contract analysis and design for supply chains with stochastic demand international series in operations research management science

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Contract Analysis And Design For Supply Chains With Stochastic Demand

Author : Yingxue Zhao
ISBN : 9781489976338
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 21. 25 MB
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This book is devoted to analysis and design of supply chain contracts with stochastic demand. Given the extensive utilization of contracts in supply chains, the issues concerning contract analysis and design are extremely important for supply chain management (SCM), and substantial research has been developed to address those issues over the past years. Despite the abundance of classical research, new research needs to be conducted in response to new issues emerging with the recent changing business environments, such as the fast-shortening life cycle of product and the increasing globalization of supply chains. This book addresses these issues, with the intention to present new research on how to apply contracts to improve SCM. Contract Analysis and Design for Supply Chains with Stochastic Demand contains eight chapters and each chapter is summarized as follows: Chapter 1 provides a comprehensive review of the classical development of supply chain contracts. Chapter 2 examines the effects of demand uncertainty on the applicability of buyback contracts. Chapter 3 conducts a mean-risk analysis for wholesale price contracts, taking into account contracting value risk and risk preferences. Chapter 4 studies the optimization of product service system by franchise fee contracts in the service-oriented manufacturing supply chain with demand information asymmetry. Chapter 5 develops a bidirectional option contract model and explores the optimal contracting decisions and supply chain coordination issue with the bidirectional option. Chapter 6 addresses supply chain options pricing issue and a value-based pricing scheme is developed for the supply chain options. With a cooperative game theory approach, Chapter 7 explores the issues concerning supply chain contract selection/implementation with the option contract under consideration. Chapter 8 concludes the book and suggests worthy directions for future research.

Quantitative Models For Supply Chain Management

Author : Sridhar Tayur
ISBN : 9781461549499
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 30. 7 MB
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Quantitative models and computer-based tools are essential for making decisions in today's business environment. These tools are of particular importance in the rapidly growing area of supply chain management. This volume is a unified effort to provide a systematic summary of the large variety of new issues being considered, the new set of models being developed, the new techniques for analysis, and the computational methods that have become available recently. The volume's objective is to provide a self-contained, sophisticated research summary - a snapshot at this point of time - in the area of Quantitative Models for Supply Chain Management. While there are some multi-disciplinary aspects of supply chain management not covered here, the Editors and their contributors have captured many important developments in this rapidly expanding field. The 26 chapters can be divided into six categories. Basic Concepts and Technical Material (Chapters 1-6). The chapters in this category focus on introducing basic concepts, providing mathematical background and validating algorithmic tools to solve operational problems in supply chains. Supply Contracts (Chapters 7-10). In this category, the primary focus is on design and evaluation of supply contracts between independent agents in the supply chain. Value of Information (Chapters 11-13). The chapters in this category explicitly model the effect of information on decision-making and on supply chain performance. Managing Product Variety (Chapters 16-19). The chapters in this category analyze the effects of product variety and the different strategies to manage it. International Operations (Chapters 20-22). The three chapters in this category provide an overview of research in the emerging area of International Operations. Conceptual Issues and New Challenges (Chapters 23-27). These chapters outline a variety of frameworks that can be explored and used in future research efforts. This volume can serve as a graduate text, as a reference for researchers and as a guide for further development of this field.

Proceedings Of The Seventh International Conference On Management Science And Engineering Management

Author : Jiuping Xu
ISBN : 9783642400810
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 32. 14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book presents the proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management (ICMSEM2013) held from November 7 to 9, 2013 at Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and organized by the International Society of Management Science and Engineering Management, Sichuan University (Chengdu, China) and Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA). The goals of the Conference are to foster international research collaborations in Management Science and Engineering Management as well as to provide a forum to present current research findings. The selected papers cover various areas in management science and engineering management, such as Decision Support Systems, Multi-Objective Decisions, Uncertain Decisions, Computational Mathematics, Information Systems, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Relationship Management, Scheduling and Control, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Electronic Commerce, Neural Networks, Stochastic Models and Simulation, Fuzzy Programming, Heuristics Algorithms, Risk Control, Organizational Behavior, Green Supply Chains, and Carbon Credits. The proceedings introduce readers to novel ideas on and different problem-solving methods in Management Science and Engineering Management. We selected excellent papers from all over the world, integrating their expertise and ideas in order to improve research on Management Science and Engineering Management.

