c coding standards 101 rules guidelines and best practices

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C Coding Standards

Author : Herb Sutter
ISBN : 0132654423
Genre : Computers
File Size : 37. 71 MB
Format : PDF
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Consistent, high-quality coding standards improve software quality, reduce time-to-market, promote teamwork, eliminate time wasted on inconsequential matters, and simplify maintenance. Now, two of the world's most respected C++ experts distill the rich collective experience of the global C++ community into a set of coding standards that every developer and development team can understand and use as a basis for their own coding standards. The authors cover virtually every facet of C++ programming: design and coding style, functions, operators, class design, inheritance, construction/destruction, copying, assignment, namespaces, modules, templates, genericity, exceptions, STL containers and algorithms, and more. Each standard is described concisely, with practical examples. From type definition to error handling, this book presents C++ best practices, including some that have only recently been identified and standardized-techniques you may not know even if you've used C++ for years. Along the way, you'll find answers to questions like What's worth standardizing--and what isn't? What are the best ways to code for scalability? What are the elements of a rational error handling policy? How (and why) do you avoid unnecessary initialization, cyclic, and definitional dependencies? When (and how) should you use static and dynamic polymorphism together? How do you practice "safe" overriding? When should you provide a no-fail swap? Why and how should you prevent exceptions from propagating across module boundaries? Why shouldn't you write namespace declarations or directives in a header file? Why should you use STL vector and string instead of arrays? How do you choose the right STL search or sort algorithm? What rules should you follow to ensure type-safe code? Whether you're working alone or with others, C++ Coding Standards will help you write cleaner code--and write it faster, with fewer hassles and less frustration.

C Coding Standards 101 Rules Guidelines And Best Practices

Author : Sutter
ISBN : 8131706133
Genre :
File Size : 65. 85 MB
Format : PDF
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Overcoming The Problems Of Citrus Production In Malaysia

Author :
ISBN : 0321113586
Genre : C++ (Computer program language)
File Size : 42. 1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Exceptional C

Author : Herb Sutter
ISBN : 0201615622
Genre : Computers
File Size : 48. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The puzzles and problems in Exceptional C++ not only entertain, they will help you hone your skills to become the sharpest C++ programmer you can be. Many of these problems are culled from the famous Guru of the Week feature of the Internet newsgroup comp.lang.c++, moderated, expanded and updated to conform to the official ISO/ANSI C++ Standard. Try your skills against the C++ masters and come away with the insight and experience to create more efficient, effective, robust, and portable C++ code.

C Gotchas

Author : Stephen C. Dewhurst
ISBN : 0321125185
Genre : Computers
File Size : 42. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The author presents 99 "gotchas"--Common and preventable problems in C++ programming and design, from minor syntactic annoyances to basic design flaws and psychological behaviour. He shows how to avoid such problems.

Exceptional C Style

Author : Herb Sutter
ISBN : 0201760428
Genre : Computers
File Size : 32. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Software "style" is about finding the perfect balance between overhead and functionality... elegance and maintainability... flexibility and excess. In Exceptional C++ Style , legendary C++ guru Herb Sutter presents 40 new programming scenarios designed to analyze not only the what but the why and help you find just the right balance in your software. Organized around practical problems and solutions, this book offers new insight into crucial C++ details and interrelationships, and new strategies for today's key C++ programming techniques--including generic programming, STL, exception safety, and more. You'll find answers to questions like: What can you learn about library design from the STL itself? How do you avoid making templated code needlessly non-generic? Why shouldn't you specialize function templates? What should you do instead? How does exception safety go beyond try and catch statements? Should you use exception specifications, or not? When and how should you "leak" the private parts of a class? How do you make classes safer for versioning? What's the real memory cost of using standard containers? How can using const really optimize your code? How does writing inline affect performance? When does code that looks wrong actually compile and run perfectly, and why should you care? What's wrong with the design of std::string? Exceptional C++ Style will help you design, architect, and code with style--and achieve greater robustness and performance in all your C++ software.

