cognitive yoga making yourself a new etheric body and individuality

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Cognitive Yoga

Author : Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon
ISBN : 9781906999957
Genre : Self-Help
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Are you ready to begin the process of making yourself a new etheric body and individuality? In the last century, Rudolf Steiner issued a challenge for practitioners of western spiritual science. Would it be possible to develop a new form of cognitive, or Michaelic, yoga? In contrast to the eastern yogis of old – who practiced the spiritualization of inhalation and exhalation – such contemporary yogic practice would involve a spiritualization of thinking as well as a transformation of perceptions and sensations. In Cognitive Yoga, Dr Ben-Aharon responds to that call, developing the entire modern yogic process and describing it in remarkable detail. Through the methods presented, committed practitioners of anthroposophy can create a living framework for spiritual research through a fully spiritualized thinking accompanied by a complete renewal of the experiences of perception and sensation as well as of the human body itself. Included in the contents of this extraordinary book is a comprehensive guide to the spiritualization of the senses and how this leads to a transmutation of the deepest and most unconscious bodily processes and functions. Cognitive Yoga culminates in a pioneering description of a completely individualized meeting with the etheric Christ in the etheric world – the most important spiritual and human experience that people can have in our time and over the millennia to come. This seminal work, built on decades of first-hand research, provides tangible evidence that western spiritual schooling is not only alive and well, but also full of potential for future development. Ben-Aharon offers a fully formulated and practical guide to a knowledge of the present revelations of the spiritual world.

Spiritual Science In The 21st Century

Author : Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon
ISBN : 9781912230068
Genre :
File Size : 29. 60 MB
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With love, humour and brilliant insight, Ben-Aharon addresses some of the most critical questions of our age, ranging from artificial intelligence and global politics to education and postmodern philosophy. Although tackling diverse subject-matter, this accessible anthology – delivered initially as lectures in locations as contrasting as New York, Oslo and Munich – features a coherent inner rhythm. With his lively and intense presentation, the speaker invites us to share and participate in the creative process and the dynamic activity of incarnating new ideas – indeed, to awaken to the very Spirit of our Time. Ben-Aharon discusses his investigations into the Spiritual Event of the 21st Century; the working of spiritual beings in America, Central Europe, Scandinavia and Israel; the renewal of education; the creative transformation of antisocial forces; Israel’s diverse culture in the midst of the clash of civilizations; the new Christ Event and how it can break through our habitual patterns and our hardened thinking, feeling and will; and the mission of the anthroposophical movement in our time. Informed throughout by decades of spiritual research and intimate experience, this volume contains mature and illuminating explorations into contemporary culture, history and spiritual science.

America S Global Responsibility

Author : J. Ben-Ahron
ISBN : 1584200189
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 83. 47 MB
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In a summary of present day social and economic conditions, Beh-Aharon points out the dire consequences of America ignoring its obligations as set forth in the Declaration of Independence. He goes on to explain how the destructive effects of globalisation can be stopped, and progressive social structures introduced.Using a concept developed by Rudolf Steiner -- the actualization of the individual -- he explains how the world arrived at its current state and how an understanding of America's role in the globalisation process will help achieve cultural and spiritual freedom, political equality and economic cooperation in the world.

Functional Morphology

Author : Johannes W. Rohen
ISBN : 0932776361
Genre : Science
File Size : 40. 86 MB
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Physicians around the world are familiar with Johannes Rohen’s books on human anatomy. In this, his last major work, Rohen presents the fruits of a lifelong study of the human organism. Viewing the various organs and organ systems as part of a dynamic whole, Rohen arrives at new and profound insights. This book significantly supplements and expands the concepts of general anatomy and offers a new basis for approaching the interaction of body and soul.Functional Morphology offers fresh insight and inspiration for physicians, therapists, educators, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the human organism.

The Secrets Of Space And Time

Author : Massimo Scaligero
ISBN : 9781584201311
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 66. 95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Who can penetrate space or encounter the stream of time? Only those who are not fooled into believing that freedom from sensory conditions is attainable by moving beyond a space and a time considered real because of their measurability. The reality of time and space is immeasurable. It cannot be attained by overcoming the given forms of measurement, but rather by overcoming measurement itself. For this to occur, we must know how and why measurement arises; we must know what the spirit wants by containing within measurement the substance of its eternal telling of tales, whose truth alone justifies measurement-the transitory vision of what space and time are in their divine forms. This masterly book by Scaligero teaches us how to enter, and cognize, the spiritual reality behind and within what we objectify as space and time. The book is a translation from Italian of Segreti dello spazio e del tempo (Libreria Tilopa, Rome, 1963).

