been implemented by senior management teams throughout the world. Blindsided includes practical forms, checklists, case studies, real-life examples, glossary, index, discussion questions, and other take-and-use tools, including: Quick Use Response Guide: Each chapter ends with a summary checklist, all 15 can form a ready-reference pocket guide. Incident Checklists for 9 Major Crises: Practical checklists for accidental deaths, aircraft crash, chemical/toxic exposure, civil unrest, earthquake, explosion/fire, flood, kidnap ransom, shooting, plus 20 other foreseeable risks. 20-Page Guide for Addressing Families of the Injured: What to say/do to help families of fatalities or seriously injured with medical/financial assistance, emotional support and training teams assigned to work with them. Your next crisis will happen when least expected, but with Blythe's guidance, you'll never again be blindsided!

The Manager S Guide To Bullies In The Workplace

Author : Vali Hawkins Mitchell
ISBN : 9781944480134
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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As a manager, you can usually handle disruptive employees. But sometimes, their emotional states foster workplace tension, even making them a danger to others. Your own confidence is at risk. In The Manager’s Guide to Bullies in the Workplace: Coping with Emotional Terrorists, noted counselor Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell gives you sensible advice for keeping the bully from dominating the workgroup and destroying productivity – and maintaining your own healthy emotional balance at the same time. Sometimes the difficult person is an overt physical bully, which makes it easy to simply fire the person. Much of the time, however, the problems are more subtle and build up over periods of time. They undermine your ability to manage your team – and they can spread to the rest of the team, destroying teamwork and productivity. In this short book, Dr. Vali helps you to: Recognize the types of upsetting work situations that bullies exploit to their own advantage, such as change, grief, and violence. Understand why emotional terrorists make it so difficult for you, as a manager, to deal with their behavior. . See the symptomatic tools and techniques of the emotional terrorist, such as harassment, lying to supervisors, tampering with documents, etc. . Conduct training to help other managers and team members recognize and handle the signs of impending emotional conflict – you will love the “Snakes in the Schoolyard” exercise. . Know exactly what to say and not say when you must have a one-on-one interview with someone you consider to be a bully. . Be an effective manager in a world of challenges – protecting and preserving the mental health of your employees and yourself. . Dr. Vali uses realistic examples and humor to help you handle the challenges you face – and to show the degree to which she really understands your situation. With her guidance, you will be more comfortable with knowing when you can handle the situation through simply being the good manager, when you need to call in an outside mental health professional, and when you need to call 911.

Introduction To Emergency Evacuation

Author : Jim Burtles KLJ
ISBN : 9781944480158
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 83. 78 MB
Format : PDF
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When it’s not just a drill, you need to get it right the first time. If an emergency alert sounds, are you ready to take charge and get everyone out of the office, theatre, classroom, or store safely? In Introduction to Emergency Evacuation: Getting Everybody Out When it Counts, Jim Burtles explains the practical basics of understanding your site, planning escape routes, and providing for people with special needs. When minutes count, you will be ready to take action! From 30+ years of working with organizations like yours, Burtles knows the challenges you face. He tells you what you need to know as you plan to evacuate people of all ages and health conditions – whether it’s from small offices, skyscrapers, stores, industrial plants, hospitals, college campuses, or other venues. In this short book, Burtles tells you how to: Analyze the site, identifying escape routes and assembly areas. Select and train emergency response teams who will be ready to assist when needed. Calculate the amount of time to allow to evacuate people from different locations – using the author’s own proven formula. Anticipate the personal needs of people who have been suddenly evacuated – from coats to transportation to medical assistance. Learn the needs and limitations of people with disabilities, creating personal evacuation plans for them. Create signage that will be effective for anyone who will be in the area – from workers to customers to visitors. Communicate during the emergency. Check and double-check to make sure nobody is left behind. Finally, to save you time in your emergency planning, Burtles ends the book ends with a bonus comprehensive “Emergency Evacuation Checklist” containing the essentials you need to make sure your plan covers everything you need.

The Manager S Guide To Quick Crisis Response

Author : Bruce T. Blythe
ISBN : 9781944480226
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36. 59 MB
Format : PDF
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Avoid being “blindsided” by an unexpected emergency or crisis in the workplace – violence, natural disaster, or worse! Bruce Blythe’s The Manager’s Guide to Quick Response in a Crisis: Effective Action in an Emergency offers the time-tested skills that prepare you to act effectively – on behalf of yourself and your co-workers – in the face of threat and chaos. Blythe uses real-world case studies, examples, and checklists to help you be the top-notch leader the situation requires. “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst” sums up Blythe’s philosophy. This short book is the essence of the basic practical counseling that he would give if he were sitting next to you at your desk. To help you figure out what to do next, he offers real-world examples of what has worked – and not worked – in his 30+ years of experience with companies just like yours. With Blythe’s advice, you can act fast to: Find out the accurate facts you need to strategize and implement a response. Compile a checklist of immediate action items. Create a crisis command center (CCC. Select the best people for your action team and determine action steps. . Understand how to make good decisions in a crisis or emergency. . Handle the human side of a traumatic incident. . Set priorities in multiple timeframes. . Establish a “new normal” as everyone phases back into productive work after the incident. To help you take the actions that will make a difference, the book includes: Practical forms, checklists, cases studies, and real-life examples. “Quick Use Response Guide” at the end of each chapter – all four can form a handy pocket guide.

Academy Of Management Journal

Author : Academy of Management
ISBN : UCSD:31822023324338
Genre : Industrial management
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California Management Review

Author :
ISBN : UCBK:C055478447
Genre : Industrial management
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Practical Police Psychology

Author : Laurence Miller
ISBN : PSU:000059277583
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 38. 86 MB
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Leading People Through Disasters

Author : Kathryn McKee
ISBN : 9781576754207
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 21. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Here is the only book that instructs HR managers and departments on how to manage human factors and provide leadership before, during and after catastrophic events.

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Author : Rose Arny
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