cocoa butter and related compounds

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Cocoa Butter And Related Compounds

Author : Nissim Garti
ISBN : 9780128043448
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 57. 22 MB
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This book covers the progress of the last 10 years of studies on cocoa butter. Descriptions of several aspects, including physical characteristics such as rheology, hardness, melt profiles, etc., studied by new and advanced techniques are included. Similarly, the polymorphism of cocoa butter is reconsidered in light of studies done by synchrotron DSC, FTIR, and SAXS techniques. These data are complemented by new understandings on the cause of the crystallization and transitions of the polymorphs. Other aspects such as the effect of minor components, emulsifiers, and other fats are discussed in great detail in this book. Brings together all that is known about cocoa butter into one book Describes physical characteristics of cocoa butter including rheology, hardness, and melt profiles Reconsiders polymorphism of cocoa butter in light of recent studies by various analytical techniques Presents new understandings on the cause of crystallization and transitions of polymorphs

Confectionery Science And Technology

Author : Richard W. Hartel
ISBN : 9783319617428
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 81. 59 MB
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This book examines both the primary ingredients and the processing technology for making candies. In the first section, the chemistry, structure, and physical properties of the primary ingredients are described, as are the characteristics of commercial ingredients. The second section explores the processing steps for each of the major sugar confectionery groups, while the third section covers chocolate and coatings. The manner in which ingredients function together to provide the desired texture and sensory properties of the product is analyzed, and chemical reactions and physical changes that occur during processing are examined. Trouble shooting and common problems are also discussed in each section. Designed as a complete reference and guide, Confectionery Science and Technology provides personnel in industry with solutions to the problems concerning the manufacture of high-quality confectionery products.

Food Lipids

Author : Casimir C. Akoh
ISBN : 9781498744874
Genre : Medical
File Size : 23. 97 MB
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Maintaining the high standards that made the previous editions such well-respected and widely used references, Food Lipids: Chemistry, Nutrition, and Biotechnology, Fourth Edition provides a new look at lipid oxidation and highlights recent findings and research. Always representative of the current state of lipid science, this edition provides 16 new chapters and 21 updated chapters, written by leading international experts, that reflect the latest advances in technology and studies of food lipids. New chapters Analysis of Fatty Acid Positional Distribution in Triacylglycerol Physical Characterization of Fats and Oils Processing and Modification Technologies for Edible Oils and Fats Crystallization Behavior of Fats: Effect of Processing Conditions Enzymatic Purification and Enrichment and Purification of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acid Isomers Microbial Lipid Production Food Applications of Lipids Encapsulation Technologies for Lipids Rethinking Lipid Oxidation Digestion, Absorption and Metabolism of Lipids Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Health Brain Lipids in Health and Disease Biotechnologically Enriched Cereals with PUFAs in Ruminant and Chicken Nutrition Enzyme-Catalyzed Production of Lipid Based Esters for the Food Industry: Emerging Process and Technology Production of Edible Oils Through Metabolic Engineering Genetically Engineered Cereals for Production of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids The most comprehensive and relevant treatment of food lipids available, this book highlights the role of dietary fats in foods, human health, and disease. Divided into five parts, it begins with the chemistry and properties of food lipids covering nomenclature and classification, extraction and analysis, and chemistry and function. Part II addresses processing and food applications including modification technologies, microbial production of lipids, crystallization behavior, chemical interesterification, purification, and encapsulation technologies. The third part covers oxidation, measurements, and antioxidants. Part IV explores the myriad interactions of lipids in nutrition and health with information on heart disease, obesity, and cancer, with a new chapter dedicated to brain lipids. Part V continues with contributions on biotechnology and biochemistry including a chapter on the metabolic engineering of edible oils.

Recent Advances In Prostaglandin Thromboxane And Leukotriene Research

Author : Austria) International Conference on Prostaglandins and Related Compounds (10th : 1996 : Vienna
ISBN : 0306457768
Genre : Medical
File Size : 51. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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One hundred papers treat advances in research of the effects and uses of prostaglandins, thromboxanes, and leukotrienes in such medical fields as organ transplantation, male erectile dysfunction, amniotic fluid infection and labour, renal function, anti-inflammatory drugs, allergic and aspirin-intolerant asthma, angioplasty and heart ischemia, Alzheimer's disease, vessel wall hyperplasia, and more.

