bullied from terror to triumph my survival story

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Bullied From Terror To Triumph

Author : Tensie J Taylor
ISBN : 0692622195
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In this compelling autobiography, Tensie J. Taylor recounts the physical and verbal abuse she experienced almost daily for thirteen years from students at school. From the shame and humiliation of having food thrown at her in the school cafeteria to the intense pain of having her arm almost broken, and to the terror and horror of being dangled from a two-story building, this book takes the reader on a journey into the pain, suffering, and heartache of one being bullied. Readers will be inspired when they discover how Tensie J. Taylor is victorious in overcoming these challenges, difficulties, and hardships. In the end, she is successful in turning terror into triumph.

Son Of Mountains

Author : Yassin Aref
ISBN : 9781614683001
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 72. 28 MB
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Sometimes they put innocent men in prison. Yassin Aref is one of those men. Originally published in 2008, but with renewed relevance for today’s international events, Son of Mountains is the story of a UN refugee who sought peace and freedom for himself and his family in America––and found just the opposite. It is the story of a Muslim imam entrapped in a phony “sting” concocted by the FBI, accused of aiding terrorism, and sentenced in 2007 to fifteen years in federal prison. And it is the story of an Iraqi Kurd––a “son of mountains”––who has struggled all his life just to survive. Yassin grew up in poverty under the rule of Saddam Hussein; as a teenager, he sympathized with the peshmerga (Kurdish freedom fighters, who are now defending northern Iraq against the Islamic State) and risked his life opposing the dictator’s genocide against the Kurds. In 1995, Yassin married and made the wrenching decision to leave his beloved Kurdistan for Syria; four years later, he and his stateless family were given UN refugee status because of Kurdish repression there and sent to Albany, New York to begin a new life in America. An immigrant once more, Yassin was appointed imam of Masjid as-Salam (House of Peace), a small Albany mosque––until the 2004 FBI raid on the mosque and Yassin’s arrest tore his family, the community, and the city apart. By the end of this extraordinary memoir, the reader will understand why Yassin is no terrorist––“I have always looked at my pen as my weapon. I consider myself a peshmerga, but I fight my battles with a pen”––and how grave an injustice has been done. Son of Mountains closes with a compelling essay by volunteer lawyer Stephen Downs that details how the government’s case against Yassin was not a “sting” but a frame-up––an elaborate fiction presented in court as fact––with lives, families, and Constitutional rights sacrificed to our post-9/11 climate of fear.


Author : Laura Hillenbrand
ISBN : 9780812974492
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 61. 9 MB
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Relates the story of a U.S. airman who survived when his bomber crashed into the sea during World War II, spent forty-seven days adrift in the ocean before being rescued by the Japanese Navy, and was held as a prisoner until the end of the war.

Terror In The Name Of God

Author : Jessica Stern
ISBN : 0061755397
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 87. 85 MB
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For four years, Jessica Stern interviewed extremist members of three religions around the world: Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Traveling extensively—to refugee camps in Lebanon, to religious schools in Pakistan, to prisons in Amman, Asqelon, and Pensacola—she discovered that the Islamic jihadi in the mountains of Pakistan and the Christian fundamentalist bomber in Oklahoma have much in common. Based on her vast research, Stern lucidly explains how terrorist organizations are formed by opportunistic leaders who—using religion as both motivation and justification—recruit the disenfranchised. She depicts how moral fervor is transformed into sophisticated organizations that strive for money, power, and attention. Jessica Stern's extensive interaction with the faces behind the terror provide unprecedented insight into acts of inexplicable horror, and enable her to suggest how terrorism can most effectively be countered. A crucial book on terrorism, Terror in the Name of God is a brilliant and thought-provoking work.

Forgiven But Never Forgotten

Author :
ISBN : 0997862343
Genre :
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When The Stars Fall To Earth

Author : Rebecca Tinsley
ISBN : 9780979718465
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 80. 87 MB
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This is a novel about people who find themselves in the middle of a horrific conflict and how they survive. Their choices affect their families, the people they love, and the course of their lives. Their stories start before the events in Sudan touch them, following them through challenges and triumphs, as they rebuild their lives. What they have in common with the rest of us is that their journeys are about finding out what kind of people they are: Should they try to draw strength from their anger or should they let it go? Is it better to stick with what you know or find the courage to change?

