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Don T F Ck With Me I M Coloring Adult Coloring Swear Word Cuss Word Novelty Gag Gift Swear Coloring Fun Book For Her

Author : Marie Cage
ISBN : 1520293615
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This "new soon to be" best selling adult coloring book is the perfect way to cool down and relax for those with a subversive and irreverent sense of humor. Unique Stress Relief Designs To Color For Hours On End Each Coloring Page is designed for Fun and Relaxation It includes a Digital PDF Edition for Unlimited Printing It includes 40 Exclusive Swear Word Cuss Word Coloring Pages Designed for Adults Each Coloring Page is printed on a separate sheet to avoid bleed through Each Swear Word Page is Designed with Clipart Animals, Flowers, Motifs, and Patterns The Variety of Pages Ensure There is Something for Every Skill Level featuring some of the most inappropriate swear words you can possibly imagine, these designs are a joy to color and you might get a laugh while you are doing it. Use the special link inside the book and get the PDF Version. Sized to frame at 8.5" x 11" Single-Sided Pages Printed on matt white paper Here are some words you'll find inside the book: *SLUT * BITCH PLEASE * THAT ASS HEAD * YOU'RE A FUCKING GENIUS * I REALLY DON'T GIVE A FUCK * DAMN GIRL CHILL * YOU STUPID ASS FUCKER * CUNTFACE And Much More..! This is perfect for any adults who want to amuse themselves or their loved ones as a gag gift or a prank gift for someone who does not cuss. Simply relax, choose the swear word of your choice and then color. Get Your Copy Today! ---------------------------------------------------------------- TAGS: adult coloring books, swear word coloring book, swear word adult coloring book, sweary coloring book, adult swear word coloring book, adult coloring books best sellers, coloring books for adults relaxation, artists illustrators, mandalas, stress relieving patterns, coloring pages for adults, meditation, mindfulness meditation, nature mandalas coloring books for grownups, anti-stress management, Sweary Words coloring book ,swear coloring book, cursing coloring book, sweary words coloring book, the sweary coloring book, sweary coloring book, swearing coloring book , swear word coloring book, bad language coloring book


Author : Harry G. Frankfurt
ISBN : 9783518734872
Genre : Political Science
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Mit »Bullshit« legte der amerikanische Philosoph Harry G. Frankfurt den Klassiker der »Empört Euch!«-Bücher vor. Im Sturmlauf eroberte er die Herzen aller, die vom Nonsense-Gerede in U-Bahn und Büro und auf allen Kanälen schon lange genug hatten. Binnen Wochen verkaufte sich sein zorniges Manifest in den Vereinigten Staaten eine halbe Million Mal, ein globaler Feldzug gegen »Bullshitting« war die Folge. Doch Bullshit siegte. Bis heute haben wir dümmliche »Bild«-Kolumnen und hohles Gequassel in den Talkshows und am Handy. Ohnmächtig müssten wir all das über uns ergehen lassen, hätten wir nicht Frankfurts elegant-präzise Abrechnung mit derlei Phänomenen zur Hand, Urschrift aller Wut-Bücher und unverzichtbares Grundlagenwerk der angewandten Dummheitsforschung. Bullshit? Lesen!


Author : Sydney Ryan
ISBN : 0989776921
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Introducing the world's first coloring book for and about basic chicks, or if you prefer, basic bitches. Relieve stress and celebrate basic bitches/basic chicks at the same time with this soon-to-be bestselling adult coloring book.Whether you're basic and proud or surrounded by basic chicks and need something to keep them busy, our basic adult coloring book covers all the things basic chicks love - pumpkin spice, chevron print, bubble tea and more! This beautifully illustrated, one-sided adult coloring book will make a great gift for that special basic chick in your life. Unwind and relax with this beautiful coloring book - get real basic, real quick.What's Inside- 30 Basic Bitch/Basic Chick Passions to Color (see list below)- Beautiful Designs with Intricate Details including Flowers, Mandalas and Paisley- Includes Free Bonus Preview Pages of the Next Two Books in the Series: "Basic. Weddings!" and "Basic. #Fall" Inside!- Several Black Paper Designs - for when you're feeling like a bad bitch instead of a basic oneColor in your favorite basic chick with your choice of color pencil, pen, marker, and/or crayon. Enjoy mindfulness and relaxation with this fantastic and basic anti-stress therapy, also the perfect gag-gift!

