china s climate change policies

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China S Climate Change Policies

Author : Wang Weiguang
ISBN : 9781136345159
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 72. 40 MB
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China is becoming a rising star in global economical and political affairs. Both internationally and within China itself, people have great expectations of its future role. This book aims to clarify many aspects of China’s key position in the climate change situation and policy debates. However, limited by its development stage, natural resource endowment, and other unbalanced developing issues, China is still a developing country. This book shows the reader the real China, which can provide more comprehensive solutions for future global climate regimes. This book includes research into China’s twelfth Five-Year-Plan; low-carbon city pilot schemes; policies and pathways for China’s nationally appropriate mitigation actions; China’s forestry management; China’s NGOs and climate change; the low-carbon 2010 Expo in Shanghai; carbon budget proposals; China’s green economy and green jobs; China’s reaction to carbon tariffs; China’s actions in approaching adaptation; China’s cumulative carbon emissions, and more. China’s Climate Change Policies brings together experienced experts with in-depth understanding of the scientific assessment of climate change and relevant social and economic policies, and senior experts who have participated directly in international climate negotiations. This will help the reader to better understand the 2011 Durban climate change conference, as well as China’s long-term strategy in response to climate change.

The Eu Us And China Tackling Climate Change

Author : Sophia Kalantzakos
ISBN : 9781315298856
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 80. 33 MB
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The feeling of optimism that followed the COP 21 Paris Conference on Climate Change requires concrete action and steadfast commitment to a process that raises a number of crucial challenges: technological, political, social, and economic. As climate change worsens, new robust leadership is imperative. The EU, US and China Tackling Climate Change examines why a close collaboration between the EU and China may result in the necessary impetus to solidify a vision and a roadmap for our common future in the Anthropocene. Kalantzakos introduces a novel perspective and narrative on climate action leadership through an analysis of international relations. She argues that a close EU-China collaboration, which does not carry the baggage of an imbedded competition for supremacy, may best help the global community move towards a low carbon future and navigate the new challenges of the Anthropocene. Overall, Kalantzakos demonstrates how Europe and China, already strategic partners, can exercise global leadership in an area of crucial common interest through their web of relations, substantial development aid, and the use of soft power tools throughout the developing world. This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of environmental politics, international relations, climate change and energy law and policy.

China Confronts Climate Change

Author : Peter H. Koehn
ISBN : 9781317375852
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 57. 14 MB
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China is an integral actor in any movement that will stabilize the global climate at conditions suited to sustainable development for its own population and for people living around the world. Assessments of China's climatic-system consequences, impact, and responsibilities need to take into account the strengths, weaknesses, and potential of subnational governments, non-governmental organizations, transnational non-state connections, and the urban populace in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. A multitude of recent local initiatives that have engaged subnational China in actions that mitigate emissions can be enhanced by powerful framings that appeal to citizen concerns about air pollution and health conditions. China Confronts Climate Changeoffers the first fully comprehensive account of China's response to climate change, based on engagement with the global climate governance literature and current debates over responsibility along with specific insights into the Chinese context. Responsible implementation of any overarching climate agreement depends on expanding China's subnational contributions. To remain fully informed about GHG-emissions mitigation, China watchers and climate-change monitors need to pay close attention to bottom-updevelopments. The book provides a valuable contemporary resource for students, scholars, and policy leaders at all levels of governance who are concerned with climate change, environmental politics, and sustainable urban development.

China S Climate Policy

Author : Gang Chen
ISBN : 9780415593137
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 68. 74 MB
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To understand China's climate change policy is not easy, as the country itself is a paradox actor in global climate political economy: it used to take very suspicious stand on the scientific certainty of climate change, but recently it has become a signatory and firm supporter of the Kyoto Protocol; it stubbornly refuses to accept any emission cutting obligations, but has gradually taken the lead in developing renewable energies and carbon trading business; it accuses western countries of their hypocrisy and irresponsibility, but ironically maintains close cooperation with them on low-carbon projects; it fears climate mitigation commitments may hamper the economic growth, but meanwhile spends most lavishly on the research and development of clean energy and other green technologies. This book, unlike other researches which explain China's climate policy from pure economics or politics/foreign policy perspectives, provides a panoramic view over China's climate-related regulations, laws and policies as well as various government and non-government actors involved in the climate politics. Through analyzing the political and socioeconomic factors that influence the world's largest carbon emitter's participation into the global collective actions against climate change, the book argues that as a vast continental state with a mix of authoritarian politics and a quasi-liberalised market economy, China's climate policy process is fragmented and self-defensive, seemingly having little room for significant compromises or changes; yet in response to the mounting international pressures and energy security concerns and attracted by lucrative carbon businesses and clean energy market, the regime shows some sort of better-than-expected flexibility and shrewdness in coping with the newly-emerged challenges. Its future climate actions, whether effective or not, are vital not only for the success of the global mitigation effort, but for China's own economic restructure and sustainable development. The book is a unique research monograph on the evolving domestic and foreign policies taken by the Chinese government to tackle climate change challenges. It concludes that instead of being motivated by concern about its vulnerability to climate change, Chinese climate-related policies have been mainly driven by its intensive attention to energy security, business opportunities lying in emerging green industries and image consideration in the global climate politics.

