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Communicative Capacity

Author : Bartels, Koen P.R.
ISBN : 9781447334569
Genre : Political Science
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Participatory democracy has become an unshakable norm and its practice is widespread. Nowadays, public professionals and citizens regularly encounter each other in participatory practice to address shared problems. But while the frequency, pace and diversity of their public encounters has increased, communicating in participatory practice remains a challenging, fragile and demanding undertaking that often runs astray. This unique book explores how citizens and public professionals communicate, why this is so difficult and what could lead to more productive conversations. Using timely, original empirical research to make a thorough comparative analysis of cases in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Italy it shows policy makers, practitioners, students and academics the value of communicative capacity.

The Child S Communication Competence

Author : Ton van der Geest
ISBN : OCLC:902570919
Genre :
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Communicative Structures And Psychic Structures

Author : Norbert Freedman
ISBN : 9781475704921
Genre : Medical
File Size : 36. 57 MB
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The publication of this volune represents the first in a planned series of special publications on topics of major interest to workers in the fields of psychiatry and psychology. The series will be en titled The Downstate Series of Research in Psychiatry and Psychology and is the outcome of a series of discussions among several senior members of the Department of Psychiatry held about four years ago. Included in this group, were Drs. Benjamin Kissin, Henri Begleiter, Leonard Rosenblum, Herbert Pardes, Norbert Freedman, and myself. The talks were initiated by Dr. Pardes, now Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado, and the resultant decision was t6 hold three day symposia, hopefully of such excellence that the published papers of each symposium would represent a significant con tribution to some particular aspect of human psychology. This deci sion necessitated the choice of suitable topics and distinguished speakers who would present original work coordinated into an inte grated framework based upon a selected topic.

Communication In Social Work

Author : Peter R. Day
ISBN : 9781483151649
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 38. 21 MB
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Communication in Social Work focuses on the role of communication in social work. This book discusses aspects of communication in the helping process and illustrates where information and advice on their own would not have been helpful to the client. Comprised of seven chapters, this book begins with an overview of the nature of communication and explains why a study of the communication process may help in dealing with serious problems of the environment and human relations. Attention then turns to communication processes in social work, with emphasis on the role of non-verbal behavior in the interaction between social worker and client, along with the factors that influence communication between them. The chapters that follow focus on social factors in communication, considering the sociological view of social work as a mechanism of social control, as well as the importance of communication in the helping process. This book concludes by explaining how social agency contributes to the nature of the social worker's activities, touching on topics such as problems of cooperation and coordination in social welfare. This text will be of interest to professionals and policymakers involved in social work.


Author : Karl Erik Rosengren
ISBN : 0803978375
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 63. 62 MB
Format : PDF
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Written as an introduction for beginning students, this book offers a thorough, yet lively, overview of human communication in all its aspects. Accessibly written and assuming no prior knowledge of the discipline Communication: An Introduction: offers a thorough, yet lively, examination of all aspects of human communication, including: a summary of its nature, form and function; a detailed analysis of all the levels of communication; a description and overview of the different traditions of communication studies; and a consideration of the future of communication - as a phenomenon and as a field of research.

Global Communication And Transnational Public Spheres

Author : A. Crack
ISBN : 9780230610552
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 42. 69 MB
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Information and communication technologies (ICT) enable citizens to communicate across state borders with greater ease than ever before, exciting much speculation about the emergence of transnational public spheres. This highly original work introduces this debate to International Relations.

Knowledge And Postmodernism In Historical Perspective

Author : Joyce Oldham Appleby
ISBN : 0415913837
Genre : History
File Size : 65. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This comprehensive reader chronicles the western engagement with the nature of knowledge during the past four centuries while providing the historical context for the postmodernist thought of Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Richard Rorty and Hayden White, and the challenges their ideas have posed to our conventional ways of thinking, writing and knowing.

