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Corporate Finance Demystified 2 E

Author : Troy Adair
ISBN : 9780071760836
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 84. 53 MB
Format : PDF
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The simple way to master corporate finance The math, the formulas, the problem solving . . . does corporate finance make your head spin? You're not alone. It's one of the toughest subjects for business students—which is why Corporate Finance DeMYSTiFieD is written in a way that makes learning it easier than ever. This self-teaching guide first explains the basic principles of corporate finance, including accounting statements, cash flows, and ratio analysis. Then, you'll learn all the specifics of more advanced practices like estimating future cash flows, scenario analysis, and option valuation. Filled with end-of-chapter quizzes and a final exam, Corporate Finance DeMYSTiFieD teaches you the ins-and-outs of this otherwise confounding subject in no time at all. This fast and easy guide features: An overview of important concepts, such as time value of money, interest rate conversion, payment composition, and amortization schedules Easy-to-understand descriptions of corporate finance principles and strategies Chapter-ending quizzes and a comprehensive final exam to reinforce what you've learned and pinpoint problem areas Hundreds of updated examples with practical solutions Simple enough for a beginner, but challenging enough for an advanced student, Corporate Finance DeMYSTiFieD is your shortcut to a working knowledge of this important business topic.

Business Valuation Demystified

Author : Edward Nelling
ISBN : 9780071759489
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 67. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Priceless business valuation methods made easy! Business valuation is one of the toughest classes in any business curriculum. And it's one of the most important. Master this critical topic, and you've removed a major obstacle standing between you and a 4.0, and taken a major step toward a successful career in business. Breaking down business valuation methods into easy-to-digest parts, this self-teaching guide provides all the skills you need to determine a company's worth--easily and accurately. Business Valuation DeMYSTiFieD offers expert insight from both buyers' and sellers' points of view and provides examples and exercises illustrating the concepts driving the practices. This fast and easy guide features: In-depth coverage of the three main methods of valuing businesses: discounted cash flow, price multiple, and liquidation Easy-to-understand descriptions of financial ratios Tools and techniques for deciphering valuation reports, financial statements, and guidelines for specific businesses Chapter-ending practice exercises and a quiz for testing and reinforcing what you've learned Simple enough for a beginner but challenging enough for a more advanced student, Business Valuation DeMYSTiFieD is your shortcut to building a solid foundation in this critical business topic.

Private Equity Demystified

Author : John Gilligan
ISBN : 1783631686
Genre :
File Size : 71. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Financial Accounting Demystified

Author : Leonard Eugene Berry
ISBN : 9780071741972
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 23. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The simple solution to complex accounting You don't need a genius IQ to ace your financial accounting curriculum. The only prerequisites are a little discipline and a comprehensive tutorial devoid of confusing jargon. Financial Accounting DeMYSTiFieD presents all the concepts and skills you need, in a language you understand. Designed to let you learn at your own pace, it explains all the rules for preparing and reporting accounting information to parties outside an organization. Then, you'll get details on basic financial accounting concepts, valuing inventories, accounting methods, stockholder's equity, receivables, and more. Featuring end-of-chapter quizzes and a final exam, Financial Accounting DeMYSTiFieD teaches you the ins and outs of financial accounting in no time at all! This fast and easy guide offers: Expert coverage of financial statements, cash and short-term investments, receivables, cash flows, liabilities Tips, techniques, and insights that drive home key financial accounting principles and theories Hundreds of worked-out examples, chapter-ending quizzes, and a final exam to reinforce learning and pinpoint weaknesses Specific recommendations if you're having difficulty with certain subtopics Simple enough for a beginner, but challenging enough for an advanced student, Financial Accounting DeMYSTiFieD is a shortcut to developing a working knowledge of accounting practices.

Derivatives Demystified

Author : John C. Braddock
ISBN : 0471146331
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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State-of-the-art instruction for understanding and using structured financial products For financial professionals, the ability to understand the basic design and uses of structured financial products is critical for modern investing, as well as client retention. Derivatives Demystified: Using Structured Financial Products contains up-to-date and in-depth information on a complete range of derivative-based financial instruments. Critical Praise for Derivatives Demystified "Derivative financial products are an increasing part of global finance. Braddock narrates us through this mystical world in a way non-professionals can understand."—Ambassador James R. Jones, Former Chairman and CEO of the American Stock Exchange "John Braddock has accomplished the impossible. Derivatives Demystified breaks down hypercomplex subject matter into manageable units and then explains them using easily understood prose. This is a must read for everyone in the securities industry."—Professor Jeffrey J. Hass, Professor of Securities Law and Corporate Finance, New York Law School "The word 'derivatives' is a hot-button topic in Washington. Derivatives Demystified is an eminently readable book and goes a long way toward correcting many of the misconceptions about this fascinating new area of global finance."—Dr. Douglas E. Schoen, Political Strategist, Penn & Schoen "Braddock's 'inside look' at the activities of the financial wizards who structure these instruments is, by itself, worth the price of admission."—Edward H. Fleischman, Consultant, Linklaters & Paines, Former Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission "A clear and indispensable guide for the serious investor."—Michael Metz, Chief Investment Strategist, Oppenheimer & Co., Inc., New York Structured products are financial instruments that are engineered to meet specific investment objectives. In this comprehensive new book, financial engineering expert John Braddock provides both technical and non-technical readers with valuable insights into some of today's most innovative financial instruments. Essential tools used by many financial professionals, these non-traditional securities—whose values are linked to, or "derived" from, such underlying assets as stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities—are increasingly available to investors at every level. Structured products can facilitate the movement of risk exposure into and out of investment portfolios with greater efficiency than many conventional securities. And due to their sensitivity to price fluctuations, they often provide investors with early insights into the behavior of the assets and markets on which they are based. Beginning with a thorough and timely overview of the main types of structured products in use today—how and why they are used, investment risks, and customer suitability requirements—Derivatives Demystified: Using Structured Financial Products also offers an extensive examination of the development and marketing process and the responsibilities of officers and directors overseeing derivative transactions. With up-to-date and authoritative explanations, it is packed with essential information on: Warrants and index linked notes Convertible securities and equity linked notes Exotic and custom-made options Monetization and hedging strategies for restricted or low cost basis stock A key element of Derivatives Demystified: Using Structured Financial Products is the special Resource Guide. This unique section provides valuable information on many important aspects of financial engineering, including the investment banking, marketing, and underwriting activities that relate to the creation of structured products. It includes sample product development checklists, marketing materials, management presentations, cost studies, and a comprehensive glossary. An indispensable tool for grasping the complexities of derivative securities, and their use as the building blocks for structured products, this clear and concise guide provides an invaluable addition to any financial library.

