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Crip Theory

Author : Robert McRuer
ISBN : 0814757138
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 88. 11 MB
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T.D. Jakes has emerged as one of the most prolific spiritual leaders of our time. He is pastor of one of the largest churches in the country, CEO of a multimillion dollar empire, the host of a television program, author of a dozen bestsellers, and the producer of two Grammy Award-nominated CDs and three critically acclaimed plays. In 2001 Time magazine featured Jakes on the cover and asked: Is Jakes the next Billy Graham T.D. Jakes draws on extensive research, including interviews with numerous friends and colleagues of Jakes, to examine both Jakes’s rise to prominence and proliferation of a faith industry bent on producing spiritual commodities for mass consumption. Lee frames Jakes and his success as a metaphor for changes in the Black Church and American Protestantism more broadly, looking at the ramifications of his rise—and the rise of similar preachers—for the way in which religion is practiced in this country, how social issues are confronted or ignored, and what is distinctly “American” about Jakes's emergence. While offering elements of biography, the work also seeks to shed light on important aspects of the contemporary American and African American religious experience. Lee contends that Jakes’s widespread success symbolizes a religious realignment in which mainline churches nationwide are in decline, while innovative churches are experiencing phenomenal growth. He emphasizes the “American-ness” of Jakes’s story and reveals how preachers like Jakes are drawing followers by delivering therapeutic and transformative messages and providing spiritual commodities that are more in tune with postmodern sensibilities. As the first work to critically examine Bishop Jakes’s life and message, T.D. Jakes is an important contribution to contemporary American religion as well as popular culture.

Klinisch Rein

Author : Käthe von Bose
ISBN : 9783839438114
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 85. 32 MB
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Sauberkeit Macht Arbeit. Mit den Fragen, wer für wen putzt und was unter »sauber« und »schmutzig« verstanden wird, sind viele grundlegende Themen verbunden. Diese ethnografische Studie zeigt, dass es bei dem Thema Sauberkeit auch in Krankenhäusern nicht nur um hygienische Reinheit geht, sondern zugleich um Fragen gesellschaftlicher Arbeitsteilung, um soziale Grenzziehungen, Geschlechterzuschreibungen und die (widerständige) Arbeit an sozialer Ordnung. Käthe von Bose bietet einen detaillierten Einblick in die vielschichtigen Aushandlungen um Sauberkeit und Hygiene sowie die damit befassten Arbeiten von verschiedenen Krankenhausakteur_innen. So macht sie Reinigen als soziale Praxis und als Verdichtung gesellschaftlicher Machtfragen sichtbar.

Building Access

Author : Aimi Hamraie
ISBN : 9781452955568
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 35. 70 MB
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“All too often,” wrote disabled architect Ronald Mace, “designers don’t take the needs of disabled and elderly people into account.” Building Access investigates twentieth-century strategies for designing the world with disability in mind. Commonly understood in terms of curb cuts, automatic doors, Braille signs, and flexible kitchens, Universal Design purported to create a built environment for everyone, not only the average citizen. But who counts as “everyone,” Aimi Hamraie asks, and how can designers know? Blending technoscience studies and design history with critical disability, race, and feminist theories, Building Access interrogates the historical, cultural, and theoretical contexts for these questions, offering a groundbreaking critical history of Universal Design. Hamraie reveals that the twentieth-century shift from “design for the average” to “design for all” took place through liberal political, economic, and scientific structures concerned with defining the disabled user and designing in its name. Tracing the co-evolution of accessible design for disabled veterans, a radical disability maker movement, disability rights law, and strategies for diversifying the architecture profession, Hamraie shows that Universal Design was not just an approach to creating new products or spaces, but also a sustained, understated activist movement challenging dominant understandings of disability in architecture, medicine, and society. Illustrated with a wealth of rare archival materials, Building Access brings together scientific, social, and political histories in what is not only the pioneering critical account of Universal Design but also a deep engagement with the politics of knowing, making, and belonging in twentieth-century United States.

Fantasies Of Identification

Author : Ellen Samuels
ISBN : 9781479821372
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 20. 91 MB
Format : PDF
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In the mid-nineteenth-century United States, as it became increasingly difficult to distinguish between bodies understood as black, white, or Indian; able-bodied or disabled; and male or female, intense efforts emerged to define these identities as biologically distinct and scientifically verifiable in a literally marked body. Combining literary analysis, legal history, and visual culture, Ellen Samuels traces the evolution of the “fantasy of identification”—the powerful belief that embodied social identities are fixed, verifiable, and visible through modern science. From birthmarks and fingerprints to blood quantum and DNA, she examines how this fantasy has circulated between cultural representations, law, science, and policy to become one of the most powerfully institutionalized ideologies of modern society. Yet, as Samuels demonstrates, in every case, the fantasy distorts its claimed scientific basis, substituting subjective language for claimed objective fact. From its early emergence in discourses about disability fakery and fugitive slaves in the nineteenth century to its most recent manifestation in the question of sex testing at the 2012 Olympic Games, Fantasies of Identification explores the roots of modern understandings of bodily identity.

