born of fire the dawn of legend

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Born Of Fire

Author : Dreagen
ISBN : 0692687394
Genre : Fiction
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On a night tinged by a red sky, a mysterious figure, while being pursued by malicious forces, whisks a baby away to the halls of a natural history museum. There, the baby is found by a museum guard who, after a violent explosion, finds himself the father of a strange child with red eyes. Naming him Rex, the pair's lives become intertwined for the next fifteen years. Shunned as a freak by humanity, Rex's life is filled with cruelty and violence, with his father being the only source of love he has ever known. That is, until one fateful night, the forces that orphaned him on earth once again appear and turn his world upside down, releasing the power lying dormant within him and changing the course of his life forever. Now Rex awakens to find himself lost in a strange and beautiful world called EeNara; a breathtaking and wondrous place, filled with creatures from earth's past and those like him. All of which possess a living flame: the physical manifestation of the cosmic forces that gave birth to and bind the universe together. With the help of five wayward new friends, Rex learns to harness the destructive power of his own flame, before setting out with them on a journey to unravel the mystery surrounding their origins and save EeNara from the oncoming flames of war.

The Legendary Tales Of The Wizard Iii Born Of The Fire Belly

Author : Mark Irlanda
ISBN : 9781683481225
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 70. 56 MB
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Mark Irlanda Unknown worlds of mystical enchantment, magical beings, and mythical creatures bring forth fantasy to enlighten the distraught heart and confused mind of a ten year old boy, Burris Samson Debowski. Whose dreams have haunted him since the time of his father's disappearance, haunting immensely more with the death of his loving mother. Dreams of which become reality as he becomes something more than ever dreamed in a world parallel to his. A world of dark spells, cold wars between wizards, dragons and kings. Wars that only he can put an end to as the hero. As the savior. Burris fought through hardships and emotional loss, has always persevered with everything he does as tragedy plays itself over and over in his life. He gets good grades, has a loving grandmother and a loyal best friend. Why and how can this be? Are the constant questions burning, forever wondering if these tragedies are his life at all, always feeling a beckoning, a new life awaiting, and old life returning in flashes and dreams or a parallel life presently happening? A new life, has always been Burris' wish and he got what he wished for. A life of new friends and wondrous magic in a world where he is a legend.

San Diego Legends

Author : Jack Scheffler Innis
ISBN : 0932653642
Genre : History
File Size : 72. 33 MB
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San Diego journalist Jack Innis describes the many fascinating people and events that influenced the development of San Diego, plus the colorful characters and groups that made headlines in the past century. The book is silled with contemporary photos of historic landmarks and places, as well as vintage illustrations and photographs.

Quest For The Fire The Beginning Cito S Namesake

Author :
ISBN : 9781435729711
Genre :
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Indian Myth And Legend Illustrations

Author : Donald Alexander Mackenzie
Genre :
File Size : 30. 97 MB
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Example in this ebook This volume deals with the myths and legends of India, which survive to us in the rich and abundant storehouse of Sanskrit literature, and with the rise and growth of Brahmanism, Buddhism, Jainism, &c. The reader is introduced to the various sacred works of the Hindus, including the ancient invocatory hymns of the four Vedas, the later speculative and expository “Forest Books” in which “the Absolute is grasped and proclaimed”, and those great epic poems the Rámáyana, which is three times longer than the Iliad, and the Máhábharata, which is four times longer than the Rámáyana. In no other country have the national poets given fuller and finer expression to the beliefs and ideals and traditions of a people, or achieved as a result wider and more enduring fame. At the present day over two hundred million Hindus are familiar in varying degrees with the legendary themes and traditional beliefs which the ancient forest sages and poets of India invested with much beautiful symbolism, and used as mediums for speculative thought and profound spiritual teachings. The sacred books of India are to the Hindus what the Bible is to Christians. Those who read them, or hear them read, are believed to be assured of prosperity in this world and of salvation in the next. To students of history, of ethnology, and of comparative religion they present features of peculiar interest, for they contain an elaborate sociology of the ancient Aryo-Indians, their political organizations, their codes of laws, their high ethical code, and above all their conceptions of God, the soul, and the Universe. Some knowledge of them is necessary for those who desire to approach with sympathy the investigation of the religious beliefs of our Hindu fellow men and to understand their outlook upon life and the world. The Introduction deals with various aspects of the study of these ancient myths and legends which have been the inspiration of a national literature infused with much grandeur and sublimity. The historic Aryan controversy, of which the science of comparative mythology is a by-product, is passed under review, and it is shown to what extent philological theories regarding race problems have been modified during recent years as a result of the adoption of broader and more exact methods of ethnic and archæological research and the ever-extending study of comparative mythology. There has also been condensed much important data dealing with the early phases of Aryo-Indian civilization accumulated for historical purposes by industrious and painstaking Sanskrit scholars who have been engaged in investigating and systematizing the internal evidence of the various religious poems and treatises. It will be found that no general agreement has yet been reached regarding Aryo-Indian chronology, but it now appears to be well established that although there were early cultural as well as racial “drifts”, fresh invasions, which had far-reaching results in the social and religious life of northern India, occurred at a late period in what is known as the Vedic Age. In consequence, the problem presented by this ancient civilization tends rather to grow more complex than to become simplified. Its origin is still wrapped in obscurity. At the very dawn of history Aryo-Indian culture had attained a comparatively high state of development, and a considerable period must be allowed for its growth. To be continue in this ebook

