breach of faith hurricane katrina and the near death of a great american city

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Breach Of Faith

Author : Jed Horne
ISBN : 9781588365538
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 40. 14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Hurricane Katrina shredded one of the great cities of the South, and as levees failed and the federal relief effort proved lethally incompetent, a natural disaster became a man-made catastrophe. As an editor of New Orleans’ daily newspaper, the Pulitzer Prize—winning Times-Picayune, Jed Horne has had a front-row seat to the unfolding drama of the city’s collapse into chaos and its continuing struggle to survive. As the Big One bore down, New Orleanians rich and poor, black and white, lurched from giddy revelry to mandatory evacuation. The thousands who couldn’t or wouldn’t leave initially congratulated themselves on once again riding out the storm. But then the unimaginable happened: Within a day 80 percent of the city was under water. The rising tides chased horrified men and women into snake-filled attics and onto the roofs of their houses. Heroes in swamp boats and helicopters braved wind and storm surge to bring survivors to dry ground. Mansions and shacks alike were swept away, and then a tidal wave of lawlessness inundated the Big Easy. Screams and gunshots echoed through the blacked-out Superdome. Police threw away their badges and joined in the looting. Corpses drifted in the streets for days, and buildings marinated for weeks in a witches’ brew of toxic chemicals that, when the floodwaters finally were pumped out, had turned vast reaches of the city into a ghost town. Horne takes readers into the private worlds and inner thoughts of storm victims from all walks of life to weave a tapestry as intricate and vivid as the city itself. Politicians, thieves, nurses, urban visionaries, grieving mothers, entrepreneurs with an eye for quick profit at public expense–all of these lives collide in a chronicle that is harrowing, angry, and often slyly ironic. Even before stranded survivors had been plucked from their roofs, government officials embarked on a vicious blame game that further snarled the relief operation and bedeviled scientists striving to understand the massive levee failures and build New Orleans a foolproof flood defense. As Horne makes clear, this shameless politicization set the tone for the ongoing reconstruction effort, which has been haunted by racial and class tensions from the start. Katrina was a catastrophe deeply rooted in the politics and culture of the city that care forgot and of a nation that forgot to care. In Breach of Faith, Jed Horne has created a spellbinding epic of one of the worst disasters of our time. From the Hardcover edition.

New Orleans For Dummies

Author : Julia Kamysz Lane
ISBN : 9780470127261
Genre : Travel
File Size : 55. 39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Kreolische Identit T

Author : Nina Möllers
ISBN : 9783839410363
Genre : History
File Size : 64. 29 MB
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Frei, wohlhabend und 'rassengemischt' - die kreolischen Free People of Color waren eine Anomalie innerhalb des bipolaren amerikanischen 'Rassensystems' des 19. Jahrhunderts. Dieser Band untersucht die Konstruktion 'rassischer', geschlechtlicher und klassenspezifischer Identitäten und zeigt, in welch bisher unbekanntem Ausmaß es den Free People of Color gelang, alternative Identitätsentwürfe zu entwickeln und in Politik, Kultur und Recht zu verankern. Indem die Studie zurückgeht zu anderen Orten und Zeitpunkten, wirft sie einen neuen Blick auf das vermeintlich klare Verhältnis der 'Rassen' in den Südstaaten der USA und revidiert die Vorstellung von der afroamerikanischen Bevölkerung als homogene Gruppe.

A Neighborhood Politics Of Last Resort

Author : Stephen Danley
ISBN : 9780773555907
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 40. 59 MB
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The steep rise in neighborhood associations in post-Katrina New Orleans is commonly presented in starkly positive or negative terms – either romanticized narratives of community influence or dismissals of false consciousness and powerlessness to elite interests. In A Neighborhood Politics of Last Resort Stephen Danley offers a messier and ultimately more complete picture of these groups as simultaneously crucial but tenuous social actors. Through a comparative case study based on extensive fieldwork in post-Katrina New Orleans, Danley follows activists in their efforts to rebuild their communities, while also examining the dark underbelly of NIMBYism ("not in my backyard"), characterized by racism and classism. He elucidates how neighborhood activists were tremendously inspired in their defense of their communities, at times outwitting developers or other perceived threats to neighborhood life, but they could be equally creative in discriminating against potential neighbors and fighting to keep others out of their communities. Considering the plight of grassroots activism in the context of national and global urban challenges, A Neighborhood Politics of Last Resort immerses the reader in the daily minutiae of post-Katrina life to reveal how multiple groups responded to the same crisis with inconsistent and often ad-hoc approaches, visions, and results.

Hurricane Katrina And The Flooding Of New Orleans

Author : Mary K. Pratt
ISBN : 9781512411287
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 45. 20 MB
Format : PDF
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In August 2005, a massive hurricane hit New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast. Levees created to protect New Orleans from flooding failed, and water rushed into the city. Some stranded residents waited days in horrible conditions for rescue to arrive. More than a thousand people died, and thousands more lost their homes. Could anyone have prevented these losses? To understand the impact of a disaster, you must understand its causes. How did Hurricane Katrina turn into a monster storm? How did poor planning contribute to the scope of the disaster? Investigate the disaster from a cause-and-effect perspective and find out!

