crystallography made crystal clear a guide for users of macromolecular models complementary science

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Crystallography Made Crystal Clear

Author : Gale Rhodes
ISBN : 9780323137782
Genre : Science
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Crystallography Made Crystal Clear is designed to meet the need for an X-ray analysis that is between brief textbook sections and complete treatments. The book provides non-crystallographers with an intellectually satisfying explanation of the principles of how protein models are gleaned from X-ray analysis. The understanding of these concepts will foster wise use of the models, including the recognition of the strengths and weaknesses of pictures or computer graphics. Since proteins comprise the majority of the mass of macromolecules in cells and carry out biologically important tasks, the book will be of interest to biologists. Provides accessible descriptions of principles of x-ray crystallography, built on simple foundations for anyone with a basic science background Leads the reader through clear, thorough, unintimidating explanations of the mathematics behind crystallography Explains how to read crystallography papers in research journals If you use computer-generated models of proteins or nucleic acids for: Studying molecular interactions Designing ligands, inhibitors, or drugs Engineering new protein functions Interpreting chemical, kinetic, thermodynamic, or spectroscopic data Studying protein folding Teaching macromolecule structure,and if you want to read new structure papers intelligently; become a wiser user of macromolecular models; and want to introduce undergraduates to the important subject of x-ray crystallography, then this book is for you.

Guide To Essential Math

Author : Sy M. Blinder
ISBN : 9780080559674
Genre : Science
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This book reminds students in junior, senior and graduate level courses in physics, chemistry and engineering of the math they may have forgotten (or learned imperfectly) which is needed to succeed in science courses. The focus is on math actually used in physics, chemistry and engineering, and the approach to mathematics begins with 12 examples of increasing complexity, designed to hone the student's ability to think in mathematical terms and to apply quantitative methods to scientific problems. By the author's design, no problems are included in the text, to allow the students to focus on their science course assignments. - Highly accessible presentation of fundamental mathematical techniques needed in science and engineering courses - Use of proven pedagogical techniques develolped during the author’s 40 years of teaching experience - illustrations and links to reference material on World-Wide-Web - Coverage of fairly advanced topics, including vector and matrix algebra, partial differential equations, special functions and complex variables

Improved Methods For Characterization Of Protein Dynamics By Nmr Spectroscopy And Studies Of The Ephb2 Kinase Domain

Author : Alexandra Ahlner
ISBN : 9789175191034
Genre : Electronic books
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Proteins are essential for all known forms of life and in many lethal diseases protein failure is the cause of the disease. To understand proteins and the processes they are involved in, it is valuable to know their structures as well as their dynamics and interactions. The structures may not be directly inspected because proteins are too small to be visible in a light microscope, which is why indirect methods such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy have to be utilized. This method provides atomic information about the protein and, in contrast to other methods with similar resolution, the measurements are performed in solution resulting in more physiological conditions, enabling analysis of dynamics. Important dynamical processes are the ones on the millisecond timeframe, which may contribute to interactions of proteins and their catalysis of chemical reactions, both of significant value for the function of the proteins. To better understand proteins, not only do we need to study them, but also develop the methods we are using. This thesis presents four papers about improved NMR techniques as well as a fifth where the kinase domain of ephrinB receptor 2 (EphB2) has been studied regarding the importance of millisecond dynamics and interactions for the activation process. The first paper presents the software COMPASS, which combines statistics and the calculation power of a computer with the flexibility and experience of the user to facilitate and speed up the process of assigning NMR signals to the atoms in the protein. The computer program PINT has been developed for easier and faster evaluation of NMR experiments, such as those that evaluate protein dynamics. It is especially helpful for NMR signals that are difficult to distinguish, so called overlapped peaks, and the soft- ware also converts the detected signals to the indirectly measured physical quantities, such as relaxation rate constants, principal for dynamics. Next are two new versions of the Carr-Purcell-Maiboom-Gill (CPMG) dispersion pulse sequences, designed to measure millisecond dynamics in a way so that the signals are more separated than in standard experiments, to reduce problems with overlaps. To speed up the collection time of the data set, a subset is collected and the entire data set is then reconstructed, by multi-dimensional decomposition co-processing. Described in the thesis is also a way to produce suitably labeled proteins, to detect millisecond dynamics at C? positions in proteins, using the CPMG dispersion relaxation experiment at lower protein concentrations. Lastly, the kinase domain of EphB2 is shown to be more dynamic on the millisecond time scale as well as more prone to interact with itself in the active form than in the inactive one. This is important for the receptor function of the protein, when and how it mediates signals. To conclude, this work has extended the possibilities to study protein dynamics by NMR spectroscopy and contributed to increased understanding of the activation process of EphB2 and its signaling mechanism.

Protein Structure And Function

Author : Gregory A. Petsko
ISBN : 9781405119221
Genre : Science
File Size : 24. 16 MB
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Each title in the 'Primers in Biology' series is constructed on a modular principle that is intended to make them easy to teach from, to learn from, and to use for reference.


Author : Donald Voet
ISBN : STANFORD:36105123183241
Genre : Science
File Size : 78. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Biochemistry 3rd edition DONALD VOET, University of Pennsylvania, USA and JUDITH G. VOET, Swarthmore College, USA Biochemistry is a modern classic that has been thoroughly revised. Don and Judy Voet explain biochemical concepts while offering a unified presentation of life and its variation through evolution. Incorporates both classical and current research to illustrate the historical source of much of our biochemical knowledge. * This edition has been updated to reflect the enormous advances in molecular and protein structure * Integrated Biochemical Interactions CD

Biochemistry Biomolecules

Author : Donald Voet
ISBN : 0471250902
Genre : Science
File Size : 24. 26 MB
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Biochemistry is a modern classic that had been thoroughly revised. Explains biochemical concepts while offering a unified presentation of life and its variation through evolution. Incorporates both classical and current research to illustrate the historical source of much of our biochemical knowledge. This edition has been updated to reflect the enormous advances in molecular and protein structure. Features a new chapter on nucleic acids, gene expression, and recombinant DNA technology, as well as a new chapter on nucleotide metabolism. Integrated Biochemical Interactions CD.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
ISBN : UOM:39015066099238
Genre : English literature
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Books In Print Supplement 1994 1995

Author : Bowker Editorial Staff
ISBN : 0835235106
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