cognitive therapy for command hallucinations an advanced practical companion

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Cognitive Therapy For Command Hallucinations

Author : Alan Meaden
ISBN : 9781136200946
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 37. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Auditory hallucinations rank amongst the most treatment resistant symptoms of schizophrenia, with command hallucinations being the most distressing, high risk and treatment resistant of all. This new work provides clinicians with a detailed guide, illustrating in depth the techniques and strategies developed for working with command hallucinations. Woven throughout with key cases and clinical examples, Cognitive Therapy for Command Hallucinations clearly demonstrates how these techniques can be applied in a clinical setting. Strategies and solutions for overcoming therapeutic obstacles are shown alongside treatment successes and failures to provide the reader with an accurate understanding of the complexities of cognitive therapy. This helpful and practical guide with be of interest to clinical and forensic psychologists, cognitive behavioural therapists, nurses and psychiatrists.

Treatment Response And Resistance In Schizophrenia

Author : Oliver Howes
ISBN : 9780192563927
Genre : Medical
File Size : 33. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Treatment resistant schizophrenia (TRS) is common, affecting approximately a third of patients diagnosed. Despite the prevalence of TRS, the best approach to practical management is often unclear to clinicians and patients. Treatment Response and Resistance in Schizophrenia offers a practical, clinically focused guide to TRS and the real-world challenges faced by those impacted. Over 14 chapters this resource covers the principles and practice of TRS, from the definition, epidemiology, and clinical assessment, to the pharmacological, physical, and psychological management of treatment resistance. All chapters have been written by internationally leading experts in the field to ensure busy clinicians have high-quality, applicable content that is rooted in real clinical experiences. A chapter of case studies is included to link real-life scenarios to each of the instructive chapters, illustrating approaches to practical management and application. Part of the Oxford Psychiatry Library, this useful pocket book is an invaluable resource and quick reference for psychiatrists, psychiatry trainees, and other mental health practitioners, as well as clinical psychologists, primary care physicians, and specialist nurses.

Treating Psychosis

Author : Nicola P. Wright
ISBN : 9781608824090
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 43. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Psychosis can be associated with a variety of mental health problems, including schizophrenia, severe depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorders. While traditional treatments for psychosis have emphasized medication-based strategies, evidence now suggests that individuals affected by psychosis can greatly benefit from psychotherapy. Treating Psychosis is an evidence-based treatment guide for mental health professionals working with individuals affected by psychosis. Using a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach that incorporates acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), compassion-focused therapy (CFT) and mindfulness approaches, this book is invaluable in helping clinicians develop effective treatment for clients affected by psychosis. The guide provides session-by-session clinical interventions for use in individual or group treatment on an inpatient, outpatient, or community basis. The book features 40 reproducible clinical practice forms and a companion website with additional downloadable clinical forms and tools, guided exercises, case examples, and resources. The therapeutic approaches presented are rooted in theory and research, and informed by extensive clinical experience working with client populations affected by psychosis. The approaches outlined in this book offer clinicians and clients the opportunity to partner in developing therapeutic strategies for problematic symptoms to enable those affected by psychosis to work toward valued goals and ultimately live more meaningful lives. This guide emphasizes a compassionate, de-stigmatizing approach that integrates empowering and strengths-oriented methods that place the client’s values and goals at the center of any therapeutic intervention.

How To Become A More Effective Cbt Therapist

Author : Adrian Whittington
ISBN : 9781118468371
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 36. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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How to Become a More Effective CBT Therapist explores effective ways for therapists to move beyond competence to “metacompetence”, remaining true to the core principles of CBT while adapting therapeutic techniques to address the everyday challenges of real-world clinical work. This innovative text explores how to: Work most effectively with fundamental therapeutic factors such as the working alliance and diversity; Tackle complexities such as co-morbidity, interpersonal dynamics and lack of progress in therapy; Adapt CBT when working with older people, individuals with long-term conditions (LTCs), intellectual disabilities, personality disorders and psychosis; Develop as a therapist through feedback, supervision, self-practice and training.

Jack O Beans

Author : Robert Aston
ISBN : 9781787191631
Genre :
File Size : 63. 52 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The time is circa 1300. The place is Dudley, a town in middle england, in an area that will later be known as 'The Black Country' as the Industrial Revolution ravages the land. Jacob, a country lad, dreams of becoming a soldier in the castle which dominates the land and its people alike. He didn't like his own name. And he didn't like being dumped on his grandmother while his dad was off fighting for King Edward. He missed his mum who had died, but Gran was alright really - she baked awesome pies! If only she would call him 'Jacques'. In the 14th Century, life could be pretty dull for a headstrong young boy. But when a stranger tricks Jacob into buying some 'magic' beans, suddenly amazing things start happening... and 'Jacques' finds himself in terrible danger! The magic's gone wrong - now he's a witness to a wicked deed, and someone wants him dead... Previously serialised by the 'Black Country Bugle' under the titles: For Four Silver Pennies Jacob and the Arrows of Doom Jacob in the Undercurrents

