constitutional failure carl schmitt in weimar

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Constitutional Failure

Author : Ellen Kennedy
ISBN : 0822332434
Genre : History
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DIVThe author's argument that Carl Schmitt's critique of Weimar Republic liberalism cannot be countered by reforming liberalism is also a contribution to current political theory and an analysis of contemporary liberalism./div

Constitutional Theory

Author : Carl Schmitt
ISBN : 9780822340119
Genre : Law
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This volume makes Schmitt's provocative work on comparative constitutionalism available in English for the first time since it was published in 1928 in Germany.

Carl Schmitt S State And Constitutional Theory

Author : Benjamin Schupmann
ISBN : 9780198791614
Genre : History
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Can a constitutional democracy commit suicide? Can an illiberal antidemocratic party legitimately obtain power through democratic elections and amend liberalism and democracy out of the constitution entirely? In Weimar Germany, these theoretical questions were both practically and existentially relevant. By 1932, the Nazi and Communist parties combined held a majority of seats in parliament. Neither accepted the legitimacy of liberal democracy. Their only reason for participating democratically was to amend the constitution out of existence. This book analyses Carl Schmitt's state and constitutional theory and shows how it was conceived in response to the Weimar crisis. Right-wing and left-wing political extremists recognized that a path to legal revolution lay in the Weimar constitution's combination of democratic procedures, total neutrality toward political goals, and positive law. Schmitt's writings sought to address the unique problems posed by mass democracy. Schmitt's thought anticipated 'constrained' or 'militant' democracy, a type of constitution that guards against subversive expressions of popular sovereignty and whose mechanisms include the entrenchment of basic constitutional commitments and party bans. Schmitt's state and constitutional theory remains important: the problems he identified continue to exist within liberal democratic states. Schmitt offers democrats today a novel way to understand the legitimacy of liberal democracy and the limits of constitutional change.

The Oxford Handbook Of Carl Schmitt

Author : Jens Meierhenrich
ISBN : 9780190646509
Genre : Philosophy
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The Oxford Handbook of Carl Schmitt collects thirty original chapters on the diverse oeuvre of one of the most controversial thinkers of the twentieth century. Carl Schmitt (1888-1985) was a German theorist whose anti-liberalism continues to inspire scholars and practitioners on both the Left and the Right. Despite Schmitt's rabid anti-semitism and partisan legal practice in Nazi Germany, the appeal of his trenchant critiques of, among other things, aestheticism, representative democracy, and international law as well as of his theoretical justifications of dictatorship and rule by exception is undiminished. Uniquely located at the intersection of law, the social sciences, and the humanities, this volume brings together sophisticated yet accessible interpretations of Schmitt's sprawling thought and complicated biography. The contributors hail from diverse disciplines, including art, law, literature, philosophy, political science, and history. In addition to opening up exciting new avenues of research, The Oxford Handbook of Carl Schmitt provides the intellectual foundations for an improved understanding of the political, legal, and cultural thought of this most infamous of German theorists. A substantial introduction places the trinity of Schmitt's thought in a broad context.

The Challenge Of Carl Schmitt

Author : Chantal Mouffe
ISBN : 1859847048
Genre : Political Science
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Carl Schmitt's thought serves as a warning against the dangers of complacency entailed by triumphant liberalism. His conception of politics is a sharp challenge to those who believe that there is a third way between the left and right and that the increasing moralization of political discourse constitutes a great advance for democracy. Schmitt reminds us forcefully that the essence of politics is struggle and that the distinction between friend and enemy cannot be abolished. Contributions: Gregoris Ananiadis, Agostino Carrino, Catherine Colliot-Thélène, Jorge Dotti, David Dyzenhaus, Paul Hirst, Jean-François Kervégan, Chantal Mouffe, Ulrich Preuss, Slavoj Zizek and an important essay by Carl Schmitt available in English for the first time.

