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Corporate Governance

Author : Jonathan R. Macey
ISBN : 0691148023
Genre : Business & Economics
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Even in the wake of the biggest financial crash of the postwar era, the United States continues to rely on Securities and Exchange Commission oversight and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which set tougher rules for boards, management, and public accounting firms to protect the interests of shareholders. Such reliance is badly misplaced. In Corporate Governance, Jonathan Macey argues that less government regulation--not more--is what's needed to ensure that managers of public companies keep their promises to investors. Macey tells how heightened government oversight has put a stranglehold on what is the best protection against malfeasance by self-serving management: the market itself. Corporate governance, he shows, is about keeping promises to shareholders; failure to do so results in diminished investor confidence, which leads to capital flight and other dire economic consequences. Macey explains the relationship between corporate governance and the various market and nonmarket institutions and mechanisms used to control public corporations; he discusses how nonmarket corporate governance devices such as boards and whistle-blowers are highly susceptible to being co-opted by management and are generally guided more by self-interest and personal greed than by investor interests. In contrast, market-driven mechanisms such as trading and takeovers represent more reliable solutions to the problem of corporate governance. Inefficient regulations are increasingly hampering these important and truly effective corporate controls. Macey examines a variety of possible means of corporate governance, including shareholder voting, hedge funds, and private equity funds. Corporate Governance reveals why the market is the best guardian of shareholder interests.

The Death Of Corporate Reputation

Author : Jonathan Macey
ISBN : 9780133039719
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65. 25 MB
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Why did the financial scandals really happen? Why are they continuing to happen? In The Death of Corporate Reputation, Yale's Jonathan Macey reveals the real, non-intuitive reason, and offers a new path forward. For over a century law firms, investment banks, accounting firms, credit rating agencies and companies seeking regular access to U.S. capital markets made large investments in their reputations. They treated customers well and sometimes endured losses in transactions or business deals in order to sustain and nurture their reputations as faithful brokers and “gate-keepers.” This has changed completely . The existing business model among leading participants in today’s capital markets no longer treats customers as valued clients whose trust must be earned and nurtured, but as one-off “counter-parties” to whom no duties are owed and no loyalty is required . The rough and tumble norms of the market-place have replaced the long-standing reputational model in U.S. finance. This book describes the transformation in American finance from the old reputational model to the existing laissez faire model and argues that the change came as a result of three factors: (1) the growth of reliance on regulation rather than reputation as the primary mechanism for protecting customers and (2) the increasing complexity of regulation, which made technical expertise rather than reputation the primary criterion on which customers choose who to do business with in today’s markets ; and (3) the rise of the “cult of personality” on Wall Street, which has led to a secular demise in the relevance of companies’ reputations and the concomitant rise of individual “rain-makers” reputation as the basis for premium pricing of financial services. This compelling book will drive the debate about the financial crisis and financial regulation for years to come -- both inside and outside the industry.

Corporate Governance Regulation

Author : Nicholas V. Vakkur
ISBN : 9781118496367
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 73. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Why U.S. corporate governance regulation has lost its way, and what must be done to improve it Modern history persuasively demonstrates the inexorable link that binds comprehensive regulation to the global economy. This important book, rather than simply recount a litany of corporate governance failures, persuasively explains why, despite policymakers' best intentions, regulation has failed in the modern era. An objective study intended for a diverse readership, Corporate Governance Regulation unveils the underlying, root causes of regulatory failure. The result: A compelling and original analysis, broadly suited for a global audience of all backgrounds. Written by published, subject-area experts, the authors carefully delineate how U.S. corporate governance regulation, beginning with Sarbanes Oxley, lacks an adequate rational basis, as may be attributed to a non-existent policy dialogue The witnessed result: A conspicuous lack of regulatory efficacy, enormous costs, coupled with paltry benefits The focus is upon reigniting a stalled, non-productive policy dialogue, by eschewing stale, overly-polemicized arguments, as needed to develop a common ground Drawing from an eclectic, analytic framework, governance experts Nicholas Vakkur and Zulma Herrera offer both the professional and global citizen alike a multi-dimensional understanding of issues critical to global economic health. Nuanced and persuasively argued, Corporate Governance Regulation represents a formidable catalyst in the elusive, ongoing quest for global economic stability.

Come Home America

Author : William Greider
ISBN : 9781594868160
Genre : History
File Size : 52. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Asserts that America is straying from its democratic ideals and faltering in a rapidly globalized world community, and challenges policies that are based on a priority of making America "number one" in the world while examining the economic and politicalforces that have brought about contemporary problems.

