c type lectin receptors in immunity

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C Type Lectin Receptors In Immunity

Author : Sho Yamasaki
ISBN : 9784431560159
Genre : Medical
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The book presents the latest findings on C-type lectin receptors, focusing on individual receptors and their signaling. In recent years there have been great advances in the understanding of the function of these receptors as a newly emerging family of pattern-recognition receptors (PRRs) for pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) and damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs). Comprising four parts: ITAM-coupled Activating Receptors; HemITAM-bearing Receptors; ITIM-bearing Receptors; and Other Receptors and Related Topics, this comprehensive review covers a broad range of C-type lectin receptors. The updated information on C-type lectin receptors and their ligands provided will appeal to a wide readership, from basic immunologists to physicians and surgeons. In addition, sections on novel drug development make this a valuable resource for pharmaceutical scientists.

Innate Immunity Resistance And Disease Promoting Principles

Author : G. Hartmann
ISBN : 9783318023480
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 87 MB
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Our understanding of the complex innate immune response is increasing rapidly. Its role in the protection against viral or bacterial pathogens is essential for the survival of an organism. However, it is equally important to avoid unregulated inflammation because innate immune responses can cause or promote chronic autoinflammatory diseases such as gout, atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes or certain aspects of the metabolic syndrome. In this book leading international experts in the field of innate immunity share their findings, define the ‚state of the art‘ in this field and evaluate how insight into the molecular basis of these diseases could help in the design of new therapies. A tremendous amount of work on the innate immune response has been done over the last fifteen years, culminating in the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine awarded for the discoveries of Toll genes in immunity in flies, membrane-bound Toll-like receptors in mammals, and dendritic cells as initiators of adaptive immunity.

Pattern Recognition Receptors And Cancer

Author : Anton G. Kutikhin
ISBN : 9782889196746
Genre :
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The group of pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) includes families of Toll-like receptors (TLRs), NOD-like receptors (NLRs), C-type lectin receptors (CLRs), RIG-I-like receptors (RLRs), and AIM-2-like receptors (ALRs). Conceptually, receptors constituting these families are united by two general features. Firstly, they directly recognize common antigen determinants of virtually all classes of pathogens (so-called pathogen-associated molecular patterns, or simply PAMPs) and initiate immune response against them via specific intracellular signaling pathways. Secondly, they recognize endogenous ligands (since they are usually released during cell stress, they are called damage-associated molecular patterns, DAMPs), and, hence, PRR-mediated immune response can be activated without an influence of infectious agents. So, pattern recognition receptors play the key role performing the innate and adaptive immune response. In addition, many PRRs have a number of other vital functions apart from participation in immune response realization. The fundamental character and diversity of PRR functions have led to amazingly rapid research in this field. Such investigations are very promising for medicine as immune system plays a key role in vast majority if not all human diseases, and the process of discovering the new aspects of the immune system functioning is rapidly ongoing. The role of Toll-like receptors in cancer was analyzed in certain reviews but the data are still scattered. This collection of reviews systematizes the key information in the field.

Progress In Basic And Clinical Immunology

Author : Andrzej Mackiewicz
ISBN : 0306466562
Genre : Medical
File Size : 84. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Progress in Basic and Clinical Immunology is a result of the 14th European Immunology Meeting - EFIS 2000, held in Poznan, Poland, on 23-27 September 2000. EFIS 2000 gathered over 1400 immunologists from all over the world. It was an exceptionally memorable meeting for a number of reasons: 1) it was held in the last year of the century and the millennium, thus provoking conclusions of past achievements of immunology and projections for the future; 2) it was held in Poland, a country that is a symbol of struggle for freedom for a large number of scientists originating from the `Eastern Bloc' countries; and 3) EFIS celebrated its 25th anniversary at this occasion. This comprehensive volume contains 62 chapters grouped into 11 sections: T-cells, Immune Receptors, Antigen Presentation/Dendritic Cells, Cytokines, Immunodeficiencies, Autoimmunity, Allergy/Inflammation, Immunotherapy, Vaccines, Tumor Immunology, and Cancer Immunotherapy.