China S Policies And Actions For Addressing Climate Change

Author : China (People's Republic of China, 1949- )
ISBN : OCLC:928396709
Genre : Climatic changes
File Size : 60. 90 MB
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The 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) National Congress, held in November 2012, set forth that in the face of increasing constraints on resources, severe environmental pollution and a deteriorating ecosystem, it is essential to raise our ecological awareness of the need to respect, follow and protect nature. We must prioritize ecological development and incorporate it into the "five in one" arrangement for socialism with Chinese characteristics, which includes economic, political, cultural, and social development, with a focus on promoting green, cyclical and low-carbon development. These actions will increase the strategic position of combating climate change in China's overall economic and social development.

Green Low Carbon Development In China

Author : Jinjun Xue
ISBN : 9783319011530
Genre : Science
File Size : 43. 1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The book provides an in depth analyses of the experience and lessons in Chinese energy and emissions reductions policies in a climate change constrained scenario. As China emerges as the world second largest economy and first largest carbon emitter, the country is moving onto a low-carbon development path. Projections of medium and long term energy supply and demand scenarios are presented, based on variations on the energy supply structure, key energy consumption sectors and energy conservation policy innovation. Energy efficiency policies are evaluated based on lessons and experiences from case studies in different sectors, and policy innovations in terms of financial, legal and regulatory approaches to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions are proposed. The book includes the latest research findings of leading experts in energy policy and low-carbon economy from researchers, key think tanks and government officials in both China and the world.

Climate Risk And Resilience In China

Author : Rebecca Nadin
ISBN : 9781317593768
File Size : 90. 30 MB
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China has been subject to floods, droughts and heat waves for millennia; these hazards are not new. What is new is how rapidly climate risks are changing for different groups of people and sectors. This is due to the unprecedented rates of socio-economic development, migration, land-use change, pollution and urbanisation, all occurring alongside increasingly more intense and frequent weather hazards and shifting seasons. China’s leadership is facing a significant challenge – from conducting and integrating biophysical and social vulnerability and risk assessments and connecting the information from these to policy priorities and time frames, to developing and implementing policies and actions at a variety of scales. It is within this challenging context that China’s policy makers, businesses and citizens must manage climate risk and build resilience. This book provides a detailed study of how China has been working to understand and respond to climatic risk, such as droughts and desertification in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia to deadly typhoons in the mega-cities of the Pearl River Delta. Using research and data from a wide range of Chinese sources and the Adapting to Climate Change in China (ACCC) project, a research-to-policy project, this book provides a fascinating glimpse into how China is developing policies and approaches to manage the risks and opportunities presented by climate change. This book will be of interest to those studying global and Chinese climate change policy, regional food, water and climate risk, and to policy advisors.

Global Warming And China S Environmental Diplomacy

Author : Hongyuan Yu
ISBN : 1604560169
Genre : Science
File Size : 74. 15 MB
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Since the early 1990s, there are two increasingly hot topics attracting numerous scholarly attentions in Chinese politics: first, it is the transformation of China's political system. Second, it is China's increasingly involvement in international regimes. Nevertheless, until now, there are only a few scholars to work out the distinctive relations between them, and even less people work on the bureaucratic politics level. By explaining and evaluating the development of policymaking coordination in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the author demonstrates the argument that international regimes have contributed to the development of coordination in Chinese Policymaking, taking the UNFCCC as a departure.

China S Environmental Policy And International Climate Change Treaty Compliance

Author : Gloria Jean Gong
ISBN : OCLC:504996329
Genre : Climatic changes
File Size : 63. 72 MB
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China's unprecedented economic growth has given rise to equally rapid increases in greenhouse gas emissions. China has already ratified the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols, yet as the international community looks beyond Kyoto, China's willingness to adhere to binding emissions standards remains a critical question. This study describes and analyzes the factors that influence China's possible participation in a binding greenhouse gas emissions treaty. Existing international treaty compliance models often overlook China's own official policies and stances toward such treaties. This study examines China's current climate change policy, historical adjustments of that policy, and potential future trajectory to determine the factors that would most impact China's willingness to sign a post-Kyoto climate change. This study utilizes both English and Chinese-language documents to analyze current Chinese climate change policies. It describes the historical trajectory of Chinese environmental policy since 1972, tracing the evolution of the "common but differentiated responsibilities" principle and of the demand for technology transfers and access to international funds. This study also examines reports from the World Bank, China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), explicating how recommendations from influential organizations may impact China's future policy trajectory. Most surprisingly, the conclusion of this study is that China, while retaining much of its former stance on climate change, is also increasingly warming to taking bold actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Warming And Climate Change

Author : Antonio Marquina
ISBN : CHI:089501847
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 79. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"This book looks at the principal consequences of climate change and its possible impact on conflict and security. It clarifies the impact of climate change on natural resources, on the frequency and expansion of natural disasters, and, as a consequence,the repercussions that can be foreseen on environmentally-induced migration"--Provided by publisher.

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