The Terrorist S Son

Author : Zak Ebrahim
ISBN : 9781476784816
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 61. 43 MB
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An extraordinary story, never before told: The intimate, behind-the-scenes life of an American boy raised by his terrorist father—the man who planned the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. What is it like to grow up with a terrorist in your home? Zak Ebrahim was only seven years old when, on November 5th, 1990, his father El-Sayyid Nosair shot and killed the leader of the Jewish Defense League. While in prison, Nosair helped plan the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. In one of his infamous video messages, Osama bin Laden urged the world to “Remember El-Sayyid Nosair.” For Zak Ebrahim, a childhood amongst terrorism was all he knew. After his father’s incarceration, his family moved often, and as the perpetual new kid in class, he faced constant teasing and exclusion. Yet, though his radicalized father and uncles modeled fanatical beliefs, to Ebrahim something never felt right. To the shy, awkward boy, something about the hateful feelings just felt unnatural. In this book, Ebrahim dispels the myth that terrorism is a foregone conclusion for people trained to hate. Based on his own remarkable journey, he shows that hate is always a choice—but so is tolerance. Though Ebrahim was subjected to a violent, intolerant ideology throughout his childhood, he did not become radicalized. Ebrahim argues that people conditioned to be terrorists are actually well positioned to combat terrorism, because of their ability to bring seemingly incompatible ideologies together in conversation and advocate in the fight for peace. Ebrahim argues that everyone, regardless of their upbringing or circumstances, can learn to tap into their inherent empathy and embrace tolerance over hatred. His original, urgent message is fresh, groundbreaking, and essential to the current discussion about terrorism.

Avenue Of Spies

Author : Alex Kershaw
ISBN : 9780804140058
Genre : History
File Size : 28. 89 MB
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The best-selling author of "The Liberator" brings to life the incredible true story of an American doctor in Paris, and his heroic espionage efforts during World War II The leafy Avenue Foch, one of the most exclusive residential streets in Nazi-occupied France, was Paris's hotbed of daring spies, murderous secret police, amoral informers, and Vichy collaborators. So when American physician Sumner Jackson, who lived with his wife and young son Phillip at Number 11, found himself drawn into the Liberation network of the French resistance, he knew the stakes were impossibly high. Just down the road at Number 31 was the "mad sadist" Theodor Dannecker, an Eichmann protege charged with deporting French Jews to concentration camps. And Number 84 housed the Parisian headquarters of the Gestapo, run by the most effective spy hunter in Nazi Germany. From his office at the American Hospital, itself an epicenter of Allied and Axis intrigue, Jackson smuggled fallen Allied fighter pilots safely out of France, a job complicated by the hospital director's close ties to collaborationist Vichy. After witnessing the brutal round-up of his Jewish friends, Jackson invited Liberation to officially operate out of his home at Number 11--but the noose soon began to tighten. When his secret life was discovered by his Nazi neighbors, he and his family were forced to undertake a journey into the dark heart of the war-torn continent from which there was little chance of return. Drawing upon a wealth of primary source material and extensive interviews with Phillip Jackson, Alex Kershaw recreates the City of Light during its darkest days. The untold story of the Jackson family anchors the suspenseful narrative, and Kershaw dazzles readers with the vivid immediacy of the best spy thrillers. Awash with the tense atmosphere of World War II's Europe, "Avenue of Spies" introduces us to the brave doctor who risked everything to defy Hitler. "From the Hardcover edition.""

Gravediggers Terror Cove

Author : Christopher Krovatin
ISBN : 9780062077455
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 82. 86 MB
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Action, laughs, and thrills make Gravediggers: Terror Cove an exciting second book in the Gravediggers series, which R.L. Stine, author of Goosebumps, called "fast, frightening, and all too real!" Newly crowned zombie slayers Ian, Kendra, and PJ are on a family vacation in the tropics when they are warned about a cursed island called Isla Hambrienta. What none of them expect to find is a zombie colony much stronger than the one they defeated on the mountain—and another presence on the island that's way more dangerous than the creatures they're supposed to turn to dust. Fans of creepy books like Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman will love Christopher Krovatin's wild stories about zombies and the kids who defeat them.


Author : Lucy Moore
ISBN : 9780061881947
Genre : History
File Size : 84. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The ideals of the French Revolution inflamed a longing for liberty and equality within courageous, freethinking women of the era—women who played vital roles in the momentous events that reshaped their nation and the world. In Liberty, Lucy Moore paints a vivid portrait of six extraordinary Frenchwomen from vastly different social and economic backgrounds who helped stoke the fervor and idealism of those years, and who risked everything to make their mark on history. Germaine de Staël was a wealthy, passionate Parisian intellectual—as consumed by love affairs as she was by politics—who helped write the 1791 Constitution. Théroigne de Méricourt was an unhappy courtesan who fell in love with revolutionary ideals. Exuberant, decadent Thérésia Tallien was a ruthless manipulator instrumental in engineering Robespierre's downfall. Their stories and others provide a fascinating new perspective on one of history's most turbulent epochs.

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