Fuck It Let S Color 2

Author : Sarah Ganly
ISBN : 1530618541
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Make sure to check out all the pages in this book on my amazon author page here: http: // If you love cursing and coloring you will love this swear word coloring book. It features 33 adult coloring pages illustrated with uniquely hand drawn designs, fun fonts and frames, and hilarious curse words and phrases. All pages are printed in portrait orientation with blank backs. You will find some classic curses such as Fuck Off, Mega Bitch, and Dumb Shit, and some more advance swear phrases such as What the Actual Fuck, Zero Shits Given, and Shitty McFuckhead. With a variety of patterns and images this curse word coloring books is fun for beginners as well as expert artists! Check out the pic on my author page to view all the pages in this book!

Strange Paradise A Collection Of Swear Word Coloring Book Pages For Adults

Author : John T
ISBN : 1530372038
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Strange Paradise: A Collection of Swear Word Coloring Book Pages for Adults. For fans of Adult coloring books! Get free printable coloring pages at! Over 35 original swear word coloring book designs Includes a variety of styles and design so it's not the same design throughout Get the latest swear word coloring book! In this cuss word coloring book you will find some of the most memorable designs and swear words. It's a 'strange paradise' when you take adult coloring and decide to mix in few swear words. Or, a lot.But, why not? Think about it. Have a bad day? Do you really think coloring mandalas or paisleys only is going to feel THAT much better? Sure, maybe a little. But throw in a good old fashioned 'F*ck,' color that son of a b*tch, and then tell me 'How do you feel?'Strange Paradise is jam packed with a variety of swear words and phrases for a variety of situations. In other words, we got you covered.Get in a fight with a significant other or family member Or, are you pissed at a co-worker and want to tell them to take a fucking hike? Whip out the crayons, colored pencils, or markers, because THAT page is ready for you.Did your 'mini me' miss the toilet while taking a poop? "I Need a F*cking Drink" just might be the swear word coloring book page you will want to color.Oh, and did someone try to talk sassy to you and you just weren't having it? "Shut your f*cking trap" may provide hours of relief.At any rate, you are bound to find a swear word, phrase, and design to suit you and your situation and needs.This swear word coloring book has over 35 original adult coloring book designs and more than 35 swear words. Each coloring book page is creatively designed by creative John T.John T started illustrating adult coloring books in 2015 and found a home in the swear word coloring book niche. He is very active in the Sweary Words Adult Coloring Worldwide Facebook Group. You can find more information about him and the books the swear word coloring books that he creates at:

Flowers Shit

Author : Immature Coloring
ISBN : 1530752914
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BUY NOW PRICE WILL GO UP! Want some inappropriate, Sassy, Sweary shit? This book is a stress reliever with fancy sweary words This book will deliver lots of swear words and sas ! 28 Pages to color 6 Bonus Mandalas 2 Extra pages from my other book AssJabber which is another Swear word coloring book 36 Total coloring pages! Some with swear words Single sided 60lbs Paper suitable for most mediums! Including markers and gel pens Perfect for all the swears Pages do not go to the edges of the page making it easier to color them. Pages avoid Gutter area.For optimal Swearyness for your Colouring Portrait style pages What is included in the book? Alcohol references, Insults, and swears, Swear, Swear, dirty and sassy sayings Along with flowers of course! McNasty Do not ever doubt my ability to find shit out. Netflix and Chill? I look pretty and play dirty! LameAss Don't marry rich, Be rich Love Fucking Hurts Strong women Get shit done! I got heels higher than your standards Sometimes Life is too fucking complicated! If someone hates you for no reason, Give that motherfucker a reason Anus Sexy Bitch Spank me Fucking fancy I own you You're mine motherfucker I'm not a princess, I don't need saving. I'm a queen and I got this shit handled. Flowers & Shit I tried to say no to the vodka, But it's 40% stronger than me. Badassy I can't adult today Blow jobs are flowers for men! You are an asshole Just let Karma take care of that bitch for you I'm allergic to bullshit and negativity. Classy, Sassy and a bit Smart assy, Swearing is fun! Get this book and Enjoy these Swear words and funny sas words Adult swear word coloring book swear word coloring book for adults sweary words swear word color book Stress Relieving fancy sweary words Coloring flowers for adults