Sex And Disability

Author : Robert McRuer
ISBN : 9780822351542
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 70. 51 MB
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This collection brings together scholars and artists in disability studies, sexuality, queer theory, and feminism, to show how much sexuality studies and disability studies have to learn from each other.

The Queer Renaissance

Author : Robert McRuer
ISBN : 9780814796450
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 54. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Before the 1969 Stonewall Riots ushered in the contemporary gay liberation movement, overt representations of same-sex desire in American literature and the arts were few and far between. Even in the 1970s, when gay and lesbian cultures began to register on our national consciousness, such work was still quite rare. In the 1980s and 90s, however, all that changed. The Queer Renaissance puts a name to the unprecedented outpouring of creative work by openly lesbian and gay novelists, poets, and playwrights in the past two decades. This volume is one of the first to analyze critically this cultural awakening and is one of the only books to consider the work of gay male and lesbian writers together. Most importantly, The Queer Renaissance is the first book to consider how this wave of creative activity has worked in tandem with a flourishing of radical queer politics. The Queer Renaissance explores the work of such important figures as Audre Lorde, Edmund White, Randall Kenan, Gloria Anzalda, Tony Kushner, and Sarah Schulman to question the dichotomy between art and activism. In addition, The Queer Renaissance interrogates the ways queer theory deploys, intersects with, and contests contemporary theoretical movements such as cultural studies, feminist theory, African American theory, and Chicano/a theory.

Replaceable You

Author : David Serlin
ISBN : 9780226748832
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 23. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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After World War II, the United States underwent a massive cultural transformation that was vividly realized in the development and widespread use of new medical technologies. Plastic surgery, wonder drugs, artificial organs, and prosthetics inspired Americans to believe in a new age of modern medical miracles. The nationalistic pride that flourished in postwar society, meanwhile, encouraged many Americans to put tremendous faith in the power of medicine to rehabilitate and otherwise transform the lives and bodies of the disabled and those considered abnormal. Replaceable You revisits this heady era in American history to consider how these medical technologies and procedures were used to advance the politics of conformity during the 1950s.

Victorian Review

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X030362480
Genre : English literature
File Size : 28. 59 MB
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Gendering Disability

Author : Jutta Jacob
ISBN : 9783839413975
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 42. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Sowohl Geschlecht als auch Behinderung sind gesellschaftliche Konstrukte. Beide werden im Alltag, im Austausch mit anderen Menschen und Institutionen ständig hergestellt. Dieser interdisziplinäre Band diskutiert die vielfältigen Verflechtungen von Behinderung und Geschlecht, indem intersektionale Perspektiven eingenommen werden: Wie sind Behinderung und Geschlecht mit den Kategorien »Rasse«, Ethnizität, Alter, Sexualität und Lebensformen verknüpft? Erstmalig für den deutschsprachigen Raum führen die Beiträge Erkenntnisse u.a. der Migrationsforschung, der Demografieforschung und der Queer Studies mit Diskussionen aus den Feldern der Disability und Gender Studies zusammen.

Crip Times

Author : Robert McRuer
ISBN : 9781479826315
Genre : Law
File Size : 90. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Contends that disability is a central but misunderstood element of global austerity politics. Broadly attentive to the political and economic shifts of the last several decades, Robert McRuer asks how disability activists, artists and social movements generate change and resist the dominant forms of globalization in an age of austerity, or “crip times.” Throughout Crip Times, McRuer considers how transnational queer disability theory and culture—activism, blogs, art, photography, literature, and performance—provide important and generative sites for both contesting austerity politics and imagining alternatives. The book engages various cultural flashpoints, including the spectacle surrounding the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games; the murder trial of South African Paralympian Oscar Pistorius; the photography of Brazilian artist Livia Radwanski which documents the gentrification of Colonia Roma in Mexico City; the defiance of Chilean students demanding a free and accessible education for all; the sculpture and performance of UK artist Liz Crow; and the problematic rhetoric of “aspiration” dependent upon both able-bodied and disabled figurations that emerged in Thatcher’s England. Crip Times asserts that disabled people themselves are demanding that disability be central to our understanding of political economy and uneven development and suggests that, in some locations, their demand for disability justice is starting to register. Ultimately, McRuer argues that a politics of austerity will always generate the compulsion to fortify borders and to separate a narrowly defined “us” in need of protection from “them.”

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