Financial Planning Demystified

Author : Paul Lim
ISBN : 9780071476713
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75. 39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Plan for a bright financial future Planning for your kids' college tuition and your own retirement is a lot more difficult today than it was for your parents. Self-directed retirement accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs as well as tax-deferred college savings plans require you to make your own savings and investment decisions. That's why you need Financial Planning Demystified. Written by Paul Lim, Chief Financial Correspondent for U.S. News & World Report, this book begins by focusing on assets and liabilities and discusses ways to save money, avoid debt, and maintain good credit. Then, you'll get a thorough overview of different types of investments, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate investments, and more. Finally, you'll find easy-to-follow advice on how to organize and protect your financial accounts. This quick and easy guide features: Checklists and questionnaires to help you plan Proven advice from a financial expert Helpful charts and tables A quiz at the end of each chapter to reinforce learning and pinpoint weaknesses A final exam at the end of the book No unnecessary technical jargon Packed with clear explanations and priceless tips from a pro, Financial Planning Demystified is your shortcut to planning for a lifetime of income.

Derivatives Demystified

Author : Andrew M. Chisholm
ISBN : 0470972955
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 23. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The book is a step-by-step guide to derivative products. By distilling the complex mathematics and theory that underlie the subject, Chisholm explains derivative products in straightforward terms, focusing on applications and intuitive explanations wherever possible. Case studies and examples of how the products are used to solve real-world problems, as well as an extensive glossary and material on the latest derivative products make this book a must have for anyone working with derivative products.

Intermediate Accounting Demystified

Author : Geri B. Wink
ISBN : 0071738843
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 73. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Accounting as easy as 1-2-3! Do you know the difference between FIFO and LIFO? Can you use the word dilutive in a sentence? Does the phrase "amortization of bond premiums" mean anything to you? No one said the journey to becoming a CPA is easy--but with Intermediate Accounting DeMYSTiFieD as your travel companion, you're guaranteed a smooth ride. An easy-to-use self-teaching guide that reviews and expands upon core Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Intermediate Accounting DeMYSTiFieD covers everything you need to ace your exams and take a big step toward the career of your dreams. The book provides a fresh review of all the basics, so you can easily glide into more advanced principles. You'll learn how to generate accurate and reliable financial statements, maintain proper internal controls within a company, and locate international accounting standards. This fast and easy guide offers: Tactics for maintaining solid internal controls within a business Strategies for creating accurate financial statements Techniques for overcoming common accounting errors Quizzes and a final exam for gauging what you've learned Tips and examples for mastering more advanced accounting theories Simple enough for a novice but challenging enough for a veteran CPA, Intermediate Accounting DeMYSTiFieD is a shortcut to decoding key accounting concepts and principles.

Financial Statements Demystified

Author : David Hey-Cunningham
ISBN : 9781741764253
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 61. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Financial Statements Demystified . takes the reader simply and lucidly through the elements of financial statements, ratio analysis and the theories and assumptions upon which accountancy is based.' Trevor Sykes Here is a book to unravel the mysteries of company financial statements. Financial Statements Demystified is a thoughtful, detailed, user-friendly introduction to the financial statements that form the basis of modern business throughout the world. Are you bamboozled by company annual reports? Do you think there is more going on than is shown by the accounts? Is the language of financial statements foreign to you? Most people do not really understand the information given in financial statements. Few of us know how to interpret that information. Yet making sense of financial statements is critical to success and effectiveness in business, not-for-profit organisations and government. David Hey-Cunningham's book helps those in business without an accounting background, as well as accounting novices and students, to understand and interpret financial statements. It will also help you understand and guide the performance of your business by employing critical but simple financial ratios. Using International Financial Reporting Standards, this book is a reference for everyone doing business to keep and turn to.

Competition Demystified

Author : Bruce C. N. Greenwald
ISBN : 1591841801
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 773
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Presents a theory of competition that challenges the methods of Michael Porter's Competitive Strategy, arguing that a competitor's ease in entering or expanding in a given market is the only essential factor in determining advantage, in a guide that also provides a range of examples and application lessons. Reprint. 30,000 first printing.

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