Bad Words From Around The World

Author : Christine Rai
ISBN : 0998104701
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The first words you learn from a new language are the bad ones, I'll help you embrace that curiosity with 38 bad words from around the world! Here's a collection of 38 swear words I drew from 33 languages and cultures, including my own. Learn how to say: Bitch in 4 languages Fuck in 7 languages Damn in 3 languages Fuck off in 3 languages Dummy/idiot in 7 languages And learn some words that aren't easy to directly translate like: The German word backpfeifengesicht. It means a face badly in need of a fist. And the Amharic word silbabot. This literally translates to "you are the fatty layer on my warm milk" but it has the same application as calling someone a nuisance. What's Inside: Printed Single-Sided Pages At 8.5x11 single sided page includes design and the word definition, pronunciation, language, and country of origin for each word or phrase 3 test pages Easy, moderate, and complex designs. Some you can complete in one sitting and others you can come back to. Tired of mandalas? Don't have to patience to color in a bunch of tiny designs? I got you, the book features 38 varying designs that range in complexity so you can color some of these in one sitting and come back to others. Bad Words from around the world is the perfect way to learn some new stuff and unwind. Are you trying to find an unique novelty gift for your best friend? Someone you know going off to study abroad? Need a present for literally any occasion (maybe not a 5th birthday party, but who am I to judge)? This is perfect. I'm all about equal opportunity insults so I curated this to only include words that can be used on anyone; nothing racist, homophobic, or misogynistic. Millions of kids around the world can't read or write any words including these bad ones, so a part of every book purchased will go to support a classroom in an underserved community. I hope this book puts a smile on your face, teaches you something, inspires you, or helps you express some of your creativity. Start your journey around the world here! As seen in Bustle and the Daily Dot! Check us out on CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE. NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN. TAGS: coloring book, colouring book, adult coloring book, adult colouring book, sweary coloring book, swear word coloring book, swear words adult coloring book, bullshit book, bullshit coloring book, james alexander, memos to shitty people, calm the fuck down, chill the fuck out, sasha o'hara, johanna basford, leafy animals coloring book, bad words from around the world, bad words


Author : Toni Morrison
ISBN : 3499244209
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Anti Stress Swear Word Grown Up Coloring Book

Author :
ISBN : 1545116857
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NEW ONE SIDED PAGES MORE PAGES THAN 95% OF THE COMPETITION 40 + 9 UNIQUE ANTI-STRESS, CREATIVITY BOOSTING ILLUSTRATIONS INCLUDES TIPS FOR A STRESSFREE LIFE PREVIEW the first 9 Illustrations from the book at "'s work combines artistry, positivity and a genuine effort to do good in the world. Its books are a delight designed for all to enjoy and relax." - Dr. Ben Michaelis, author of Your Next Big Thing: 10 Small Steps to Get Moving and Get Happy + International phenomenon and latest mega trend! + Free Your mind! + Stress Relieving! + Coloring will have a healing effect, enhances creativity and is fun! + Coloring books are leading the international bestsellers! + This Adult Coloring Book will benefit You with WEEKS of coloring fun! + Includes very cute baby animals! + 40 beautiful designed and amazing detailed images with the most popular English swear words. All swear word images are enhanced with cute animals and flowers! + 9 Bonus Images! + Especially detailed and complex illustrations for grownups! + Includes: 10 Bad Swear Words in 7 Different Languages! + Includes: Tips From The Pros! + Each illustration is on a separate sheet to avoid bleeding through! + Easy to color! + Improves eye-hand coordination! + Calms an anxious mind and cultivates moment-to-moment awareness! + Increases self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love! + Boosts mental clarity! + Enhances the ability of inner focus and lets You develop more mindfulness! + Coloring will take You into a Zen Buddhism meditation-like state! + Depressions are going to disappear! + Wellness yoga for Your mind! + Art Therapy! + Create Your own art! + Makes a Great Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Thanksgiving Day Gift, Valentine's Day Gift! + 118 pages! + Over $250 (!) of value in this book! + Anti-stress guarantee! What's Inside? + Asskisser + Blast it + Bloody Bitch + Botheration + Chicken shit + Cripes + Drat + Drop dead + Fat arse + Fool + Fuck off + Fuckin hell + Fuckin Wanker + Go fuck yourself + God damned fuckin asshole + I don't give a shit on that + I'll have your guts for garters + I'm going to pop a gasket + I'm so pissed + Kiss my ass + Jerk + Jesus Christ almighty + Like hell I will + Load of shit + Looser + Pain in the ass + Puke + Oh hell + Scumbag + Shoot + Shut your face + Sod off + Son of a bitch + Stupid prick + Stupid sod + That blows + Turkey + You get on my wick + You*r bloody useless + You'r real shit + Bonus Illustration #1 + Bonus Illustration #2 + Bonus Illustration #3 + Bonus Illustration #4 + Bonus Illustration #5 + Bonus Illustration #6 + Bonus Illustration #7 + Bonus Illustration #8 + Bonus Illustration #9 GRAB YOUR COPY NOW! Receive 10 FREE Bonus Illustrations while You are waiting for the book:

Meine Zeit Der Trauer

Author : Joyce Carol Oates
ISBN : 3596191505
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File Size : 20. 48 MB
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