carbohydrates structure and function the biochemistry of plants 3

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Carbohydrates Structure And Function

Author : Jack Preiss
ISBN : 9781483220338
Genre : Science
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The Biochemistry of Plants: A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume 3: Carbohydrates: Structure and Function is a compilation of contributions dealing with studies in the area of plant carbohydrates. The articles in this volume are grouped into three sections. The first section deals with topics concerning the monosaccharides and their derivatives found in plants. The integration and control of vital pathways concerned with hexose phosphate metabolism, glycolysis, gluconeogenesis; the metabolism of monosaccharide derivatives; and the formation of sugar nucleotides and their various transformations to the many novel sugar derivatives normally found in plant cell walls and complex carbohydrates are discussed in this section. The second part deals with the occurrence, biosynthesis, and transport of disaccharides and oligosaccharides. The final section of the volume is concerned with the occurrence, structure, and biosynthesis of simple and complex polysaccharides and glycoconjugates associated with cell walls and membranes. Biochemists and botanists will find the book a great reference material.

The Biochemistry Of Plants Carbohydrates Structure And Function

Author : Paul Karl Stumpf
ISBN : LCCN:80013168
Genre : Botanical chemistry
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Plant Secondary Metabolism

Author : David S. Seigler
ISBN : 9781461549130
Genre : Science
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Life has evolved as a unified system; no organism exists similar role also has been suggested for fatty acids from alone, but each is in intimate contact with other organisms cyanolipids. Nonprotein amino acids, cyanogenic glyco and its environment. Historically, it was easier for workers sides, and the non-fatty-acid portion of cyanolipids also are in various disciplines to delimit artificially their respective incorporated into primary metabolites during germination. areas of research, rather than attempt to understand the entire Secondary metabolites of these structural types are accumu system of living organisms. This was a pragmatic and neces lated in large quantities in the seeds of several plant groups sary way to develop an understanding for the various parts. where they probably fulfill an additional function as deter We are now at a point, however, where we need to investi rents to general predation. gate those things common to the parts and, specifically, those The second type of relationship involves interaction of things that unify the parts. The fundamental aspects of many plants with other organisms and with their environment. Bio of these interactions are chemical in nature. Plants constitute logical interactions must be viewed in the light of evolution an essential part of all life systems; phytochemistry provides ary change and the coadaptation, or perhaps coevolution, of a medium for linking several fields of study.

The Biochemistry Of Energy Utilization In Plants

Author : D.T. Dennis
ISBN : 9789400931213
Genre : Science
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Plant Carbohydrates Ii

Author : W. Tanner
ISBN : 9783642682346
Genre : Science
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In 1958, a single volume in the original series of this Encyclopedia adequately summarized the state of knowledge about plant carbohydrates. Expansion into two volumes in the New Series highlights the explosive increase in information and the heightened interest that attended this class of compounds in the interven ing years. Even now the search has just begun. Much remains to be accom plished; e.g., a full description of the plant cell wall in chemical terms. Why this growing fascination with plant carbohydrates? Clearly, much credit goes to those who pioneered the complex chemistry of polyhydroxylated compounds and to those who later sorted out the biochemical features of these molecules. But there is a second aspect, the role of carbohydrates in such biological func tions as host-parasite and pollen-pistil interactions, the mating reaction in fungi, symbiosis, and secretion to name a few. Here is ample reason for anyone concerned with the plant sciences to turn aside for a moment and consider how carbohydrates, so many years neglected in favor of the study of proteins and nucleic acids, contribute to the physiological processes of growth and devel opment in plants.

The Biochemistry Of Plants

Author :
ISBN : 9780080926155
Genre : Science
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The Biochemistry of Plants, Volume 14: Carbohydrates provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of plant biochemistry. This book deals with the function and structure of the plant cell wall by describing the physical and chemical properties of cell wall components. Organized into 11 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of hexose phosphate metabolism in nonphotosynthetic tissues. This text then examines the findings in fructan structures, conformations, and linkages, the enzymes involved in fructan synthesis and degradation, and their cellular regulation, location, and metabolic role in plants. Other chapters consider the methods employing enzymes to determine starch structure. This book discusses as well the different biosynthetic modes of plant cell walls. The final chapter deals with the various environmental factors that influence expression of the ?-amylase gene, suggesting how molecular biology may help in understanding carbohydrate biochemistry and the enzymes involved in carbohydrate synthesis and metabolism. This book is a valuable resource for plant biochemists.

Plant Cell Biology

Author : William V Dashek
ISBN : 1578083761
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 8 MB
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While there are a few plant cell biology books that are currently available, these are expensive, methods-oriented monographs. The present volume is a textbook for "upper" undergraduate and beginning graduate students." This textbook stresses concepts and is inquiry-oriented. To this end, there is extensive use of original research literature. As we live in an era of literature explosion, one must be selective. These judgements will naturally vary with each investigator. Input was sought from colleagues in deciding the literature to include. In addition to provision of select research literature, this volume presents citations and summaries of certain laboratory methods. In this connection, the textbook stresses quantitative data to enhance the student?s analytical abilities. Thus the volume contains computer-spread sheets and references to statistical packages, e.g. Harvard Graphics and Statistica.

The Biochemistry Of Plants Lipids Structure And Function

Author : Paul Karl Stumpf
ISBN : LCCN:80013168
Genre : Botanical chemistry
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Carbohydrate Chemistry

Author : John Frederick Kennedy
ISBN : 9780851861524
Genre :
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Macromolecular Chemistry

Author : A. D. Jenkins
ISBN : 9780851868769
Genre : Medical
File Size : 46. 23 MB
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Reflecting the growing volume of published work in this field, researchers will find this book an invaluable source of information on current methods and applications.

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