Legends Of The Fire Spirits

Author : Robert Lebling
ISBN : 9780857730633
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56. 53 MB
Format : PDF
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‘An energy, a pulse form of quantum physics perhaps, alive at the margins of sleep or madness, and more often in the whispering of a single unwelcome thought.’ The Economist According to Islamic tradition, Allah created three types of beings: angels, made of light; humans, made of earth; and jinn, made of smokeless fire. Supernatural, shape-shifting, intelligent and blessed with free will and remarkable powers, jinn have over the ages been given many names - demon, spirit, ghoul, genie, ifrit and shaitan. Neither human nor immortal, they roam the earth inhabiting dark and empty places, luring humans to their deaths or demonically possessing them if harmed or offended. Despite the fact they cannot be seen, jinn are said to be strangely human-like - marrying, bearing children, forming communities and tribes, eating, sleeping, playing and facing judgement like any other human. They are ever-present partners in the human experience, causing endless mischief, providing amazing services and sometimes inducing sheer terror. Believed in by hundreds of millions of people throughout the world and from all faiths, jinn have played a particularly central role in the literature, culture and belief systems of the Middle East and the Islamic world. Legends of the Fire Spirits explores through time and across nations the enduring phenomenon of the jinn. From North Africa to Central Asia, from the Mediterranean to sub-Saharan Africa and beyond, this riveting, often chilling, yet reasoned book draws on long-forgotten ancient testimonies, medieval histories, colonial records, anthropologist’s reports and traveller’s tales to explore the different types of jinn, their behaviour, society, culture and long history of contact with humankind. It documents their links with famous figures in history such as King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and illustrates the varied and vivid portrayals of jinn in world literature. In essence Legends of the Fire Spirits demonstrates the colourful diversity of human culture and the durability of faith and is a magnificent and indispensable portrayal of the rich folklore of the Islamic world.

The 100 Greatest Bands Of All Time A Guide To The Legends Who Rocked The World 2 Volumes

Author : David V. Moskowitz
ISBN : 9781440803406
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 25. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This one-of-a-kind reference investigates the music and the musicians that set the popular trends of the last half century in America. • Contains an alphabetical collection of entries that each profile a major group and band from the past 60 years • Provides a selected discography and bibliography for further listening and reading for each entry • Covers a wide variety of styles from classic rock to surf rock to hip hop • Features sidebar entries which tie together larger popular music concepts such as the rise and influence of MTV and the phenomenon of girl bands

Born In Fire Born In Ice Born In Shame

Author : Nora Roberts
ISBN : 0739401505
Genre : Bed and breakfast accommodations
File Size : 48. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Born in fire: Maggie Concannon creates beautiful glass images through a blowpipe and with a fiery furnace, much as she herself was born and survived her mother's angry frustrations and resentment. Then Maggie falls in love with Rogan, her new agent, who brings her passion, fame, and riches. Born in ice: Cool, capable, and thoroughly domestic, Brianna Concannon welcomes American mystery writer Grayson Thane to her County Clare bed-and-breakfast, never dreaming that she and this footloose, homeless-by-choice stranger could ever have anything in common, let alone fall in love. But they do-and then must come to terms with their separate pasts before they can put the future in perspective. Born in shame: Shannon Bodine's life is rocked by an emotional earthquake when she learns the identity of her real father. Obeying her late mother's last wish, American Shannon travels to County Clare, Ireland, to meet the half-sisters she never knew she had. Warmed and comforted by the bond that grows between her and her sisters, her heart is lured by the charm of the Irish countryside and tempted by the attraction of horseman Murphy Muldoon. Murphy takes one look at Shannon and knows that she is the woman he's waited for all his life. But Shannon is a practical woman. Will she open her heart and mind to the timeless, magical bond that connects them? Or will she reject fate's plan and leave Murphy to return to her life in America?

Born Of Fire

Author : Charles S. King
ISBN : UCSD:31822035421973
Genre : Art
File Size : 76. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Margaret Tafoya is regarded as one of the great masters of pueblo pottery. This book focuses on her art, her life, and the Tafoya legacy of potters.

The Encyclopaedia Of Myths Legends Of All Nations

Author : Herbert Spencer Robinson
ISBN : IND:39000005920835
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31. 44 MB
Format : PDF
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