From Empire To Union

Author : Jo Eric Khushal Murkens
ISBN : 9780191652011
Genre : Law
File Size : 45. 83 MB
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Germany has long been at the centre of European debates surrounding the modern role of national constitutional law and its relationship with EU law. In 2009 the German constitutional court voted to uphold the constitutionality of the Lisbon Treaty, but its critical, restrictive decision sent shockwaves through the European legal community who saw potential threats to further European integration. What explains Germany's uneasy relationship with the project of European legal integration? How have the concepts of sovereignty, state, people, and democracy come to dominate the Constitutional Court's thinking, despite not being defined in the Constitution itself? Despite its importance to the whole enterprise of the European Union, German constitutional thought has been poorly understood in the wider European literature. This book presents a historical account of German conceptions of constitutional law, providing the understanding necessary to see what is at stake in contemporary debates surrounding the constitution and the European Union. Examining the modern development of German constitutional thought, this volume traces the key public law concepts of state, constitution, sovereignty, and democracy from their modern emergence in the 19th century through to the present day. It analyses the constitutional relationship between Germany and the EU from a sociological and historical perspective, looking at how German constitutional law has conflicted and compromised with EU law, and the difficulties this has raised. Filling a significant gap in comparative constitutional law literature, this book provides an account of the major schools of German constitutional thought and their development. Against this backdrop it offers a fascinating insight into Germany's relationship with the European Union.

Legality And Legitimacy

Author : Carl Schmitt
ISBN : 9780822385769
Genre : Law
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Carl Schmitt ranks among the most original and controversial political thinkers of the twentieth century. His incisive criticisms of Enlightenment political thought and liberal political practice remain as shocking and significant today as when they first appeared in Weimar Germany. Unavailable in English until now, Legality and Legitimacy was composed in 1932, in the midst of the crisis that would lead to the collapse of the Weimar Republic and only a matter of months before Schmitt’s collaboration with the Nazis. In this important work, Schmitt questions the political viability of liberal constitutionalism, parliamentary government, and the rule of law. Liberal governments, he argues, cannot respond effectively to challenges by radical groups like the Nazis or Communists. Only a presidential regime subject to few, if any, practical limitations can ensure domestic security in a highly pluralistic society. Legality and Legitimacy is sure to provide a compelling reference point in contemporary debates over the challenges facing constitutional democracies today. In addition to Jeffrey Seitzer’s translation of the 1932 text itself, this volume contains his translation of Schmitt’s 1958 commentary on the work, extensive explanatory notes, and an appendix including selected articles of the Weimar constitution. John P. McCormick’s introduction places Legality and Legitimacy in its historical context, clarifies some of the intricacies of the argument, and ultimately contests Schmitt’s claims regarding the inherent weakness of parliamentarism, constitutionalism, and the rule of law.

Legality And Legitimacy

Author : David Dyzenhaus
ISBN : 9780198298465
Genre : Law
File Size : 60. 57 MB
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This book investigates one of the oldest questions of legal philosophy---the relationship between law and legitimacy. It analyses the legal theories of three eminent public lawyers of the Weimar era, Carl Schmitt, Hans Kelsen, and Hermann Heller. Their theories addressed the problems of legal and political order in a crisis-ridden modern society and so they remain highly relevant to contemporary debates about legal order in the age of pluralism. Schmitt, the philosopher of German fascism, has recently received much attention. Kelsen is well-known as one of the main exponents of the philosophy of legal positivism. Heller is virtually unknown outside Germany. Dyzenhaus exposes the dangers of Schmitt's legal philosophy by situating it in the legal context of constitutional crisis to which he responded. He also points out the severs inadequacies of Kelsen's legal positivism. In a wide-ranging account of the predicaments of contemporary legal and political philosophy, Heller's position is argued to be the most promising of the three.

Legalit T Und Legitimit T

Author : Carl Schmitt
ISBN : 3428138449
Genre :
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Carl Schmitt Als Jurist

Author : Volker Neumann
ISBN : 3161537726
Genre : Law
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Es vergeht kaum ein Monat, in dem nicht irgendwo auf dieser Welt ein neues Buch über Carl Schmitt erscheint. Warum also noch ein Buch? Betrachtet man die Sekundärliteratur, fällt auf, dass es so gut wie keine Monographie gibt, die Schmitts rechtswissenschaftliches Werk juristisch würdigt. Diese Lücke will die hier vorgelegte Untersuchung schließen, indem sie den eindeutigen Schwerpunkt auf seine Beiträge zum Staats- und Völkerrecht legt. Das erfordert die Untersuchung seiner Stellung im zeitgenössischen Schrifttum und die Klärung der Frage, ob einzelne seiner Positionen und Begriffe noch heute in der Staatsrechtswissenschaft präsent sind. Erst in zweiter Linie werden seine Schriften zu den Grundlagenfächern Rechtstheorie und Rechtsphilosophie, Verfassungsgeschichte und allgemeine Staatslehre gewürdigt. Schmitts Arbeiten wollen immer auch Antworten auf aktuelle politische Herausforderungen geben. Deshalb kann auf die Thematisierung seiner Biographie und des zeitgeschichtlichen Hintergrunds nicht verzichtet werden.

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