Occupational Therapy Evidence In Practice For Mental Health

Author : Cathy Long
ISBN : 9781118990544
Genre : Medical
File Size : 56. 31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Occupational Therapy Evidence in Practice for Mental Health is an accessible and informative guide to the application of theory and the evidence-base to contemporary clinical practice. Fully updated throughout, chapters cover a range of mental health issues, approaches and settings, including service user and carer involvement, group work, services for older people, interventions, forensic mental health, and managing depression. Key Features Written by an expert author team, drawing on a wide range of evidence, service contexts, national policy and legislation. Focus on person-centred practice in mental health services. Each chapter also contains a variety of learning features, including task boxes, reflective questions and further readings, to aid understanding and demonstrate the use of evidence to inform clinical decision-making. The second edition of this easy-to-read and practical textbook is an ideal resource for occupational therapy students, clinical practitioners, and anyone looking for a concise, accessible guide to evidence-based practice and how it informs occupational therapy in mental health.

Overcoming Distressing Voices 2nd Edition

Author : Mark Hayward
ISBN : 9781472140326
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 62. 58 MB
Format : PDF
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Practical help for managing distressing voice hearing experiences Have you ever heard someone talking to you, but when you turned around no one was there? Voice hearing is more common than might be expected. Many of those who experience this phenomenon won't find it distressing, while some may find it extremely upsetting and even debilitating. Although the causes of voice hearing are many and varied, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has been found to be a highly effective treatment for distressing voices. CBT can provide a powerful and positive way of coping with distressing voices, helping people to live well, even though the voice hearing may continue. Written by experts, this accessible self-help manual takes those affected by distressing voices on a journey of recovery and healing, based on the latest psychological research. This fully revised and updated edition includes: · Clear explanations of what distressing voices are and what causes them · Techniques to explore and re-evaluate the links between self-esteem, beliefs about voices and feelings · Practical steps to reduce the distress that hearing voices causes · Consideration of the impact on friends and family, and advice for how they can help Overcoming self-help guides use clinically-proven techniques to treat long-standing and disabling conditions, both psychological and physical. Many guides in the Overcoming series are recommended under the Reading Well Books on Prescription scheme. Series Editor: Professor Peter Cooper

Cognitive Behavioural Processes Across Psychological Disorders

Author : Allison G. Harvey
ISBN : 0198528884
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 34. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has established itself as one of the most effective therapies for treating a wide range of psychological disorders. However, research and treatment in this field typically adopts a DSM driven 'disorder-focused' approach - researchers and clinicians target a specific disorder, try to understand its aetiology and maintenance, and try to develop more effective strategies to treat the disorder. This book proposes an insightful and original approach to understanding these disorders, one that focuses on what they have in common. Instead of examining in isolation, for example, obsessive compulsive disorders, insomnia, schizophrenia, it asks - what do patients with these disorders have in common? It takes each cognitive and behavioural process - attention, memory, reasoning, thought, behaviour, and examines whether it is a transdiagnostic process - i.e., serves to maintain a broad range of psychological disorders. Having shown how these disorders share several important processes, it then describes the practical implications of such an approach to diagnosis and treatment. Importantly it explores why the different psychological disorders can present so differently, despite being maintained by the same cognitive and behavioural processes. It also provides an account of the high rates of comorbidity observed among the different disorders. This book provides a novel review and integration of the empirical literature and gives cliniciansand researchers a valuable new theoretical base for assessing and treating psychological disorders.

Style For Actors 2nd Edition

Author : Robert Barton
ISBN : 9781135258399
Genre : Drama
File Size : 71. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Style is a journey from tourist to native. It is living in the world of the play, not just visiting it." - from Chapter One Anyone who has ever struggled with capes, fans, swords, doublets and crinolines should make Style for Actors 2nd Edition their constant companion. Robert Barton has completely updated his award winning handbook for the 21st century with contemporary references and up-to-date illustrations. This is the definitive guide to roles in historical drama. The past is a foreign country, and this outstanding book is concerned with exploring it from the actor’s point of view. Specific guides range from Greek, Elizabethan, Restoration and Georgian theatre to more contemporary stylings, including Futurism, Surrealism and Postmodernism. Barton takes great care to present the actor with the roles and genres that will most commonly confront them. His analysis moves from entire genres to specific scenes and characters. A huge resource of nearly 150 practical exercises helps a newfound understanding of style to make the leap from page to performance.

Personality Theories

Author : Albert Ellis
ISBN : 9781412970624
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 86. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Personality Theories: Critical Perspectives is the groundbreaking, final text written by Albert Ellis, long considered the founder of cognitive behavioral therapies. The book provides students with supporting and contradictory evidence for the development of personality theories through time. Without condemning the founding theorists who came before him, Ellis builds on more than a century of psychological research to re-examine the theories of Freud, Jung, and Adler while taking an equally critical look at modern, research-based theories, including his own.

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