The Eu Issuer Disclosure Regime

Author : Gaëtane Schaeken Willemaers
ISBN : 9789041133946
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 90. 16 MB
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The issuance of equity via government-regulated capital markets is an important source of corporate finance. This is an opinion endorsed by many influential policymakers and authors, many of whom add, however, that over-regulation can undermine competitive advantage and thus a nation's economic growth. The author of this provocative book sets out to show that the tendency towards 'more disclosure' that is usually the immediate regulatory response to financial market crises may be misconceived; what is required, she contends, is a thoughtful search for the true objectives of disclosure - the most advantageous (for all) cost-benefit analysis of any proposed regulatory path. In this book she provides just such a search and analysis, using as a springboard the 'disclosure and transparency agenda' started with the EU Financial Services Action Plan of 1999. In an examination that is at once critical, comparative and interdisciplinary, the book discusses the stated objectives of the EU issuer-disclosure regime - principally about retail investor protection - and then goes on to identify objectives that can actually be met in practice, i.e. market efficiency and corporate governance. The author concludes by drawing concrete policy and regulatory implications, along the way covering such aspects and ramifications of the regime as the following: ; the need for retail investor protection; the relevance of education programmes for retail investors and of their involvement in the law-making process; ; the importance of behavioural researches; market efficiency and its impact on the performance of the economy; the concepts of 'relative' as opposed to 'perfect' market efficiency; shareholders' engagement in corporate affairs; the importance of more sophisticated market actors; the addressees of the issuer-disclosure regime; reducing, where possible, the costs for issuers to enter European regulated markets; the importance of the investor-investment firm (or other financial intermediary) relationship; content, level and format of issuer-disclosure; quality of issuer-disclosure; the importance of enforcement of disclosure requirements, including a proper civil liability regime in case of violation of the EU issuer-disclosure regime; and the importance of complementary substantive rules. In its defence of the power of market forces as regulatory means, and its clear argument that market finance should be seen at a minimum as a useful complement to bank credit and other financing sources, this important book can claim a privileged space in the debate over the role of disclosure requirements in securities regulation.

Corporate Governance The Firm And Investor Capitalism

Author : Alexander Styhre
ISBN : 9781785364020
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63. 74 MB
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The shift from managerial capitalism to investor capitalism, dominated by the finance industry and finance capital accumulation, is jointly caused by a variety of institutional, legal, political, and ideological changes, beginning with the 1970s’ downturn of the global economy. This book traces how the incorporation of businesses within the realm of the state leads to both certain benefits, characteristic of competitive capitalism, and to the emergence of new corporate governance problems emerges. Contrasting economic, legal, and managerial views of corporate governance practices in contemporary capitalism, the author examines how corporate governance has been understood and advocated differently during the New Deal era, the post-World War II economic boom, and the after 1980 in the era of free market advocacy.

International Corporate Governance

Author :
ISBN : 9781785603549
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 20. 50 MB
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Advances in Financial Economics, volume 18, will present research on corporate governance both in the US and globally. The volume will aim at providing a deeper understanding of corporate governance practices, trends, innovations and challenges using international data.

Corporate Governance Supervision And Enforcement In Corporate Governance

Author : OECD
ISBN : 9789264203334
Genre :
File Size : 44. 26 MB
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This fifth peer review of the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance analyses the supervision and enforcement of rules and practices relating to related party transactions (RPTs), takeover bids and shareholder meetings.

The Nature Of Corporate Governance

Author : Janet Dine
ISBN : 9781781006122
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 40. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book presents a thoughtful inquiry into the nature and rationale of corporate governance. The authors address fundamental questions including; What is the balance between ownership and control?; For whose interests should the company be run?; What is the institutional balance between shareholders, directors and other potential stakeholders, including the economy? Professor Dine and Dr Koutsias consider how these issues are dealt with by the jurisprudence of three major and greatly influential jurisdictions; the USA, the UK, and Germany, and also reflect on why and how the current corporate governance context in some states is defined by social, political and historical developments. The authors argue that corporate governance is crucial for the identity of each country. What is revealed in the work is that when national corporate governance is thriving it allows space for democracy to flourish. Corporate governance scholars, policy makers, LLM and LLB students of company law and corporate governance, NGOs involving issues of inequality, poverty and democracy will find this important book an insightful resource.

Corporate Governance Firm Performances In The Biomedical Industry

Author : Saeed Saeed
ISBN : 9781470921095
Genre :
File Size : 53. 72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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