Immunology Of The Skin

Author : Kenji Kabashima
ISBN : 9784431558552
Genre : Medical
File Size : 42. 64 MB
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This book reviews the role of each cell subset in the skin, providing the basics for understanding skin immunology and the mechanisms of skin diseases. The skin is one of the immune organs and is continually exposed to foreign antigens and external stimuli that must be monitored and characterized for possible elimination. Upon exposure to foreign antigens, the skin can elicit a variety of immune responses in harmony with skin components that include keratinocytes, dendritic cell subsets, mast cells, basophils, fibroblasts, macrophages, gamma-delta T cells, neutrophils, myeloid-derived suppressor cells, vascular and lymphatic cells, hair follicles, platelets, and adipose tissues, among others. In the past 10 years, knowledge of immunology has expanded drastically in areas such as innate immunity (Toll-like receptors, C-type lectins), and host defenses to bacteria and viruses, and this increased knowledge has led to the development of more effective treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases. This book provides updates on the mechanisms of skin diseases including contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, urticaria, drug eruption, bullous diseases, anaphylaxis, graft-versus-host disease, rosacea, lymphoma, photodermatology, and collagen vascular diseases. Understanding the basics of skin immunology will help clinicians and dermatologists use new therapeutics such as biologics efficiently. Serving as an intermediary between basic science and clinical medicine, this book gives readers the opportunity to understand and marvel at the mystery and fascination of skin immunology.

Animal Lectins

Author : Gerardo R. Vasta PhD
ISBN : 1420006975
Genre : Science
File Size : 82. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Introduces Groundbreaking Approaches for Assessing Lectin Function Lectins and their ligands are under quite a heavy microscope due to their potential applications to pharmacology, immunology, cancer therapy, and agriculture. With growing interest in the glycobiology field, the body of research related to lectin roles has grown at an explosive rate, particularly in the past 20 years. Animal Lectins: A Functional View presents the most up-to-date analysis of these carbohydrate-binding, and potentially lifesaving, proteins in one comprehensive volume. This standard-setting resource presents new insights into the biological roles of most animal lectins, including their function in infection prevention through innate immunity. It also discusses such lectin behaviors as: Glycoprotein folding Sorting and targeting Cell adhesion Embryogenesis Cell-cell interactions and signaling Describes the Structural Basis of Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions Under the editorial guidance of two leading protein chemistry experts and with contributions from well-recognized field authorities, this book logically and systematically discusses both intracellular and extracellular lectin functions. It is an essential springboard for future field research and a clear and concise knowledge base that glycobiology, biochemistry, and immunology researchers cannot afford to be without.

Immunity And Inflammation In Health And Disease

Author : Shampa Chatterjee
ISBN : 9780128054024
Genre : Medical
File Size : 36. 14 MB
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Immunity and Inflammation in Health and Disease: Emerging Roles of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods in Immune Support provides a comprehensive description of the various pathways by which the vertebrate immune system works, the signals that trigger immune response and how fnew and novel nutraceuticals and functional foods, can be used to contain inflammation and also to boost immunity and immune health. Inflammation is a tool to fight pathogens and the vertebrate immune system has a very complex network of cells to achieve this. However inflammation that goes awry is also the leding cause of several diseases ranging from cardiovascular diseases to diabetes. This book covers the entire gamut from the various cellular players in the inflammation-immune response to its ramifications in terms of protection against pathogens as well as in onset of metabolic, aging and auto-immune related diseases. Finally, the balancing role of dietary nutrients between host defence and immune support is also showcased. The first three scetions explain the various components of the immune system and their modes of activation. The fourth section deals with the ramifications of a robust and execessive inflammatory response. The fifth section is focused on the association between nutrition and immunity and how deficiencies in certain nutrients may affect immunocompetence. The sixth section chapters represent a vision of paradigm shifts within the field and discusses possible future directions. This bool will be a valuable reference for researchers studying immune health either in academia, or in the nutraceutical or functional food industries. Product developers in nutraceutical, supplement, functional food, and health food companies will also appreciate the information presented here. Conceptualizes the key features in natural products which can boost immune function and immune health Explains the intricate mechanistic aspects and balance behind immune health Presents the pathophysiology of several diseases associated with immune system disruption