The Event

Author : Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon
ISBN : 9781912230167
Genre : Religion
File Size : 82. 28 MB
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‘Could it not be that a tremendously important Event is taking place in the world, taking place right now, of which our own contemporaries have no presentiment? This is indeed so. A highly important Event is taking place that is perceptible, however, only to spiritual vision.’ – Rudolf Steiner, 25 January, 1910 What if matter is not solid, fixed and dead, but a living and creative Event? Could the concrete ‘stuff’ of our existence be in the process of development and becoming? Rudolf Steiner predicted that the new Christ Event would penetrate and transform all earthly and cosmic matter, life, consciousness and evolution. Through this Event, we have the opportunity to participate in the vortex of creative life. No longer detached, external spectators, we become co-creators in the drama of evolution and in the transformation of human consciousness. In this original and challenging work, Dr Ben-Aharon describes how this momentous Event is expressed in the fields of science, history, philosophy and art, and relates some of the fresh and creative concepts that have been discovered and applied in the disciplines of physics, biology, genetics and artificial intelligence. The Event, he concludes, leads us to face the central and world-historical question of our time: Are we as a human race going to use the new creative forces that are available to us positively, or will we allow this potential for good to change into its – destructive – opposite? The choice is ours.

The First Class Lessons And Mantras

Author : Steiner Rudolf Rudolf
ISBN : 1621481735
Genre : Anthroposophy
File Size : 48. 46 MB
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The mantras of the Michael School are, in the truest sense of the word, a path for modern human beings--and indeed not just for our time between birth and death, but even more so for the time after death in the spiritual world. In that world, every soul that has crossed the threshold will experience beings and events that it can comprehend only if it has learned something on Earth about the beings there and processes that take place between them. In his eighteenth lesson Rudolf Steiner said: "People who have heard this in esoteric schools on Earth will go through the gate of death and will hear these words again sounding in harmony together--in the esoteric schools here and during the life between death and a new birth there. They will understand what rings forth. Or, people will be dull and unwilling to respond to what the esoteric schools, prepared by general Anthroposophy, have to say. They'll fail to perceive what can be heard through initiation science from the realms of the heights. They pass through the gate of death. There they hear what they should have already heard while here on Earth . . . but they do not understand it. These words of power--when the gods speak to one another--sound to them like an unintelligible clanging, mere cosmic noise." These words alone, heard in real earnestness, should be enough to dispel any reservations about spreading the teaching of the Michael School. This content does not belong only to those who are closely connected with Anthroposophy and its movement; every seeking human being should be able to find them as a path through life on Earth and after death.

Temple Of The Grail

Author : Adriana Koulias
ISBN : 0987462067
Genre :
File Size : 70. 40 MB
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A SMOULDERING, MENACINGLY DELIGHTFUL WHODUNNIT WITH INTELLIGENCE; A PHILOSOPHICAL TOUR DE FORCE FOR HISTORY BUFFS. CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED #1 BEST SELLER TRANSLATED INTO FOUR LANGUAGES. Heresy, Hypocrisy, Murder... France, 1254 High on a mountain in the Pyrenees, the monastery of St Lazarus is a forbidding place. Behind its ramparts and battlements heretical acts are said to take place and there is the rumour of a secret - a secret so dangerous that its keepers will kill to keep it hidden. At the end of a bitter winter, a delegation headed by the ambitious Inquisitor Rainiero Sacconi arrives to investigate the monks of St Lazarus. Andre, a Knight of the Templar Order, and his young scribe, Christian de St Armand, have been sent by the King of France to oversee the investigation. When monks begin to die, one by one, under strange circumstances, Andre and Christian try to unravel the mystery while being hampered at every turn by the inquisitor. By the time they stumble upon the secret of St Lazarus hypocrisy and violence will be exposed. And for Andre and Christian it will turn into a fight, not only for their lives, but also for their souls.


Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 1855840464
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 80. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this selection of insightful lectures, Rudolf Steiner addresses the mystery of evil, offering a complex and original picture. Evil, he asserts, is a phenomenon that arises when something appears outside its true context. A thing which is initially good, therefore, can become evil when it is out of place. He speaks of this as the effect of particular spiritual beings -- principally Lucifer and Ahriman -- who work as polar forces, putting hindrances in our path. Yet confronting and coming to terms with such difficulties can ultimately further our development, as these fascinating lectures show us.

Light On The Path And Through The Gates Of Gold

Author : Mabel Collins
ISBN : 9783847200901
Genre : Religion
File Size : 51. 96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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