Flood Of Images

Author : Bernie Cook
ISBN : 9780292771369
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 51. 56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Anyone who was not in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding of the city experienced the disaster as a media event, a flood of images pouring across television and computer screens. The twenty-four-hour news cycle created a surplus of representation that overwhelmed viewers and complicated understandings of the storm, the flood, and the aftermath. As time passed, documentary and fictional filmmakers took up the challenge of explaining what had happened in New Orleans, reaching beyond news reports to portray the lived experiences of survivors of Katrina. But while these narratives presented alternative understandings and more opportunities for empathy than TV news, Katrina remained a mediated experience. In Flood of Images, Bernie Cook offers the most in-depth, wide-ranging, and carefully argued analysis of the mediation and meanings of Katrina. He engages in innovative, close, and comparative visual readings of news coverage on CNN, Fox News, and NBC; documentaries including Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke and If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise, Tia Lessin and Carl Deal's Trouble the Water, and Dawn Logsdon and Lolis Elie's Faubourg Treme; and the HBO drama Treme. Cook examines the production practices that shaped Katrina-as-media-event, exploring how those choices structured the possible memories and meanings of Katrina and how the media's memory-making has been contested. In Flood of Images, Cook intervenes in the ongoing process of remembering and understanding Katrina.

A Paradise Built In Hell

Author : Rebecca Solnit
ISBN : 1101459018
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 89. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A startling investigation of what people do in disasters and why it matters Why is it that in the aftermath of a disaster? whether manmade or natural?people suddenly become altruistic, resourceful, and brave? What makes the newfound communities and purpose many find in the ruins and crises after disaster so joyous? And what does this joy reveal about ordinarily unmet social desires and possibilities? In A Paradise Built in Hell, award-winning author Rebecca Solnit explores these phenomena, looking at major calamities from the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco through the 1917 explosion that tore up Halifax, Nova Scotia, the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. She examines how disaster throws people into a temporary utopia of changed states of mind and social possibilities, as well as looking at the cost of the widespread myths and rarer real cases of social deterioration during crisis. This is a timely and important book from an acclaimed author whose work consistently locates unseen patterns and meanings in broad cultural histories.

Walking To New Orleans

Author : Robert R. N. Ross
ISBN : 9781630872120
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 50. 56 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Two and a half years after the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, New Orleans and south Louisiana continue to struggle in an unsettled gumbo of environmental, social, and rebuilding chaos. Citizens await the fruition of four successive recovery and reconstruction planning processes and the realization of essential infrastructure repairs. Repopulation in Orleans Parish has slowed considerably; the parish remains at best two-thirds of its former size; thousands of former residents who wish to return face barriers of many kinds. Heroic efforts at rebuilding have occurred through the efforts of individual neighborhood associations and voluntary associations who have attempted to address serious losses in affordable housing and health care services. Walking to New Orleans traces how a dominant but paradoxical model of the relation between the human and natural worlds in Western culture has informed many environmental and engineering dilemmas and has contributed to the history of social inequities and injustice that anteceded the disasters of the hurricanes and subsequent flooding. It proposes a model for collaborative recovery that links principles of ethics and engineering, in which citizens become active, ongoing participants in the process of the reconstruction and redesign of their unique locus of habitation. Equally important, it gives voice to the citizens and associations who are desperately working to rebuild their homes and lives both in urban New Orleans and in the villages of coastal Louisiana.

The 100 Most Important American Financial Crises An Encyclopedia Of The Lowest Points In American Economic History

Author : Quentin R. Skrabec Jr.
ISBN : 9781440830129
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 21. 33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Covering events such as banking crises, economic bubbles, natural disasters, trade embargoes, and depressions, this single-volume encyclopedia of major U.S. financial downturns provides readers with an event-driven understanding of the evolution of the American economy. • Supplies up-to-date information on financial crises from crashes to natural disasters that is relevant to high school and college students in history, government, business, and economics classes • Offers a look at causes, responses, and ultimate outcomes of financial crises decades later, allowing readers to perceive unintended consequences of free trade agreements or new technology • Documents how events far outside average American citizens' awareness can culminate in a financial crisis that greatly impacts their everyday lives, and the cyclical nature of the nation's economy • Includes key primary documents, a chronology of key dates, an appendix of relevant sources, and an index organized by category, company names, and personal names

Eure V Ter Wo Sind Sie Und Die Propheten Leben Sie Ewig

Author : Dave Eggers
ISBN : 9783462309188
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Nach dem Nr.-1-Bestseller »Der Circle« der neue Roman von Dave Eggers In »Der Circle« entwarf Dave Eggers das düstere Szenario einer durch und durch digitalisierten Welt. In seinem neuen Roman, der in der kalifornischen Wüste spielt, erörtert seine Hauptfigur die brennendsten Fragen unserer Zeit. Thomas ist ein Getriebener, der Antworten sucht. Antworten auf die Fragen, die er sich als junger weißer Amerikaner, der aus vielen Rastern fällt, stellt. Und Thomas hat nur ein Mittel, diese Antworten zu finden: Er fragt. Er entführt nach und nach Menschen in eine stillgelegte Militäranlage weit ab von der Zivilisation, kettet sie dort in alten Baracken an und fragt. Fragt einen Astronauten, warum er nie zum Mars geflogen ist. Fragt einen Kongressabgeordneten, wie er die Zukunft des Landes sieht. Fragt seine Mutter, warum sie ihn auf ein Leben vorbereitet hat, das nicht existiert. Und er fragt, warum sein Freund Don unschuldig sterben musste. Thomas gerät immer tiefer in den Strudel der Sinnfrage, bis er den Verstand vollkommen zu verlieren droht. In manchmal sokratisch anmutenden Dialogen lässt Dave Eggers diesen verzweifelten jungen Amerikaner von der Leine, der herausfinden will, worin seine Aufgabe auf diesem Planeten besteht. Dabei werden all die großen Fragen unseres Daseins gestellt, während die sprichwörtliche Bombe tickt.

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