Dictionary Of Flavors

Author : Dolf De Rovira, Sr.
ISBN : 9781118856437
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 71. 77 MB
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The third edition of this highly popular scientific reference continues to provide a unique approach to flavors, flavor chemistry and natural products. Dictionary of Flavors features entries on all flavor ingredients granted G.R.A.S. status, compounds used in the formulation of food flavors, and related food science and technology terms. Allergies and intolerances are addressed, along with strategies to avoid allergenic compounds. This latest edition has been fully updated to reflect new ingredients available on the market, as well as developments in safety standards and the international regulatory arena. Dolf De Rovira applies his extensive experience to make this the most comprehensive guide to flavors available.

Pdr For Herbal Medicines

Author : Thomson PDR Staff
ISBN : CORNELL:31924100529142
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 68. 98 MB
Format : PDF
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New, Expanded, Improved, Comprehensive Building on its best–selling predecessors, the PDR for Herbal Medicines, Third Edition has left no resource unturned to bring together the latest scientific data in the most comprehensive herbal reference compiled. The third edition goes far beyond the original source, adding a new section on Nutritional Supplements and new information aimed at greatly enhancing patient management by medical practitioners. All monographs have been updated to include recent scientific findings on efficacy, safety and potential interactions; clinical trials (including abstracts); case reports; and meta–analysis results. This new information has resulted in greatly expanded Effects, Contraindications, Precautions and Adverse Reactions, and Dosage sections of each monograph.

Handbook Of Cosmetic Skin Care 2nd Ed Informa Health Care 2009

Author : Informa Health Care
Genre : Medical
File Size : 79. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book provides a clear and easily understandable review of the topics presented, while maintaining a purely scientific approach, conforming to data supported by scientifically researched criteria. The book relies on common, accepted knowledge in the field of dermatology, as it appears in the conventional dermatology textbooks and peer reviewed journals [such as those cited on Medline (PubMed), a computerized database of medical journal articles]. Sections of the text are highlighted in boxes—these present a more detailed explanation and discussion of some of the topics, and are intended for the more advanced reader. Readers are advised to read first the introductory chapter on skin structure, as this provides definitions of several basic terms such as “epidermis” and “dermis,” which are used throughout the book. Many of the chapters discuss common skin problems and conventional skin treatments, such as bleaching of dark skin spots and peeling. These chapters are intended to broaden the reader’s knowledge regarding the wide range of available regimens, and not to encourage readers to diagnose and treat skin disorders requiring the advice of a dermatologist. The editors welcome corrections and suggestions for the next edition of the book. Acknowledgments The authors wish to thank the following for their valuable help and contribution to this text: Professor Reuven Bergman, Professor Sima Halevy, and Professor Michael David for reviewing chapters in the book; Dr. Emanuela Cagnano for the figures on pages 5 (lower) and 81 (upper middle); Dr. Rodney Dawber (two illustrations on page 237); Elsevier for the illustrations on page 144 (reproduced from Olsen EA et al., Tretinoin emollient cream: A new therapy for photodamaged skin. J Am Acad Derm 1992; 26:215–224), on page 151 (reproduced from Ditre CM et al., Effects of [1]-hydroxy acids on photoaged skin: A pilot clinical, histologic, and ultrastructured study. J Am Acad Derm 1996; 34:187–195), and on page 152 (reproduced from Bergfeld W et al., Improving the cosmetic appearance of photoaged skin with glycolic acid. J Am Acad Derm 1997; 36:1011–1013); Audra J. Geras and Novartis for the illustrations on pages 5 (upper), 8, 79, and 118 (lower); Dr. Marcelo H. Grunwald for the figure on page 125 (bottom right); Professor Axel Hoke for the figures on pages 94 and 96 (upper left); Dr. L. Kachko for the figures on pages 9 and 47 (upper A, B); Professor Ronald Marks for the illustrations on page 120 (upper and 123 (right), which are taken from his book, Skin Disease in Old Age, 2nd edition (Martin Dunitz, 1999); Dr. Bernardo Mosovich for the figure on page 122 (upper); Mr. Naftali Oron for his most valuable ongoing advice throughout the course of this project; Janssen Pharmaceutica for the illustration on page 234; Dr. AA Ramelet (two illustrations on page 95); RN Richards and GE Meharg, for the figures on pages 244, 250, 252, and 253, which are taken fromtheir book, Cosmetic and Medical Electrolysis and Temporary Hair Removal: A Practice Manual and Reference Guide, Second edition (Medric Limited, 1997); Dr. Timothy J. Rosio (four illustrations on page 187 and 188); Professor Berthold Rzany for illustrations on pages 202 and 203; Professor Amiram Sagi for the figure on page 125 (upper right); Nikolaus J. Smeh for the figures on pages 134, 135 (upper), and 136, which are taken from his book, Creating Your Own Cosmetics—Naturally (Alliance Publishing House, 1995); Dr. Gil Yosipovitch for his initiative in this project; our particular thanks to Dr. Gary Zentner for his assistance with editing and preparation of the text; and the following contributors to Robert Baran and Howard Maibach (eds), Textbook of Cosmetic Dermatology, 2nd edition (Martin Dunitz, 1998) who have kindly allowed their material to be used. Finally, our particular thanks to Dr. Gary Zentner for his assistance with editing and preparation of the text; to Dr. Gil Yosipovitch for his initiative in this project; to Professor Reuven Bergman, Professor Sima Halevy, and Professor Michael David for reviewing chapters in the book; to Dr. Alex Zvulunov for his assistance and for his contribution, stemming from a broad knowledge in medicine and dermatology, of the table on page 173–174; and to Mr. Naftali Oron for his most valuable ongoing advice throughout the course of this project. Notes on the Second Edition During the last decade, there have been vast and rapid changes in the field of cosmetics and skin care. In the making of this edition, the editors invested much effort in bringing this book up to the current level of knowledge by adding chapters on the latest developments and updating the entire text. The editors wish to thank Ms Kristina Hawthorne for her significant contribution in the preparation of this edition, and Miss Abigail Shai for her active participation in the proofreading process.