Handbook Of Stochastic Models And Analysis Of Manufacturing System Operations

Author : J. MacGregor Smith
ISBN : 9781461467779
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42. 37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This handbook surveys important stochastic problems and models in manufacturing system operations and their stochastic analysis. Using analytical models to design and control manufacturing systems and their operations entail critical stochastic performance analysis as well as integrated optimization models of these systems. Topics deal with the areas of facilities planning, transportation, and material handling systems, logistics and supply chain management, and integrated productivity and quality models covering: • Stochastic modeling and analysis of manufacturing systems • Design, analysis, and optimization of manufacturing systems • Facilities planning, transportation, and material handling systems analysis • Production planning, scheduling systems, management, and control • Analytical approaches to logistics and supply chain management • Integrated productivity and quality models, and their analysis • Literature surveys of issues relevant in manufacturing systems • Case studies of manufacturing system operations and analysis Today’s manufacturing system operations are becoming increasingly complex. Advanced knowledge of best practices for treating these problems is not always well known. The purpose of the book is to create a foundation for the development of stochastic models and their analysis in manufacturing system operations. Given the handbook nature of the volume, introducing basic principles, concepts, and algorithms for treating these problems and their solutions is the main intent of this handbook. Readers unfamiliar with these research areas will be able to find a research foundation for studying these problems and systems.

Handbook Of Quantitative Supply Chain Analysis

Author : David Simchi-Levi
ISBN : 1402079524
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22. 64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Over the past two decades, not only has supply chain analysis become a strategic focus of leading firms, it has also spawned an impressive array of research that brings together diverse research communities. Adding to this diversity and intellectual energy is the emergence of E-Business. E-Business creates new competitive dimensions that are fast-paced, ever-changing, and risk-prone, dimensions where innovation, speed, and technological savvy often define success. Most importantly, E-Business challenges the premises and expands the scope of supply chain analysis. The handbook is a comprehensive research reference that is essential for anyone interested in conducting research in supply chain. Unique features include: "Audience: " This volume is suitable for researchers, faculty, graduate students, and practitioners in the following areas: supply chain management, operations research, management science, decision science, industrial engineering, operations management, civil engineering/transportation, logistics management, risk management, applied mathematics, economics, computer science, industrial management, and other related areas.

Risk Analysis In Stochastic Supply Chains

Author : Tsan-Ming Choi
ISBN : 9781461438694
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 37. 14 MB
Format : PDF
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Risk analysis is crucial in stochastic supply chain models. Over the past few years, the pace has quickened for research attempting to explore risk analysis issues in supply chain management problems, while the majority of recent papers focus on conceptual framework or computational numerical analysis. Pioneered by Nobel laureate Markowitz in the 1950s, the mean-risk (MR) formulation became a fundamental theory for risk management in finance. Despite the significance and popularity of MR-related approaches in finance, their applications in studying multi-echelon supply chain management problems have only been seriously explored in recent years. While the MR approach has already been shown to be useful in conducting risk analysis in stochastic supply chain models, there is no comprehensive reference source that provides the state-of-the-art findings on this important model for supply chain management. Thus it is significant to have a book that reviews and extends the MR related works for supply chain risk analysis. This book is organized into five chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the topic, offers a timely review of various related areas, and explains why the MR approach is important for conducting supply chain risk analysis. Chapter 2 examines the single period inventory model with the mean-variance and mean-semi-deviation approaches. Extensive discussions on the efficient frontiers are also reported. Chapter 3 explores the infinite horizon multi-period inventory model with a mean-variance approach. Chapter 4 investigates the supply chain coordination problem with a versatile target sales rebate contract and a risk averse retailer possessing the mean-variance optimization objective. Chapter 5 concludes the book and discusses various promising future research directions and extensions. Every chapter can be taken as a self-contained article, and the notation within each chapter is consistently employed.

Supply Chain Optimization Management And Integration Emerging Applications

Author : Wang, John
ISBN : 9781609601379
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 55. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Our rapidly changing world has forced business practitioners, in corporation with academic researchers, to respond quickly and develop effective solution methodologies and techniques to handle new challenges in supply chain systems. Supply Chain Optimization, Management and Integration: Emerging Applications presents readers with a rich collection of ideas from researchers who are bridging the gap between the latest in information technology and supply chain management. This book includes theoretical, analytical, and empirical research, comprehensive reviews of relevant research, and case studies of effective applications in the field of SCM. The use of new technologies, methods, and techniques are emphasized by those who have worked with supply chain management across the world for those in the field of information systems.