Large Scale C Software Design

Author : John Lakos
ISBN : 0201633620
Genre : Computers
File Size : 68. 95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In designing large-scale C++ applications, you are entering a dimension barely skimmed by most C++ books, particularly considering experience with small programming projects does not scale up to larger projects. This book unites high-level design concepts with specific C++ programming details to reveal practical methods for planning and implementing high-quality large C++ systems. You will learn the importance of physical design in large systems, how to structure your software as an acyclic hierarchy of components, and techniques for reducing link-time and compile-time dependencies. Then the book turns to logical design issues--architecting a component, designing a function, and implementing an object--all in the context of a large-project environment.

Secure Coding In C And C

Author : Robert C. Seacord
ISBN : 9780768685138
Genre : Computers
File Size : 27. 63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"The security of information systems has not improved at a rate consistent with the growth and sophistication of the attacks being made against them. To address this problem, we must improve the underlying strategies and techniques used to create our systems. Specifically, we must build security in from the start, rather than append it as an afterthought. That's the point of Secure Coding in C and C++. In careful detail, this book shows software developers how to build high-quality systems that are less vulnerable to costly and even catastrophic attack. It's a book that every developer should read before the start of any serious project." --Frank Abagnale, author, lecturer, and leading consultant on fraud prevention and secure documents Learn the Root Causes of Software Vulnerabilities and How to Avoid Them Commonly exploited software vulnerabilities are usually caused by avoidable software defects. Having analyzed nearly 18,000 vulnerability reports over the past ten years, the CERT/Coordination Center (CERT/CC) has determined that a relatively small number of root causes account for most of them. This book identifies and explains these causes and shows the steps that can be taken to prevent exploitation. Moreover, this book encourages programmers to adopt security best practices and develop a security mindset that can help protect software from tomorrow's attacks, not just today's. Drawing on the CERT/CC's reports and conclusions, Robert Seacord systematically identifies the program errors most likely to lead to security breaches, shows how they can be exploited, reviews the potential consequences, and presents secure alternatives. Coverage includes technical detail on how to Improve the overall security of any C/C++ application Thwart buffer overflows and stack-smashing attacks that exploit insecure string manipulation logic Avoid vulnerabilities and security flaws resulting from the incorrect use of dynamic memory management functions Eliminate integer-related problems: integer overflows, sign errors, and truncation errors Correctly use formatted output functions without introducing format-string vulnerabilities Avoid I/O vulnerabilities, including race conditions Secure Coding in C and C++ presents hundreds of examples of secure code, insecure code, and exploits, implemented for Windows and Linux. If you're responsible for creating secure C or C++ software--or for keeping it safe--no other book offers you this much detailed, expert assistance.

The D Programming Language

Author : Andrei Alexandrescu
ISBN : 9780132654401
Genre : Computers
File Size : 82. 84 MB
Format : PDF
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D is a programming language built to help programmers address the challenges of modern software development. It does so by fostering modules interconnected through precise interfaces, a federation of tightly integrated programming paradigms, language-enforced thread isolation, modular type safety, an efficient memory model, and more. The D Programming Language is an authoritative and comprehensive introduction to D. Reflecting the author’s signature style, the writing is casual and conversational, but never at the expense of focus and pre¿cision. It covers all aspects of the language (such as expressions, statements, types, functions, contracts, and modules), but it is much more than an enumeration of features. Inside the book you will find In-depth explanations, with idiomatic examples, for all language features How feature groups support major programming paradigms Rationale and best-use advice for each major feature Discussion of cross-cutting issues, such as error handling, contract programming, and concurrency Tables, figures, and “cheat sheets” that serve as a handy quick reference for day-to-day problem solving with D Written for the working programmer, The D Programming Language not only introduces the D language—it presents a compendium of good practices and idioms to help both your coding with D and your coding in general.

Inside The C Object Model

Author : Stanley B. Lippman
ISBN : 0201834545
Genre : Computers
File Size : 35. 4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 923
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There is a lot of misinformation and myth about the overhead and costs associated with C++. Now Stan Lippman, the acclaimed author of the C++ Primer, answers the call for a book that gives strategy guidelines for C++ programming. Inside the C++ Object Model explains where overhead costs reside and what they actually consist of. The author explains which parts vary by implementation and which are invariant. He tells how the various implementation models arose, points out areas where they are likely to evolve, and explains why they are what they are. This book is a must for C++ programmers who want to understand the semantic implications of the C++ object model and how the model affects their programs.

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