Annual Report Cocoa Research Institute

Author : Cocoa Research Institute (Ghana)
ISBN : CORNELL:31924090172002
Genre : Cacao
File Size : 57. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Handbook Of Word Formation

Author : Pavol Štekauer
ISBN : 1402035977
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 61. 96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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xiv 4. Final remarks 349 PETER HOHENHAUS: LEXICALIZATI ION AND INSTITUTIONALIZATION TITUTIONALIZATION 353 1. Introduction 353 2. Lexicalization 353 2. 1 LEXICALIZATION IN A DIACHRONIC SENSE 353 2. 2 LEXICALIZATION IN A SYNCHRONIC SENSE: LISTING/LISTEDNESS 356 2. 3 THE LEXICON AND THEORIESOF WORD-FORMATION 357 3. Institutionalization359 3. 1 TERMINOLOGY 359 3. 2 IDEAL AND REAL SPEAKERS AND THE SPEECH COMMUNITY 360 3. 3 DE-INSTITUTIONALIZATION: THE END OF A WORD’S LIFE 362 4. Problems 363 4. 1 NONCE-FORMATIONS AND NEOLOGISMS 363 4. 2 (NON-)LEXICALIZABILITY 365 4. 3 WHAT IS IN THE (MENTAL) LEXICON AND HOW DOES IT GET THERE? 367 4. 4 UNPREDICTABLE & PLAYFUL FORMATIONS, ANALOGY, FADS, AND NEW DEVELOPMENTS 369 4. 5 LEXICALIZATION BEYOND WORDS 370 ROCHELLE LIEBER: ENGLISH WORD-FORMATION PROCESSES 375 1. Introduction 375 2. Compounding 375 2. 1 DETERMINING WHAT COUNTS AS A COMPOUND 376 2. 2 ROOT COMPOUNDING 378 2. 3 SYNTHETIC COMPOUNDING 379 2. 4 STRUCTURE AND INTERPRETATION 379 3. Derivation 383 3. 1 PREFIXATION 390 3. 1. 1 Negative prefixes (un-, in-, non-, de-, dis-) 391 3. 1. 2 Locational prefixes 393 3. 1. 3 Temporal and aspectual prefixes 400 3. 1. 4 Quantitative prefixes 402 CONTENTS xv 3. 1. 5 Verbal prefixes 402 3. 2 SUFFIXATION 403 3. 2. 1 Personal nouns 403 3. 2. 2 Abstract nouns 406 3. 2. 3 Verb-forming suffixes 410 3. 2. 4 Adjective-forming suffixes 413 3. 2. 5 Collectives 417 3. 3 CONCLUSION 418 4. Conversion 418 5.


Author : Varro E. Tyler
ISBN : UOM:39015000844566
Genre : Phamacognosie
File Size : 36. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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