Dendritic Cells And Virus Infection

Author : Alexander Steinkasserer
ISBN : 9783662065082
Genre : Medical
File Size : 79. 81 MB
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Dendritic cells are vital to induce potent anti-viral immune responses. It will become clear to the reader that dendritic cells often play a dual role during viral infections. On the one hand they are able to mount potent antiviral immune responses, and on the other hand several viruses, including HIV-1, use DC as a vector to be transferred from the periphery to the lymph nodes where they infect their prime target.

Inflammation And Metastasis

Author : Yoshiro Maru
ISBN : 9784431560241
Genre : Medical
File Size : 67. 34 MB
Format : PDF
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This book provides the latest information on cancer metastasis from the standpoint of inflammation, especially innate immune reactions caused by endogenous mediators but not exogenous pathogens, with ideas on how to understand the complicated mechanisms of metastasis as well as to interpret therapeutic targets. The book includes the topic of the emerging roles of endogenous TLR4 ligands whose functions are shared intriguingly by metastasis and auto-inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. For example, most cancer therapies established so far are effective initially. However, they eventually face the great obstacles of drug resistance, immune evasion, and metastatic progression. One of the endogenous TLR4 ligands is thought to contribute to all three processes. The most important features of the book are to explain a concept of homeostatic inflammation, disturbance of which in the lungs gives rise to the establishment of a pre-metastatic pulmonary microenvironment based on primary tumor-mediated hijacking of the innate immune defense system against respiratory infection. In addition, structure-based thinking is another important feature of this book. It is proposed that inflammation forms a functional triangle with angiogenesis and coagulation, in the center of which cancer is located. Given the proposal of precision medicine by President Obama in the United States in 2015 and the recent success of immune-modulator-based therapy, this book will appeal to researchers in a variety of fields with the title of the book connecting the worst disease (metastasis) and the most fundamental event (inflammation) that is common to many diseases.

Chronic Inflammation

Author : Masayuki Miyasaka
ISBN : 9784431560685
Genre : Medical
File Size : 82. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book provides readers with the most up-to-date information on cutting-edge research concerning chronic inflammation. We now know that when inflammation becomes chronic, it acts as a strong disease-promoting factor in a variety of disorders including arteriosclerosis, obesity, cancer, and Alzheimer disease. Chronic inflammation is hence called as the “silent killer”; it upsets the body’s homeostatic mechanism insidiously. In spite of these developments, we know very little about the mechanism underlying chronic inflammation. Particularly, we do not know precisely what induces chronic inflammation or what promotes its prolongation in a spatiotemporal framework. Neither do we have clear knowledge about how chronic inflammation destroys various tissues or how it predisposes individuals to many different diseases. To make the situation worse, we have no effective treatment against chronic inflammation. Since 2010, two major research programs (CREST and PRESTO) aimed at clarifying the mechanisms underlying chronic inflammation were launched in Japan, and investigators of different research areas with a brilliant track record were selected by their research proposals. Subsequently they have made their best efforts to answer the conundrum concerning chronic inflammation. This book is a compendium of such research efforts. In each chapter, the CREST- or PRESTO-funded researchers summarize their original work concerning mechanisms of induction, progression, or resolution underlying chronic inflammation. The most emphasized characteristic is the molecular aspect of chronic inflammation. The book thus presents the most recent progress made in the molecular understanding of chronic inflammation.

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