The Emergence Of The Speech Capacity

Author : D. Kimbrough Oller
ISBN : 9781135684976
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 85. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Recent studies of vocal development in infants have shed new light on old questions of how the speech capacity is founded and how it may have evolved in the human species. Vocalizations in the very first months of life appear to provide previously unrecognized clues to the earliest steps in the process by which language came to exist and the processes by which communicative disorders arise. Perhaps the most interesting sounds made by infants are the uniquely human 'protophones' (loosely, 'babbling'), the precursors to speech. Kimbrough Oller argues that these are most profitably interpreted in the context of a new infrastructural model of speech. The model details the manner in which well-formed speech units are constructed, and it reveals how infant vocalizations mature through the first months of life by increasingly adhering to the rules of well-formed speech. He lays out many advantages of an infrastructural approach. Infrastructural interpretation illuminates the significance of vocal stages, and highlights clinically significant deviations, such as the previously unnoticed delays in vocal development that occur in deaf infants. An infrastructural approach also specifies potential paths of evolution for vocal communicative systems. Infrastructural properties and principles of potential communicative systems prove to be organized according to a natural logic--some properties and principles naturally presuppose others. Consequently some paths of evolution are likely while others can be ruled out. An infrastructural analysis also provides a stable basis for comparisons across species, comparisons that show how human vocal capabilities outstrip those of their primate relatives even during the first months of human infancy. The Emergence of the Speech Capacity will challenge psychologists, linguists, speech pathologists, and primatologists alike to rethink the ways they categorize and describe communication. Oller's infraphonological model permits provocative reconceptualizations of the ways infant vocalizations progress systematically toward speech, insightful comparisons between speech and the vocal systems of other species, and fruitful speculations about the origins of language.

A Lifetime Of Communication

Author : Julie Yingling
ISBN : 9781135639051
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 26. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A Lifetime of Communication explores the developmental processes that make for uniquely human change and growth. In this distinctive work, author Julie Yingling utilizes a single case example of a child, her parents, and other influential figures to demonstrate developmental interaction and transformational life events. Using relational and dialogic perspectives, Yingling follows the child from infancy into adolescence and adulthood, through the stages which the child acquires the means to communicate, to form and develop through relationships, to build human cognitive processes, and to understand the self as a responsible part of the social world. The work presents traditional and cutting-edge developmental theories as well as current research and relational perspectives in a palatable framework, employing a case example from a person's life at the start of each content chapter. Yingling examines communication and cognition in the various stages of human development, making connections between communication, relationships, and maturation. She also distinguishes the biological and physiological portions of development from those that are relational and self-directed. She concludes the volume with a summary of relational dialogical theory and a discussion of the implications of this perspective of development-both for the future of communication study and for personal growth. This monograph offers many new insights to scholars in human development, relationships, family studies, social psychology, and others interested in communication and relationships across the life span. It is also appropriate for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in relationships, developmental communication, and relational communication.

Deliberative Democracy And Beyond

Author : John S. Dryzek
ISBN : 019925043X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 27. 73 MB
Format : PDF
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The past few years have seen a remarkable ferment in the theory of democracy. Deliberative Democracy and Beyond is a critical tour through recent democratic theory by one of the leading political theorist in the field. It examines the deliberative turn in democratic theory, which argued that the essence of democratic legitimacy is to be found in authentic deliberations on the part of those affected by a collective decision. The deliberative turn began as a challenge to established institutions and models of democracy, but it has now been largely assimilated by these same institutions and models. Drawing a distinction between liberal constitutionalist deliberative democracy and discursive democracy, the author criticizes the former and advocates the latter. He argues that a defensible theory of democracy should be critical of established power, pluralistic, reflexive in its questioning orientation to established traditions, transnational in its capacity to extend across state boundaries, ecological, and dynamic in its openness to ever-changing constraints upon and opportunities for democratization. Dryzek's reinvigorated approach enables deliberative democracy to respond more effectively to the criticisms that have been leveled against it. Oxford Political Theory presents the best new work in contemporary political theory. It is intended to be broad in scope, including original contributions to political philosophy, and also work in applied political theory. The series will contain works of outstanding quality with no restrictions as to approach subject matter. Series Editors: Will Kymlicka, David Miller, and Alan Ryan

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