Fashion Retail Supply Chain Management

Author : Tsan-Ming Choi
ISBN : 9780203764695
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 47. 66 MB
Format : PDF
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Fashion Retail Supply Chain Management: A Systems Optimization Approach is a comprehensive reference source that provides the state-of-the-art findings on many important emerging research issues related to retail supply chain management and optimization problems. The book takes an explicit systems approach, and discusses retailled fashion supply chain coordination mechanisms and consumer market informationdriven fashion retail supply chain models, as well as suggesting future research avenues. This volume will be of interest not only to those involved in the fashion industry, but also to academics and practitioners in the wider fields of business, manufacturing engineering, systems engineering and supply chain management.

Supply Chain Structures

Author : Jing-Sheng Song
ISBN : 9781475766356
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 76. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In the foreword to Supply Chain Structures, Professor Paul Zipkin notes three global changes that have enabled the recent vast developments in the field of supply chains. Moreover, these changes may be only the beginning and more change is likely in the fast-moving field of supply chain management. These global changes are: the explosive growth of the Internet; the growth in free-market economies with the corresponding political interest in global economic stability; and the emergence of a global managerial culture focused on performance, quality, and service. Professor Zipkin goes on to say "In Supply Chain Structures, the editors Jeannette Song and David Yao have collected a spectrum of approaches to these challenges from some of the leading scholars of supply chains, from both the academic and commercial worlds. Each of the articles offers an interesting and illuminating way to think about the key issues in supply chain management. Some also offer practical techniques to solve important problems. Together they provide an excellent survey of the current state of the art in research and practice."

Planning Production And Inventories In The Extended Enterprise

Author : Karl G Kempf
ISBN : 1441981918
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 62. 45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In two volumes, Planning Production and Inventories in the Extended Enterprise: A State of the Art Handbook examines production planning across the extended enterprise against a backdrop of important gaps between theory and practice. The early chapters describe the multifaceted nature of production planning problems and reveal many of the core complexities. The middle chapters describe recent research on theoretical techniques to manage these complexities. Accounts of production planning system currently in use in various industries are included in the later chapters. Throughout the two volumes there are suggestions on promising directions for future work focused on closing the gaps. Included in Volume 1 are papers on the Historical Foundations of Manufacturing Planning and Control; Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems; Sustainable Product Development and Manufacturing; Uncertainty and Production Planning; Demand Forecasting; Production Capacity; Data in Production and Supply Chain Planning; Financial Uncertainty in SC Models; Field Based Research in Production Control; Collaborative SCM; Sequencing and Coordination in Outsourcing and Subcontracting Operations; Inventory Management; Pricing, Variety and Inventory Decisions for Substitutable Items; Perishable and Aging Inventories; Optimization Models of Production Planning Problems; Aggregate Modeling of Manufacturing Systems; Robust Stability Analysis of Decentralized Supply Chains; Simulation in Production Planning; and Simulation-Optimization in Support of Tactical and Strategic Enterprise Decisions. Included in Volume 2 are papers on Workload and Lead-Time Considerations under Uncertainty; Production Planning and Scheduling; Production Planning Effects on Dynamic Behavior of A Simple Supply Chain; Supply and Demand in Assemble-to-Order Supply Chains; Quantitative Risk Assessment in Supply Chains; A Practical Multi-Echelon Inventory Model with Semiconductor Application; Supplier Managed Inventory for Custom Items with Long Lead Times; Decentralized Supply Chain Formation; A Cooperative Game Approach to Procurement Network Formation; Flexible SC Contracts with Options; Build-to-Order Meets Global Sourcing for the Auto Industry; Practical Modeling in Automotive Production; Discrete Event Simulation Models; Diagnosing and Tuning a Statistical Forecasting System; Enterprise-Wide SC Planning in Semiconductor and Package Operations; Production Planning in Plastics; SC Execution Using Predictive Control; Production Scheduling in The Pharmaceutical Industry; Computerized Scheduling for Continuous Casting in Steelmaking; and Multi-Model Production Planning and Scheduling in an Industrial Environment.

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